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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

"I wish your daddy could see you now," Gwen tells her daughter.

Rebecca comes busting in upset that Gwen has let Ethan go off with Theresa. "You know that Theresa will do anything to steal Ethan from you. They are in Rome in the most romantic city in the world!" Gwen tells that Jessica, Simone and Paloma are in danger and so Gwen told Ethan to go and find his sister. Rebecca feels that this was a job for Sam. Gwen knows that Theresa is going to try to get Ethan but she feels that Ethan has things under control.

"You and I are meant to be a family with Jane and Little Ethan! Ethan you are so darn stubborn about this." She grabs him and starts kissing him. He pushes her away. "I am married and I love Gwen." Theresa tells that Gwen is a liar and that Ethan doesn’t even know her. "I will prove that she is the reason that you lost everything. She let out something personal and devastating to your life." Ethan believes Gwen over Theresa as Theresa has lied repeatedly to him. "Can we just concentrate on why we are here Theresa?" Theresa will do that and at the same time she will find the editor JT Cornell.

Beth is standing behind Fancy with the knife. Fancy is peeking over to where Luis is having a shower and she has a devilish smile on her face. Beth is dressed as the housekeeper and she hates that Fancy is interested in her man. "I will not let another dumb blonde take my man!" she thinks to herself. "I won't!" She inches closer and closer to Fancy now…ready to strike.

Theresa gets someone on the phone who has found a picture of JT Cornell.

She turns to Ethan excited.

She is going to have a fax of the man's face in a short while.

Ethan doesn't see how this man can prove what Theresa is saying. "I don't think that Gwen would do anything like that." Theresa says that Gwen wanted to stop Theresa from marrying Ethan. He just wants a little peace and to be left alone. "I am sick of this and tired of pushing you away all the time. I am tired of you. I mean it!" Theresa is sorry that he feels that way. She grabs her keys and starts leaving. He calls to her. "Sorry…I didn't mean that the way that it sounded." She is fine as she still believes that things are going to change and they will get past this. She leaves.

Beth is ready to strike.

"Oh Fancy…"

Beth puts the knife away at the sound of Luis's voice. Luis comes to Fancy in the main room. He has just finished his shower. Beth gets far from Fancy.

Beth listens as they talk.

Luis gets a call and takes it in private.

Fancy decides that she wants to get out of there.

She goes to the house cleaner and tells her to tell Luis that she is taking a bath. "I want to play a little joke on him," she explains. In a fake Italian voice, Beth agrees to do as she is told.

Fancy runs to the bathroom and starts the water running. She then climbs out of the window to the ledge. She makes her escape easily.

"I know what you are up to…Miss Rich Bitch!" Beth says to herself. "By the time that they have found you, I will have found you first."

Ethan decides to go and find Theresa.

His phone rings.

"Hey Sweetie…" Ethan says. Gwen tells that Jane is fine. "I am missing you Ethan and I wish that you were here." He wishes that he were with her too. He confirms that Theresa has been bothering him the whole time. "I wish that I were there with you Ethan. How are the girls?" Ethan tells that the girls are fine. "Luis and Noah, Chad and Fancy are here as well. Whitney left the convent and has come to Rome. No one knows why. Why aren't you working?" Gwen tells that her workload is not heavy anymore."

Rebecca tells Gwen to tell Ethan to come home now as Luis is there to take care of the girls. She whispers so that Ethan doesn't hear that she is there as well.

Gwen does as she is told asking Ethan to come home, but things are not that simple. Gwen worries that something is going on with Theresa.

Rebecca figured that already.

Beth is alone in the suite with Luis. She stands behind him and can't believe how close she is to him. She makes a move to touch Luis but then someone comes to the door.

Luis lets Theresa in.

Beth scurries out. Luis tells that Fancy really hates that he is looking out for her. Theresa tells that he should give Fancy a break. Theresa tried to trace her email but found no other address where it could have come from. Theresa wants to go out to eat somewhere. "Why does Ethan insist on being with Gwen?" Theresa asks. Luis wants her to accept that Ethan is honoring his marriage vows. "Date some other guys Theresa!" She feels that he would be taking his own advice if he believed it. He can't. He won't. She sees they are in the same terrible predicament. "Don't give advice that you are not willing to take yourself," she advises.

Gwen gets worried. Ethan tells that something strange is going on in Europe. "It seems like someone or something has drawn all of us to Rome for a reason that we don't know about. There is a reason that we are here and there might be some danger involved."

Rebecca knows that the only danger there is Theresa.

"Theresa got an email and it said that someone from Harmony would die in Rome. It seems legit." Gwen wants her man to come home and can't see why he wants to stay.

Rebecca doesn't understand this.

