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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Ethan and Gwen make love.

Ethan opens his eyes and sees Theresa in bed with him. "What's wrong?" she asks. "Don't stop Ethan!" They start kissing again.

Ethan wakes from his sleep. "Oh God!"

Gwen wakes looking up at him funny.

Theresa is all alone in the study in her robe. She thought all her money and power would make her feels safe but she just feels alone. "I would give anything to be in the arms of Ethan.

Jerry comes to see Mrs. Crane. "I have received disturbing reports. It is your sister Paloma. She is in danger…grave danger.

Jessica, Simone and Paloma leave the club and talk about the strange people in the club and the tattoos that they all have. They have learned nothing. Paloma tried to find out something about the symbol but didn't.

The men in black walk up and ask why the girls left the club suddenly the way they did. The girls are not happy to be with these men again. "Patience… If you come with us now, we will give you all the answers that you want." They girls search each other's faces to see what they should do.

Whitney knows that the 'Figure' is right. "I love Chad with all my heart and soul and nothing will stop me from feeling that way about him." The 'Figure' says that loving her brother this way is a vile sin. She knows that. "One of us has to die and it has to be me. "I am the real sinner," she says.

They hear rumbling. There is another cave-in, in the catacombs. The 'Figure' tells how. Chad will die in the catacombs.

Luis, Noah, Fox and Chad all start running to avoid the cave-in that is starting in the catacombs. Fancy trips and falls, hitting her head. Luis swoops her up in his big, strong arms and rushes off with her as Noah and Chad follow running. The ceiling of dirt starts falling.

Gwen likes that Ethan is awake. "However will we pass the time?"

Jerry tells that Crane has people all over the world and they know that Paloma is in danger. Theresa is angry that Alistair's spies are still working although the man is in a coma. "In this case the spies are a good thing," Jerry tells. "That is how we know that Paloma is in trouble." Theresa knows that Paloma is in Rome with Simone, but they are doing schoolwork so what danger could she be in? Find Luis! He will be able to go and protect her. He too is in Italy." Jerry tells that they have tried to find Luis who was also in Rome, but now it seems he has disappeared.

The group runs through the catacombs, trying to find a way out.

The 'Figure' tells Whitney that Chad, is dead. The rumbling of the cave-in has stopped now. Whitney doesn't believe that he got caught in the catacombs and has been buried alive. "I would know. I would feel that he were dead," she says. "If that is the case then," the figures surmises, "You will have to die instead.'

Noah and the others get out of the catacombs and right after they escape, the tunnels collapse. They would have been killed. Fancy tells Chad that she is sure that Whitney managed to escape alive. Chad hopes so.

Theresa has no idea what danger her sister could get into doing art in Europe. Jerry tells that Paloma hasn't shown up at any art school. They check on the laptop and there is news that Luis has been found. Jerry also talks of Beth being in Rome as well. "Luis has been seen with Chad," Jerry says. Theresa knows that Luis must be helping with Whitney then, and that is important. She will need someone else to take care of Paloma. Jerry reads an update and tells Theresa that Paloma and her friends are trying to find some stolen paintings. "Your sister has been lying to you. Paloma is way in over her head."

Simone doesn't think that the men with them can help them. They promise to give all the answers that the girls seek, but can they be trusted?

"Can you find the strength within yourself to do what must be done Whitney?" She is calm now. "Come Whitney. Let us go and pray…Pray for the strength to end your life. Tonight you will die…"

Noah checks Fancy's head and she has a bump on it.

Luis is confused. "What are you doing in Rome together? Didn't you break up?" Noah tries to go to Fancy but she pushes him off. She goes to Luis and offers to take care of his cuts and bruises. She rushes off to get a wet cloth.

"What did you do to her?" Luis asks. Noah admits that he has messed up big time. He tells Luis and Chad that he messed up and Luis saved him once. He had a crush on a girl. He went to Luis and he said to give the girl some flowers. "I didn't have a dime but I knew that I could get flowers in an old man's field. Noah goes in to the get the flowers and there is a bull in there. I can't get out. There is a fence all around and it is barbed wire. The bull stops and starts pawing at the ground. Luis saw the whole thing." Luis laughs. "I shot up a branch of a tree and I reached down and grabbed Noah."

Fancy listens from afar.

Noah tells that now he is in a real mess with Fancy that not even Luis can save him.

Theresa has no idea what her sister is involved in. Jerry tells that Jessica, Simone and Paloma are all involved. "Jessica is there as she was picked up last minute for the trip." Theresa was going to have them returned to Harmony but then she decides to go and get her sister herself. "I won't be in any danger…" Jerry worries that this might be a trap to lure Theresa to Rome. "Jerry…I will not be alone. I will have a strong capable man with me…"

Ethan and Gwen have made love and they talk about how nice it is to be alone with no Mr. Collier or Theresa.

