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Passions Update Friday 5/5/06--Canada; Monday 5/8/06

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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Tabitha sees that Endora is up to her antics. Miguel and Siren are in the bathroom flirting. "You are really asking for trouble with that mermaid.

The boys in the basement blow smoke out of the bent.

Tabitha is scared. "No one must know the truth about Siren."

"What is the truth about Siren?" Kay asks. She sand Fox stand in the doorway.

Siren tries to convince Miguel to get in the tub with her.

Jessica, Paloma and Simone have been stopped on the way to the hotel. The men show them the horseshoe symbol and ask if the girls have seen it. Jessica is really confused. The horseshoe symbol is just like her tattoo. "Someone had better tell me what is going on. Paloma, why do you have a picture of my tattoo in your hand."

Chad had led Luis to the door where he said he fell into a cave. There is a woman inside and she speaks Italian. She has no idea was the men are talking about. Chad will not leave. He knows that Whitney Has to be there.

Whitney is doing the simulation. The 'Figure' waits for details.

Whitney Tries to continue but she is scared. "Don’t' be afraid Whitney. It isn't real," he reminds her. She continues the simulation. "I see something." Suddenly she hears a growling now and it frightens her. She moves to take the mask off her head but the 'Figure' orders her to keep it on. There is something else though. Something that seems to be bright, like a light behind something that looks like a vent.

Kay and Fox want to know the secret about Siren. Tabitha lies saying that Siren is attracted to Miguel. Kay feels she is lying. "Kay," Fox says, "You are being rude." Kay can't help it. She feels that there is something really wrong with that girl. "How do we know that any of what she says is true?"

Tabitha goes to Endora snickering. "We can see that Kay is eaten up with jealousy.

"Get in the tub Miguel. I can take you places…Get in…." she rubs suds on him. He likes her, but he can't… She stands in the tub. Miguel is awestruck by the sight of her. "Come Miguel…come…"

Jessica bends over showing her tattoo, proving that she has the symbol on her back. Paloma tells the men to give them a moment to talk to Jessica.

Paloma and Simone quickly bring Jessica up to speed about the symbol and why they are really there. "Spike made you get the tattoo and Alistair is connection to it to…"

The men return and offer to give the answers that the girls want. "Everything will be explained…"

The woman threatens to call the policia if Luis and Chad don't leave. Luis has to drag his friend out of there.

Chad tells that he saw tunnels in the catacombs. "There has to be another way down there. The men run off.

The woman who was behind the door watches them run off.

She answers her cellphone and tells that the has scared the men off for now. "Tell the boss," she orders.

Whitney is in the catacomb with the 'Figure'. He urges her to continue. "What do you see?" She tells that she is making her way down some stairs. "I hear growling," she says. "Don't worry about that," the 'Figure' says. "It isn't real." Whitney goes on some more. I can sees something. I think that there is someone here."

There is a vent near the ground and a pair of evil shining eyes, blink as they stare from behind the grate.

Whitney does her best to get to the pope's quarters. She is seeing herself in the simulation. Suddenly there is loud growling and Whitney backs up as she tries to protect herself putting her arms in front of her face. She screams as she moves quickly backwards.

"Come to me Miguel. Imagine us slipping and sliding in the water…" Siren says. She pulls him to her. He can't do this. "It is too soon." She wants him. "I can feel your heart…"she says. He needs to get to know her a little bit more. She is sad and she plops back into the tub. He feels that she is just vulnerable as her boyfriend dumped her and took all her stuff. "I know hat you are looking for comfort but I know that you will feel stronger in the morning." She doesn't want to go to sleep. He tells her to come downstairs then and they will watch a movie and talk. She will do that. He leaves the bathroom now.

Miguel is in the hall thinking that he is an idiot for turning Siren down. "She can't be human…she is so beautiful…"

Tabitha sits quietly waiting for more developments.

Fox and Kay are downstairs.

Miguel comes down suggesting they all watch a movie.

Kay sees when Siren comes down and looks at her strangely as she is dressed in a skimpy short robe.

Tabitha goes over to her and tells her to take it easy on Miguel. She knows that Miguel refused her as a lover. Siren is sure that she can get Miguel to love her.

"Growl…" Siren panics, backing up. "Not again! Keep it away from me…Keep it away."

Tabitha says that the spell to make Fluffy a kitten has worn off. The giant cat is in view of the tenants and they all stand huddled in a corner to see what Fluffy's gonna do!

In the simulation, Whitney falls down some stairs. She tells the 'Figure' everything that happens.

Luis brings Chad back to the area they were before. He feels that door that Chad went into was a set up to fool them. He looks down. "This grate is probably the way down to the catacombs," Luis says. He drops a coin in the grate, but they don't hear it fall. The men remove the grate. Chad wants to get in there fast. Before Luis can stop him, he drops his body into the grate.

Luis panics. "Chad! I'm coming down!" He jumps down after his body and falls on top of him on a dirt ground.

