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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Kay can't understand how Siren showed up out of the blue. Fox finds nothing strange about this. Kay doesn't buy her story. "Why would she be swimming around when her boyfriend just dumped her?" It is all a little too convenient for her. Fox thinks that maybe Kay is a little jealous. "Siren is in love with Miguel, and Miguel likes her, so what is wrong with that. Does that bother you?" Kay says that it doesn't.

Miguel is trying to get into the bathroom.

Tabitha watches the scene using the big blue pot. Siren has her tail out and if Miguel gets wind of her tail, or sight of it, all the supernatural beings in the house will be unveiled.

Siren panics. She hears Miguel at the door. He is getting worried.

"Siren! Are you okay?"

PLOP! Siren falls out of the tub, unable to stand as her tail prevents her. Miguel continues to bang on the door. "What was that noise? Siren! I am coming in."

At the club in Europe, Fancy is trying to get to Noah. She can just about see his head across the room but that is all.

Lena warns Noah and Maya to do their new job well, or else.

Noah and Maya talk privately. Noah wants to get back to Fancy but Maya warns that he has to keep pretending that he isn't with Fancy for all their sakes.

Jessica, Paloma and Simone have been attacked by a group of men. They scream in fear.

Suddenly, Luis comes from nowhere and he is a match for all the men. He puts them down one by one. There is only one man left and he has a knife that he brandishes evilly. He lunges at Luis. The three girls watching scream in horror at the sight!

Chad is in the secret caves. He stoops before the skeleton that the has found sitting on the ground…the one that wears Whitney's necklace around its neck. "She has to be here somewhere…" He finds a bloody knife as well. "Whitney!" he calls.

Whitney is unconscious but something is dragging her, pulling her forward, tugging at her limbs…

Noah and Maya talk while Lena makes a call. Noah hates this and has trouble pretending that he is okay with it.

Fancy wonders why Noah lefty her to come to this club.

As she makes her way across the floor, she gets grabbed by some man who forces her to dance with him.

Lena comes to Noah and Maya and tells them that they are all set for the new mission. Noah wants assurances that this will be the last thing that they have to do. She says that if he lives it will free him from further obligation.

Fancy breaks away from the mad man that has her on the dance floor and continues to where Noah is.

Luis isn't hurt at all. The knife doesn't pierce his skin and kill him, like intended. The men run off now.

The girls run to him, glad that he is alive after such an attack. "What are you doing here?" Luis asks. Paloma hides the paper it with the horseshoe symbol on it behind her back.

Whitney is fully awake now. She sees that she is in great danger. She starts screaming. Something is pulling her, dragging her. She claws at the ground but there is nothing to keep her from being pulled along.

Chad hears Whitney's screams and he starts running in the direction of them.

Whitney backs up now, looking at something that brings terror to her eyes. She crawls backwards, but there is nowhere to run…nowhere to hide…

Fox feels that Miguel needs someone like Siren to get over Charity. They hear music…loud music. Fox hears Miguel calling to Siren to open the door. Kay and Fox rush to see what the matter is.

Tabitha gets Endora so that she can be at the bathroom to help in case they are needed.

Fox and Kay arrive and Miguel tells that he heard something drop in the bathroom and he thinks that Siren is hurt. Fox decides that they should break down the door.

Tabitha and Endora come running shouting not to break the door down but it is too late. The door comes tumbling down.

The party enters and they look down at Siren in horror! "Oh my God!" Miguel says.

The girls tell Luis that they are there for a school project and Jessica just came for the ride. Luis tells his story next.

"I found a monk who was suspicious and I followed him into this church and all the monks inside were blind. This one monk was talking about Alistair as if he were god's gift. It was weird."

Luis decides that it is time to see the girls to their hotel and they walk off.

The men who were following the girls and attacking them come out of hiding. One of them has a coin…with the horseshoe symbol on it.

Chad still rushes through the caves…searching for Whitney.

Whitney is still trying to get away from the thing that is after her…pulling her. She suddenly realizes that the 'Figure' is there with her. "Why did you scare me?" she asks. He says that he was only trying to wake her up. "You must have been dreaming," he tells her. She is sure that she was awake. "Nevermind, Whitney… it is time to go… Come…" She takes his hand and they rush off.

Chad turns the corner and enters the part of the cave that Whitney has just vacated. "Whitney!" he shouts, but no one is there.

Someone grabs Fancy and she gets angry thinking that the dancer has come for her again.

It is Gianni and he wants to sweep her away. She rejects his offer.

He tells her that her friend is in the club.

Fancy turns to see what Gianni is pointing out. She sees Noah passionately kissing Maya while they slow dance.

