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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Kay can't sleep. 

She thinks that there is something strange about Siren.

"I have to find out what is wrong with her!"

Siren comes to Tabitha and Tabitha tells her that she has to learn how to act more human.  She offers Siren some food but Siren wants fresh kelp, or a wriggling fish.  "Miguel will know in an instant that you aren't human.  Try a little pig flesh."

Miguel is at work and he comments on how he likes a man's tattoo of a mermaid that he has on his arm.  Miguel knows that he has seen this girl before.  This is the spitting image of her.  The man says that he got the tattoo forty years ago and the girl is a mermaid.  "If she is alive, she wouldn't look like this anymore."

Ethan sleeps while Theresa tries to figure out what is going on in Europe with the clues that she has been given through her laptop.  She stares at the computer.  "As long as I have Ethan by my side… I can handle anything."

Fancy sees lovers at a table nearby.

She thinks of Noah immediately. 

She can't help being sad.

The waiter comes over thinking that she needs assistance because she looks so sad.

When alone, she tells herself that she needs to move on with her life.

Beth and Marty are walking in the square.

Luis is hiding behind a pillar.

At the right moment, Luis strikes grabbing Beth and taking Marty out of her arms.  Beth sees that she has lost possession of Marty, and she tries to make a getaway.

A policeman is nearby and he grabs Beth holding her and putting cuffs on her.  "Marty!" she screams.  "I can't believe that I have you back!" Luis says to his son.  The officer drags Beth off as she screams for her 'son'.

Luis calls Sheridan straight away and tells her that he has her son.

Luis awakes.  He has been dreaming all along.

"I am going to get Marty back.  I have to." 

Luis turns to the phone and dials asking the operator for Interpol. 

Beth is just outside his door hearing his voice.

Theresa looks over at Ethan as he sleeps.  "Wow…those sleeping pills really worked…I wonder..." she says to herself.  She goes over to where Ethan is sleeping and she starts unbuttoning his shirt.  "How would you like to be a member of the mile-high club?" she asks his sleeping face.  She leans on top of him, hugging him.

Luis sees Fancy alone at a table and he goes to sit with her.  He asks about Noah but she hasn't seen him.  She suggests that he go find Maya if he wants to find Noah.  "This doesn't sound like the Noah that I know.  Noah loves you.  Every time that you walk in the room, the guy lights up."  Fancy finds that he is being scammed as well.

Fancy calls the waiter to make an order, and the man mistakes Luis for Fancy's husband.  They laugh as that isn't the case.  "I work in Rome all my life and I know love when I see it!" the man says.

Kay is sitting up.  

Fox wakes and sees that Kay is awake.  "Let me guess…You can't sleep because you are worried about Miguel again right?  Siren is a little offbeat but it isn't a wonder that Miguel is attracted to her.  Let this go Kay.  Miguel is a grown man and can take care of himself.  You would have a problem with any woman that Miguel was involved with.  I would be suspicious if I were a jealous man.  I think that you are jealous.  Maybe Miguel likes strange."  Kay figures that might be true as Miguel also liked Charity.

"You don’t know enough about humanity to fool Miguel," Tabitha says.  Siren says that she is smarter than Tabitha thinks.  She plans to make Miguel fall in love with her. Tabitha knows that she will tire of Miguel soon and be done with him, quickly moving on to the next.  Siren promises that she will stay with Miguel and there will be no tricks to get him.  "The way that I feel for him proves that I love him with all my heart.  I want a man…one man, and he is Miguel…Have you seen those muscles?" Tabitha knows mermaids and they are easily attracted to men with big muscles.  "I have never felt this way before. I must want to make love to Miguel repeatedly."

The man tells Miguel how he met the mermaid on the sea.  "It was right after sunrise and I thought that I saw a dolphin instead.  This blonde goddess showed up in the ocean…naked as a bird.  My tongue was hanging to my knees at the sight of her. I figured that the girl needed help.  I threw her a life preserver and went over to help her and there she was.  She laughed at me and swam away.  I followed her and she was fast.  I didn't know what was going on but I knew that I didn't want to see her drown out there. She was sitting up on the water with this golden, shiny big fishtail that held her up…  she smiled at me…blew me a kiss and then disappeared."  Miguel thinks that he is listening to a big fairytale but the man is sure of what he saw.  "She was unforgettable.  That is why I got this tattoo of her.  I didn't see her again.  I looked for her for years.  I still keep my eyes open.  Still…it is a good thing that I didn't see her again. There is this legend that when a man sleeps with a mermaid, he will never sleep with another woman again…That's the truth!"

