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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Miguel wants Siren to sleep in his bed. "You have to sleep somewhere so why not my bed," he asks? Tabitha can't believe that Siren has Miguel already mesmerized.

Fancy is sleeping. She calls Noah's name as she wakes.

She looks around and finds that he is gone from her bed.

Noah and Maya are at the dance club. They were summoned by Lena who is late again to meet them.

Lena arrives and Noah threatens to end the whole thing now by heating her up or maybe doing worse.

Chad rushes through the square trying to find Whitney

He stops people as he rushes around to follow the sound of the scream that he had heard, and no one knows what he is talking about. They don't speak English.

The monk is rushing through the square. A very determined Luis is chasing him and trying to get him to stop. The man will not stop and that makes Luis suspicious.

The monk finds a doorway and enters quickly. The hood stay over his head the whole time.

Luis comes in the door seconds later and can't believe his eyes when he looks around.

Miguel finds that everyone is staring at him. Fox tells that he offered his bed to Siren and that he will sleep in the attic. Siren tells him that he is sweet.

Tabitha rolls her eyes.

Siren tells Miguel that he is sweet and sexy. Miguel wouldn't offend Tabitha that way by just bringing a girl to his bed, while staying in her house. "I am not offended by that way of thinking," Tabitha says. "I have shared my bed with a man, more than a time or two after only meeting him for a few short hours."

Tabitha knows that she can't let Siren out of her sight for fear of what she might say.

Kay too thinks that Siren is trouble if left alone with Miguel.

Tabitha sends Fox, Kay and Miguel off to set up for Siren. Siren thanks Endora for making her a woman. Tabitha tells the girl that she belongs at the bottom of the ocean and she just might be the one to send Siren there.

Fancy has searched everywhere for Noah but he is gone. She wonders if this has to do with Maya.

Noah tells Maya that he should just kill Lena and be done with this. Maya talks him out of that action. "You should have killed me when you had the chance," Lena says. "Now, I am going to kill you."

Paloma, Simone and Jessica have arrived in Rome and enter their room. Jessica is so happy to have escaped Spike. "This is great guys," Jessica starts. "But why are you both here in Rome?"

Luis looks before him and there are hundreds of monks in the building praying all at the same time. "How am I supposed to find that monk in here with all these other monks?" he wonders.

"Back to the sea your go!" Tabitha says starting a chant. Tabitha blocks the spell. Tabitha keeps trying but Endora blocks her at every turn. Siren smiles at Endora's determination. Tabitha has to get rid of this girl. She is fickle and may leave Miguel, who might then try to find that Charity! Endora will not give up. Siren thanks Endora for helping. "You can't override Endora," Siren knows. "She conjured me up and so she controls what happens to me."

Miguel reenters the room with the others and Siren throws her arms around Miguel's neck. Miguel takes her to show her around.

Kay is confused as Miguel was just telling her that he loved her.

Luis meets a monk and asks him to help. "I know Harmony," the man says. "I know Alistair Crane personally," the man says.

Paloma and Simone say that they are doing a project for school that has brought them there. They mention that they also know that Whitney is somewhere there. "Chad is also here somewhere." Jessica offers to help them search for Whitney. She leaves to brush her teeth before they go.

When she is gone, Paloma say that they have to look out for art that has the horseshoe symbol on it. Simone is preoccupied about Whitney. "She was so frail at the convent…"

Whitney lies unmoving on the ground of the cave. She calls out for Chad.

She is dreaming. She is running in the dream to escape something.

She looks up and what she sees makes her scream in terror.

Chad hears the scream and knows that it is Whitney. "She has to be behind this door! Hold on Whitney! I'm coming!" Chad stands back to make a running start and throws all his weight at the door.

The door opens, but there is nothing behind it. Chad is suspended in air for a minute, and then he plunges down into a dark, deep hole.

Kay gives Siren some clothes. Fox wonders if Kay should give Siren the clothes she picked out. The things are all flannel shirts, brown and baggy. Miguel and Fox urge Kay to give Siren more festive looking clothes. Kay gives in. Miguel got her some fresh sheets and offers to help her put them on. Miguel starts making the bed and Siren tries to help. Fox and Kay watch and see that Siren isn't very good at that. She takes the fitted sheet and climbs under it. Kay can't believe what she is seeing.

Tabitha and Endora sit by quietly and watch the four kids to see how Siren is doing.

"How can you not know how to put on sheets?" Kay asks.

Fancy makes a call and learns that Noah is in the lobby of the hotel.

That makes Fancy happy as she figures that Noah is only getting her flowers or something. She decides that she will get something for him.

Noah orders Lena to tell him what it is that they have to do so they can do it and get on with their lives. Lena tells that after this job, there could very well be others.

The monk before Luis says that Alistair has given a lot of money to the church and he is a very good man. Luis enlightens the man, telling that Alistair is evil.

