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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Fox and Kay are about to make love but then the ceiling starts falling apart and dropping on them. Then there is the problem with all the banging. "What are they doing?" Kay shouts. Fox knows what they are doing.

Siren and Miguel are in the bed, but they are horsing around and not making love. She wants to make love with him but he feels it is too soon for them. She sees no big deal about two mates having fun and then getting on with their lives. Miguel explains that she shouldn't want to have a child until she is married and he already has a child, and isn't ready for another.

Fancy is with Gianni and he tries to make her happy but she is not in a good mood. He flirts madly with her. Soon he has her in a kiss.

Noah sees Fancy with Gianni and they are kissing. "It is all my fault," Noah says.

Luis and Chad are in the caves making their way. They hear a loud groan and then a ton of dirt falls on them, burying them whole.

Whitney is in anther part of the tunnels with the 'Figure'. He waits for her to tell him that she has figured out how to get the chalice but instead what happens is that the glowing eyes have appeared in her simulation and now they chase her. Whitney goes tearing through the tunnels, much too fast for the 'Figure' to follow. Whitney feels that she is being chased and she doesn't stop. Finally, she comes to a dark part of the catacombs and she trips due to all the rubble on the ground. She hits her head and knocks herself out. She falls right next to an African-American hand that is sticking out from the dirt where she is laying.

Whitney wakes and she wishes she were home. She has lost her headset. "I ran here but where did God go? Why did he leave me? Maybe this is a test…" Chad's hand is in view, but Whitney hasn't seen it yet.

The 'Figure' is angry. He can't find Whitney anywhere. He talks into a radio, ordering Whitney to come to him but no one responds. "Damn it!"

Noah watches Fancy with Gianni and thinks how he can't be with her.

Fancy is really fighting Gianni off but Noah can't tell that from afar.

Noah is hurt by what he sees.

Fancy pushes Gianni off her and threatens to bite the man's tongue if he does this to her again. She wants to mope over Noah but Gianni sees things differently. "Noah couldn't ever take care of a woman like you. You need to be treasured and pampered."

Kay is relieved that the banging from the attic has stopped. Kay feels that Miguel probably got turned off by Siren. Fox feels that they may be just taking a break. Fox wants to have sex now. "I am fully recharged." Kay feels funny doing it now. Fox says that sometimes people get attracted to each other just for the sex. That could be happening with Miguel and Siren. Kay decides to go and check on Miguel and see how he is. "Whoa," Fox says. "Why do you care so much about what Miguel is doing?"

Siren listens as Miguel explains how it is for people to have a baby, and why it would be wrong for them to make a child. She doesn't see what the big deal is. "When the moment hits you, you should just have offspring. Does Harmony have a spawning ground?" Miguel tells her that lovers go to lovers' lane but it is uncomfortable having sex in a car. He is attracted to her and she to him, but he needs to get to know her more first. "I don't get where you are coming from. Once you open your mouth, it is like you are from another planet. If you think that I am strange then you need to know that my ancestors ruled the High Seas, while yours were afraid to get their feet wet!"

Kay denies being jealous of Siren. "Siren is just strange. Miguel has had Charity and she gave him grief and now there is Siren. Who would let her boyfriend take off with her stuff? She eats raw lobster and she can't make a bed and she hangs on to Miguel like a leech. She could be the worst thing to happen to Miguel…" Fox really is sure that Kay is jealous of Siren.

Miguel thinks that Siren being from a wealthy family may have a lot to do with Siren's naiveté. She never said that she was rich but she he can tell. Her parents take cruises and he works on boats. He isn't upset that she is different, she is still a good person to him. She wants him to like her and he does…he really does. They kiss. "Let's do something fun!" she shouts. He can't. He has to go to work. "I have energy Miguel. Help me burn it off. Let's go swimming!"

Gianni is really pawing Fancy now.

Noah watches them still and he can't stand what he sees.

Fancy tells the man that when a girl says 'no', she means 'no'. He tells her that she is in Italy, so 'no' means 'yes'.

Noah makes a face wondering how Fancy can stand him.

Whitney calls out to god but no one answers. She feels that perhaps she has to make her way to him. She starts walking. She finds her virtuality headset but it is broken. She puts in the earpiece and calls for god. "Thank God I found you. My headset is broken." The 'Figure' tells her to go back the way that she came and try to find the door that she couldn't find before. "I command you!" She will do his will.

She starts walking now to get back to work on finding the chalice; she starts walking over the mound of dirt but trips. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!" she says when she sees the black hand sticking out from the dirt!

Fox feels that Kay has to be worried that Miguel will give his attention to Siren instead of Kay. Kay finds the girl has no practical sense. "If she is so rich, why not go to a hotel?" Fox reminds her that Miguel has invited her there. "If you are this jealous over Siren, then I might need to be jealous over Miguel…"

"Please let's go swimming. That will relax you and you will go right to sleep," she says. Miguel suggests that instead of going to the ocean, they could just go to the Cranes. "My sister is there and it is her house and she told me that whenever I wanted to, I could come over for a dip in the pool." She loves that idea. She drops her robe, standing naked before Miguel. "I will be right back. I have to get my bathing suit. She rushes off.