The place is spooky. They see the skulls piled up on top of each other and Chad knows immediately that this is the same place that he was before. "Which way?" Luis asks. Before Chad can answer, they hear a growl… The men squint to see in the darkness, but they see nothing.

Siren screams and Kay is annoyed. Fox tries to walk bravely to the kitty but ends up jumping back. Tabitha takes control of the situation and gets rid of the Sasquatch cat!

"Fluffy was only staring at you, Siren the whole time. You know, Fluffy used to act like that when I worked at the cannery," Kay says.

Tabitha can see that Kay almost has it figured out.

"First you spend hours in the tub, then I find that fish scale in the bathroom and now Fluffy wants to eat her. I have it all figured out," Kay says.

The girls decide to go with the strange men to get answers about their mystery.

They write a note for Luis and Chad, and one of the men takes the message and walks off.

The girls leave with the thugs now.

After they are gone, one of the thugs, takes the note and tosses it away.

In the catacombs, Whitney still can't shake the feeling that she is not alone with the 'Figure'. She does the simulation. Suddenly, out of the darkness, two bright, fiery eyes stare right at her and there is growling. "AAAAHhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Whitney starts running and the eyes follow her just as quickly.

Chad and Luis listen some more and they hear more growling.

Out of the blue comes three dogs…fierce dogs. "They are wolf-like dogs," Chad realizes. Luis finds that strange. "How could they be living down here? They must be eating people." The dogs walks menacingly forward to the men. Chad and Luis grabs torches in the wall and hold them out to use the fire to keep the dogs back. Every couple of seconds they make jabbing motions at the dogs to hold them back.

Tabitha knows that the secret of Siren has to be kept secret or they will all be found out.

Kay has no idea why anyone would use bath salts that look like fish scales and smell like fish.

Tabitha defends Siren's odor and says that the way she smells is all the rage.

Kay tells Siren how to get the smell off herself. Tabitha tells that it is time for them all to get to bed.

Kay tells Tabitha that she really doesn't trust Siren and the way that she is latching on to Miguel. "Something about her is fishy. I am going to find out what it is…"

The men are taking Jessica, Paloma and Simone to the source of the symbol where all questions will be answered…

Luis and Chad fend off the dogs.

They hear a scream and Chad recognizes it as Whitney's voice. As Luis holds the dogs off with the fire on his own, Chad realizes there is a gate that will drop if a rope is loosened. He loosens it. The wooden gate falls separating the men from the dogs. Luis and Chad continue on now in safety.

The next area that they come into is empty until a nun comes running into it. "Oh good," she says in a thick Italian accent. "You have come to stop her," the nun says overjoyed. "The innocent one. You have to stop her!"

Whitney is in the catacombs. She was right…she isn't alone. Something is chasing her and growling at her. She runs as fast as she can but she can't outrun this beast. She trips and falls. The beast is atop her and pulling on her. Whitney's screams are piercing as she is ravaged and assaulted by this being.

Miguel and Fox return from changing Fluffy's litter box. They have to wear full-body protective suits to do that. Siren rushes to Miguel's side as soon as she sees him.

Kay whispers that the girl is shameless. Tabitha sees no reason for Kay to care whether Miguel gets with Siren or not.

Fox and goes to Kay and kisses her. She smells him for odors of Fluffy…

They look over at Miguel and Siren and see that they are passionately kissing.

Kay says that she isn't jealous. Tabitha can see different.

The nun tells Luis and Chad that there is no stopping her. "We are all doomed…"

Whitney fights. She is on her back and the creature in on top of her. She claws at it.

It is only the 'Figure'. He takes the mask off Whitney's head and calms her. She tells that there was a beast and it attacked her. He doesn't understand what she is speaking of. "Whitney! You have to find the chalice…If you don't…you will be damned to hell forever!"

Kay says that she will be staying with Fox no matter what. "I am just worried about Miguel and want to look out for him." Tabitha will buy that if Kay wants her to…at least that is what she says.

Kay goes to Fox now. Tabby doesn't believe anything that young girl says. "we have two women fighting for Miguel now. Let the games begin…"

As Miguel and Siren hug and kiss, Kay watches them. Siren turns coyly and smirks at Kay as she holds Miguel in her arms.

The 3 young friends are with the men and they arrive at a club. "What does this have to do with the horseshoe symbol?" they suddenly realize. "Some are wearing jewelry that is shaped like the horseshoe symbol.

Whitney is on the ground and she sees that she is bleeding somehow on her arm. She starts screaming in horror at the sight of the blood.

Chad and Luis are still talking to the nun about the innocent who needs to be stopped, but can't be.

They hear a scream. Chad knows that is Whitney. "We have to find her!" The nun looks in horror over the men's shoulders. Something red and thick is coming out of the stone wall behind the men. All turn to look at it, not believing the sight. The nun goes over to the wall and puts her hand in the liquid. It looks like blood, but how can that be. The wall continues to bleed as they watch.

Back where Whitney is, she is still screaming and staring at her bloody arm.

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