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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Tabitha stirs things up by telling Miguel that Maria has been calling Fox 'daddy' again. Miguel hides his disappointment, knowing that Maria will figure things out in time. Fox has to get working on the new campaign for a fragrance that he has to promote for Crane and so he makes a quick call to make sure that things are ready to go. All suddenly realize that Kay and Siren are alone in the kitchen. That can't be good.

Tabitha secretly hopes that there aren't going to be any fireworks right now. It is far too early in the game for that.

Siren and Kay are arguing about Fox. Kay warns Siren to stay away from Fox. Siren tells that Fox was hanging over her. "You left him alone Kay. Don't blame me if he finds me attractive. He had his arms around me and not the other way around."

In Europe, Theresa is told that her room isn't ready yet and she will have to wait a while until it is ready. It is suggested to her that she go and have some breakfast while she waits. Ethan on the other hand hasn't got a room at all. He rolls his eyes. He should have known. The hotel is full and there are no more rooms left. "If this is another one of your tricks Theresa, I will get another hotel if I have to okay?"

Luis begs Fancy to talk to Noah and straighten the relationship out. Fancy tells that she has found Noah cheating repeatedly.

Behind Fancy, Noah and Maya are kissing up against a wall as if they can't get enough of each other.

Luis stops to stare. He is shocked.

Fancy follows his line of vision and turns seeing the hugging and kissing as well. She isn't surprised.

Siren has her head in the fridge and she is cramming down some raw fish while Kay washes dishes behind her. Siren makes growling noises as she eats. Kay makes a face. "Sounds like the Tasmanian devil," Kay says. "What are you doing anyway?" Siren sneaks the bones from her meal into the garbage can before Kay is none-the-wiser. Kay continues. "Just stay away from Fox," she commands. Siren says that Kay may sleep with all the men in the house but she doesn't own them. "You will stay away from Miguel, for if you don't you will lose them both forever."

"What a piranha!" Kay shouts.

Fox and Miguel worry about what is going on in the kitchen, as Kay and Siren have been in the kitchen alone too long.

Siren comes out and jumps right into Miguel's lap to kiss him. "You are so affectionate!" Miguel says.

Tabitha knows that Siren is super-affectionate due to the centuries of practice that she has had practicing.

Kay comes into the room seeing Miguel and Siren, remarking that things are looking cozy in the house.

Fox gets off the phone disappointed. He tells that he needs a model to do a shoot as the one that they had isn't available anymore. "Where are we going to get a model now?"

Theresa finally admits that she arranged that Ethan wouldn't have a room. He knew it! She tries to explain. "I am afraid that someone is going to get killed and that is why I did it Ethan! I didn't book you a room, as I was afraid and wanted to keep you close in case of danger."

Luis is angry that Noah is treating Fancy this way by kissing another woman in front of her. "He is being so blatant though!" Fancy says that Noah has moved on and she needs to do the same.

Noah and Maya have been kissing because Lena was in the area but she has gone now. Noah is hurting from having to do this fake act. He wants to explain this to Fancy but he just can't.

"Well why don't you start by explaining it to me?"

Noah and Maya turn to find Luis standing behind them.

Kay can't find another model for the photo shoot. "This is a huge account and I need a professional." Tabitha feels that someone new and fresh is always better.

Miguel tells that Siren wants to go swimming again. He leaves to get the ice chest.

Kay thinks that Miguel has a great body and would look great in a print ad. She was looking for a female but thinks that she can use a man for this instead. "Besides…if he is working for me and Fox… he won't have time for Siren."

Miguel returns with the ice chest for his beach trip. Kay looks him over. "Miguel you have a body to die for and you would make the perfect male model and I need one right now."

Luis demands to know what Noah is doing. Maya doesn't understand. Luis and Noah walk off to talk.

"It's not how it looks," Noah says. Luis says that the guy isn't who he thought. He walks off.

Noah returns to Maya. "I can't do this anymore. I have to tell Fancy the truth." Maya reminds him again that telling the truth puts Fancy in danger. Noah is starting to see that ever since Maya came back into his life, he has been losing everything bit by bit.

Kay and Miguel are at the picture shoot and Miguel realizes that he doesn't want to do this after all. Kay points out how he will be able to support his daughter with the money he makes. "Oh come on Miguel," Tabitha says. She feels he should give this a shot.

Fox arrives. "I have the perfect model." Kay tells that she found a model already. "Miguel will be great for the shoot."