The 'Figure' drags Whitney along. "Come on…I told you that someone was down here," he says. "No come!" She leaves with him and they close the door behind them.

Chad comes running around the corner as the door closes. "They must have gone in there," he figures. "Whitney!"

Outside the walls of the caves, Luis is escorting the girls to their hotel. They think that they hear something but can't be sure.

Chad is rushing through the caves now.

He comes out of a door and Luis and the girls are there. "Where did you come from Luis asks." Chad ignores his question. "Did you see Whitney?" he asks. The look around at each other strangely. They haven't seen her at all.

Kay and the others stare down at Siren. She smiles when she realizes she has her legs back and that she is back in the tub. Kay is upset with the noise from the radio. "Remember that there are children here… How long are you planning on staying here?" Miguel asks Tabitha if Siren can stay for a while. Tabitha will talk with him about that later. Tabitha wants them all to leave Siren to bathe. Miguel lags back. "Wait a second," Kay says picking up a scale from the floor. "What is this?"

Noah and Maya are dancing and staring in each other's eyes.

"How can he do this?" Fancy asks aloud. "He just left my bed and now he is with her."

She remembers him just in her bed telling her that he promised to never hurt her again.

Fancy cries now.

Maya peeks at Fancy and tells Noah that she is devastated. Noah hates what he has to do to her.

Gianni tries to get Fancy to leave with him but she won't.

She marches over to Noah and turns him around. "You bastard!" THWACK! She slaps him hard across the face.

Chad brings the group to the part of the wall where he exited but there is no evidence of a door there. "What the hell is going on?" Chad says.

Whitney demands answers now. The 'Figure' gets angry. "Put on the reality device and learn to get into the pope's private quarters. Find the chalice…" She wants to know more about the secrets that are hidden and have to stay that way. "What exactly is at stake?" she asks. "I need to know. You said that this mission was my penance, so the way that I see it, I have a lot at stake too. I want to understand what this is all about." The 'Figure' will comply with her wishes but he doesn't really feel that she can deal with the knowledge that he is going to bestow on her. "Do you really want to know what the secrets are Whitney?"

Fancy demands an explanation but Noah says that he doesn't owe her anything. "I hate you Noah Bennett! I hate you!" Fancy rushes off.

"There goes the woman that I love," Noah says.

Chad and the others try to figure out this wall…

Luis gets a man who works in the area. He tells there is no door in this wall. Luis thanks the man and he leaves.

Luis goes over what Chad said. "You heard her voice but you never saw Whitney. Come to the catacombs with me," Chad asks Luis. He will go, but he orders the girls to go back to their hotel. "Promise. Go to the room and don't let anyone in." Chad and Luis walk off.

Jessica wants to go to a hot club and check out the hot guys and girls. Paloma and Jessica want to go out but Simone wants to go to the hotel. She worries about the men who attacked them but then finally decides to go out with the girls.

They start walking off.

The men whio attacked them earlier pop out of the bushes and they are trapped.

Chad shows Luis where he entered the cave by falling down a black hole. "There is the door. Let's go!"

The 'Figure' tells Whitney that there are evil people around. "It is your job to find that chalice. The pope is a spiritual man but he is unaware of the evil that surrounds him." Whitney asks why she has been chosen. "I have always chosen ordinary people to perform miracles. You are the Joan of Arc of today. You can be but first, you must find the chalice that will lead up to the secrets… This is for the lives and souls out there. Do this or your very life will be destroyed…"

Kay marvels over the scale.

Tabitha can see that having Siren in the house is going to be trouble.

Kay says that this thing stinks and reminds her of when she worked at the cannery. Siren is immediately offended. Tabitha says that everyone feels differently about things at times.

Tabitha sits with Endora in the hall.

Kay is sure that something is wrong with that girl. Fox just wants her to drop it.

Increasingly, Tabitha can see that Siren is going to be trouble.

Miguel is still in the bathroom with Siren. "I guess that I will see you later," he says. She grabs his shirt. "Please Miguel come in…don't go!" She undoes the buttons on his shirt.

Noah wants to go to Fancy when he sees her with Gianni, but Maya prevents him.

Fancy cries. She knows that she will never be happy again.

The girls tell the thugs to get away from them. They are not going to hurt anyone, they say. We only want to know if you have ever seen this symbol?" One of the men show them a coin with the horseshoe symbol on it.

Luis and Chad open the door that Chad indicates… A woman is behind it. She talks angrily in Italian. Chad is sure this is the right place though.

Whitney has her simulation glasses on. She is trying again to break into the pope's private quarters, while the 'Figure' stands by waiting impatiently.

Through the glasses, Whitney makes some leeway… she sees some stairs…she goes down the stairs…it is dark…it is dark except for the bright orange light at the bottom of the stairs…

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