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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Gwen is at work wishing that she were with Ethan and Jane at home. She wonders why Mr. Collier works her so. She looks at a picture of she and her family and smiles.

The image of her in the picture turns into Theresa. "It can't be," she says. The mini-me of Theresa starts telling Gwen off and assuring her that it is her, and that one-day she will get the info from the tabloid and get her man along with it.

Gwen gets her briefcase. She has to make sure that Theresa isn't in her house.

At her house, Ethan and Theresa are sleeping…together. He rolls over close to her and tells her in his sleep that he loves her.

Kay can't sleep. She looks at Fox who is sleeping soundly.

She hears footsteps. "What's going on?" she wonders.

Siren is in the hall scheming to go and be with Miguel.

Kay gets up and heads to the hall.

Miguel is sleeping in the attic, while Siren uses his room.

He dreams of being with Kay and kissing her.

The door opens and Siren comes in with heels and a shorty robe. She goes to Miguel's bedside. Miguel senses that Siren is there but he doesn't realize who it really is, as he still sleeps. "Kay…" he calls out. He and Siren kiss.

The nun, along with Chad and Luis discover the bleeding wall. The nun knows this sign. "It may be too late," she says.

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Chad hears the screams as do the others now. "That is Whitney," Chad says.

Whitney keeps screaming until the 'Figure' puts his hand over her mouth to stop her. She has a bloody arm. "How does this happen?" She has teeth marks in her arm. The 'Figure' says nothing to her about this. "This isn't supposed to be real. I was wearing the mask. It was a simulation," Whitney says. She overloads at that point and simply keels over fainting. THUD! She hits the ground.

Chad and Luis look at the blood pouring out of the wall. Luis bangs on the wall and it sounds hollow. "It could be a way to get to Whitney!" Chad starts hitting the wall with a crowbar to break it down.

The 'Figure' revives Whitney.

She remembers what has happened now. The 'Figure' wants to know exactly what happened during the exercise with the simulation. "I was doing the virtual reality tour… I saw something yellow…glowing like eyes watching me. I couldn't see where the thing was and it chased me. The thing knocked me down and bit me. It was real. It had to have been real. Something evil bit me. How could that have happened?" The 'Figure' warns that there are things that simple mortals can't know. "You must return from whence you came. Find out what happened there and find my chalice." The 'Figure' offers the simulation glasses for Whitney to put back on her head but she shakes her head at him. "No! I am not going back there! No! I won't do it!"

Kay finds Miguel's room empty, so that means that Siren is roaming the house. "I bet that Siren snuck up to Miguel to be with him.

"Kay what are you doing?" Fox has come into the hall.

Miguel wakes and asks Siren what she is doing there in his room. He gets up quickly pushing her off him. "You kissed me," she says.

He remembers that he was dreaming of Kay though.

"What are you doing here?" She wanted to be with him. He has an idea about how to make her feel better about being dumped by her boyfriend.

Ethan and Theresa are spooning.

Gwen is at the door hoping that Theresa isn't there.

She opens the door and freezes. All is quiet. Gwen goes over to a pitcher of water and grabs it walking over to where Ethan and Theresa are lying on her bed asleep. She dumps the water over Theresa's head, with Ethan getting wet as well.

Ethan and Theresa jump up awake and startled at the cold water hitting them. "Get out of my bed slut!" Gwen shouts.

"I was just going to check on Maria," Kay says. Fox can see that Kay is going the wrong way and knows what this is all about. "You were going to see Miguel right? I get it. You were worried about Miguel getting hurt by Siren…right?" Kay reminds him that she and Miguel are friends. Fox isn't jealous he says. "I know that you have Miguel's best interests at heart, but you don't need to worry about this." Kay has to as Siren has appeared out of the blue and she keeps throwing herself at the man." Fox kisses Kay. He has something else that he wants to do right now. "Follow me to the bedroom…"

Siren thinks that Miguel is going to kiss her when he tells that he has an idea that will make her happy, but he knows what will make Siren really happy is to cancel all her credit cards and order her new ID to replace the ones that are gone. He gets the laptop and logs on as she watches. She has no idea what he is doing. He laughs at her. "It is like you just landed out of the sky or something. You seem naïve. It is like everything that I say to you is new. I think that is sweet. I really do. You don't know anything about making a bed and you have never heard of the Internet. That is sweet. Now pay attention. I will teach you about the Internet."

