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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Gwen worries her life is going to be over and that Theresa is going to win out. "Theresa and JT are in Rome and we are stuck here in Harmony. How can we stop her from talking to JT?" Rebecca knows that Rome is huge and they might not even see each other. "Take a deep breath Gwennie."

Theresa has drinks with JT and she has no idea that he is the man she is looking for. He hopes that she will get to see Rome a little. "Let's go to a club tonight…" he suggests. She can't do that, she tells.

JT leaves the table for a moment.

Ethan sees Theresa and comes over to the table.

He tells her of something funny that Jane did. He was talking to Gwen and was told about it.

JT returns and is introduced to Ethan who has stolen his chair. He asks Theresa again if she wants to go out. This time she says yes. "Theresa?" Ethan calls out. She ignores Ethan leaving with Joe.

Paloma and Simone are in their room drinking wine and enjoying Italy. They have robes on and are getting treatments done thanks to the vast services of the hotel they are in. They wear matching white robes. Paloma and Simone have their heads together in a corner.

"Are you talking about me?" Jessica asks. She is getting her hair done across the room.

Noah comes into the room making sure the girls are alright. "Promise me that you will not leave the room," he says.

Fancy and Beth are outside the club. Fancy feels that she should go home but Beth wants to show her around and she insists.

Luis is in the club looking for Fancy everywhere.

Beth makes a move to grab Fancy and Fancy gets upset. Beth tells her that she is sorry that she did that. Finally, Fancy gives in and they are friends again. Beth knows of a great place where they can go and meet some really nice men. Fancy decides that they should go out after all. They hug. Beth still holds the knife in her hand…as they hug; the knife is very, very close to Fancy's head.

The hairdresser leaves when Jessica's hair is done.

The girls tell Noah to stay with them for a while and they will cheer him up. They need to make a call. They have money to burn after all.

Gwen is frantic. "If Theresa finds JT, the man will tell her everything." Rebecca tells that she will be in big trouble. Gwen corrects her, "'We' will be in trouble mother." Rebecca says that they have to just contact the guy. "There might be a way to do it," Rebecca says. "I might know how to get in touch with JT Cornell…" Gwen can't believe their luck. "Find him mother!"

JT and Theresa dance at the club. Joe goes to get them drinks.

Theresa turns and her brother is behind her. He isn't happy to see her with a total stranger after he told her not to leave the hotel. He orders her back to the hotel but she will not go. "You are the one that is always telling me to get over Ethan… Look at all the nice pretty girls around here…Get one!" she orders. Luis tells that he hasn't found Fancy and he is getting worried." He rushes off.

Joe returns with drinks and Theresa and he kick up their heels.

Fancy and Beth are in the square and Beth whips out a bottle of champagne. She stole it from the club. They rush off.

"Fancy! Fancy! Fancy!" Luis is in the square and he sees no one there now. "What is wrong with her?" Luis wonders. "Fancy!" He goes running off in search of her.

"How do you know JT Cornell…" Rebecca tells how she and JT used to work as young journalists together. "There are parts of my life that you don't know about. I tried photojournalism… I took pictures for real high society and wasn't accepted by the public. I was dedicated to my profession back then." Gwen doesn't believe any of this. Rebecca has stories that would make Gwen's head spin….

She remembers a time with JT when she took his picture. "I think you have to take the lens cap off," he advised… He took the picture from her and told her of his dreams of working in the journalism field and meeting high society.

Ethan arrives at the club and tells Theresa that she shouldn't be there. She doesn't need his permission to be out with whomever. He says that he is there to make sure that she isn't in danger. She wonders if danger is the only reason he came looking for her. She feels that he is there because he loves her. He tells her that she is ridiculous.

The girls have men's clothing brought to the room and they dress Noah but he isn't interested in all that. "How are you guys paying for all this stuff?" Paloma tells that she saved a lot babysitting. Noah can't find anything wrong with what they are telling him and so he wishes them fun.

Noah needs to get on with his life and feels that he is wasting time.

Spike comes to Lena's room. "You are not to be here. If Noah sees you, it will all be over…"

Beth has Fancy in a dark alley. "This place is perfect for a horror movie," Fancy says. Beth says that you could actually scream your head off and no one would hear you." Fancy takes a swig of the champagne, right out of the bottle…"

Beth holds a knife behind her back as she talks to Fancy about the spooky surroundings.

Luis is nearby and he calls for Fancy but no one answers his call.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWW!" !!!!" " A blood-curdling scream rings out into the misty night. "That didn't sound good," Luis says. He rushes in the direction of the scream.

Rebecca gets lost thinking about JT and she working on an assignment together. "he was a college graduate and he needed my professional advice. I was happy to teach him what I know…"

She helped him to perfect his technique… she approached him at first by surprising him with a kiss. "Mrs. Hodgekiss?" She pushed him on the bed then and climbed on top of him.

