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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Ethan and Theresa are on the jet flying to Italy. Ethan knows that Noah can take care of himself but the girls can't. "Jessica has been trading one bad situation for another," Ethan says. Theresa loves having the man that she loves with him. "We are not a couple Theresa. We are never going to be a couple. If you don't get that then I will have the pilot take me home."

Jessica, Simone and Paloma are running the streets, trying to avoid being captured by the men in black.

The men in black come up running, trying to catch the girls.

Fancy demands to know the truth about what is really going on with Noah and why he turns himself on and then off when it comes to loving her.

He remembers the warnings that Lena gave him about Fancy finding out about the truth.

Behind Fancy, Lena has entered the room. Noah can't let her see him with Fancy. He grabs Fancy and kisses her passionately while using her body to hide from Lena.

Luis is in the square talking to Sheridan.

Sheridan is in her room with Chris behind her listening.

Sheridan listens as Luis tells that he will have her back once he gets his hands on Marty.

Behind Luis, Beth and Marty are sitting by the fountain having a time of it. Beth needs some help and wonders if that nice man over there could be of assistance. She starts heading in his direction. The man she thinks could help them is Luis.

Theresa is shocked when she hears that Gwen was the one to send Ethan on the trip. Theresa feels like Typhoid Mary, the way that Ethan talks about her. "Are you going to lock yourself up and away from me to be safe?" she jokes. He says that he will do it if he has to. He has had enough of this. "I will tell the pilot now to return me to Harmony."

Jessica, Simone and Paloma run and hide around a corner.

The hitmen laugh when they realize that they almost have their prey.

Noah has Fancy up close to him and he is still kissing her.

"Have you seen Noah Bennett?" Lena asks. The bellhop sees Noah in the distance kissing Fancy but he says nothing. Lena offers him money.

Luis tells Sheridan that when they have their son they will raise him together. Sheridan tries to talk to coolly about their son, as Chris is right behind her.

Beth has Marty and she goes over to the nice man on the cellphone. He has his back to her.

Someone tapes Luis on the shoulder. Luis turns. Beth jumps back! "Oh Luis!" She holds Marty closer to her as she inches away.

Theresa stops Ethan from arranging to go home. She promises him that he has no reason to worry about her overstepping her bounds.

Ethan gets his cellphone out.

Theresa feels that Gwen really does have to worry about losing Ethan…

Theresa will have him in the office at Crane…

She will have him slip a ring on her finger…

They will have nights of bliss…

They will play with their children together…

They will be able to sleep in the same bed…

They will go for walks…

He will make love to her under the moonlight…

Theresa knows in her heart that she will get Ethan back.

The bellhop lies and says that she hasn't seen Noah. Lena offers the money and then walks off to check for Noah elsewhere.

Another bellhop comes to ask why his friend didn't tell that Noah is just across the room. The first bellhop tells that it pays to be discreet for the guests.

Fancy wants an explanation now. Noah was going to tell her the truth but now he changes his mind. She is furious with him. "I have had enough of you."

Esmé shows up, not surprised to find that Noah and Fancy are arguing again. "I am so sick of hearing, "blah blah blah…" She tells Fancy to go to Gianni and she will take Noah. Fancy tells that Esmé can have him.

"Bottoms up!" Esmé says. "And I don't mean the glasses…"

Noah tries to follow Fancy but she is gone. He hates that he has to do this to her.

After Noah is gone, Fancy wishes that Noah were more like Luis…

Luis is angry. "One moment Sheridan…" Luis turns to the person behind him. "What do you think you are doing sneaking up on me like that?" Chad didn't mean to scare him. He is sorry.

There is a pillar not far from where Chad and Luis are standing and Beth and Marty are behind it. Beth shushes the child to keep him quiet as she listens to Luis and Chad talk. "I can't have them find us," Beth says quietly. "I can't bear to have you taken away from me Marty."

Theresa gets an email.

'You'll gain Ethan in Rome but lose your love…' Theresa wonders what that means. "Who sent this?"

On the monitor of her computer, the horseshoe symbol appears.

Beth continues hiding with Marty in her lap.

Chad waits while Luis finishes his call with Sheridan. "I love you Sheridan," he says.

After the call, Sheridan looks at a picture of she, Luis, Marty and Beth. "I should cut Beth out of this picture."

Chris comes into the room and he has something for Sheridan. He goes to his suitcase and opens it.

