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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Natalie

Gwen is trying to quiet the baby.  The door opens, and Theresa bursts in demanding to have the baby. They start arguing.  Ethan comes in and stops the fighting between the two women. Theresa says that Gwen is killing her baby.

Tabitha tells the 'Girl of the Sea' that she is too late, and Miguel will be with Kay instead. "I will deal with you later for doing this, Endora. You have gone against my wishes, Endora."

The 'Girl of the Sea' is upset that she can't get Miguel for herself.  Tabitha can't chance Miguel screwing up things for her with the dark side by getting back with Charity when things don't work out between this girl and him.  Tabitha sees in the pot that things are heating up between Miguel and Kay.

Fox sees Miguel with someone, and he worries that it might be Kay. "It had better not be."  He goes running over to where Miguel is. He lies on top of a girl while kissing her.

Whitney is wearing her simulation glasses to learn about the pope's private quarters. She does the tour and this time she is able to get the door open.

Chad and Luis have arrived in Rome. They discuss how Chad is to find Whitney. Whitney was traced to Rome and, with any luck, Luis will find Marty there as well. There is an account there that Alistair had set up, and Luis bets that it was for Beth. If anyone gets in Luis's way, he will kill him, he promises.

Chris and Sheridan have discovered that Alistair has disappeared. "I know my father, and he is going to kill Luis!" Sheridan says.

Theresa demands to have her baby, but Ethan decides to call the doctor instead.  He makes the call to Eve. "The child has no fever and…yes… Theresa is here", he confirms.  Ethan says that they have to get Jane some liquids and that Theresa has had experience with this and her son, so she can help.

Gwen doesn't care about that. "Get her out of here," Gwen tells Ethan.

Tabitha is happy that Fox is about to find Miguel and Kay. She turns to find Endora and the fish girl staring at her sadly. "I can make Miguel happy," the 'Girl of the Sea' says. Endora says telepathically that with Miguel seeing the mermaid…Fox can have Kay. Tabitha can't chance that.  ZAP! Beams of light got flying and bouncing off the walls. Tabby freaks out. Endora is at it again.

Fox gets up to the man on the beach and he punches him out. "What is going on?" he asks.

Sheridan is terrified. She knows that Luis is in terrible danger, and if anyone is helping her, he or she will be in danger too.

Whitney is doing the tour with her special goggles on.  In the software, Whitney is walking along, making progress.  Suddenly two guardsmen come up behind her with swords in hand.  The 'Figure' is waiting as Whitney does the simulation, and he hears when she suddenly draws her breath in quickly. "Whitney, what is it?" he asks.

Chad and Luis have organized how they are going to start their searches and plan to meet up later. Chad takes off.

Luis is alone.

"Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald?"

Luis turns to find two heavyset men before him dressed in black. “We work for Alistair Crane, and we have been sent to meet you." One of the men opens his jacket to show the gun that he has tucked away in there.

Fox apologizes to Miguel for hitting him. He looks down at the lovely girl who was under him. She gets up smiling. "I thought that you were with Kay."

Tabitha sees it all. "Oh no, Endora! Mermaids are fickle. One moment they are in love with one man and then in love with the next… Miguel still could end up with Charity. By the way, what have you done with Kay?" Endora smiles a little wicked smile.

"Help! How did I get up here?" Kay shouts. She is stuck on a big rock and fully dressed.

Gwen will not give the crying child to Theresa. Theresa finds that rich. "Your hatred of me is greater than the desire you have to care for that child."

Chris calls the front desk to find out what happened to Alistair and where he could be now. Sheridan knows that will do no good. "He could be anywhere…"

Luis has just been told that he is facing men who work for Alistair. "I guess that you know what that means," one of the henchmen says.

Ethan begs Gwen to give the child to Theresa. Finally Gwen gives in. Ethan puts the child in Theresa's arms. The child stops crying immediately. Gwen is not pleased. "Momma's right here for you," Theresa says to her child.

Luis says that he will not be stopped in his search for Marty. The men say that they were sent by his sister, and they are there to help. Luis asks if he could be put in touch with someone at the bank. It is too late to do that now, but in the morning, they will be able to check that out.

Chris and Sheridan are in his room trying to figure out what to do next. Suddenly, a nurse comes in the room pushing a stretcher with Alistair on it. She confirms that Alistair is still in his coma. They look down at his face.

"Help!" Fox, Miguel, and the mermaid run to the voice. It is Kay. They help her off the big boulder. She tells the story of how she followed Miguel out that night. She is sorry she worried Fox. Fox says that he owes an apology as well. He thought that she was kissing Miguel. "Turns out that you were kissing her," Fox says pointing at the girl. "What is your name?"

