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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Lena is waiting for Maya when she arrives. Maya hasn't been able to find the couple or keep them apart. Lena makes it Maya's problem that Noah isn't cooperating.

Noah and Fancy are dancing by the fountain.

Someone blows a whistle.

Noah and Fancy turn to find a police officer behind them. He is angry with them for dancing and hugging by the fountain, and they are wet which could mean something else. "Is that your money?" he asks. They admit to taking the change from the fountain. They are told to return the money and leave, but first Noah dips Fancy over the fountain and they kiss.

A person dressed in black watches Noah and Fancy closely.

Tabitha is watching through the big blue pot and sees that things are moving along well for Miguel and Kay and that is what she wants. "If Kay is hooked up with Miguel, then we don't have to worry about that nasty Charity… Don't pout Endora! I know that you love Kay and Fox but you have to look at the big picture."

Fox is rowing to the shore. "Who is that woman that Miguel is with? It had better not be Kay…"

Miguel lays atop Kay and they are both naked by the fire. "I shouldn't be doing this," she says. "I am engaged to marry Fox…" Miguel doesn't move.

Noah and Fancy leave the fountain.

The policeman tells them to get out of there or they will be arrested…

Noah and Fancy rush to get away from the man.

The cop shakes his head. "Amoré"

The black-clad figure watching them follows Noah and Fancy closely as they walk near the fountain.

A man riding a cart that pulls a carriage tells the couple that their car has been towed. He offers the couple a ride. They hop in.

Tabitha and Endora discuss what is going to happen to Fox when he learns the truth. "Fox will end the relationship and Kay will be with Miguel forever…"

ZAP! Endora makes the picture of her fly on the table comes alive. "What are you doing Endora?"

Tabitha turns back to the big blue pot.

Fox is rowing and trying to figure out what to do about finding out who it is that Miguel is making love to on the beach. Suddenly, the fog is around him again. "I can't see the shore anymore…"

Tabitha is angry. Endora has complicated things again. "Why can't you understand that Miguel and Kay are the key to us winning. I know that you were born with a very unfortunate streak of passion, but we have to protect the dark side. It is the essence of our survival! I know that you think that it is good to be good, but it's not. You are my daughter and that means that you are a witch. You undermine us. You are putting our lives at risk by going against me this way and Fox's life as well. What if Fox gets lost at sea in the fog that you made?" Endora never thought of that. "Let mummy handle these things from now on," Tabitha says. Endora pouts…

In the big blue pot, Miguel and Kay are kissing and Miguel is telling Kay that he loves her and wants her more than anyone else in the world.

"Fox should be watching this right now," Tabitha says.

The 'Girl of the Sea' is out and about.

She remembers the kisses that she shared with that handsome stranger.

She treads water now as she looks to the shore… "Miguell…Miguel…"

Lena wonders if Noah really cares about Fancy likes he says. She charges Maya with making sure that Noah doesn’t fall for Fancy. "He says goodbye to Fancy on his own or he will lose her forever. Either way, he will lose her forever…" Maya tells that Noah is only going along with this as the FBI set it up to catch her and the others that she works with. "How foolish," Lena says. Maya tells all. "After this is over, Noah will go back to Fancy and tell her everything. I have to keep this ruse up. He thinks that I am not lying anymore and I am. I hate it. This really great guy is getting fooled voer again. Lena cares nothing for her. She toio has to do another's bidding. "If you fail, Noah and Fancy may die and then we will be punished for failling out mission. Do what yo9u were hired to do. Break them up for good!"

Noah and Fancy are alone in a room now. She know that he was hungry and was disppointed but all he seems to want now is her. They talk about the fountain and how she finds him romantic for taking the coins. He is going ot flip a coin, but however it lands, they will haed to the bedroom and make love. He has kept his fcoin that he wished on. He tells that he wished for her. She shows him her coin and she has wished for him. They kiss now. "Let's get you out of these clothes," he says.

Noah and Fancy wake. She never thought that tshe could feel this way again. She weants to stay this way and he promises her that they will.

The door to their bedroom opens and a dark figure wlaks up beside the bed as the couple kiss.

Tabitha is angry that Endora has interfered again.

Fox is still trying to get to the beach. "That had better not be Kay over there…"

Tabitha sees that Fox is still trying to find his way.

