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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Whitney is praying for God to help her.

The 'Figure' is behind her in the main square out in the open. "I will help you Whitney… As soon as you help me…."

Whitney turns to face him.

Sheridan and Ethan see they have a lot in common with their marriages. Ethan wonders what would happen if they were not honorable about their marriage vows. "Could there be something that could make my love for Theresa and your love for Luis win out over our marriages?"

Chris thinks about his situation while waiting for Theresa to get off the phone.

Theresa tells Chris later that Luis has left. "Prepare yourself. The moment that Luis returns with Marty…you two will be finished."

Fox is in the boat hoping that the woman that Miguel was kissing wasn't Kay.

Miguel and Kay sit naked by the fire. He holds her close. She thanks him for being there for her. He promises to always be there for her.

"Kitty! Kitty! Kitty!" Tabitha calls to have him eat the mermaid. 'Girl of the Sea' cries to Tabitha to spare her life as she sits on the floor, flipper to the side. "Tabitha could make the big cat go away if only the mermaid would leave. "No!" she says. "I want to stay!" Tabitha turns to the window again to call Fluffy.

He paws at the window. "What's it gonna be?" Tabitha asks the big fish on the floor.

Chris expects Theresa to talk the way that she does, as Luis is her brother. Theresa says that when Luis was with Sheridan their love was all that mattered. "Whether I hope that Luis and Sheridan get back together is irrelevant."

Ethan wonders what would happen if they abandoned Chris and Gwen. Sheridan hears some wishing in his voice. Ethan quickly denies that is his wish. She hopes that they can stay strong to the vows that they have made to their partners. Sheridan isn't sure that she can stay with Chris though. Ethan admits that his love for Theresa is strong as well.

Fluffy claws at the door and growls to come in. "Leave for good or feed my kitty's belly!" The mermaid wants to be with Miguel.

ZAP! Tabitha brings tartar sauce into the mix and holds it up licking her lips. Fluffy is going to like that! The big blue pot is bubbling over. "Could it be that Fox has found Miguel and Kay?" The mermaid panics. "No!"

Fox can be seen in the pot worrying about finding Kay. He sits in the middle of the boat with his head hanging.

Tabitha is mad. Endora didn't get rid of the fog like her mummy told her to. She goes to the big blue pot. "Clearing…clearing magical skies…."

The fog is gone and Miguel and Kay are seen clearly in the pot. Tabitha is upset that Miguel and Kay are not even kissing. They are losing a great opportunity here. The mermaid is glad to hear that as she wants Miguel for herself. Tabitha is angry. The mermaid is the one who has caused the couple to stop concentrating on each other and wonder about her… Tabitha goes to the pot. She has a spell that will get the couple making whoopee!

Bright red stars start flying out of the pot…

Over on the beach, Miguel and Kay see the stars and feel the heat from it. They both get horny immediately. "I haven't felt this way for a long, long time," Kay says. She melts into his arms and they kiss.

Tabitha watches with glee! The mermaid is upset at what the old woman has done. "Are you still here?" Tabitha asks. She rushes to the door…"Oh Kitty!" The mermaid watches in horror as Tabitha heads to the back door. "No!"

"I can see that you have been weeping," the figure tells Whitney. She tells that she saw some lovers and it made her sad. "Your love for your brother is an abomination," the 'Figure' says. Whitney can't get her brother out of her heart. "Can you forgive me?" The 'Figure' says that there will only be forgiveness if she does as she is asked.

"Don't say that I didn't warn you about Luis and Sheridan," Theresa tells Chris. He hasn't changed his mind about leaving Sheridan.

Sheridan comes into the room and she learns that Luis has gone to Rome to find his baby. She is angry that Theresa has given Luis the Crane credit card to finance his trip. Theresa knows that Luis would have gone any way that he could. Ethan suggests that he and Theresa leave Chris and Sheridan alone for a while. They leave the room.

Chris tells Sheridan that Luis would have left whether she wanted him to or not. "There is something that I need to know Sheridan. If Luis brings Marty home, what happens to us?" She tells that she has made her decision to stay with Chris. Chris knows that people change their minds all the time. "Are you going to stay with me or go to Luis?"

Miguel and Kay are laying in the sand, ready and primed for lovemaking. He lies on top of her, by the fire and he looks into her eyes.

Tabitha orders the mermaid to leave now. "What's it gonna be?" Thee girl can't decide what would be worse…losing a chance to be with Miguel, or being eaten by a big cat and killed. She thinks but she takes too long for Tabby.

ZAP! A pink beam of light goes to the door and zaps it. Endora has worked her magic like only she could do.

Tabitha opens the door and a little, tiny kitty cat trots in cute as a button, and clearly unable to harm anyone. "That is Fluffy?" the mermaid laughs. She smiles at Endora who has become her new best friend. Endora understands what's going on. Endora did this and that infuriates Tabitha as she can't get the girl to do anything that she is told lately. "I will have to get rid of you myself then," Tabitha says advancing on the fish out of water. The mermaid smiles. "You can't! You know the rules! Only the one who brought me here can take me out!" Drats! Tabitha forgot about that supernatural law. "Okay Endora… get rid of her." The mermaid wants to stay. "I can fall in love with Miguel… What if I weren't a mermaid? I know that you need someone to keep Miguel away from Charity. You could change me into a real woman…then I can be with Miguel!"

