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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Kay heads into the bathroom.

"Oh sorry Miguel," Kay says when she finds him shaving.  She goes to the shower to start the water. She pulls the curtain back.

"Oh hi Kay," Siren says.  She is naked in the shower with suds covering her privates.  Siren goes to Miguel all wet and starts hugging him.  "Here," Kay says. "Let me dry you off!"  She grabs the towel and roughly rubs Siren's head to dry her hair.  Miguel rolls his eyes.

Tabitha and Endora are alone downstairs, and she decides to see what the kids are up to.

She looks in the big blue pot and sees that Kay is coming apart at the seams over Siren and her ability to attract Miguel.

Esmé gets Fancy to agree to go with her to meet some men at some event.

Noah understands Paloma and Simone working on a school project but he can't understand what Jessica has to do with any of this.  She says that she just came for the ride.  Noah will tell their father that she is safe with him.  "No!" she says.  "I don't want anyone to know that I am here?"

Whitney understands all now.  She realizes that she can never see Chad again or she will die.

Beth and Marty are hiding in a dark room.  Thee door is locked with Chad and Luis on the other side.  Luis and Chad threaten to break the door down but Beth won't let them in.  She tries to disguise her voice but Luis doesn't fall for that trick and he decides that he needs to break the door down. Down it commies.  He and Chad go rushing in but no one is there.

Esmé tells Fancy that getting another man is a good way to get over another one.  "Replace him as soon as possible. The gallery opening will be a great place to meet men and you will forget about what's-his-name."

Jessica tells that she wants no one to know where she is as Spike will be looking for her to turn tricks again.  "The longer that he doesn't know where I am, the better.  Paloma and Simone said I could come with rhem and so I did."  He thanks Paloma and Simone for taking care of his baby sister.  Jessica asks Noah now how he managed to pay for this trip.  He tells that is a long story.  "Let me walk you girls to your room.  Everything is going to be just fine," he promises.

"You have learned your lessons well.  Continue down this path Whitney and your soul will be safe from further corruption.  There is more…  You must never see him again."  Whitney knows that she can't be with Chad again but she dind't thiuk that she couldn't see him again.  "Do as I say," the 'Figure' tells or damnation will follow."  Whitney agrees to what she has been told.

Luis has tackled something but it is only a damn mannequin.

Beth and Marty are listening at the door.  They have fooled Luis and Chad but only for now. 

Luis and Chad hear the footsteps of Beth and Marty escaping but they have no idea where they went to or how they got out of the room.  Luis and Chad start tearing the room apart, trying to find the way out.

Two policemen enter the room with their guns drawn.  They order Luis and Chad to stop and put their hands up.

"We were chasing the woman whoi took myt little boy," Luis tells. He describes Beth but the officers don't move.  "Edon't you understand what I told yo9u?"  The men oinlyh care that Luis and Chad don't move.  Chad worries that Beth is getting away.  "She came in throiught the front door and so we came in too."  The men are accused of Breaking and Entering.  Luis tells that he is a cop from the States.  "it could be fake," one officer says.  Chad and Luis are hustled out of there.

Tabitha sees that Kay is playing a dangerous game and she could lose both Miguel and Fox.  Miguel pushes Kay out of the room.  "I thought that yo9u were finished," Kay says.  "No," Miguel says.  "Siren and I still have to do each other," he says.  Kay looks up at him incredulously.  She reluctantloy leaves the bathroom.

Now alone, Siren and Miguel move closer and kiss.

Outside the room, Kay stands at the door not believing what is happening.

Noah takes  Jessica, Simone and Paloma to their room and sees that there is no danger inside.  The girls feels silly about being over-cauti9ous.  It is like being in a scary movie.  Noahl tells that their parents would kill him if he let anything happen to them.  "I will stay here until room service comes but after I leave don't oopen the door."

Outside the room, someone in  black walks to the door of the girls' room.

Chad and Luis are put in jail. The cops call them stupid.

"I blew it again," Luis says.  "I know one thing…I am not giving up.  We kinow that Whitney and Beth and Marty are here.  We just have to find them.  I can then bring Marty to Sheridan and you and Whitney can raise Miles together."

Fancy arrives. She has paid the bail for both Chad and Luis and they are free to go. 

She calls a guard to let the men out. They are waqrned to behaved or they will be thrown back in the clink.

Chad wants to go back to the catacombs and find Whitney.  He doesn't care that it is dangerous.  He leaves.

Luis offeres to get Fancy to the hotel so he can get back to finding Marty.  Fancy knows that he may get picked up again and put in jail.  He can't let that stop him from finding his son for Sheridan. He walks off.

"If only I could know a man who could love me as much as he loves Sheridan."  She looks up now.  "Luis!  Wait for me!" She goes running after him.

