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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Noah and Fancy are dancing at the dance club. She never thought that she could be this happy again. They declare their love for each other. He can't believe that she is saying this to him. She warns him that she has no idea what he future holds. The way that they feel right now is about only about now They kiss.

Esmé and Gianni watch Noah and Fancy not sure what is so special about them, and why they are so smitten with each other. Esmé just can't understand why her friend is head over heels for Noah and doesn't give a fig about Gianni. Gianni says there can only be one answer… they may be in love. Esmé looks at him curiously.

Whitney is praying for guidance. She is in her disguise and on her knees. "What do you want me to do God?"

The 'Figure' watches her from a door in the wall behind her. He knows that when the other players have arrived in Rome, he will have more for Whitney to do. "Until then he just wants her to keep put and wait for the time to strike.

Paloma and Simone get ready for their trip to Italy. They will be flying coach to avoid looking obvious to anyone who might be watching them.

Spike and Jessica. Go home as he wants a beer. She starts taking off her shoes but he orders her to get back out or he might beat her up.

Tabitha is trying to see in the big blue pot, but the fog is too thick. Endora is happy about that. "Are you the one causing trouble with the fog Endora?" She only bangs her plates in response. Tabitha decides to figure things out herself.

Fox is in the fog trying to find Kay. He can't see a thing, but feels his way to the dock and climbs into a boat. "I'm coming Kay…I am coming…"

"Come Miguel… Come…" the girl's voice calls. Miguel and Kay are in a boat in a thick fog, and unable to see where they are heading. Kay is getting scared. The boat is just floating and they have no idea where they are heading. "That voice," Miguel says. "It has to be the woman who saved me. She is calling me…"

Behind the couple, an eerie skeletal hand, made of the fog, pushes their boat in a supernatural direction, one that is out of control.

Tabitha waves the fog away from the big blue pot, so that she can see. Finally, she can see again. Endora knows that Kay loves Fox and tells her mother so telepathically. Tabitha knows that but she also knows that Kay has a soft spot for Miguel. Tabitha has no idea where Fox is at the moment. She searches and finally in the pot she sees him. "Hurry Bro!" Endora thinks as loud as she can. "Enough is enough," Tabitha tells. "We have to dis-spell all the spells that we have cast… We will use…'Spell Be Gone!"

ZAP! The bottle appears in her hand…

ZAP! Next Tabitha covers herself in a protective suit. She starts spraying the potion of pink gas around the room.

Fox rows not sure where he is going, or where Kay is.

Miguel and Kay are still sailing on the water. Miguel promises to protect Kay so that she will not be afraid. "What is that?" Miguel points. "Over there!" Kay leans forward to look. She falls into the water. "Aah!" SPLASH!

Fox hears the cry and the splash of water. It seems to come from somewhere behind him, but where? He turns in that direction but can see nothing but fog. "Kay!" Fox starts rowing in the direction of the voice.

Esmé isn't happy. She only wanted Noah to dance with Fancy for a dance or two, not the whole night. "Fancy is supposed to be your date, so get out there Gianni." He does have a reputation to uphold as a gigolo. He walks off with a purpose.

"Can I have a dance," Gianni asks. Noah says 'no'. "Fancy is with me now and no one is coming between us again. He shoves Gianni off.

"My knight in shining armor," Fancy says to Noah. She takes his arm and they decide to head to private pastures.

Esmé shows up before them. "I am not going to let you get away with him a second time!" she shouts. Noah holds her face and kisses her tenderly.

The effects of his kiss keeps her happy long enough so that Noah and Fancy can run out of there.

When she realizes that she has been duped, she gets angry. She runs over to Gianni. "You are back on the clock!" she says. Then she kisses him roughly.

Jessica doesn't want to go out on the street to work that night. She is tired of turning tricks. "What if I promise you that it will only be for a few more weeks?" Spike asks. She considers that proposal. "I will be able to start my club again and then you can stop," he promises. She agrees to go out then. "I will even let you off the hook tonight after doing only one more job for me." He rushes off to get her something to help ease the pain.

She goes to the mirror to put on some makeup and realizes that she can't do this anymore.

Someone touches Whitney's shoulder and she turns around frightened.

"You came back to me," she says. The 'Figure' is happy to hear that Whitney has been praying to him fervently. "You must stay here," he tells Whitney. She doesn't like it in the catacombs. "I sense evil here," she says. "Evil?" he asks. "In my presence? Stay here and wait for my return," he orders walking off.