"I could have sworn we had them cornered," the men say looking for the girls. They finally leave.

Jessica, Simone and Paloma breathe a sigh of relief. When the way is clear, they all come out of hiding and walk off.

The men have fooled them. They are hiding and they see the girls coming out of hiding. "Now you will pay with your lives…"

Luis and Chad look around a bit but there isn't anything to see.

Beth tells Marty to be quiet so daddy will not see them.

Luis and Chad walk off.


Beth runs the other way with Marty trying to get out of sight. She even bumps into people in the square in her urgency to get out of there.

Luis peeks around the corner and Chad follows. "I thought that I just heard Marty's voice," he says.


"That is Marty! Over there Chad! It is Beth and Marty! Come on!" They run.

Chris gives Fancy a book that he bought when he first met her. She flips the pages of the book and looks. "This is incredible. It is an amazing painting…"

Jessica, Simone and Paloma beg for their lives. They were only curious. "We trusted you to trust us, but you only betrayed us. Give us the painting back. We don't want to damage it when we kill you. You would have had all the answers if you had been patient but you weren't."

"You are going to have to kill me first!" a man shouts.

Beth and Marty run to get away from Chad and Luis.

Beth knows that Luis will kill her if he gets the chance, then he will take Marty to that bitch Sheridan.

"Beth! I know you are here!" Luis shouts as he searches.

Beth finds a key on the ground. She picks it up and opens a door slamming it behind her.

"I heard a door slam," Luis says.

Beth looks out a window of the house and sees Luis and Chad below her searching for her.

Chad and Luis suddenly look up. "Marty!" Luis says when he recognizes who he is looking at. Beth panics and moves a little away from the window.

Theresa tries to figure out what is going on while Ethan talks to Gwen on the phone. "What is this? Someone from Harmony will die in Rome? Who?"

Fancy tosses herself on the bed and cries.

Esmé comes into the room. "Don’t' cry. I have watched you and Noah and you are apart and then together…you loved him and then he loved you and you don't love him, and he loves you… Maybe you weren't meant to be together. Someone else could take your mind off Norman… Gone are the days of playing pranks… You couldn't even let lose to have phone with Gianni. He is a gigolo worth ever Euro…" Fancy is so confused. It seems like Noah cares for her and then she sees him with Maya. "What am I to do? I know…I need to meet someone else…You agree right?" Esmé does. "I have the think to get your mind off Noah." Esmé starts digging through her purse and she finds an invitation to Gallery. "This is the perfect place to go to meet someone tall dark and handsome….

Noah makes his attempt at saving the girls. The girls help out too and fight will all they have got! Soon the commotion is too much and the men run off. During the fighting, the painting that Simone has is torn. Noah notices the symbol on the painting. "What does that symbol mean?" he asks.

Beth knows now that tit is only a matter of time before she is caught. "What am I going to do?" She tries the back door but it is locked.

Marty 'makes his way back the window. Luis shouts that he will get the boy and bring him home. Beth comes to the boy and brings him into the house. "We are playing a game…"

Luis and Chad start trying to break down the door.

Beth feels that she has found another way out of there. She runs through a door.

Luis and Chad enter and find doors locked.

Beth and Marty have gone into a room and the leave the lights off hiding.

"There is only one more door to check," Luis says pointing. He and Chad start advancing in that direction.

Beth can feel it. "This is it!" she says quietly.

Noah demands answers. The girls lie saying that they bought the painting and the men saw they had money. Noah buys that. "Luis and Chad are here as well. They bumped into Whitney and Chad went after her. Fancy is here too. We broke up but it is probably for the best. I am always in trouble."

Paloma wonders if any of them are going to be safe here.

Esmé tells that the function that Fancy and she will be going to will change her life. Fancy decides to go then.

Theresa wonders who it is that will die.

Ethan gets off the phone and tells that he has everything all straight with Gwen now. Theresa acts happy to hear that.

"Thank you for thinking of me," Sheridan says. She coughs as she looks at her new book. Chris goes off to get Sheridan some tea.

"I hope that you understand Sheridan," Chris says while alone in the kitchen. "I hope you understand." He unravels a piece of paper and the horseshoe symbol is on it.

Beth is with Marty behind the door. Chad and Luis advance on the last door left. "She is in there," Luis whispers.

Marty wants to talk but Beth reminds him that they are still playing their game and that he has to keep quiet. They sit in the dark and wait.

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