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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Theresa is trying to convince Ethan to come with her to Rome and get the girls. Gwen tells Theresa that she has resources to deal with this. Ethan won't leave his wife. "You don't even have to go yourself Theresa. I am staying here!"

Jessica, Simone and Paloma have guns in their faces. They have been fooled by the men in black. They see the horseshoe symbol on the painting in the room and point to it. "No one is to know the painting is here!" one of men says. They start shooting at the girls. They girls duck.

Chad is with the nun and she tells that Whitney is dead.

Whitney lies still on the floor. The 'Figure' stands over her with the bloody dagger knowing this was the answer.

Sheridan worries about what is going on in Italy. "Are you worried about what is going on with Marty or Luis? Are you still happy that you have chosen me over Luis?" he asks. She assures him that she is happy with him.

Beth can't believe that she has met another person in Rome from where she comes from, and that they both have man trouble.

Luis and Noah go to get Fancy in the café. She has been talking to someone in the café. "She has friends all over the world," Noah says. "Well let's go and see who she is talking to," Luis says opening the door to the café.

The nun with Whitney has a changed feeling. "Whitney isn't dead…" Chad says they should hurry and get to her anyway. "To the church!" the nun orders.

Whitney wakes and sits up. The 'Figure' wants to know why she would sacrifice herself. She in turn wants to know why he would kill her if he were really her god. "Do you remember the story of Abraham? God wanted his son as a sacrifice and Abraham was willing to give up his son and so God spared his losing his boy. Remember…If you find that chalice, your sins will be forgiven…" Whitney has tried and fears that she will never find that chalice. "Pray Whitney…God will help find a way…" The 'Figure' walks off.

"Whitney?" Whitney recognizes Chad's voice.

She hides behind a column.

Chad enters the room looking around and calling for Whitney but no one answers.

She loves him so much but she can't let him find her.

In the café, Beth is with Fancy and she has her back to the door.

Noah and Luis enter.

Luis's phone rings and he leaves the café. To answer it as he sees that it is Sheridan calling.

Beth sees that Marty has to go to the restroom and she walks off with him.

Noah approaches Fancy but she will have nothing to do with him. She leaves to go and see how Luis is doing.

Noah sees that things with Fancy are worse than ever. He decides to go for a walk,

Fancy wants to talk to Sheridan.

Luis tells Sheridan that Fancy is there as well as Noah. He hands the phone over to Fancy.

She tells how Luis saved her and carried her out of the catacombs. "He thought that I was you for a minute when he got knocked out and he kissed me…" There is a pause. "Luis kissed you?" Sheridan asks.

Chris is behind her and looks up when he hears what has happened.

Beth and Marty have come out of the restroom and the coffees are ready for them. Beth sees that Fancy's coffee is still there on the counter. "Now where did the girl go?" she wonders. She looks around.

"Oh there she is…She is outside. I will take her coffee to her!"

The waiter calls to Beth and talks in Italian. Beth returns to the counter then. "I guess that Fancy will return for her coffee."

Fancy assures Sheridan that she has been taking care of Luis. She returns the phone to Luis.

Luis says that half of Harmony is in Rome it seems. "I have a good feeling about this. I feel like Beth and Marty are closer than they ever have been before."

Theresa feels that Ethan should be interested in handling this problem with their siblings being in danger in Rome. Gwen feels that Theresa is making a big deal out of this so that she can get Ethan to be with her. Theresa knows that they can find the girls.

Theresa's cellphone rings. She looks at a message. "Oh my god. It is a picture of Jessica, Simone and Paloma and they are blindfolded and in trouble." She shows the picture on her cellphone monitor to Ethan and Gwen. They look horrified.

In Rome, the men in black shoot their guns until the bullets are gone. The 3 best friends lay in a huddled heap, unmoving. "It had to be done," one gunman says. "The secret of the painting had to be protected."

Gwen feels that Theresa rigged the picture to make it appear real. "I think that she is lying." Theresa tells Ethan that she is telling the truth. "Please come with me now Ethan!"

The men in black watch as the girls slowly get up off the floor. "We were shooting at the men who were trying to steal the painting." They open a door and two dead bodies fall out. "The men came in through the roof. You girls stay here and we will be back. We will take the bodies with us." With that said, they start dragging the bodies out of the room.

Jessica tells her friends they have to get out of there. Simone says they should stay as the symbol on the painting in the room proves that there is a connection to their investigation.

Whitney hides and listens.

Chad questions the nun about the feeling that she had that Whitney was dead. Chad knew that if Whitney died he would know it. "She is your sister…no?" the nun asks. Chad admits it. I don't care that she is my sister. I want her in my life."

Whitney knows in her heart that he has to give up on her.

Fancy returns and picks up her coffee.