ZAP! Endora makes her mermaid doll float up into the air and come over to where she is. Tabitha hasn't seen her that fixacted on one of her dolls the way that she is over this mermaid doll. "You must have really liked that Little Mermaid story I read you. Mermaids are nothing but trouble. If you ever see one up close Endora… turn and runjh for the hills. They are the worst enemy that witches can have. They ruin spells! Here is some advice. Avoid mermaids at all costs…"

Endora knows that it is too late for that piece of advice…


Miguel gets up from kissing Kay and looks around…."It is her…She is calling me. She has to be around her somewhere." Kay doubts it. "Unless she is an Olympic swimmer, I doubt that she is here…"

Not far away…almost completely hidden due to the fog, the 'Girl of the Sea' come out of the water and she now lies on the sandy beach. She is the same as any other girl…from the waist up… but from the waist down, she sports a tail… Not just any tail…it is gold and sparkly with a fin at the very bottom which she waves happily from time to time, like a dog would wag his tail… She is a mermaid…

Fox can't believe this fog. "It is like it is aimed directly at me. How am I going to find the shore?" He keeps rowing anyway. He isn't sure who Miguel is and now that he thinks about it, it can't be Kay. "If it isn't Kay, then whoi is it?"

Miguel and Kay sit up. She hears nothing now. Miguel says that the girl was real. He wishes that he knew whoi she was. Kay wishes that too.

The mermaid sings again…"Miguel…"

Tabitha is confused…"What have you done Endora?" She just puts her head on the table and says noth9ing.

Tabitha turns to the pot…She sees Miguel and Kay,

…then she sees the mermaid.

"Did you conjure up a mermaid?" Tabitha asks.

ZAP! Tabitha forces Endora to bring the creature to the house. The creature sits on the floor in all her glory… tail and all. "Where am I," she asks. "That is another reason that I hate mermaids," Tabitha remembers. "They leave puddles everywehre…

The figure in the room with Noah and Fancy is Maya. She puyts her hadn over Noah's mouth to keep him from talking out.

They go into the other room in the suite. "You are going to ruin everytbhing. Lena is here and she will blow us out of the water completely." Noah doesn't care. "I am done and I will not spend one more hour without Fancy." Maya can't believe her ears. Noah broke Fancy's heart once and he will not do it again. "What about her life Noah?" He thinks about that.

Lena is on the phone. "I promise. It will not happen again. If so, Noah…Fancy or both of them will die…"

"You are a mermaid," Tabitha says. "You have to answer some questions." The mermaid denies that’s he was doing anything. "Hey is this what they call a house?" Tabitha tells her it is.

Tabitha tells Endora that she will not be allowed to cast another spell asa long as she lives. The mermaid realizes that they are witches. "you hagve set me free! How can I thank yo9u?" Tabitha tells her to get lost and disappear. The mermaid will not go. She has wanted to be free for a very long time now. "Don't let me go back to my fable. I want to stay…" tAbby can see that she needs some convincing. "Fluffy! Fluff! Time to eat some cat food!"

A roar is heard outside. "What is that?" the mermaid asks. "That is a cat," Tabitha says. "A very big cat. Yo9u have to understand that witches and mermaids don't mix. Now scoot! We have enough troubles here without adding you to the mix!"

Noah never want to leave Fancy. He can't. Maya reminds him that thtye are dealing with terrorists and that Fancy is in danger. "Yo9u can't be with her," Maya points out. Noahk realizes that he has been fooling himself. He will get things back on track right away.

Noah goes back into the bedroom and sits by Fancy. He kisses her head as she sleeps. "Come on," Maya whispters. "I love you Fancy is the last thing that Noah says before leaving.

Endora sits with the mermaid. They love each other. Tabitha wants her o9ut. "Are you going to leave voluntarily, or should we feed you to Fluffy?" The mermaid doesn't want to go away. "I feel happy," she says. "I want to stay." Tabitha laughs. "Happiness comes and goes and yo8ur happiness is about to take a hike. Endora…do yhou want to do the honoiurs?" Endora sits sadly on the floor. "Do you want to see Fluffy eat her?" the mermaid begs for her chance to stay, but Tabitha is tough. Before she can do the magic to get the fish out of there, she runs to the big blue pot.

"Endora…you forgot to lift the fog," she tells Endora. "Now Miguel will never be caught with Kay!" The mermaid's eyes light up. "You know Miguel?" the mermaid asks. Tabitha understgands. "You are the blonde who saved Miguel!"

Miguel is still listening to hear the beautiful girl who save him, but he hears nothing.

Kay hears nothihng.

"I can't believe that you know Miguel," the mermaid says smiling. "Of course I know him," Tabitha says. "he lives upstairs in my house…Enough! Time for you to go!" Tabitha says.

She walks out back. "Kitty! Kitty! Kitty! Kitty! I have something for you…It is called …DINNER!"

Back in the kitchen, the little mermaid faces the back door with true fear in her eyes.

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