Whitney falls to her knees and starts praying again. Suddenly the lights and candles all go out and a cold wind blows. Whitney rushes to her feet looking around in the dark. The horseshoe symbol is engraved into the stone wall. "Evil…evil is here…"

Tabitha has done it. She has gotten rid of Fox's success spell. "Now let's get rid of some other spells that we have cast of the kids. I will bring out the spell, and you ZAP them Endora…. Endora watches as the spell fly out of the big blue pot and the spell tool vacuums them up off the kitchen floor at Endora's bidding.

Fox continues to row while calling out to Kay.

Miguel and Kay are on the beach now, and they lie unconscious. Miguel is the first to wake. He finds Kay and wakes her. She sits up. He plans to build a fire, but has nothing to start a fire with… ZAP! A fire starts up by itself. They have no idea how that happened but they welcome it. Miguel rubs Kay's arms trying to keep her warm.

Fancy has never had this much fun in Rome before. They meet up with two kids who sell them biscotti that their mother has made. "They were so happy to have made a sale. Noah wants to get something to drink now. Noah starts feeling his pockets. "Those kids took my wallet," he says.

Paloma and Simone are ready to head out. They have all their things packed and they head to the door.

It flies open. "Help me you guys!" Jessica shouts running straight at them and hugging them. "You have to protect me!"

Whitney says her prayers to keep herself from being afraid. She runs out…

The 'Figure' returns with a lantern. "Whitney! Where are you?" The 'Figure' looks around but can find her nowhere… "You will not escape me Whitney…I will kill you first!"

"I turned many tricks and then when I wanted to stop, Spike twisted my arm. He then said that I had better behave or I will be put away for murder," Jessica says to her two friends. "I want to stop selling myself. Please help me hide." Simone has an idea. "Let's take Jessica to Rome…Do you have a passport?" She does and so the kids decide to pick up her passport on the way to the airport. "I have no money," she says. They have plenty.

Fancy feels that this is all her fault that Noah's wallet was stolen. She was the one that was hungry. Noah can't buy Fancy anything to eat or drink now. She has no money either as Gianni has it all. She assures him that he has her money only for drinks and nothing else. "I wish that I had a little change to buy one expresso," Noah wishes. Fancy turns and sees coins in a fountain behind them. Noah knows that they could be arrested for taking the money out. They take off their shoes anyway and jump in the water.

Whitney has made it out of the catacombs. "Something was evil there…"

She returns and sees Noah and Fancy hugging and kissing. She doesn't recognize them but smiles at their happiness. It is the same happiness that she used to have with Chad.

Tabitha sees that Miguel and Kay are together and that is what she wants. Endora wants Kay with Fox and that is that.


Tabitha blocks her spell. "I knew that you wouldn't listen to me, so your spell played right into my hands. Very soon Fox will come ashore and finds Miguel and Kay wrapped in each other's arms. Even if Kay begs him to take her back, he will not do it. Then Kay will be free to be with Miguel and she will be guilt-free…" Tabitha goes back to the pot now.

Miguel and Kay are sitting by the fire but they can't get warm. Their clothes are wet. "We have to take them off," Miguel says. He strips before her. She then stands in front of him and he moves close to her. She starts with her blouse and takes that off.

Fox is in his boat still. "Kay! Kay!" The fog suddenly lifts. "I am coming Kay!" He sees a beach where he can get out of the boat. "She has to be there."

Miguel and Kay are naked in each other's arms. They hug now. "What am I going to say to Fox?" she wonders. Miguel tells her to tell the truth. They continue their hugging. The fire burns and burns and burns.

Tabitha is at home waving her hands, keeping the fire burning…

Miguel and Kay have the time of their lives. He asks her what she really wants out of life. She wishes that things were simply again. "Remember when we had that big bon-fire with everyone? I was wishing that you were with me then," she says. "You are with me now," he tells. They kiss.

Noah and Fancy have enough change for two expressos now. They decide to make a wish but not to tell the other what the wish is so that it will come true. "Let's go get a drink now." They will but first Noah kisses her neck.

Whitney remembers how it was when she was a with Chad. "Now we can't be together. I can't take this anymore. I have to get out of here…"

The three friends leave for their trip.

After they are gone, the window opens. Spike comes crawling in the room. "Jessica! Jess?" No one is there. He runs to the front door to see if she is outside but he sees nothing.

His cellphone rings. It is the 'Figure'. "You have to get to Rome! It is important! I have a job for you," the figure orders.

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