Miguel comes home and Siren runs to him.  She hugs him and he pushes her off.  "I must stink of fish," he says.  She loves that smell. He has brought some fish home and Siren tries to eat one raw, but Tabitha snatches it from her right before she gets a bite of it.  Miguel tells that he met a man who has a tattoo of someone who looks exactly like Siren.  Tabitha chokes on her tea.

Theresa is starting to make love to Ethan as he sleeps.

The pilot calls to Theresa over the speaker but she is busy and doesn't answer.

Ethan wakes and jumps off the couch.  She is happy as he responded to her just now.  "I was sleeping Theresa…" She can feel it.  "It is just around the corner…we are going to be together."

Fancy listens to all of Luis's plans to find his child.  She knows that he will do a great job with the investigation.  She smiles.  He likes to see her smile.  She is feeling better now.  "I am an expert in the love-gone-wrong department," Luis says.  She tells him not to go there.  He doesn't like to butt in but he knows that things can be worked out between Noah and Fancy. 

A man walks by.  "I know that guy," Luis says.  "I cant' remember his name…It is on the tip of my tongue," he says.  He and Fancy turn to looki at the man.

Beth is in the restaurant at a table alone.  She sneaks a peek at Luis and Fancy.

"…And when we are married, you will see that I was right."  Ethan will not listen to this.  "I should carry around a tape recorder so that you can hear what Rebecca and Gwen say when you are not around.  They were the ones who ruined your life.  Alistair has proof but he is in a coma.  There is a man…JT … If I could find him, I could prove everything that I am saying to you."

Fancy doesn't eat.  She isn't hungry.  They can't help staring at the man…

"…It's JT," the man says to his phone.  "I had to leave the U.S. and change my name.  The statute of limitations has to run out before I go back to the States.  As far as we are concerned, JT is dead."

Luis and Fancy talk about Noah and how they both have different views of him.  "People change Luis.  Noah isn't the nice guy that you think."  Luis touches Fancy's hand to soothe her.

Beth is behind them and sees the move that Luis makes to Fancy.

Miguel can't get over how much the man's tattoo looks like Siren.  He takes the fish out.

Tabitha wonders how old this mermaid is anyway.  Mermaids don't age.

Miguel returns to the room and Siren is on him in a flash.

"Miguel!" Kay says.  "Maria has been waiting to see you all day."  Miguel walks off with Miguel.

Siren is not happy.  Kay is playing her games.  "She can't win," Siren tells Tabitha.  When it is mermaid against human…mermaid wins every time…"

Kay brings Miguel to a bedroom but she isn't there.  "You said that you wanted to take a shower," Kay reminds him.  "Maria must be somewhere else."  Miguel wanted to have a shower sooner but Siren liked the way that he smelled.  Kay finds that really weird.  "You had better get used to Siren being in my life Kay.  I like her…I like her a lot."  He leaves.

Kay starts thinking about how she can stop this relationship.

Siren tells how she is going to be too smart for Kay to beat her at getting Miguel.

Fox comes in with Maria.  Endora is sleeping.  Tabitha takes Maria from Fox.

The doorbell rings and Tabitha leaves to answer it.

Fox gets eggs.  "I am going to make scrambled eggs," he tells.  She has no idea what he is doing.  "Show me?"   He does.  "You have to do it but not too hard."  Fox breaks a few more eggs.  "Now you try."  He gives her an egg.  "Would you help me?"   He ends up having his arms around her as he shows her how to crack an egg.

"What is going on here?" Kay asks walking into the kitchen.

"I was just showing Siren how to crack an egg," Fox tells.  Kay tells her to get cooking lessons elsewhere.  "Fox you have to get ready for the big day."  Kay tells that there is a big photo shoot coming up and Fox has to get ready for it.  He walks off.

"What the hell are you doing?" Kay asks Siren.  "What the hell are YOU doing?" Siren asks.

Ethan has a stern talk with Theresa about their relationship and the stuff about the tabloids.  He walks off angry.

"I don't care. I will get you back and find the evidence…"

Luis does his best to make Fancy see that Noah isn't a bad guy.  She can't see that.

Beth is at her table on the phone.  "Don't worry, they have no idea that I am here."

She gets off the phone and uses it to take pictures of Luis and Fancy while they talk.  They have no idea that they are being watched or that their pictures are being taken.

"Oh so nice to see young lovers, isn't it?" the waiter says to Beth when he sees what she is doing.  He gets back to work.

"Lovers?" Beth says horrified.  "So she is pretending to be a friend and she is after my man?  Is this what you like Luis?" Beth tries to be quiet and hide her disappointment and anger.  "You shouldn't have come here.  No… You may not make it back home to Harmony alive…"

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