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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

The photo shoot takes place and Siren and Miguel work the camera in their bathing suits. They kiss and frolic while the man who runs the shoot and the photographer watch. The man who directs the scenes can't get over the beautiful body before him. The photographer knows that he is probably referring to Miguel and not Siren.

Kay isn't that impressed with Miguel and Siren on film but Fox is.

Beth is pissed. "I find someone to talk to and she ends up being a Crane! I should have known. She is just like her Aunt Sheridan. I guess that I am Fancy's aunt too then!" Beth reads the tabloids to learn more about Fancy. "Tough luck Fancy. I showed Sheridan who is in control and I will show you too. I will end up with Luis. He wants blonde? …I will give him blonde." She puts a wig on her head and looks in the mirror.

Luis makes a call to the police to give details about Beth and see if she has turned up anywhere.

Fancy, Theresa, Noah and Fox all tell Luis that he will find his son and he isn't to worry.

Noah goes to Luis in private and thanks the man for taking care of Fancy. Luis is short with Noah. Noah notices. "You are a grown man and you can do what you want," Luis says. Noah says that there is a reason that he is doing what he is doing. "Whatever," is all that Luis can say at this point.

Theresa tells that she has no idea where the email came from when she is pushed for more information about it.

Chad arrives and greets Theresa and Ethan. Ethan tells that someone has threatened to kill one of them.

The 'Figure' watches the group. "Someone has come all the way from Harmony…to die…The only question they need to ask is whom…"

The photographer hasn't ever seen anyone move like that. "You move like a fish… Have you swam competitively before?"

She remembers that once she raced a dolphin. "What?" Miguel explains that Siren says a lot of funny things like that.

Kay really doesn't see what all the excitement is about. Fox feels the two are great together.

"Can you give me a little more sex?" the photographer asks. Siren readily straddles Miguel's waist to give a little more depth to the pictures. Everyone loves it but Kay!

"Oh no!" Kay shouts. No one pays attention to her and Miguel and Siren carry on with the shoot.

Theresa tells Fancy that she is sorry that Noah is in Italy, as she was the one who suggested that Fancy go there to get over the man. She can tell that Fancy loves the man no matter what she says. Fancy really isn't all that sure anymore. "Fool me once, shame on you, but fool me twice?" Fancy feels that Noah doesn't have the guts to level with her. Theresa finds she and Fancy to be pathetic. They are both with the men that they love in the most romantic city in the world but they can't actually be with them. ***

Chad tells Ethan that he had a chance to talk to Whitney and she said that one of them has to die. "What if there is someone out there that wants us dead? If feels like someone is pulling our strings."

Luis sees Noah staring.

He follows Noah's line of sight and sees that the man is staring at Fancy who is talking to Theresa.

Luis can tell that the man still cares for Fancy. "Noah tells that he is afraid that when this whole thing is over Fancy will be completely over him." Luis has that same fear with Sheridan but he is always straight with her and wouldn't hold something from her." Noah hopes that Luis gets everything he wants, including his son.

"So! Sheridan got married," Beth says reading the tabloids. "Now if Fancy feels that she is going to take Luis from me…she is sadly mistaken. I am the one that has Luis's son and I am the one that will have Luis." She grabs some scissors. "I made a big mistake not dealing with Sheridan when I had the chance. I am not going to make that same mistake with you Fancy-pants!" She uses the sharp tip of the scissors and drives it repeatedly into the image of Fancy on the cover of the tabloid.

The photographers want to get the film developed immediately.

Fox is informed that Miguel and Siren are to be signed exclusively to the agent in charge.

Miguel and Siren are thrilled that they are going to be stars.

Fox thinks they should celebrate by going out for drinks and something to eat. Kay wants to head home but Fox knows that Maria is in good hands. He kisses Kay passionately.

Miguel seems negatively affected by that.

Fancy asks Theresa privately if she made up this email threat to get Ethan to be alone with her in Rome. Theresa denies that she did this. Fancy doesn't believe her. "You always say, 'the end justifies the means'." Theresa does always say that but not this time. The trip played into her hands. "I didn't plan it! I thought that I was coming to Rome alone! It was Gwen who sent him with me. I am now afraid for everyone's safety. I would do anything to be with Ethan but not this." Fancy knows how she feels but her heart is broken thanks to Noah.

"you are the only guy that I can trust not to make a play for Fancy. Thanks Luis for looking out for her." Luis knows that the only way to make this right is to come clean. " A girl like Fancy won't stay single for long."

Fancy comes over to Noah. "Theresa talked me into coming over and doing this." Noah is confused. "Tell me right now what is going on Noah. Tell me why you treat me like this."

Siren sits in Miguel's lap at the restaurant, and Kay isn't pleased. "Fox needs some help," Miguel says to Kay. "He is just at the bar, not in China!" she retorts. Miguel gets up to leave for a moment.

