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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Tabitha watches Miguel and Siren kissing using her big blue pot. "Endora that spell that you cast on the beach is working far too well." Endora is trying to keep Kay and Fox together, and that is why she tries so hard to keep Miguel preoccupied with Siren.

Kay comes into the picture now.

Tabitha wonders which hunk Kay will end up with, as she peers at the girl through the pot's bubbles.

Kay can't believe the kissing that Miguel and Siren are doing, as they roll around on the sandy beach.

Fox arrives saying that he hasn’t found Miguel and Siren anywhere that he looked just now.

Kay points to where they are, and Fox looks over at them. A smile comes to his face.

Theresa is kissing Ethan and finally he pushes her off him when he sees what she must be thinking. She heard what he said. He gave up the room that is available to stay with her. He says that he only is staying to protect her. She sees things differently.

Beth can't hear what is going on in the room where Luis and Fancy are and it is driving her mad.

Luis tells Fancy that he is staying with her and he will not be leaving the room. Someone is going to die and he will protect Fancy in case she is the target of the killer.

Beth only hears a few words here and there and she mistakes Luis's protective nature as one of love and romance for Fancy. It gets her angrier than ever to hear them talking alone in her room.

Fancy sarcastically remarks that she has no idea what they will do there all night together. Luis finds cards. "Should we Play strip poker?" Fancy asks.

Beth hears that and makes her decision on the spot. "Fancy is dead!"

Fox and Kay can see that Miguel and Siren are really into each other. Kay is still suspicious of Siren, but Fox feels that Miguel is doing just fine. "They can't keep their hands off each other. Thanks to you Kay, we have found the first supermodel couple." They marvel at the gymnastics that is being played out before them. Fox can't believe the chemistry. Kay kisses Fox madly. "You want chemistry? Make love to me now." Fox picks her up and carries her off.

Tabitha shakes her head. "Kay has Fox in her head but maybe not in her heart.

Ethan explains his position. After he gets the kids safe he will return to Gwen and Jane. Theresa knows that they are in danger but knows that really good things can come out of this. "We are not two star-crossed lovers. We came here as individuals Theresa and that is the way that it is going to stay."

Beth is getting angry. She can't hear any talking in Fancy's room.

Luis tells Fancy that one of them is going to die and that is why he is staying with her. She feels that she isn't one of Harmony's citizens who has to worry about being killed. "I just came here to forget about Noah." Luis decides to make a call. Fancy wants to go shopping but Luis warns that someone may be on the other side of the door waiting to kill her.

Beth can't believe that Sheridan has left Luis for someone else and now this.

"Hello," a woman calls to Beth.

Beth turns surprised. "Yes? Oh…" The housekeeper offers her assistance, asking if Beth is alright. "Well, yes," Beth says to her.

Theresa forgot the time. She was supposed to read to Little Ethan.

She rushes to the laptop and logs on. Little Ethan is there on the monitor waiting for his mother. Ethan watches as the child with the assistance of his nanny gets his book. Theresa reads about Pinocchio in the belly of the whale.

'What kind of fish are you? It is I the porpoise.' Ethan laughs as Theresa reads.

Little Ethan hears the laughing and guesses that is Ethan. Ethan comes to the monitor and talks to the boy. He wishes that he could see Ethan everyday. "Batting practice is boring," he says.

Theresa thinks to herself that Little Ethan should see Ethan everyday and he should call him 'dad'.

"Don't be sad Theresa," Ethan says. Theresa wants Ethan to be there for the child and Ethan promises that he will be.

Little Ethan returns to the computer now.

Miguel and Siren are making out and Miguel has to stop Siren from making love to him. "There are kids around." Miguel recognizes the beach. "We were here years ago and we are trying to figure out how to meet girls. This kid told us to write a description of the girl that we wanted and then toss it into the sea and the girl of your dreams will come to you." Miguel goes to get them some soda.

Siren thinks that if there is anyone that can find that description that Miguel filled out, it is her. She runs to the water.

Fox and Kay are kissing and getting heated.

Kay can 't help but think about when she was with Miguel at the swing and he told her that he can't stop thinking about her.

Kay can't make love to Fox in the swing like he wants her to right now. She pushes him off her. He doesn't understand. "Why not here on the swing?"

Little Ethan signs off soon.

"That was nice of you Ethan. The way that you talked to Little Ethan was nice." Ethan loves that boy and he loves talking to him. Theresa thinks of the way that Little Ethan was conceived. She was with Julian but that turned out to be a great thing in Little Ethan.

Siren finds the box at the bottom of the sea and rises to the surface with it.

Kay says that she can't make love as she fears that Maria may see them. Fox wants to get upstairs to make love to Kay.