"Why doesn't Theresa come home then if you are staying?" Gwen asks. Ethan tells that there is more to tell. "Theresa is still hell-bent to prove that you and Rebecca emailed the tabloids.

Rebecca gets upset. She puts the phone on speaker.

"You don't have to have to worry about this but Theresa has tracked the man that received the email…the editor from the tabloid." Gwen drops the phone.

Luis gives in. He can't give his sister love advice if he won't take it himself. "I just want you to be happy, and I know that I will never stop loving Sheridan. She will come back to me, I know that she will." Theresa knows that he and Sheridan belong together. Luis can't believe how close he was to getting Marty. "I saw Beth's face and Marty was calling out, 'daddy'. Something keeps stopping me from finding Marty." Theresa tells that she has found a picture of the editor JT Cornell and she will have that picture soon. "Do you think that Sheridan will really leave Chris to be with you when you find Marty?"

Fancy is in a nightclub and she thinks now how Luis is paranoid about their being danger about. She is fine.

Beth enters the club and she sees Fancy. She knows that Fancy probably wants Luis to come looking for her. By then though, it will be too late.

Beth goes over to meet with Fancy.

She is glad to meet the woman again. More than she knows.

Luis and Theresa share a glass of wine. She thought that Sheridan died when the rest of them thought that he was dead. "But then Chris came into her life and Sheridan reached out and reached for Chris and James." Luis is grateful for that but will not hand Sheridan over on a silver platter. Theresa has to wonder about Sheridan's feelings though. Luis will love that baby and raise it as his own. "I don't want you to get your hopes up about Sheridan leaving Chris." Luis knows that Sheridan loves him more. She has told him that. Theresa has to wonder though if Sheridan will go against her beliefs and her marriage vows. Luis has no idea what Sheridan is going to do. Theresa finds this horrible. "Beth is completely crazy," Theresa says.

Beth and Fancy try to talk but the music is too loud. Beth suggests they go sit somewhere else. They head over to a secluded table. "This is better." Beth asks about Fancy's boyfriend. Fancy tells that nothing has happened. "He is a jerk and I hate him but I still love him." Beth can understand that. Fancy says that she had to leave the hotel because he was there. "I have to get over him but I don't know how." Beth offers to help.

Gwen picks up the phone after dropping it and starts talking again.

Rebecca whispers to her to get back to the talk about the editor.

Ethan feels that this is a good thing as once Theresa sees that this editor can't prove anything, she will drop the whole issue once and for all.

Luis wouldn't think that Sheridan would end her marriage to be with someone else but that is what he hopes for. Theresa has the same problem. "I know how you feel. Once I find the editor, I will be able to expose Gwen and Ethan will leave her. Truth and honesty are important to Ethan and he won't be able to stand what she did." Luis wonders if he should hope for Chris to make a terrible mistake so that Sheridan will leave him. Theresa feels that their family is cursed. Luis isn't sure about that but he knows that giving up on true love is out of the question. "Fancy is in the bathroom a long time," Luis, says. He and Theresa go to the door and call to her. No one answers. Theresa goes in first and they see that Fancy has gone out the window. "I have to go and find her," Luis says.

Fancy can't believe that she cares for the guy that she is interested in. "I usually fall for the blonde skiers. And he has eyes that you can fall in…"

Beth remembers the simmering sizzling way that Luis looks.

Fancy wants to know more about Beth separating from her husband because of a woman. Fancy wants to get rid of the woman who is in her ex-man's life. "I want more champagne," Fancy says turning to find the waiter.

"Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands," Beth thinks to herself. She reaches into her purse and takes out a knife that she holds under the table.

Ethan really hopes that Theresa finds this editor and gets this idea of Gwen being a liar out of her system. Gwen hopes so. "How is she going to track the man down?" Ethan tells that JT Cornell is in trouble with the IRS and Theresa is having a picture faxed to her. Gwen has to get off the phone now. "I love you very much," Gwen tells. They hang up.

Gwen turns to her mother. "Theresa is going to talk to the editor of the tabloid and we are going to be found out." Rebecca feels that the man is hiding and may be under an assumed name. Let's just hope that Theresa doesn't find the man."

The woman Theresa was talking to gives the photo of JT Cornell to as associate to have it faxed to Theresa.

Theresa enters a bar. She sits on a stool.

The man beside her notices that she is sad. She says that she is trying to find someone. He is doing the same. She sees that he is getting the wrong idea but allows the man to buy her a drink anyway.

Theresa orders red wine. Theresa tells her name. The man introduces himself as Joe. He is the same person that Theresa is looking for.

Fancy and Beth are in the club.

Luis comes into the bar.

Beth can't let him see her. She drags Fancy out of the bar

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