She goes to Beth and Marty. Fancy tells that the guy that she used to love was there earlier. Beth listens to Fancy's story and then she tells hers. "I feel that you and I will be with the men that we love eventually…very soon." Fancy says that it was nice to talk to the woman and her child and then she leaves.

"Want to go to the fountain?" Beth asks Marty. They get ready to leave.

"Oh look Marty! Our new friend is talking to a man outside. Maybe that is her boyfriend."

Fancy brings Luis coffee. "Thanks Fancy," Luis says.

He gets back to his call. "Fancy is here," he tells.

When the call is over, Sheridan tells that Luis got knocked out and when he came to, he saw blonde hair and thought that it was she. "They kissed," she tells. "Sheridan are you jealous that Fancy is with Luis in Rome while you are stuck here with me?"

Luis gives Fancy a little history on Beth. Fancy tells about the woman that she just met in the café and how she wants to have her husband back. Luis wants Sheridan back and knows that the second that he finds Marty, his problems will be over.

In the background, behind Luis, Beth has Marty in her arms and she walks over to a man selling balloons to pick one out for her 'son'.

"Get out," Theresa. "I can't go Theresa. I know that your security can handle this. There is nothing that you or I can do personally." Theresa wonders if he can live with himself if something terrible happens to Jessica. She storms out.

Gwen tells Ethan not to worry about this. "This was just a scheme of hers."

Ethan gets on the phone to see if a man that he can trust in Crane security can verify what Theresa has said.

"What are you doing?" The men in black return to find the girls over the painting trying to figure out the secret.

The men move away. "What a pity. They will have to die if they figure out the secret.

Fancy rushes off when Noah tries to talk to her.

"Go and make her understand," Luis tells Noah pushing him along. Noah leaves.

Luis concentrates now. What can he do next to find his son Marty, he wonders?

He walks off.

Beth carries Marty to the fountain and they sit. She has been lonely but it is all worth it if she can keep her son away from Sheridan.

Not far off, Luis is nearby and he relax a few feet away from Beth and Marty.

Chad searches for Whitney.

The nun sees her but Whitney puts her finger to her lips to keep the nun quiet and the nun keeps her mouth shut.

Chad leaves.

Whitney comes out and talks to the nun. "I know…you want to sacrifice yourself and you want to die." Whitney says that she wants to live but she would die to save Chad. "You have to be very careful…Know who you can trust. Be careful… All is not as it appears…"

The men order the girls away from the painting again. They are told not to look at it. "We told you that information will be released to you but in stages."

Simone whispers to her friends that they can't wait to hear the information. "I have an idea," she whispers.

Ethan now feels that the girls are in danger. Gwen says that he should go to Rome. "Jessica is your sister and you will not sleep worrying." Ethan worries as Gwen won't be able to work. "I will hire Mrs. Henderson. I know that Theresa will try to seduce you but I trust you." He hugs her. "I love you Gwen." She knows that but also knows that Theresa will try to be with him. "If you decide to sleep with her and you plan to leave me, tell me so that I can be the first to know." Ethan promises her what she asks but she finds it unnecessary. "You better get packing," she says.

Luis calls Sheridan, not realizing that Beth is right behind him with Marty. "I just wanted to hear your voice. I just wanted to tell you again that I am going to find Marty!"

Luis's voice is a little loud as he talks and Marty hears his name. He turns in the direction of Luis.

"I mean it Sheridan. I am going to find Marty!" Luis says again just as forcefully as the first time.

"Who said Marty?" Beth asks looking around. "Da man!" Marty says pointing in Luis's direction.

The nuns are talking.

"Whitney!" Chad calls out. Whitney hides.

Chad returns asking the nun about how Whitney could be fine now. The nun says that there is nothing to worry about. Chad will continue searching for Whitney outside. He runs off.

Whitney comes out of hiding.

"Whitney?" It is the 'Figure' calling for her.

The nun hides.

The 'Figure' appears from a doorway. "We have to go. If you fail…you and Chad, perhaps both of you will pay the ultimate price."

The nun listens as they walk off. She then does the sign on the cross on her head and chest.

Theresa is in the jet getting ready for take off.

She goes to the speakerphone. "You can take off now," she instructs the pilot.

Ethan arrives. "You couldn't keep away from me!" she says hugging him. "I am here for Jessica," he says. Theresa doesn't care how it happened.

The girls put their plan in action.

Jessica goes over to the two men and ask if the tattoo that she has is exactly the same as the one that is on the painting…

The men look at Jessica's back while Paloma and Simone find heavy objects.

They hit the men and escape.

Noah catches up to Fancy and he tells her that she really is the woman that he loves. THWACK! She slaps him hard on the face. "I told you that I don't want you anymore."

Luis is still talking to Sheridan near the fountain. He is still assuring her that he will find Marty.

Beth needs some assistance and she tells Marty that they should go over to that nice man over there and ask for his help.

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