Tabitha smirks as she stirs the pot. "This is going to be good."

"Your name," Fox prods. "What is it?"

Tabitha can see that Miss Flipper is up to her neck in it this time.

"What is your name?" Kay asks.

A cop car goes by shrieking its alarm. "My name is Siren," the girl says.

Tabitha finds that funny but fitting.

"I am here because I saved your life," Siren says. Miguel recognizes her now. "Why did your parents name you Siren?" Kay asks sarcastically.

"Why did your parents call you, Fox?" she says turning to Fox. "Are you really a Fox?"

Sheridan doesn't believe it. Her father has to be faking. She has to be sure. Chris says that he is there before them and that is how they can be sure. She accepts his explanation, and they leave.

Chad sees lovers in the main square, and it gives him pause to think.  He remembers giving Whitney a flower on a special date.

"Chad!" Luis calls. "Any luck?" Chad says that he hasn't had any developments. "You know, Luis, Whitney and I were going to honeymoon here before we realized that we were brother and sister" Luis understands. He and Sheridan were going to come there too. Chad tries, but he just can't deny what is in his heart.

Somewhere in Rome, Whitney sits in the dark.  She thinks about romantic times with Chad… his mouthing the words, 'I love you,' to her…and she doing it back…

"What is wrong, Whitney?" the 'Figure' asks. "Nothing," she says. "I was just concentrating…" Whitney puts the mask back on over her face and starts doing the simulation again.  The 'Figure' wonders if Whitney will ever stop thinking about her brother, or if she will have to be killed.

Tabitha knows that if this trick of turning the mermaid into a woman doesn’t work, she and Endora will have some s'plaining to do.

Siren says that she ran off when Miguel was rescued because she was naked. "I swim nude all the time." Fox is just glad that Miguel wasn't kissing Kay after all. "Oh no," Siren says. "He was definitely kissing me," she says. She throws her arms around Miguel's neck and kisses him.

Kay watches confused. "How could this be? He was kissing me!" she thinks. Miguel wonders quietly how he could have been kissing Siren when he was kissing Kay.

The 'Figure' pushes Whitney to get the mask back on and try again to get into the pope's private quarters. She does.  Guards chase her out of the area.  Whitney can't take this. She removes the mask from her head and tells the 'Figure' what happened. "What is that red light over there?" she asks at the blinking light near the ceiling. "Never mind that!" shouts the 'Figure' angrily.  He is leaving now. He warns Whitney to keep practicing the exercise.

Sheridan and Chris come home and call for James.  He comes running with the sitter.  After the sitter leaves, James is told it is time to get ready for bed, and he and his father walk off.  Sheridan is alone when the phone rings.

"Hello!" It is Luis. He phoned Sheridan to tell her that he got her message, and he called to find out what she wanted to tell him. Turns out that her message isn't all that important anymore. He tells her that he will be going to the bank the next day to get more information. "That is great, Luis," Sheridan says hanging up.

Luis doesn't realize that she isn't there anymore and he keeps talking. "Sheridan, I love you so much. When I get home, you and I will get back together and be a family."

Sheridan is gone but Chris is on the line. "No, you won't," Chris spits into the extension in the bedroom.

Luis gets off the phone and tells Chad what just occurred. "I just had words with Sheridan’s soon-to-be-ex-husband."

Tabitha found that Siren came up with a really good excuse to cover her tracks.  Fox tells Siren that now that she has saved Miguel's life she has to take care of him for the rest of his life. She loves that idea.

Miguel and Kay chat privately over what just happened. They decide to just pretend like their encounter never happened.

Siren and Fox return to the others…

Ethan thanks Theresa for taking such good care of Jane, who is fine now. Theresa throws her arms around Ethan's neck, glaring at Gwen.

Whitney is doing her simulation. "Wait a minute, there is a window…" In the game, she climbs out the window and shimmies on a ledge to a window. "This must be it. This must be the way into the pope's private quarters."

Chris and Sheridan are alone now. He goes to make her some tea.  Sheridan looks at a picture of Luis and Marty. "Maybe you will find Marty. Just be careful my darling…"

Chad hates just sitting around. Luis says that sometimes you just have to wait. "Theresa sent some goons to help out," Luis tells.

As they are sitting by the fountain, a monk comes out of nowhere with his head covered. Something about him. "What is it?" Chad asks. "I don't know. That monk. He is familiar…" Luis gets to his feet. "Hey you!" Luis shouts.  The monk freezes in his tracks but doesn't show his face, or look in the direction of the voice that calls out.

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