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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Julian tells that Whitney has been seen entering Rome.

Paloma and Simone find this is getting stranger by the minute. "Whitney is in Rome…the place where we were going to start our search for the stolen art!"

Tabitha is watching Miguel and Kay in the boat in the middle of the night using the big blue pot. Something has been working to get those two together and she has to figure out what that force is. "They are moving into murky and enchanted waters," Tabitha notes as she watches after Miguel and Kay while they gently sail.

Fox is in bed sleeping.

He dreams calling for Kay to come back to him. In his dream he can see Miguel and Kay going off in the boat and he shouts to them to come back but they just ride off staring back at him serenely.

"Kay," Fox says in his sleep.

Kay tells that she followed Miguel to see what he was up to. "First you almost drown and now you are back in the water on the very same night. Let's get out of here Miguel."

"I hear you…I am coming…Find her Kay…" Miguel looks past Kay's head and behind her, thinking that he can hear his 'Girl of the Sea' calling to him. Kay looks behind her but sees nothing there. Kay has no idea what he talks of. To her, he sounds crazy. "The blonde woman, who saved me," he tells. "We have to find her."

Pilar finds her son Luis ready to go off and find Marty again when he has only just returned home. "Wish me luck mama…I am off to find Marty." His mother will not let him go off again.

Ethan and Theresa try to revive Sheridan but they can't.

Chris comes in the room finding Sheridan out cold after hearing that Luis is gone to get Marty again and could die because of it. 'What happened to her?" Chris asks. "She is fearful," Theresa says very strongly to him. "She passed out as she is fearful that this time she could really lose the love of her life for good!"

Pilar will not let her son go to find Marty. "I have to go and look for my son mama. Ethan hacked into the computer and there was a bank account in Rome and I know that Beth is there with Marty." Pilar knows that Theresa can send people to go and get the boy for them. Luis knows that Alistair's people can't be trusted. "I just don't want to go to another funeral for you. Alistair could be dead and still destroy our lives. I want to talk to you about this Luis. You are precious to me, so don't risk this. Alistair's evil has already taken a son and I will not risk another one." Luis will not be dissuaded. Pilar has an idea. "I know what we will do. You come with me," she orders.

Sheridan wakes and Ethan and Chris take her to a chair. "I remember what happened now before I fainted. Is Luis gone?" she asks. She is told that he is. She hasn't eaten for a while and has to take care of herself she is told. Ethan offers to take her to the kitchen and they go slowly. Chris is going with them, but Theresa asks Chris to talk to her for a minute as what she wants to talk about is important.

"What do you want?" he asks Theresa. "Every man is for sale, so tell me Chris…what is your price? I want you to leave Sheridan alone and divorce her. I need you to go immediately so what will it take? Five million? Ten million? Name your figure!"

Whitney's family and friends try to figure out why Whitney went to Rome of all places. Does the visit have to do with becoming a nun? And if so, shouldn't her Mother Superior have known about that? "What could she be thinking?" Eve wonders. "It is all so strange!"

Paloma is stuffing herself as she is nervous. "This has to have something to do with the stolen paintings. We were wondering how to pay for our trip to Rome and we found all that money? Now your sister is on her way there? How strange is that?"

Tabitha is upset as someone must be practicing magic as well as she and Endora. She makes Endora promise to behave…


Fox is suddenly jarred from his sleep by a pink thunderbolt jabbing him in the chest. "What is going on?" Fox says sitting up quickly.

Tabitha can see that it was Endora all along who has been causing tiny trouble in the lives of Kay, Miguel and Fox. She has been practicing magic behind her mummy's back!

Now rain falls on Fox as he sits up in bed.

"Time for a time out," Tabitha says. "Try me," Endora thinks to mummy, smiling mischievously while looking out of the corner of her eye.


Endora suddenly has baby boxing gloves on and she can't do anything about it. Her magic fingers have been placed under arrest. Tabitha turns to the big blue pot now.

Miguel and Kay are in the boat and she orders him to come back to shore with her right now. He will not. "You go back Kay. I have to find her… I have an overwhelming feeling that the girl who saved me has been calling me out to the water because she needs me…"

They hear noises. "Can you hear that Kay?" She hears something but she has no idea what that is. They stay quiet as they listen.

"Speak up Chris…how much is it going to cost to get you to leave…" He isn't for sale. She knows that he has to be. Everyone is for sale. "You could invest it and you can then beat the women off you with a stick." He doesn't answer and so Theresa offers him 15 million. "You can take the money and move away. You just have to leave and let my brother have Sheridan… She gets up to twenty million before Chris gets angry and tells her that he doesn't need her money and will not abandon his wife.

"What am I going to do?" Sheridan asks Ethan. He says that she has friends and family and they will all help her through this. Ethan understands her position. He is in the same position too. "It is over Ethan… I am with Chris and Luis knows that." Ethan tells her to take all the time that she needs. "If you mess this up, you will regret it for the rest of your life…"

Pilar brings Luis to church. "Kneel down and pray to God…" Luis will not do that. The last time that he did that God didn't answer his prayers. Luis kneels.

"I pray to God that he helps me find my son so I can have the family that I need…"

Pilar doesn't like that prayer and tells him that he needs to ask for forgiveness and open his heart. Luis gets angry. "I didn't do anything wrong ma! I love Sheridan and she belongs to me! If you ask me, it is Chris who has done something wrong here…!"