Miguel and Siren kiss passionately but he stops her. "I can't do this right now.  I have to go to work and make money to take care of Maria and get a place."  She wants to help him get a place and offers to get a job too.  He lieks that she wants to help but wants to talk about getting a place later.  They kiss and her towel falls to the floor.

Kay is pissed. She goes to the kitchen and drinks juice, ignoring Tabitha's calls to her.  Finally she lets it out.  "Who the hell does Siren think that she is?"

Tabitha knows that the question should be about what she is.

Kay turns around and see that Siren is constantly mauling Miguel and pawing him.

Tabitha thinks how Siren has mesmerized Miguel.

"they are up there in the bathroom together.  She was naked!" Kay tells.  "She is probably still trying to get pregnant!" Tabitha remembers that Kay did the very same thing once.  "I loved him," she says.  "I knew him for years…she just breezed into town."  Tabitha can tell that Kay loves Miguel.  "I would tell Miguel my true feelings before he falls for Siren!"

Beth and Marty are ready to goi.  Beth has gotten rid of everything that could elad to them. 

Shge sees Luis coming and she hurries Marty for them toi get out of their.

Luis arrives back wat the hiouse and the door is locked.

Tap..tap…tap…  "Footsteps…"  Luis hides and waits. 

He hears the footsteps again. 

He jumps out of hiding.  "Gotcha!" he says grabbing Fancy.

"I followed you so that I can help you Luis."  Luis appreciates it.  Fancy can see now why Sheridan has so much faith in love.  He finds her more like Sheridan than she realizes.  She pecks him on the cheek.  "Thank you Luis."  She feels sometbing familiar.  She looiks at the invitation that she has to the gallery and realizes that she is to be at that location anyway.  "Thatr is strange," Luis says.  Luis can't get over it.  "Why would a guy ever get over a girl like you?" Fancy says that relationship is over and doone with now.  Luis has to face the same fate as far as love 8is concerned, at least until he brings Marty back to town.  Fancy loves that he is doing all this to win Sheridan back.    They are  not making headway and soi he offers to walk her back to her hotel.

Noah answers the door.  The room service has arrived. 

Noah brings in the trays and warns the girls abouut safety jhust one more time.  He leaves.

The girls look iover all the food.

Out in the hall, Noahk heads out.

Once he is gone, the man dressed in black walks over to the girls' room.

Chad is looking around in the catacombs.  He finds another picture but this one is in on the groudn.  It is a picture of Whitney's face again. "How can Whitneyl look like a picture that was painted years ago?"

He hears someone praying. 

"Whitney?" "Chad?"  There is a wall of stone between them.  They both lean up against the wall to talk.  "You have to go hoime Chad.  We can't be together." He will not leave her here.  "I won't leave Rome without  you," he tells.  "I have to gind a way to get to you."  She shouts that he shouldn't do that but he ignores her pleas and sets about findinhg a way to get to her.

Kay refuses to throw heself at Fox to keep Siren away.  "Then leave the lad alone," Tabitha says.  "You care about Miguel and don't wanat him with Siren."  Kay says sthat shge wants Miguel to be happy but not with Siren.

Miguel and Siren are kissing and things are getting passionatel at the bathroom.  She steps back and ptus her hand on the knot that holds his towel up. He tells her 'no' as he has to get to work.  She understands.

They 3 friends eat the delicious food that has been brought to their room.  "I feel good about things," Simone says.  "I bet that we will solve this mystery."  They fel like Nancy Drew and Charlie's Angels.  Simone says that she was afraid before but feeling better about thihs now.  Jessica jokes that she could be a serial killer and they are locked in the rooim withb them and … she waves her knife around but no one is laughing.  She thinks about Spike and the tr9ouble she could have gotten into and she damns him all to hell.  "That is all behind us now," Simone says.

In the hall, Spike listens to the girls talk about him.  "Have I got something in store for you."

"I love the way that you love Sheridan…I want to have a love like that one day," Fancy says.  Luis wonderes if she has already found that love.  Fancy yawn.  "I need to get some sleep and I think that you should too," she tells.  She tells him goodnight and they kiss on the cheek.  She walks off.

Noah enters and goes to Luis.  "Did you know that Jessica, Simone and Paloma are here on their own?" Luis tells that he knew that.  "There were just in trouble but now they are safe and sound in their rooms."  Luis is glad to hear that.  "Fancy went up to her room," Luis says. "I can't understand hoiw you can let an amazing woman like that get away."  Noah says that this is for the best.  Luis finds Fancy a lot like Sheridan. "Every man's dream."  He leaves.

Noah thinks abo8ut that.  "You are right Luis…Every man's dream."

Whitney tells that they have to avoid temptation.  "I hear the voice of god and he tells me that if I see you again, one of us will die.  That person will be me!" She turns and goes running.

Chad senses that she is gone from the other side of the wall.  "Whitney!" he calls.  "Whitney!" No one answers.

Whitney runs as fast as she can in the other direction, away from his voice.


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