"I don't love you Theresa. We are all to look out for each other because of the danger," Ethan says.

JT returns and Theresa tells Ethan, "see ya!"

She goes off to the dance floor with JT as Ethan watches.

The girls model their new clothes for Noah as he watches.

The money they have means they can shop forever.

At one point, Noah thinks that he is seeing Fancy in one of those dresses.

"I am glad that you are having fun for a change," Noah says. She thanks him for saying that.

Noah has to get out of there. His job with Lena needs to be over so that he can get back to his life.

"I have something important to attend to, so promise that you will not leave the room till I get back.

Luis rushes trying to find Fancy.

Fancy and Beth hear growling noises. Beth tells that there are cats all about. Beth grabs the champagne bottle and drinks. She then breaks the bottle loudly on the ground. Fancy jumps.

"Look!" Beth points. "See over there?" Fancy turns in the direction indicated. "That is where they used to kill women who broke up marriages." Fancy is horrified, yet fascinated by the site.

While Fancy's back is turned, Beth stoops and grabs a large piece of the broken bottle from the ground. She holds it in one hand and the knife in the other and she slowly advances on Fancy in a threatening manner.

"Fancy!" Luis shouts.

"Who is that?" Fancy asks. "Do you hear that?"

Fancy turns and Beth is gone.

Luis runs up to her hugging her. "I was just here with …" Beth is gone…

Beth is hiding nearby and she is angry that she has missed her chance at killing that bitch!

Rebecca and Gwen can't stop thinking of the fond memories of she and JT.

He thought that she was amazing when they made love.

Gwen snaps her fingers in Rebecca's face in order to get her to focus on finding JT. Turns out that she does have his Rome number. She dials hoping that the number in Rome is still good.

Ethan watches Theresa and JT dance.

He feels that she is trying to make him jealous but he says that he isn't.

Theresa flirts madly with the editor.

Ethan prays that this all gets wrapped up soon so that he can get back to Harmony.

JT has his hands on Theresa now as they dance, and Theresa seems to like it.

Spike pours himself a stiff drink wondering why Lena's greeting isn't a very nice one. "You have to get out of here. If Noah sees you, the gig will be up… You remember what happened…so long ago…"

Spike thinks back to the time she talks of now. He had on a hooded sweatshirt with the hood up. He was in the attic…he aimed his gun at the back of the man that was kneeling in front of the trunk. He fired… he killed him.

"You see," Lena says. "You can't be seen, or it will all become undone!"

BANG BANG BANG BANG!!! "Let me in! I want to deal with this now!" Lena panics. "It is Noah! He can't see you," she orders.

Outside the door, Noah keeps banging and refuses to leave until he has it out with Lena right now. "I'm not going anywhere," he shouts.

Noah enters the room. "I want answers," Noah says. "you brought me all the way here to find your partner's killer and all that I do is hang out?" She tells that he and Maya were the only ones who saw the killer. "I have witness some interested phenomena… People with ideas locked in their minds and they only have to find the key to get the answers." Noah finds her nervous but she denies it.

Noah sees feet under a curtain.

He rushes to it and looks behind it but no one is there.

"I left because I couldn't stand being cooped up in the hotel. Where is my friend? Maybe she went to the bathroom…." Luis. Wants to get Fancy out of there. Fancy begs him to look around for her friend before they go.

Beth rolls her eyes while hiding.

Rebecca leaves a voicemail for JT asking him not to talk to anyone about anything. "I heard that the IRS has sent people to find you. Call me on my special number."

Gwen will not be happy until the man calls them back.

"You are the hottest thing to come around since…" JT doesn't finish his sentence. He grabs Theresa's face and kisses her.

Ethan watches and wonders what Theresa is getting herself into.

Ethan gets a call that the picture of JT Cornell is available for Mrs. Crane if she still wants it. Ethan tells the man to send it to him.

The transmission is made and Ethan looks down at the picture before him. It resembles the man that Theresa is dancing with.

Theresa goes looking for Theresa. She is suddenly gone.

Ethan rushes to the street but she doesn't see Theresa anywhere.

The girls look hot in their new clothes. Noah has left them, and Paloma wants to do something. They decide to paint the town red. They rush out.

The 'Figure' is across the hall and sees when the girls exit their room. He follows them.

"What are you hiding?" Noah demands to know. Lena denies that she is hiding anything.

Spike is hidden in the unit and he holds his gun out and ready in case he needs it.

Fancy hurts her knee and Luis rushes to her to help her. It seems that Fancy's friend has taken off and left her. Luis and Fancy now rush off to the hotel.

Beth comes out of hiding now, angry that she has missed her chance at killing the blonde. "All she does is throw herself at him," she says angrily.

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