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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Miguel and Fox discuss Siren. And what kind of girl she is. Fox thinks that Miguel should go for it.

Siren wants advice on how to get Miguel to have a baby with her. "What did you do?" she asks Kay. Kay isn't going to tell how that happened. She will not help Siren with this. "Why not? Are you in love with Miguel too?" Siren asks.

Everyone in the nightclub has the tattoo of the horseshoe symbol on them somewhere. Paloma and Simone asks Jessica about the symbol but she has no idea about it. Paloma decides to ask around about this herself. She walks off.

Noah and Fancy have jumped willingly into the vent. They pick themselves up and Fancy worries about what they are doing.

"Help!" Noah and Fancy run off in the direction of the voice that they heard screaming. Someone is in danger.

Whitney is with Chad determined to help him. The nun who is there warns her to leave but she will not.

The earpiece from the simulation mask is the 'Figure's' way of talking to Whitney and instructing her on what it is that he wants her to do. While in her ear, it is unseen by anyone around her. "Leave him now!" the 'Figure' instructs harshly. "I will not!" Whitney says defiantly to her god. "I will not leave the father of my son to die her like this." The 'Figure' is angered by her defiance. "Fine Whitney. Then you shall be punished for this. You will regret this decision." She doesn't care what the nun or the 'Figure' says. She has to save Chad and she will not leave him there like this.

The nun warns her again that danger is near and that she had better leave. She ignores the woman. "Come Whitney!" the 'Figure' calls. "You will damn your soul if you do not do as I say" Whitney stops to think about her soul.

"Anyone here?" Noah calls out.

"I need help here!" Whitney calls out.

She turns to talk to the nun but the woman is gone. She has crept off as silently as she came.

Jessica and Simone watch as Paloma starts working the room for information about the horseshoe symbol.

"Excuse me," she says to a wild looking man who is dancing. "I wonder if you could give me some information?" The man turns to her and holds him tightly to his body.

Kay denies that she loves Miguel, and tells Siren that she can't just have a baby with a man as that isn't the way that things are done. Siren doesn't see what the big deal is. "You have a baby and Tabitha has one, although she is really old." That is not the point, Kay says. "You don't even know each other yet. You just met. Why didn't you have a baby with your boyfriend?" Siren forgets that she lied about having one for a moment and then she jumps into the role. Siren says that her boyfriend wasn't ready to have a baby with her and that is why she didn't have one. Kay says that Miguel isn't ready to have a child. Siren admits that Miguel told her that but she is going to change his mind. "You have already discussed this with Miguel?" Siren has.

Miguel comes to Siren and Kay now and tells that it is time to go swimming. "Are you ready?" he asks. "Always," Siren answers quickly.

Noah and Fancy get to the mound of dirt where the bodies are. They start digging the bodies out.

"Oh!" Fancy says. She uncovers Luis. "What is he doing here?"

Not far off but out of sight of Noah and Fancy, Whitney tends to Chad.

He wakes and looks at her. "Are you an angel?" he asks. She weeps and puts her head on his chest.

"Damn girl," the 'Figure' shouts as he listens through the earphone.

Paloma wonders if she is going to be assaulted but then she sees that the guy just wants to dance.

Siren loves the Crane pool. She is the first to jump in. Fox is next.

Kay pulls Miguel aside. "I think that you need to be careful of Siren. She asked you to get her pregnant?" Miguel doesn't take her all that serious as Kay does. "I appreciate you watching my back but what Siren and I do is my business." Kay warns him that she might trick him into getting her pregnant. Miguel doesn't see Siren that way. She isn't' the type of girl that would trick me into having a baby. Kay takes offense but understands what he is trying to say. He promises to be careful. "Anyway, why do you care so much anyway?" Kay says that she has seen him get hurt already. "You made a choice already Kay, so as far as my love life is concerned, how about butting out?"

Kay apologizes for butting in but she only cares for him and what happens to him. "She is crazy," Kay finds. Miguel finds nothing wrong with that.

Siren and Fox are in the pool and he can't believe what a powerful swimmer she is. "You can swim circles around me," he says. Siren takes her cue and she does just that, but in fast forward as Fox watches her amazed.

The 'Figure' can see that he is losing Whitney fast. "Get back her Whitney."

Whitney ignores the 'Figure' shouting in her ear. She can only see Chad right now. "It is you Whitney," Chad says touching her face.

Noah and Fancy see that Luis is coming around.

"Uh…his vision is blurry and he just sees Fancy's blonde hair before him. "It is you…" Fancy admits that it is her. "You came for me," he says. He pulls Fancy to him kissing her hard and long on the lips as Noah watches.

