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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Gwen will not relax until she talks to the editor and makes sure that he will not say anything about the tabloid and who really sent it. Rebecca feels a drink is the thing to relax Gwen. "Call him back right now mother."

Ethan is outside the club, trying to find a number for JT Cornell, but he finds nothing in the phone book. "I have to find Theresa."

JT takes Theresa to his place. He offers her a little nightcap, and she agrees to that.

She peeks around at his stuff and sees that Joe has a message.

"I will get it later," JT says.

Theresa feels that staying a half-hour with Joe is a good way to show Ethan that he loves her.

The three friends, Jessica, Simone and Paloma make a wish and throw coins into the fountain.

The 'Figure' watches nearby…

Lena allows Noah to check out the place.

Spike is in hiding in the closet, and listens as Lena and Noah talk.

Noah keeps searching the place.

Sheridan is alone at home and she looks at a picture of Luis. "I miss you so much…"

Luis and Fancy return to the club and they find that Fancy's friend hasn't returned there either. "I was so worried about you," he tells. She tells him that he had nothing to worry about. "You need to stop running off," Luis tells. "I need to start looking for my son again. that is my top priority." Fancy smiles. She thinks that Sheridan is lucky to have a guy like Luis looking out for her interests. She hugs the man.

"That bitch!" Beth says after she enters the club and sees Luis and Fancy hugging. She pulls her knife out of her shoulder bag.

The girls decide to have a carriage drive next.

The man will take them around and give them a discount. They want to see everything.

The 'Figure' lurks in the corners of the square, watching the girls.

Lena tells Noah to stop playing detective if he wants to get back to his life. He yanks the closet door open and there seems to be nothing inside.

Spike is in the closet. He has propped himself up against the ceiling for the closet, and he looks down on Noah who is beneath him.

Sheridan hopes that Luis will be safe while in Rome looking for their son.

Luis and Fancy talk while Beth listens in.

She is thirsty and so he offers to get her a drink. "Something strong," she says. He walks off.

A man asks Fancy to dance and she decides to hit the floor with the man.

Luis sees Fancy dancing and he wonders why she would talk to strangers when there is danger all around them.

"Slut!" Beth says watching Fancy dance with someone other than Luis. She pulls her knife out and glares unhappily over at Fancy on the dance floor.

Rebecca doesn't want to call JT again as she is sure that he will call her the second that he hears her voice.

"How could she have left the club with that guy? She doesn't even know him." Ethan is in the square wondering where Theresa is now.

JT doctor's Theresa's drink…just to put her in the mood.

He brings her the drink and she sips wondering what it is. He tells her that it will grow on her. She wants to head home but he takes her out on his balcony to see the view. "This is beautiful," she says. "I think that you are beautiful," he says. She sees where this is going. She tells him that she may have given him the wrong impression about her… he tells that he was an editor. She finds that interesting as she is looking for someone who works in that same field with journalism and all that. "Makes no difference now. I don't want to talk about that," she says. They continue talking on the balcony, but inside…

…on one of JT's tables is a picture of he and Rebecca in a 'friendly' pose, smiling at the camera…

Lena tells Noah to get out of the closet. He sees that she might be right about no one being there.

Spike tries not to move for fear of falling from the ceiling.

Noah wants clues to do his job. "I don't know anymore than I told you. All I remember is that there was a shadow in the doorway and I rushed after it and that was it." Lena feels that he is blocking his brain. "Think back. The smells…the lights…This could make a difference…"

Noah remembers the shooting…The killer ran off, and Noah tried to follow but tripped and fell. He did see the killer's wrist…

"There is something. He had a tattoo. It is the same as the one that is on my sister's back."

Spike listens as he hears what Noah is saying. He has the horseshoe symbol on his wrist. He looks down at his gun now.

Luis can't believe this girl. He had just warned her not to take off and she ignores him. He watches her dance.

Beth watches Fancy too and Luis at the bar.

The man who dances with Fancy gets a little too friendly for her liking. She pushes him back, telling him that she likes to take things slow. He ignores her pleas.

Sheridan's heart is breaking as she thinks about Luis and how their situation is.

Luis sees that she is in trouble and he comes immediately to her rescue, punching the man in the face, taking him down quickly. Fancy jumps back surprised by the swift justice that Luis brought about on her behalf.

Beth watches them quietly.

Fancy is angry that Luis has hit this man. "he was reaching for something." All the man has in his pocket is a cellphone.

"Get out of the club now or I will call the police," a man shouts. Luis will go. He takes Fancy's hand and they walk out.