Chad got knocked out for a minute but he is fine now and he gets to his feet. "Where am I?" he asks himself. There are candles in the caves and different compartments. "What is this place? Some sort of masquerade?" Chad sees the horseshoe symbol on the wall. He has seen that before. "Maybe this is where Whitney is," he figures. He starts calling out for her. "Whitney? Whitney! Are you down here?"

Siren says that she grew up sleeping on water. Kay finds that even waterbeds have sheets.

Tabitha is listening and she knows that she has to help Siren, or they will all be exposed.

She walks into the room. "What is going on here? I see. Siren is pretending to be a dumb blond like that Jessica Simpson." Kay doesn't think that Siren is faking. "She doesn't know how to make up a bed…" Fox tells that he didn't make up his bed until he went to college. "Maybe she is rich!" Siren jumps on that. "Yeah. I am rich!" Kay wants to know who her family is. "Fox probably knows them." Siren jumps at the first last name that she hears.

Tabitha whispers to Siren that she has saved herself this time.

The three girls are out searching for clues about Whitney. They decide to check the churches first. They walk off.

A man dressed in a black suit is watching the 3 girls and he follows Simone, Jessica and Paloma.

Luis tries to make the monk tell him if there was a monk that just ran in the church. The monk tells that when the monks are praying and chanting, they pay attention to nothing. If Luis hadn't touched him, he wouldn't have known that Luis were there. The man assures Luis that no one would have seen this man running in. "How can you be so sure?" Luis asks. The monk before Luis claps his hands quickly two times. "CLAP! CLAP!"

All the praying monks turn to where Luis is standing with the fellow monk and they all one by one remove their hoods. Luis is horrified at the true sight of these men. They all have completely white eyeballs, signifying that they are blind. "You see young man," the monk continues. "This is how I can be sure that none of us have seen a monk run into the chapel."

Noah sarcastically asks Lena what they are to do now. Lena orders him to follow his instructions or he and Maya will be dead.

Fancy enters the club and looks around for Noah. She feels that this is weird that Noah has come there. "Why would he come here?" she asks.

With a clap of his hands, all the monks put their hoods back on. Luis tells that there is a priest in Harmony who is blind due to Alistair's hand. The monk can't believe this. "This man wouldn't hurt someone." Luis knows Alistair better and he does this kind of thing for sport. "Our Alistair has done more for this order than anyone else."

Whitney lies on the ground whimpering for Chad.

Something is in the room with her. It roars. Its shadow goes over her body as the creature moves.

Chad is still walking around the caves looking for Whitney. He finds skeletons leaning up against the walls in a sitting position. Chad sees that a necklace that he had given Whitney is around the neck of one of the skeletons. He knows that he is on the right track now.

Miguel brings Siren to the bathroom. She removes her robe to get ready for her bath. Before he leaves her, she pulls him into a kiss.

Once alone, Siren cranks up the radio and then removes her bikini. She dances a bit. She then gets in the bathtub. "Something is missing. Waves!"

Siren wiggles her toes. ZAP!

She has her tail back. She waves it proudly at the end of the tub, making the waves that she so desires.

"What a foolish girl," Tabitha remarks as she watches the scene through the big blue pot. "What if someone see her? Oh no," Tabitha says. "Miguel is making her way back to the bathroom!

Fox and Kay get ready for bed and Kay marvels that Siren can't make a bed. Fox feels that Kay may be a little jealous of Siren. Kay says that there is just something a little weird about her. "How did they get so close so fast? He isn't even discouraging her. Miguel just got over this thing with Charity and he should take things slow." Fox tells her to be happy for Miguel. Kay feels the girl is trouble.

Tabitha tells Endora that if Siren gets cornered, she will open her mouth and tell about the witches in the house.

Miguel comes to the bathroom and knocks on the door. "I need to get in Siren."

Siren panics. She can't let him see her like this. She waves her tail and panics some more.

Miguel starts trying to turn the knob.

Lena has laid out the plan. "Do it or die trying." Lena gets up.

Fancy sees Noah in the corner of the club.

Noah and Maya are alone now and they wonder what to do about their situation.

Jessica, Paloma and Simone are walking along. They think that someone is following them but they see no one. They continue. Suddenly a masked man jumps out of the bushes and grabs the girls frightening them and making them scream.

Luis says goodbye to monk and leaves his number in case the man ever needs him. Luis leaves.

Soon all the monks file out.

One monk stays behind and walks in the opposite direction. His eyes are not white from years of blindness.

Chad is in the caves and he finds a knife. It is a very long knife and it has blood on it…fresh blood. "Whitney!"

Whitney lies in the cave alone. She goes in and out of consciousness. The beast around her continues to roar. Suddenly, something is pulling at her and dragging her while she is lying on her back…

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