Ethan and Theresa are in the kitchen and they talk about Luis and Sheridan and what is going to happen in the future. Theresa is sure that they will be together again the way they were meant to be. Ethan tells that Chris and Sheridan are committed and married. Theresa gets that and she also knows that the only reason that Sheridan went with Chris is because Luis was thought to be dead. "She loves Chris but not like she loves Luis…"

Chris asks Sheridan what finding Marty will mean to them. "That would mean everything to me," Sheridan says. "Marty will be a family with us. I chose you to be my husband and nothing will change that." They hug. "I love you Sheridan but with everything that has been happening…" Sheridan loves him too. She wants Chris to understand though that Luis will be a part of their lives if he brings back Marty. Sheridan worries that Luis will be in danger from her father. He is supposed to be in a coma but what if he isn't? What if he is out there implicating his evil plans?

"The only path of forgiveness lies through me. It is time to show you what you must do to save your immortal soul." The 'Figure' takes Whitney's hand and they walk off together.

Tabitha finds the mermaid absurd. "I want to be a real woman," the mermaid says. "Work your magic," she tells Tabitha. "He was near death and I breathed life into him. Transport me into a real woman and I will solve your problem. He will forget about Charity and Kay." Endora cheers. Tabitha says that they can't believe anything this woman and what she says. "Mermaids fall in and out of love all the time. Sorry dear…nice try, but there is too much at stake for me to bet on a mermaid…forget it!"

Chris tells that Alistair has been sent to a long-term facility and that if the hospital knew that he had awakened, then they would have been notified. "You don't know my father," Sheridan says.

Chris thinks to himself that he knows Alistair better than she thinks.

The 'Figure' brings Whitney back to the caves. "There is a private chapel in the pope's private quarters, and in that chapel is a chalice and in that chalice is a clue. The clue is necessary for us to proceed on our journey. Find that chalice and bring it to me. If the chalice isn't in that chapel, then we will have to keep searching… I can't let the pope know that I am doing this. It would disturb him." Whitney can't understand why the 'Figure' can't just know where the chalice is. "Don't question me! You have to do this if you want to save your soul. You must have faith and then you will have entrance to my kingdom. If you complete the tasks, I may grant you a second gift. I may save Chad's sickened soul." Whitney thanks him for that. "How will I gain entrance to the private chapel," Whitney asks. The 'Figure' hands her a virtual reality mask. "This will allow you to see the dimensions of where you are going. Then you can practice your route. Then when I have to send you to the chapel for real, you will know the way as if you designed the building yourself. You will know every sight and sound. Once you have done that… I can send you into the pope's private chapel. You can find the chalice and bring it back to me." The 'Figure' puts the mask on Whitney's head. It covers her eyes so that she can experience the virtual tour of the pope's private quarters. "Trust me Whitney…Would I ever let anything bad happen to you?"

Fox looks over at the beach again. "Is that Miguel?" He is still in the fog and can't see properly. "That woman is still there. It better not be Kay…" He starts rowing.

Tabitha lets Tabitha have it for bringing this fishy being into the house. She looks into the big blue pot. Miguel and Kay are really going at it and Fox is on his way to the beach. "Oh this is great." The mermaid knows that Endora doesn't want this. The mermaid begs Endora to changer her into a woman. "Then you can see Fox and Kay get together. Change me into a woman. Fox is almost at the beach…Change me Endora!" Tabitha goes running to her child. "Don't do it!" Tabitha shouts.

ZAP! Tabitha and Endora watch the transformation. The mermaid sparkles brightly. Her tail lights up and then she is standing on two beautiful legs. Even Tabitha has to marvel at the work her tiny girl has done.

Ethan and Theresa have once again brought the conversation around to she and Ethan, and how they really love each other. He tries to deny it but she knows the truth and asks him if he would be with her if he had the chance to leave Gwen.

Fox makes it to the beach…he sees the fire, then he sees…

The mermaid marvels at her body. "Look at me!" She 'tries to walk and falls flat on her face. "It is one foot before the other dear…" The 'Girl of the Sea' thanks Endora and promises that when she gets Miguel to fall for her, Fox and Kay will be together forever. Tabitha tells that Fox has found Miguel and Kay making love! "You two are too late…" "No!" the mermaid shouts! "No!" Endora shouts.

Ethan and Theresa are still talking.

Ethan gets a call.

"Jane is sick and Gwen says that she is throwing up everything she eats." Theresa is coming with him. "Jane is my daughter and she needs me…"

Chris and Sheridan arrive at the long-term facility. They push Alistair's door open. 'I knew it. He is out there somewhere…." The bed is empty.

The 'Figure' has Whitney, doing the virtual tour. She sees the picture of the chapel. She is about to enter but then stops. "What if someone sees me?" she asks. The 'Figure' tells her that this is just a practice run and that she can't get caught. "Just do it repeatedly. When you have it down pat, it will be as if you don't exist when you go there. And when you don't exist…you can get away with murder…"

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