Alfredo arrives to direct the shoot. He is introduced to Tabitha. "I trust that a model has been found for my shoot?" Kay tells that there has been a model found. Alfredo wants a beautiful naked girl on the beach. Kay says that she thought that a hot male models might be a better way to go. Fox tells that he also has a female model that he will like. Kay introduces Miguel to Alfredo and the man literally drools. Fox now turns the man towards…Siren who he thinks will be perfect for the campaign.

Fancy can't stop staring at Noah and Luis notices. Fancy is going to be trying to forget about him.

Ethan and Theresa arrive and Luis and Fancy get up to greet them. Theresa tells that Jessica, Simone and Paloma are in danger. "They are playing detective and they are involved in some stolen art thing.

Noah comes over after hearing that the girls were in danger. Luis tells that the girls are fine and up in their room. Luis also has news that Marty is in Rome. He feels that he has found the boy. "I will call Sheridan when I know that Marty is safe." Theresa is glad to see that things are moving. Fancy asks about Gwen and learns that she is at home and that he came alone. "Theresa talked you into coming?" Ethan confirms that. Fancy tells that Chad is there as well. He is looking for Whitney. Ethan finds this very odd that they are all there at the same time. "Who is it that wants us here?"

"You hired Siren as our model?" Kay asks. Fox tells that he asked for a beautiful blonde and Siren is that.

Kay is angry as she watches Alfredo look Siren over. He is clearly impressed with the girl's looks. Tabitha tells her that if Siren is working then she will not be interested in Miguel all day long.

Alfredo has it! He will put Miguel and Siren together. "It will only work though if the models have chemistry. He will get Alexi his photographer to see what he can do. The man walks off.

Siren is thrilled at how her life is changing again. They are going to be models. Kay stomps off.

The group tries to figure out what is going on in Rome and who it might be that is threatening to kill someone. Ethan talks of the email that Theresa got. She shows him the symbol that showed up on her monitor. Luis has seen the symbol before in Rome. "One of us is marked for death."

The shoot is going along and everyone loves it. Alfredo bites his knuckles at the tantalizing sight of the two.

Kay jumps up and says that it is too bad that this isn't working. Alfredo finds her crazy to think this idea isn't working. Miguel and Siren drop their clothes and really ham it up for the camera.

Tabitha and Endora watch from chairs off to the side. "I am telling you Endora… mermaids are flighty and fickle and will be gone when she sees another man in the distance and we will be back where we started." Tabitha wants her mother to forget about her schemes, but Tabitha can't do that. That leaves the chance for Miguel and Charity to get together.

The shoot continues.

Ethan wants to see the printout that Theresa made from her computer while on the plane and he sees that there is a note. 'You will gain Ethan but lose the love of your life?' He thinks that she wrote the note but she denies it. "Are you behind all of us being in Rome?" Theresa denies that she is behind this. "I just want to find JT Cornell so that you will see that I haven't been scheming all along." "That's it!" Luis says. He and Fancy confirm that the editor that Theresa has been looking for is there. Luis feels that Theresa isn't behind this. "Whoever is behind this is clever and has baited us here. "me…they used Marty…Theresa, they used JT… The girls are looking for stolen paintings." Fancy has no idea why she is there. Theresa suggested that she go there to get over her troubles. Luis feel that it is too funny that she is there with no reason and he feels that she will need protection 24/7. "I will do it," Noah says. "I will take care of Fancy while she is here."

Siren sizzles even more now that she has changed her suit and is posing again with Miguel. Endora gets ready to make the scene really romantic. Her mother grabs her but…

A ZAP! …slides out of her eye inconspicuously. The shocking pink beam of light dances from her face to Miguel and Siren.

Things look different to Miguel and Siren now as they see each other with through different eyes. A rainbow has appeared and Miguel is insatiable and can't keep his eyes and hands off Siren.

Kay has a sneaky feeling that a witch is behind this. Kay begs Endora not to make Miguel like Siren anymore.


Endora makes things even more romantic.

Kay hates this. Tabitha can't help this. Endora is an incurable romantic. Kay stomps off.

Tabitha finds it funny that Kay is acting this way. She has to come to terms with the fact that she still loves Miguel.

Fancy would rather let someone kill her than let Noah take care of her. Luis offers to take care of her. "None of you should be alone,. We have to find out who did this and who is behind it."

In the distance, peering through a doorway at the group, the 'Figure' looms at cackles at the sight of them.

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