"Wow!" Miguel says. "Siren is all that and then some, but so different!"

Noah still watches as Fancy talks with Gianni.

Finally Gianni decides that he will leave her as she asks. He walks off.

Fancy sees Noah in the distance watching her. "Some nerve. Goes to Maya and now he pretends to be jealous of me."

She turns to where Gianni walked off and she calls to him, catching up to him. "I think that you are right. I need to live it up a bit!" She grabs Gianni's collar and kisses him hard.

Whitney stops screaming. "What is the matter?" The 'Figure' asks. She tells how she has come across two bodies buried under the dirt. "Leave them and come to do as I say," the 'Figure' orders. She can't do that. "How can I leave people to die?" the 'Figure' warns that if she cares for her soul, she will come to him now. "How can I care for me soul if I let people die?" she asks her earphone.

The 'Figure' tells Whitney through the earpiece that she has to do as he tells her. She wants to help these people. The rocks and dirt are heavy on the bodies. "I don't think that a loving god would tell me to do the things that you say." The 'Figure' reminds her that millions of souls are at stake. She will not go. "I know that the real god that I know would want me to help people." She continues working to save the bodies.

Noah hates seeing Fancy kiss another man.

Gianni likes the new Fancy. "Stop talking and kiss me!" she orders.

Noah knows that he should be the one who is ravishing Fancy and not Gianni.

Fancy revels in the fact that Noah can't stop watching her.

Kay assures Fox that he is the one for her. Fox wonders if Miguel is going to end up with Siren.

Kay secretly hopes not.

"I don't want Miguel to get hurt again. He needs to know the girl of his dreams inside out. Siren may be naïve but what if she is faking and we don't know it?" Kay wonders.

Miguel is making a picnic basket.

Siren comes down and she sees that Miguel is packing canned good for their swim trip. "Oh! I love sardines," she says. She grabs the can and opens it, scooping the sardines out with her fingers and cramming them into her mouth as Miguel watches smiling a little weirdly.

Miguel is glad that she likes sardines. He likes them too.

Fox and Kay walk in. Kay smells the sardines right away.

Kay whispers that Siren eats like a seal.

Miguel tells that they are going swimming. Kay finds that funny as Miguel almost drowned. Siren can hardly wait.

Kay whispers that she just doesn't trust that girl.

The kids are ready and they start walking to the door. "Wait!" Kay shouts. "We will come with you guys!"

Fox thought that Kay wanted to sleep but she insists that swimming will be great!

Noah can't stand it anymore.

"Kiss me again you Roman God!" Fancy shouts.

Noah rushes up and threatens to beat Gianni. Fancy tells him to get lost.

Whitney tries her best to get the two bodies free. "Forget about them!" the 'Figure' shouts. Whitney ignores her earpiece.

She sees the hand is moving and she keeps working to move the rubble. There is one particularly big rock in front of her and she hoists it up and away.

"Oh my God! Chad!" Whitney shouts. He is unconscious and lying very still. "Forget about Chad," the 'Figure' instructs. Whitney doesn't hear him. "Help! Help!" she shouts as she looks into her sibling-lover's glorious face!

Kay has arranged for Tabitha to listen for Maria if she cries. "In return she promised they would change Fluffy's kitty litter for the next two weeks.

Fox tells that he heard the noise in the attic earlier… Miguel says that nothing happened. Fox finds that hard to believe. "When someone as hot as Siren wants you, who cares?"

Siren gets Kay alone. "How did you get Miguel to have a baby with you?"

Noah is talking to Fancy and Gianni.

"Help! Someone help!" Noah looks around. "Did you hear that?" Noah asks. He rushes to a grate in the ground. "I think that the sound came from down there!" He removes the grate. "What are you doing?" Gianni asks. "I am going down there," Noah says. "Don’t be crazy!" Gianni says, "There are rumors that people have gone down that grate and never were seen again." Noah doesn't care. Someone could be in trouble. "Then go and get some help!" Noah orders. Gianni saunters off. Noah prepares to drop himself into the vent. "What are you doing?" Fancy asks. "Didn't you hear what he said." He can't stop to talk about this with her right now. In seconds he is gone from her sight, down the vent. She is confused but not for long. "Well if he is going to do this, he might need my help," she says. She positions herself to also fall down the big, black hole.

In the catacombs, Whitney tends to her brother/lover, wiping the dirt off him and moving the stones and dirt from his body.

A hand touches her shoulder. She turns quickly.

She is looking up into the face of the old nun who assisted Chad and Luis earlier. "Get some help!" Whitney orders. "Help is on the way," the old nun tells. "You have to understand that evil is on the way…Evil is near…"

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