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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Fox is sleeping.

He is having a dream that he wants to make love to Kay.

He wakes and she isn't in the bed.

In the big blue pot, Tabitha watches Kay and Miguel.

Siren comes into the room and panics when she sees the two together in the big blue pot.

Kay tells Miguel that she lied about her feelings before when she was talking to him.

JT Cornell panics. Theresa and Ethan are entering the room. Rebecca has him thinking that Theresa is someone who wants to harm him. Rebecca and Gwen listen through the phone for the sparks that are going to fly when Theresa and Ethan enter the room.

"They are here!" JT shouts, running back into the living room.

Ethan asks Theresa if she is sure about what she is doing. She has never been surer of anything in her life.

Luis has Beth by the arms and he shakes her trying to get her to tell where his son is. "This is Beth?" Fancy asks. "She tried to kill me!" Luis ignores Fancy for now. He has to concentrate on Beth.

Fox figures that Kay is out with Maria. There is time for him to make love to her later on.

Siren is upset that Kay still has feelings for Miguel. "He's mine!" She chomps on a mouthful of raw fish as she talks to the witch.

They listen as Miguel and Kay talk about Siren. "She is a freak!" Kay shouts. Siren takes offence to that. Kay tells that Siren isn't right for Miguel and she will not stop trying to show him that.

Siren will not allow this to happen.

Ethan and Theresa are in JT's room but they can't find him anywhere. Ethan is getting very skeptical about all this.

JT is on the ledge outside his apartment. "I am allergic to anything with feathers and there are some pigeons eyeing me…

Theresa stops and listens to see if she can figure out where JT went. She figures that he has to be there and she searches through everything.

Luis holds Beth in an arm lock, twisting her arm behind her back. "You stole my son and you are a sick delusional freak!" Luis says. She reminds him that he loved her once and they were to be married two times. Fancy can't see how anyone could love a psycho like that. "You are crazy!" She admits it. "I am crazy in love with you Luis!" Fancy can't stand this woman. Beth threatens to stomp Fancy into bits for trying to take her man. She lunges for Fancy but Luis is there to hold her back.

"He is mine!" Beth shouts. "He is mine! Luis I am just trying to protect you from that bimbo! Let me kill her so that she doesn’t ruin your life like Sheridan has!"

Kay tells Miguel that Siren will be around Maria if she dates him and that concerns her.

Miguel's boss comes to tell Miguel they have to set the lobster traps. Kay really needs to talk about this now. Miguel has to work. Miguel's boss recognizes Kay but as a guy that used to work for him. She tells that she was a girl all along. The men feel that she must have had an operation to make her a girl now. "You can come to work again anytime that you want," Miguel's boss says. Miguel tells that Kay has to go home to her daughter.

Miguel has to laugh at the misunderstanding that the men think that she is really a man underneath it all.

Siren won't be dissuaded in getting her man.

Theresa shouts for JT to come out of hiding.

JT whispers into his phone that he has to get off this ledge as he is afraid of heights.

Ethan and Theresa continue searching for JT but they can't find him anywhere.

JT hears the couple in his apartment talking and he keeps as still as he can as he stands on the ledge with the phone up to his ear.

"Coo…coo…" A pigeon lands on JT's head. JT panics but doesn't move. "Oh no… Pigeon… My allergies…" The pigeon flutters its wings. "Coo-coo…"

Miguel doesn't understand why Kay cares about what Siren does, or who he goes out with. "You picked Charity and that turned out to be a mess." Miguel doesn't like that comment. Kay knows that Siren saved Miguel's life but she isn't comfortable with Siren around Maria. Miguel is clearly upset by the things that Kay is saying. "We all make mistakes but we need to learn from them and move on." Kay knows that Miguel would tell someone that they were making a mistake if he cared about them. He admits that. "So if you thought that there were someone out there better for me, you would say something right?"

Tabitha is sick of this. "Make up your mind Kay!"

"Something is happening," Tabitha sees. Siren is making a play for Fox since Kay won't leave Miguel alone.

Fox is in the shower.

He feels something. "I knew that you would come and find me," he says.

"I am glad that I have found you," Siren says hugging Fox naked from behind.

Fox turns shocked and sees that he is in the shower with the wrong girl.

Ethan is ready to go but Theresa makes him wait. She tells him what JT told her before. Ethan sees that still doesn't give them the proof that she says that she has. "Where is the picture that you were talking about? Theresa says that JT must have taken it with him when he left the apartment. "Why can't you believe me?" He can't unless she has proof for him. "All that you have is hearsay." Theresa's eyes light up. "The tape! The tape! It was running the whole time and it will prove that they were the ones that did this.

JT relays the information to Rebecca and Gwen who are still on the line with him.

Theresa promises that after Ethan hears this tape, he will leave Gwen and come to be with her.