Kay sits. "Whatever you are doing isn't going to work Siren. You are acting like a slut!" Siren tells that Miguel is hers.

Fox and Miguel return to the table and they talk about the new jobs that Miguel and Siren have now that they are supermodels. "Shall we dance?" Miguel asks. Siren isn't very good on her feet. They head to the dance floor and hold each other close.

Fox can see that he and Kay aren't the only ones in Harmony that are meant for each other.

Chad tells Ethan about the strange things that have been happening with Whitney. Ethan will be there for the man if he needs some help. "I don’t think that it is a coincidence that we are all here." Chad has to agree. He leaves.

Chad starts walking out of the hotel and the 'Figure' follows him.

Fancy tries again to get information from Noah but he can't tell her anything. She gets angry and leaves.

Theresa sees she is upset and she follows the girl.

Luis goes to Noah again and tries to push him to tell the truth. "I can't. I will be making more problems for her."

"Don’t' try to tell me that I need to try to give Noah another chance. Why can't I have someone more like Luis?"

Beth is at home scribbling on the tabloids.

Someone knocks.

Beth asks Emily to watch Marty for a while. "he is sleeping." The girl agrees to do the job. "Sure Ms. Crane!" Beth corrects her. "Actually, it is Ms. Wallace." She walks out.

The tabloids are left on the table with the threatening words written all over Fancy's face. "Die Fancy!"

Ethan tells that Chad is off looking for Whitney. Noah has to get going now. Luis is curious about where he is going. "I have something to do. Take care of Fancy," Noah asks.

He walks of, stopping once to look over at Theresa and Fancy. Fancy turns her head from him.

Kay isn't hungry and she can't take her eyes off Miguel and Siren as they dance.

Miguel and Siren return to the table and Siren sees the lobster tank. "I am so hungry!" She gets up. Miguel tells her where the ladies room is. Siren walks off.

She goes to the other side of the lobster tank. Two guys are sitting there admiring Siren's form. "I sure could use some of that!" one of the men says.

The waitress comes to get their money and give them more beers.

When they have finished paying, they turn to see Siren finishing off the last tasty morsel of lobster from the tank. "What the?" Siren walks off.

She returns to the table. "Are you ready to order?" Miguel asks. "I am full!" Siren says. "What is that smell?" Kay asks. "It smells like fish!"

Ethan and Theresa enter the room that has been assigned to Theresa. "I mean it Theresa! The moment that a room becomes available, I am out of here. I hope that you understand that nothing is going to happen in this room!" She tells him that he can fight it if he wants.

Luis has seen Fancy to her room and he stands in the doorway staring at her. "We will be sleeping together," he says. She looks up at him curiously.

Fox can see that something is the matter but Kay denies that. "This day was fantastic…thanks to those two over there," he points.

Siren has an idea and she takes Miguel's hand and leads him off.

Kay sees that Miguel and Siren are gone. "We should find them! We should get them to sign the release. I forgot." They head out after the couple.

"It is not fate that we are in this room together. The hotel is overbooked," he says. She gets her bag and heads to the restroom to freshen up.

The bellhop comes to the room.

"A room has become vacant. It seems that Mr. Lopez-Fitzgerald will be moving into Ms. Crane's room." Ethan finds that strange. "Well the room is available, do you want it?"

Theresa listens to what Ethan's response will be.

Luis explains to Fancy that he is going to be there in her room to make sure that no harm comes to Fancy.

Beth has her wig on and she uses her cellphone to find out what room Fancy is in.

"Oh, it pays to be a Crane. You can find out anything that you want." She presses the button to call the elevator.

"I know that Whitney needs my help!" Chad says. He is in the square.

The 'Figure' arrives and finds that Chad is still meddling. "you both may end up dead!"

Fox and Kay are on the beach searching for Miguel and Siren. Fox wouldn't be surprised if they find Miguel and Siren making love on the beach. A paper falls from Kay's purse. He sees that the release has already been signed. "Let's go Kay." She says that they can't leave the couple as they all came together. Fox leaves to look elsewhere for the kids.

Kay is upset that she can't get over Miguel with Siren.

She hears giggling. She turns and sees that there is a couple on the beach making out. "Now that is chemistry!"

She looks a little more carefully at the couple and sees that it is Miguel and Siren.

Theresa waits and hears Ethan reject the offer of taking the other room. The bellhop leaves.

Theresa comes running out of the back room and she jumps into Ethan's arms. "I knew it! I knew it!" She starts kissing Ethan passionately and he doesn't fight her off this time.

Luis is trying to make Fancy see that she has no choice in the matter. He will be staying in her room to make sure that nothing happens to her.

Beth arrives at the door and gets angry when she hears Luis's voice coming out of Fancy's room.

In the room, Luis tells Fancy that in the morning she will feel differently about all that has happened.

Beth knows that he might feel differently but that she won't as Fancy will be dead!

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