Suddenly, the church door which has been closed behind them, flies open and bangs on the inside walls from the force of a very strong wind that moves them. Luis and his mother turn to face the doors but no one is there.

Eve knows that anything can happen to Whitney while she is off in Rome. Julian has no other leads on where Whitney is or whether there is more information. Chad decides that he is going to Rome right now. Julian says that Chad shouldn't go alone. Eve would go but she can't leave the hospital. "I'll go," Paloma and Simone say. Simone says that she applied to a foreign study program and was accepted. "Me too!" Paloma says. "God works in mysterious ways…" Eve can't let the girls go and take care of this when she should be doing it. Simone really doesn't mind. "If we need you, we will call you and you and Julian can rush out if needed." Julian says that he and Eve will take care of the baby and they will provide money for him to go to on the trip. Chad is thankful for that. He senses that Whitney is in danger. He rushes out.

Whitney senses that there is danger coming. "All is so strange."

Tabitha isn't sure what is happening but Kay and Miguel are out on the high seas, heading for romance.

Fox calls out from the other room for Kay.

Tabitha is upset that Endora has intruded and caused trouble.

Fox is in his room wondering where the water in the ceiling came from…

"Fox!" a girl's voice calls out.

Fox rushes to the window but sees no one…"Fox!" Fox rushes out.

Tabitha puts the boxing gloves on Endora's little hands tightly as she has been working to get them off.

Fox enters the room. "Do you hear that?" he asks. "It is Kay," he says. "She is calling to me…" Fox goes running out.

"What have you done Endora? Fox can't find Miguel and Kay together…"

"Miguel…come to me…" a girl's voice calls out. Kay hears it this time. "This is way too weird. What is that?" Miguel starts the motor, pushing the boat towards the voice… "Kay suddenly thinks of all the things that have happened in Harmony that were strange, and now this…"

Miguel and Kay stare into the water around them…"I think that I see something," Kay says. Miguel looks down. Little beads of light form on the water and then raise up in a cloud to swarm around Miguel and Kay. "What is that?" Kay asks. "Fireflies," Miguel responds. Kay doesn't believe that. "At this time of year?" Suddenly, the cloud of lights multiplies and is all over Miguel and Kay. They frighten her and she stands up in the motorboat, falling forward and screaming and Miguel watches.

Pilar takes the door flying open as a sign from god that what he is planning is wrong. "Evil is out there Luis…" Luis doesn't care. "Bring it on! I am going to Rome, rescue my son and bring him home to Sheridan…Goodbye mama…"

"You can take the money and lose Sheridan, or refuse the money and lose Sheridan…" Chris doesn't want the damn money as it belongs to Alistair. "I have money and that isn't the big motivator in my life. The thing is that I have my heart's desire. Sheridan chose me over your brother. Face the facts. The great romance between Sheridan and Luis is over…" Theresa tells him to go ahead and believe that but that he will be setting himself up for a whole lot of pain. "She is having my child," Chris says. Theresa has heard this before. "She is only staying with you out of duty. She will try to keep this up for a while but in a while she will return to Luis. You can't win Chris. It is fate…"

Sheridan feels much better now that she has had something to eat and drink. "Ethan when you were talking before, you said that I should chose to be with the man that I love, and not the man that I am married to… were you saying that you love Theresa and wished that you were with Theresa?" Ethan says 'no'. "Look we are talking about you now," he says. She is standing by her marriage vows much in the same way that he is standing by his.

"Endora! What are you up to now?" She has gotten her gloves off.


The clouds of firefly creatures fly into the room from out of the pot. It is really a cloud of fairies and they bite too. "I don't believe in fairies," Tabitha shouts.


Tabitha has a megaphone now and she orders the fairies out of there. Endora orders her to leave her friends alone, telepathically that is.

Tabitha sees in the big blue pot that Fox has made his way to the waterfront and he is about to find Fox with Miguel.

"Kay," Fox calls out while walking in zombie fashion.


He is out of his trance… "What am I doing here? Kay? Where are you?" he asks aloud.

Miguel and Kay are in the boat still and now they can't see very well as a fog is around them. "Ah…" Miguel can still hear the voice calling him. "Where are you taking us Miguel?"

They have no idea but there is a giant skeletal hand made of fog, pushing their motor boat along.

Julian and Eve discuss Whitney and the kids going off to find her.

Paloma keeps eating and eating until Simone stops her. "We should be thinking about getting ready for Italy, not concentrating on eating." They know that Whitney is involved in this but how?

Chris never took Theresa for the hard woman that she is. She doesn't want to be cruel but she knows that one way or another he will be hurt. "When Luis returns, Sheridan will leave you. Nothing can keep Luis and Sheridan apart…"

Sheridan finds that she and Ethan have something in common as they both will not give up their m marriages. Ethan wished that they lived in Harry Potter times. "We could then just wish for something and it would happen."

Pilar is alone in the church now. She prays for Luis… "Keep him away from evil…"

Luis and Chad meet on the plane. They are both heading to Rome. Chad tells how he is going to get Whitney, while Luis tells how he is going to get Marty. The men have things in common it seems. "I know exactly how you feel," Chad tells.

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