"Tell me where Marty is!" Beth will not say. She starts talking about her father instead and how she meant to send him a get well card. Luis shakes her. "If you want to see your son, tell me how much you love me and how much I mean to you and we will then go and see your son with you. You love me one. I will even wear the blonde wig if you want!" Luis is fed up with her. "You really are a piece of work, you know that Beth!" Fancy shouts. "Aunt Sheridan was right when she said that you - " Fancy's eyes close and she drops sliding down the wall quickly with a thud.

Luis and Beth turn to see what has happened and they see Fancy on the floor with a trail of blood on the wall that snakes down to the back of her head. Fancy lays with her eyes closed. "Fancy!" Luis shouts.

Fox starts explaining why they can't be in the shower together. She laughs when she sees how nervous he is. "Can you wash my back?" she asks. He does. He figures that her parents are hippies but she says they are guppies. "Can you wash my lower back now?" she asks. Fox does as he is asked. "Thanks." He is done with the shower and starts leaving. Siren says that she saw Kay following Miguel earlier that morning. "Do you think that Kay loves Miguel?" she asks. Fox is sure that Kay loves him and not Miguel. "She used to love Miguel but not anymore." Siren seems relieves about that but wants to know what Kay was doing following Miguel to the wharf. They decide to dress and head to Miguel's work to see what is going on. "First could you dry my back?" Kay asks. Fox reluctantly does the job.

Kay thinks that if she can get Miguel to admit that he would tell a friend the truth, he will admit that he loves her.

He likes Siren, although she is different.

Miguel's boss comes to tell him that he can go home for the rest of the day as the conditions are not right for work that day.

Kay starts again about Siren but Miguel will not hear it.

Rebecca and Gwen wait for news. It is only going to be a matter of time now before their goose is cooked.

Theresa brings Ethan to the answering machine and there is no tape.

JT hears what happened. He remembers now that Rebecca reminded him to take the tape and that is what he did.

Rebecca sees now that there is no evidence.

Ethan finds a vial and thinks that Theresa took drugs the night before along with drinks. "You hallucinated all this, didn't you?" Theresa says that she even called Gwen about this and she freaked out and acted funny. Ethan spoke to Gwen and she sounded a little on edge but that is all. Theresa tells him to call Gwen and see how she is.

JT tells Rebecca what Ethan is going to do.

Gwen smiles. She will put on the act of the century for her husband when he calls.

Theresa stands now, staring up at Ethan waiting for him to make the call to his wife.

Luis is holding Beth who squirms like a snake to get out of Luis's grasp. He holds on to her but at the same time worries about the condition of Fancy. Beth offers to help and tries to go to Fancy but Luis will not allow her to. He lets go of Beth and goes to Fancy.

Beth takes that time to rush out of there. Luis lets her go.

Luis calls for help.

He goes to Fancy's unmoving form. "I can't lose another person to Beth now."

Luis is the first person that Fancy sees when she opens her eyes.

The doctor enters. He examines Fancy. "Your wife…she is just fine," the doctor says. Luis says that they are just friends. The doctor feels that maybe Luis and Fancy should be married. He leaves now.

Luis and Fancy smile at each other.

Theresa tells Ethan to keep in mind that Gwen could lie to him when they talk.

"Hello!" Gwen says. Ethan says that he hopes that he didn't wake her.

Rebecca is on her phone and she tells JT to sneak back into the apartment now and go somewhere where Ethan and Theresa will never find him. "I will make it worth your while," she promises.

Ethan tells that he is a little worried about her alone out there. She convinces him that she is fine. Ethan says 'goodbye' but Theresa feels the call isn't over.

She grabs the phone and shouts into it to Gwen to tell the truth. Ethan grabs the phone telling Theresa that she has made a mistake and that he believes his wife in all this. "I am telling you the truth Ethan!" Theresa shouts.

Tabitha sees that Siren is going to cause rough seas for Kay up ahead.

Kay has to get back to Tabitha's to take care of Maria now. She hugs Miguel.

Fox and Siren enter and they see Miguel and Kay hugging.

"What are you doing here?" Kay asks. "Actually, the question is what are you doing here Kay?"

Ethan gets angry. Theresa is overstepping again with nothing to back up what she is doing. He walks off angry.

Rebecca and Gwen have a drink celebrating squashing that bug Theresa!

JT gets to the square and has a drink, happy to be out of his apartment. He has the picture of he and Rebecca in bed and he puts it beside him by the fountain.

The police come up and are not pleased to find JT publicly drinking. "Come with us!" they say. "You are going to jail!"

He walks off leaving the picture behind him.

Luis and Fancy talk about their missed opportunity to get Marty. Luis is sure that they will get another chance at Beth. They find it funny that the doctor thought of them as a married couple.

They think back to the kiss they shared in the catacombs when Luis woke and thought that he was looking at Sheridan and not Fancy. He took her in his arms and kissed her with all the passion that he could muster.

"Yes," she says. "It is funny how someone can look at us and see two lovers."

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