Ethan and Theresa dry off as Gwen goes off on Theresa for scheming and getting her husband into bed. "You thought that I would find you in my bed and think that you and he had sex with my husband. I know that this was all you Theresa. This is sad. I know my husband. Ethan loves me and I know that he doesn't love you. Now get your bony ass the hell out of here…"

"You will return to the duty Whitney. Housed in the quarters is the ancient chalice and that will help me protect my church," the 'Figure' instructs. Whitney says that she will be killed if she returns to the simulation exercise. "This decision will damn you to hell and your brother as well. Think of the future after your death…agonizing in torment…staring into the face of your brother as he screams in horror and pain for eternity. I told you that you would have to pay for your abominable sins. Am I not all-powerful? You must trust in me…Take your earthly fear and put it behind you. Do as you are told." Whitney agrees now. She will do it. "I knew that in the end, you would do the right thing…"

Chad and Luis have made a hole in the wall. Luis sticks his head in the hold and gets some of that supernatural blood on him. Chad sees a passageway in there. The nun watches as the men work to make the hole bigger. Chad and Luis get torches and climb into the hole one by one. When they get to the other side, it is dark and the torches aid them immensely. They look at a wall that they have found. There is a beautiful picture on the wall. It is huge…

The nun comes in through the hole now. Luis helps her. Chad looks at the picture closely, holding his burning torch close to the canvas, but not close enough to do any damage. "Luis! Look! It is Whitney!" It is true. One of the faces in the painting that hangs in that dank, dark place is the face of Whitney Russell.

Gwen tries to kick Theresa out herself but Ethan stops her.

Jane cries, and Gwen and Theresa argue over who should take care of her. Gwen takes the child out of the room, ordering Theresa out of her home.

Ethan is sorry that this happened to Theresa. She only cares that they slept together and that he had his arms around her. "I am a married man!" She ignores all that. "Marriage should be based on passion and love. I get it! I know what your marriage is. It is a sham!" Ethan moves away from her and turns his back. "Can you look me in the eye and deny what I say is true?"

The nun has seen that face that is in the picture. "She is everywhere the old woman croaks. "What is she doing in a picture this old?" Chad wonders. There has to be a clue in this picture to tell them what is going on. Luis feels that whatever it is that they are looking for is right before them.

The 'Figure' tells Whitney to accept her fear. "We must find that chalice. Without the clue that is contained in the chalice, all the secrets of the church will come out. Everything rests on your shoulders Whitney…What do you see?"

Whitney starts the tour. "I see the stairs…I am frightened. What if that beast is there?" The 'Figure' tells her that even if she has to go to the gates of hell, she has to do this. "Now I am at the same place I was before… Hah! I felt something…" Whitney sees the glowing yellow eyes again…They seem to float in the air. They seem to blink at her.

"Okay, now what about your credit card?" Miguel asks. "Credit card?" She repeats. He asks as well about her driver's license but she doesn't seem to have one. She laughs with glee when she sees the screensaver come on. It is an aquarium scene with little fishes. Miguel decides to try to find her boyfriend and try to get her stuff back. "What is his name?" Siren looks around the room and she sees a book. "His name is Ernest Hemmingway…" Miguel laughs. "Like the author?" She has no idea what he is talking about. He just laughs and turns to the computer again.

Miguel tries to find Siren's boyfriend but instead he gets a million hits on the author. She loves being with him and she throws her arms around him. "Don't you think that you should go to sleep Siren? And not with me!" She can't go to sleep. "It is too hot. I want to make a baby," she says. She tackles him to the bed and climbs on top of him.

Kay can't understand what Miguel sees in Siren anyway. Fox tells that Siren is gorgeous and Miguel could probably use someone like that in his life after Charity.

They hear giggling and Kay is irritated by it. "What is she doing?" she asks aloud. Fox thinks he knows exactly what Miguel and Siren are doing.

Ethan finds that once again Theresa is over-dramatizing their friendship. He isn't going to leave Gwen. "Marriage is a sacred bond Theresa." She wants him to tell her that his marriage is a sham. He will not do that. He isn't interested in her definition of marriage. She can see that he is in hell and shouldn't spend the rest of his life this way.

Chad pushes the nun to tell him more about the painting and what it means but she knows nothing more. Luis thinks that they should move on. Chad turns to the nun and offers to bring her with them but she will not go. "I sense that I should go no further." Chad leaves following Luis.

"I tried to warn them," the nun says to the painting. "I tried to warn them…"

Chad and Luis continue walking but soon they hear something that causes them to stop and listen. "What is that?" Suddenly the ceiling drops and they are covered with dirt…"

Whitney keeps walking. She is in the virtual tour. She goes to a brick wall and sees that she is at a dead end. "I have to turn back." The 'Figure' tells her that she has to press forward. He knows that there has to be a passage there. Whitney knocks on the wall and it is hollow. "Excellent! Now Whitney! Try to find a way in!" She looks around.

Then she sees it. "Oh no!" She backs up into the brick wall behind her. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhh!" She screams. Animal growling can be heard…

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