Fancy pulls away and tells Luis that she is Fancy and not Sheridan. "It was probably my blonde hair that fooled you." He feels foolish for what he has just did. He isn't injured and that is good. "What are you two doing in Rome," Luis asks. Noah will fill him in later. "We could see your hand sticking up out of the debris," Fancy tells. He asks about the nun that was there. Fancy and Noah have no idea what he is talking about. "Listen…the wall was bleeding. I was here with Chad." They decide to find him.

Chad wants answers. "Why do you look so different?" She pushes that question aside. "I came to find you," Chad tells.

As Whitney talks to Chad, the 'Figure' shouts in her ear.

Chad wants Whitney to come with him. She can't do that. "I have to go," she says. "There are people here that will take care of you."

The 'Figure' tells Whitney to come to him. She can't ignore the 'Figure' anymore. She runs off. Chad tries to follow but he falls over as he is too weak right now.

Paloma goes to see her friends, telling that she thought that the man was going to hurt her but he danced with her instead.

She goes back to the man asking for answers about the horseshoe symbol.

Two men dressed in black tell Paloma that they know nothing about the symbol of why she speaks. They are very scary.

Jessica and Simone watch from the sidelines worrying.

Miguel tries to make Kay see that he is moving on and he wants her to stay out of his life. "Maybe Siren isn't the right woman for me but then again maybe she is. Still it is our business. Stop with all the bad mouthing about Siren!"

Fox and Siren swim and he can't believe her energy level. She gets thoughtful. "I have this funny feeling in my stomach. Are you and Kay friends?" Fox tells how she will marry him soon. Siren feels that Fox should be jealous. Fox says that Miguel and Kay are close as they grew up together. Siren thinks that people that close could end up more than friends. Fox knows that is true but he is sure that nothing is going on with Miguel and Kay. "You like Miguel don't you?" She admits it. "Hey," Fox suggests… "Let's race across the pool!" They both turn and start swimming. She is clearly going to win. She swims forcefully, only using her legs and not her arms. She smiles back at him while under water and doesn't have to come up for breath.

Fox is behind her but trying his best to catch up. She gets to the other side of the pool first and wins. That is when Fox sees it. It shimmers in the blue water. It looks, shimmer, like gold or silver…It almost seems like…Siren is wearing a long skirt, but still swimming as efficiently and quickly as ever. The shock of it all is too much for Fox and he quickly rises to the surface turning his head quickly. "What the?"

Miguel and Kay are at the side of the pool now. "I don't know," Fox says. "I could have sworn that you had a tail instead of legs." He looks underwater again and sees that there is nothing odd about Siren at all. Fox gets out of the pool as Miguel goes to Siren.

Fox sees that Kay is sad. She says that she was talking to Miguel and he really seems to like Siren although Kay is sure that she isn't the right woman for him.

Fox remarks that Miguel clearly doesn’t think that.

They look over at the couple and they are kissing.

The two men in black tell Paloma that she shouldn't be asking questions, and that no one in the club speaks either Italian or Spanish. She doesn't believe that. The men want the girls to prove that they can be trusted and to do that, they have to do exactly as they are told.

Noah, Fancy and Luis find Chad and he tells that he found Whitney but that she looks different and has run off.

Whitney makes her way back to the 'Figure'. He is waiting for her.

"You either want to atone for your incest or you don't." She couldn't let Chad die there alone. "God wouldn't let a man die like that. Chad is a good and decent man," she says. The 'Figure' thought that Whitney had learned her lesson but he sees now that he was a fool to pick her out of all the people in the world to help him with his mission. "You didn't choose the wrong person," she says. "I will do anything that you ask," she assures. He says that the man that caused her to commit such a heinous sin as incest will have to die. "It is the only way…

Siren is all over Miguel while they swim in the pool.

Kay can't stop staring.

Fox tells her to stop this. "Miguel can fend for himself. This might be the best thing for him. He might fall in love with Siren and it isn't up to us. We should be planning our wedding." Kay says that she has been planning the wedding and that everything will be done as planned. He hopes so as that is the most important day of their lives.

Simone and Jessica want to get out of this creepy club. Paloma wants to stay a bit. She worries about the black-clad men who brought them there. "Something is off about this place," Simone says.

The girls suddenly don't trust the men who brought them there and they sneak out when they think they are not being watched.

The men are watching and they sneak out behind the girls.

The group in the catacombs talk about leaving. Chad wants to stay and look for Whitney but the others want to leave…CREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! "What is that?" Fancy asks. There is going to be another avalanche of dirt. The groups starts running out of there. Chad tries to go in the other direction but Luis pulls him to go with the others. They get out just in time.

"Chad has to die. Stop fighting it Whitney. Both you and Chad can't go on…one of you has to stop living," the 'Figure' tells. Whitney understands now. "I get it. We both can't live…only it isn't Chad that has to die…It is me."

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