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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

"Good morning Captain," Miguel says to his boss. Miguel is all set to do some overtime.

Miguel goes off alone to think.

He thinks about Siren.

He sure wishes that he could be home with her.

"Miguel?" He thinks he hears Siren calling to him. He rushes to the door.

Kay enters and Miguel grabs her holding her in his arms and kissing her.

When he is finished, he stands back and sees that he has made a terrible mistake.

Theresa is listening to JT's answering machine and she hears Rebecca asking the man to call her back and not talk to anyone as it could be a trick that the IRS has set up to get him. "What do I do?" Theresa asks herself.

Rebecca continues leaving a message for JT Cornell, thinking that she is leaving it only for JT's ears alone and no one else.

Theresa picks up the phone and reveals that she is at JT's house. Rebecca panics.

Gwen gets a call from Ethan on her phone. Ethan asks if Theresa has called. "Why would she call me?" Gwen asks. Ethan tells that Theresa found the editor that she was looking for. "I got the picture of the man that she was waiting for and I haven't seen her since."

Rebecca gets back to her call with Theresa. "You are insane Theresa." She denies that Theresa has the upper hand.

JT Cornell comes from the kitchen drunk. Theresa tells that Rebecca is on the phone.

"Hey Becky!" JT shouts. "I still have to thank you for that Ethan exclusive!" Theresa smiles. That's all she needs to hear.

Luis and Sheridan talk on the phone. She fears that he is keeping something from her. He tells that someone that is in Rome and lives in Harmony is supposed to die. "The message came in on Theresa's laptop."

In Fancy's room, Beth is on her with the pillow, and she tries to smother the woman. Fancy fights her assailant, but isn't doing a very good job. "Die Fancy Crane!"

Miguel apologizes for kissing Kay the way that he did. She is fine with that. She needs to talk to him. "I have to work Kay." Kay tells that she doesn't like Siren for him. "I can't talk about this right now. I have to work. I am getting overtime." She can't understand why he does this job when he will be making money modeling. He can't depend on the modeling. He wants to do this instead. "If I get another modeling gig, I will take it and put it towards Maria's schooling." She loves hearing him say that. "What a good dad." He gets to work. She puts on a slicker. "I will help you set the lobster traps." He appreciates that and welcomes her help. "We should get to it," he says.

Ethan says that Theresa is taking a long shot with this search for the editor, but she still could be in danger. "You sound uptight Gwen are you upset that Theresa is with that editor?" She denies that she is worried. "I have nothing to do with that editor. Jane is fine and she misses you." He misses his family too. "Sorry for calling so late. I love you Gwen and I will call again."

Rebecca is still arguing with Theresa over the phone.

Gwen now grabs the phone from her mother and asks Theresa what it is that she wants. "I want to know what you are going to feel like when Ethan is with me, making love to me…repeatedly.

Sheridan is really worried now. She fears that Luis could be killed. Luis knows that he is close to getting Marty and that is all that he wants her to concentrate on. Everyone in Rome who is from Harmony is there for a reason. She wonders why Jessica, Simone and Paloma are there though. Luis isn't worried about them. They are in their room where they should be.

Beth is still working on Fancy in her room. Fancy fights and fights and then she stops struggling.

Beth removes the pillow to find Fancy with her eyes closed and still. Beth smiles down at her. "Good. Goodbye Fancy. Have a nice trip to hell!"

Miguel watches as Kay works. He remembers how the guys made fun of her when they worked together in the past as she was so small. She was saving up for a car and Miguel saw how hard she worked and knew that she would be a success. She has a confession to make. "I was saving up for a car but I could have worked at a burger joint to get that. I took the job on the fishing boat to be near you."

Gwen tells Theresa that she has been making this threat about the tabloid for years. "Ethan won't leave me anyway." Theresa knows that is not the case. "How could you do that to him Gwen? Anyway, JT is going to blow you out of the water. Hey! You want to say hi to Joe?"

Theresa puts the phone to drunk Joe's mouth and he talks. "Hey! Gwennie!" Gwen denies knowing the man. Theresa smiles. I am going to expose you as a lying, conniving, manipulative bitch!"

Luis touches again on the subject of coming home and reclaiming his true love. She can't talk about that now. "Just take care of my niece," she orders.

In Fancy's bedroom, Beth is gloating over Fancy's body… She is happy that she has taken care of this woman and realizes that she should have done the same thing to Sheridan when she had the chance.

Fancy's eyes suddenly open and she grabs Beth by the throat. Beth falls back off the bed and both ladies tumble to the floor, dragging the blanket with them. They are covered and tangled in it, but they keep fighting.

Ethan asks passersby if they have seen Theresa. He shows them a picture as he goes from person to person.

"Where are you?" he wonders.

Theresa gloats. She has everything that she needs. She even finds the picture that Joe had on his table of Rebecca and Joe in bed smiling at the camera. Joe snores in the background. Theresa gets off the phone.

"Joe! Get up! We have to go and tell my friend about Rebecca."

Joe gets up groggily.

Luis and Sheridan end their call. He will be in touch with her soon to let her know more about what is going on in Rome.

Luis hears a noise that sounds like it is coming from Fancy's room. Someone grunts.

"Fancy!" Luis shouts. "Fancy!"

In side the room, Beth and Fancy are at it, rolling around the floor and trying to get a leg up on the other. Beth uses her foot to push Beth off her body. Fancy gets time to get up and when she does, she rushes for Beth and holds her in a chokehold. Beth fights like a Tasmanian Devil!