Whitney tells how he is sure that he was with Whitney and saw her.

Whitney prays while the 'Figure' stands behind her. "The only way to stop this thing is if one of us die. It has to be me…"

The 'Figure' pulls out a dagger from his robe. "I will honors the promise as soon as you finish your prayer.

Fancy tends to Luis's wounds as he questions her about Noah. She doesn't get into it. "Have you spoken to Sheridan?" He hasn't. He knows though that when he returns with Marty, she will dump Chris. Sheridan worries that Sheridan wouldn't like to know that Luis and she were kissing. Luis knows that Sheridan would understand. Luis has a wound on his hip, at the side. Fancy tends to it, feeling a little embarrassed. Luis tells that he is sure that Beth is in Rome with Marty somewhere.

Behind them, a woman dressed in black brings her toddler by the hand to the restaurant.

"My son doesn't want to go to sleep tonight. I would like something for us to drink. I am Beth and this is my son Marty…"

Ethan doesn't want Gwen to worry about Theresa but she can't stop. "Every single day she does something to try to get close to you." Ethan is sure that one day Theresa will give up trying to get him.

The door flies open. "Ethan! You have got to help me. Jessica, Simone and Paloma are in Rome and they are in danger…."

Jessica, Simone and Paloma decide to go with the men, but they have to agree to be blindfolded first. They are too curious not to let this happen.

Fancy can't help but admire the shape that Luis's body is in. He tells that he exercises a lot.

Chad wants to go and look for Whitney some more. Luis is ready to go with him but Fancy stops him. He has been hurt. Chad will go alone. I will call if I need help. "Be careful," Luis says. Chad rushes off.

Noah remarks that he got one little kiss from Fancy and now he has his clothes almost coming off. Fancy doesn't find that funny. Noah offers to walk Fancy to the hotel but she doesn't want to go with him. "I am going to that café now to get Luis a coffee. He has been the real hero tonight." She leaves.

Luis sees that things are really bad for the couple. He offers to help but Noah needs to work that all out on his own. He offers to help find Beth and Marty though.

Fancy enters the café. She hears a voice. She looks at the back of a woman who is talking to her toddler.

"Okay son," Beth says. "Let me help you with that."

"Oh my God," Fancy says. "That voice…"

Beth has her back to the door where Fancy stands, but she instinctively looks around anyway.

Theresa starts pawing at the sheets, trying to pull Ethan out of bed. "Your sister is in danger!" Theresa shouts. "Jerry from security came to me and told me that Jessica, Simone and Paloma are over in Europe and they have gotten themselves mixed up in a thing with stolen paintings." Gwen is skeptical but when he looks at the paperwork, he sees they are time-stamped. "You have to come with me Ethan!" Theresa says. Gwen says that there are people who can take care of this. Ethan wants to be there to make sure that his sister is safe. Gwen says 'no'. "You are not going to Rome with Theresa."

"Are you ready sister?" the 'Figure' asks. He shows her the dagger. "This will be the instrument that you will use." She knows that she has to do this to save her soul.

Chad bumps into the nun who was down in the catacombs. "The innocent one is in danger. You are the only one who can save her!"

Luis tells Noah that he knows how hard it is to love a Crane but he has to keep trying to fix things. "The key to winning Sheridan back is finding Marty…"

"I know that voice," Fancy says to Beth. "That is a New England accent isn't it?" Beth thought that she had lost it. Beth tells that she and her son live there. "My husband is in New England but I hope that we can be together soon…"

Noah worries why Fancy is taking so long. Luis wonders about that too. Both men start walking over to the café. They can see Fancy. She is standing in the doorway, talking to someone.

"We have arrived," the men announce. The girls remove their blindfolds and they are in a creepy place. "Where are we?" They see the horseshoe symbol and are elated. It is a stolen painting.

They turn to find the two men who brought them there holding guns in their faces.

"You can't just up and leave me to go to Rome with Theresa," Gwen says. Theresa knows that Ethan wants to help his sister but he can't leave his wife like that.

"The innocent one is in danger…" Chad doesn't understand the nun. "Whitney! She needs you! Come! Come! Now!" The old woman clutches her chest… "Wait! The innocent one is dead!" Chad rushes off.

"It must be done!" The 'Figure' raises the dagger and plunges it downwards. "It is down!" Whitney cries out and falls to the ground.

Luis tells Noah that whatever he does, he has to stay strong to win Fancy back.

Beth and Fancy talk about the men they love and how Fancy has given up on the man that she loved. Beth tells that she will never give up. She is sure that one day she and her man will be back together.

Luis tells Noah how he has been tracking Beth and looking for Marty. "We will all be together. "One big happy family…"

Luis and Noah see that Fancy is talking to someone in the café and that is why she is late getting back to them. "Look! Fancy's found a friend!"

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