Tabitha sees them coming into the house and she backs away from the big blue pot.

ZAP! Endora fills the pot with fruit so that Fox and Kay don't see the scenes playing inside.

Fox and Kay come into the house and hurry up the stairs.

Tabitha is not happy that her house has become a house of love.

Siren returns with the box that Miguel used in his youth to make his wish of his dream girl. "Where did you find that?" he asks. She offers it to him. "Here…open it up!" she says smiling at him.

Fancy insists on going shopping. She will not be harmed by anyone she says.

Out in the hall, Beth grabs the housekeeper and drags her into a room nearby. She fights the woman and knocks her out. Beth then emerges with her blonde wig on, horned rimmed glasses and clothes from the housekeeper. "Well Luis seems to like blondes so we will see how he likes me now."

Theresa says that if she had a chance to go back and change her life she wouldn't. She still would have had Little Ethan and can't regret that. "My son will grow up to run the company and he will do it for the betterment of others. I am running the company now the way that I thought that you would. We could make a difference together." Ethan will not come to the company with her. Theresa can't wait to find JT. He will be the one to prove her innocent of the tabloid problem. "Then you will come back to me."

Miguel opens the box and reads, "…Send me the girl of my dreams. She is smart independent, and beautiful…P.S. If you find my scuba-mask down there, could you bring it up?" Miguel sees that the girl that he described in the note could easily be Siren. She loves that compliment. "Now make love to me!" she orders. "When I want something, I go after it." He suggests they go to Tabitha's and have some privacy there. Siren runs ahead.

Miguel wonders now if he were thinking about Kay when he wrote the note in the box.

Siren returns for him.

She thinks that mammals are really a lot of fun.

Fox and Kay are rolling around in the bed. Fox can't believe her energy. "I love you Kay."

She looks down at him and sees Miguel's face. "I love you too," she says. She is on him like a wrestler.

Luis wants Fancy to wait until he can be sure that no one is after her before he lets her go shopping.

Someone knocks. Luis looks through the peephole and sees the housekeeper with her face hidden as she is carrying a high stack of towels in front of her.

Luis lets her in and Beth is careful to keep her face hidden as she enters. Fancy doesn't bat an eye and drinks her wine. Beth peeks at her from behind the stack of towels.

Ethan sees that Theresa will never stop and he knows that he will never leave his wife. She only wants him to worry about being in her son's life right now. Ethan likes being a part of Little Ethan's life but he will have to have Gwen a part of Little Ethan's life as well. Theresa says that isn't necessary. In that case, Ethan can't help her with her son.

Fox lays back now wondering where that all came from. "I never knew that a woman could love me that much." Kay leaves to get them something to drink. "Hurry back," he orders.

Miguel and Siren are back home in the yard on the swing. "How does this thing work," she asks. He gets behind her and pushes her back and forth. "This is wild," she shrieks.

Kay comes downstairs and Tabitha and Endora are there. "What is the matter?" Kay says that she thinks that she is going to cry.

ZAP! Endora makes a Kleenex box appear. Kay dabs her eyes. "I don't know what is happening," Kay says. "I love Fox right? He is good to me and I love him right? And I wouldn't turn my back on my relationship because I love…" She weeps now in her Kleenex. "Don't be too hard on yourself dear…You have that lovely child and he was your first love. Look at Sam and Ivy…and Julian and Eve…"

They hear laughing.

Kay goes to the window and is astonished. "How can he kiss Siren on our swing?" Miguel is actually sitting in her lap and they are kissing.

Beth pretends to straighten up the bed as she listens to Luis and Fancy. He thanks her for agreeing to stay in the room and not go shopping. "I am going to take a shower," he says. He goes to the door to the restroom but soon figures that Fancy is going to sneak out of the room on him. He keeps the door open.

Beth is at the front door and she gets angry that Fancy is peering at Luis as he removes his clothes to have his shower. She thinks to herself, "Bitch! Keep your eyes off my man. You deserve to die for that alone!"

Fancy hears nothing, but can't help but smile at what she sees through the door at the back of the suite.

Luis is in the shower now.

"How can he do that on our swing?" Kay asks. Tabitha can tell that Kay is in love with Miguel and not Fox. "If you love Miguel, you will have to make a choice or loose him forever. Do you want to lose Miguel?"

Theresa feels that she will be giving up another child to Gwen if she lets Gwen have access to Little Ethan. Ethan is fine with her decision but that will mean that he will not be around Little Ethan either.

"Keep your eyes to yourself blondy!" Beth thinks to herself. Fancy smiles and keeps watching Luis. "That is it!" Beth shouts in her head. She looks around and finds a knife. She creeps up behind Fancy and holds the knife in the perfect manner for stabbing.

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