"Fancy! Fancy!" Luis shouts. He is trying to get in the door, but he can't.

There is a chair wedged against the door from the inside and so Luis can't get in.

Beth and Fancy go crashing into the wall and that allows Beth to get out of the chokehold. Fancy grabs her and flings her into the wall like she is throwing a medicine ball. Beth hits the wall with a resounding thud!

Miguel can't believe it. Kay worked a hot smelly summer job when they were kids just to be close to him. She did everything that he did to be near him, but he never considered her as a possible girlfriend. "I am sorry that I never paid attention to you," he says. She cried herself to sleep many night. After they worked the fishing boats she thought that they were getting closer but then Charity came to town and he just forgot about her all together. Kay really misses those days on the both. Miguel realizes now that he should have given up on Charity long ago…

Rebecca sees they have to find a way to keep Theresa from getting the dirt to Ethan. Gwen feels that their goose has been cooked.

Theresa has Joe up and ready to go but he passes out and falls flat on his back.

The picture that she wants to show Ethan is under the man's body. Theresa grabs him and shakes him but she can't get him awake. She decides then to just get the picture and take that with her to the hotel. She can't move Joe's body though. She decides then to bring Ethan to JT…he can get the proof that she wants to show him that way. She walks off.

JT remains sleeping on his living room floor snoring.

Beth and Fancy continue to fight. Things are getting desperate.

"I'm going to break down the door!" Luis shouts.

Beth panics. "I can't let him see me like this!" Fancy is down on the floor and so she hightails it out of sight.

Luis kicks the door down and rushes in. He only finds Fancy there laying on the floor by the bed. He helps her up and she tells that a woman was there hurting her. "Where did she go?" Luis asks. Fancy has no idea.

Up in the ceiling, Beth is on her hands and knees in the darkness…looking around at her cramped surroundings and trying to stay very, very quiet.

Ethan is in the square wondering where the hell Theresa could be.

Theresa sees him first and she runs to him. "I have the proof. I was with JT Cornell and he has the proof that proves that Rebecca and Gwen set you up. I have proof now. This is great. Come on…Let's go!"

Gwen is angry that her mother took pictures with this editor when she was married to her father at the time. Rebecca says that Gwen's father was very boring and she just did what she wanted back then. Gwen knows that all that Theresa has to do is play the answering machine tape for Ethan and that will be that. Rebecca wants to call JT and get him to hold on to the tape, but they worry that Theresa could still be there. They have to take that chance.

The phone at JT's place starts ringing, but JT doesn't move.

"Hello!" JT calls out. "Hello!" He calls out but he doesn't answer the phone, or make a move to do so.

Luis and Fancy try to figure out what is going on but can't figure it out.

"I have to get out of here," Beth tells herself. She crawls around as quietly as she can.

In Fancy's room, Luis and Fancy hear creaking noises. "What is that?" They decide to be very quiet. They stare up at the ceiling and the creaking noises can still be heard. Luis goes to the fire place and grabs a poker… He uses it to tap on the ceiling.

Beth sees that someone is tampering with her hiding place and she stops moving and stays very still.

Luis knows goes to his tote bag and takes out his gun. He uses it to start shooing at the ceiling several times.

Beth panics and starts crawling quicker, not knowing where the next bullet is going to come through the ceiling. She moves too fast and the ceiling ends up giving way. The lower part of her body slides through the hole in the ceiling and she is exposed. Luis grabs those legs and holds on tight as Beth kicks for freedom. Fancy cheers. "You got her!"

Kay thinks about her situation and what she needs to do.

Tabitha has been telling her all along that she needs to be with Miguel, but she isn't sure. She loves Fox. She really does love Fox.

Miguel and Kay talk about the way that she felt about him. He knows that she can't give up everything for him. "You told me that there wasn't any chance for us and so I have moved on with Siren." Kay says that he can move on but not with Siren. "I am sorry but I think that she is a tramp!" Miguel tells her to stop this. "I lied Miguel. I didn't mean what I said to you before."

Theresa drags Ethan to JT's house. They stop on the way so that he can tell her not to get her hopes up.

Rebecca tries to reach JT again.

He answers the phone this time but stays on the floor. Rebecca asks if Theresa or Ethan is there. JT says that he is alone. "I think that Theresa said that she was going to get Ethan and bring him to me." Rebecca tells him to get out of the apartment right now. "We will be exposed and Ethan will probably kill you!" JT doesn't like the sound of that.

JT hears someone at the door and he panics.

Rebecca tells that JT feels that Ethan and Theresa are there now.

Theresa is too excited. She has Ethan with her and she excitedly opens the door.

"They are here!" JT says frightened.

Rebecca gives Gwen the bad news.

Sheridan is alone thinking of Luis and Marty. "I hope that you can bring Marty to soon!" she says to herself.

In Italy, Fancy watches as Luis keeps his hold on Beth's lower half.

She has a firm grip on a beam in the ceiling and she keeps her hold on it, refusing to let go and be busted by Luis. "Let go!" he shouts at her. There is no use trying! I am not letting go!" Beth holds on as much as she can but she ends up having to let go, and she comes crashing trough the ceiling on to of Luis.

They get caught up in the blanket on the bed and they roll to the floor. Luis grabs her and takes the blanket off the woman's head. "Beth?" She fights to get out of his arms but he has a strong hold on her and will not let go. "Where is he Beth? Where is Marty?"

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