Beth can't believe that Luis is making a fool again of himself over another dumb-blonde. "She is going to have to go!"

Lena tells Noah that he has a clue now and should use the horseshoe symbol to find out who killed her partner. Noah leaves.

Spike comes out of the closet and he laughs at Noah's situation. Lena can't stand that Spike has shown up there or that he was Noah's pimp. "Leave and never come back!" Noah will go but warns her that he does what the monk says.

Rebecca shows Gwen a picture of JT and she in bed. She smiles fondly at the memories.

The very same picture sits in a frame on a table at JT's place. JT and Theresa accidentally knocks the picture over and it lands facedown on the floor. He leans over to pick it up but she stops him, asking about the newspaper business. He starts a story but she suddenly asks for another drink. He walks off.

While he is gone, Theresa pours the liquor into a plant.

JT returns and Theresa pretends that she has finished the drink. He likes that. He continues talking…telling of the connection he had with a rich family. "you are looking at the guy who had the inside track on the family… I called it Paternity Gate…Mommy had an affair and daddy wasn't who every one thought. The poor sucker who got outed lost everything…He lost everything!" Theresa's face is frozen as she looks up into Joe's face listening to every last word.

Luis is upset with Fancy for dancing with the guy buts she was only trying to get over Noah by dancing with someone else. "I keep telling you that the email that Theresa got wasn't meant for me." Luis knows that they don't know that for sure. "I really care what happens to you." She pours drinks as she promises not to run out on him again. "I am going to bed." He will get ready for bed himself. She realizes that she hasn't said Noah's name all night. Luis goes to bed.

Fancy downs her drink and walks off.

Sheridan gets a call from Luis. "it is really good to hear your voice… I saw Marty today. I only saw him for a second but he seemed healthy and happy. I don't know where Beth and Marty are now. Beth got away. The good news is that Interpole are helping now." Sheridan is so happy. "I am glad to hear your voice Luis. I bet you are fighting off the Italian women when you are not looking for Marty." Luis tells her again that he will be bringing Marty back and they will be together. "I am having Chris's child," she reminds. "how is Fancy?" Luis tells that Fancy is stubborn and keeping me on my toes. She ditched me tonight and I finally found her in some club."

Fancy is sleeping.

Beth is outside her room and she manipulates the lock to get in.

She sees that Fancy is fast asleep.

Jessica, Simone and Paloma are out in the carriage talking about their wishes. Paloma and Simone both wish for a happy love life. Jessica thought that she was in love with Spike but now she sees that her friends were right about him just using her. "You don't have to see that creep again," Simone tells. Paloma knows that she will find love one day.

Spike is hiding and sees the girls in the carriage.

JT is good and drunk now while Theresa isn't. "Can you tell me one of the names of the people involved in this scandal?" JT is about to talk but he decides first that they really need drinks. He walks off.

Theresa sees what she has to do now. She is on the edge of discovery.

Gwen forces her mother to call JT again.

"Let the machine get it!" JT shouts from the kitchen when he hears the phone ringing. Theresa is standing by the answering machine and hears when it picks up the call.

"JT…HI how are you doing," a sexy sultry voice purrs. Theresa's eyes grow big as saucers.

"Pick up if you are there…" Rebecca's voice calls.

Theresa is listening and waiting to hear the thing that she needs to hear. She picks up the phone.

"Ola!" Theresa says. "Tell me something Rebecca. Why do you call JT, Joe?"

Rebecca's face drains. Gwen can tell that something is wrong. "Don't tell me that is Theresa."

Ethan meets with Noah and tells how Theresa has run off and no one knows where she is.

The 3 girls are in the carriage. Paloma and Simone leave the carriage to go and look at some building nearby. Paloma and Simone marvel at it, but Jessica isn't there.

They turn but she isn't in the carriage…she isn't anywhere.

Actually, Jessica is being held by Spike. He is holding her on the other side of the carriage and he waves his gun in her face. He has a hand over her mouth to keep her quiet.

In Fancy's bedroom, Beth looms over her as she sleeps.

She hears a noise and makes sure that the door is secured.

Luis is still talking to Sheridan in the other room and he wonders if something is up, but then decides that all is safe, so he continues talking to Sheridan.

Beth picks up the pillow now. She goes over to Fancy's sleeping form and hopes she has a nice trip to hell. She jumps on the bed over Fancy and holds the pillow down on her face with all the strength that she has, while Fancy struggles to breathe.

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