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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Julian has a surprise. He brings Eve into the sitting room off the main room of the mansion. It is dark there. "What are you doing Julian?" she asks. He calls out for music and violin music and it starts.

They dance while being serenaded by live musicians that were hidden in the dark until Julian clapped for the light to go on.

Paloma and Simone search with Chad but can't find her anywhere. They are now searching for her outside and over by the wharf. She has to be off the premises as they have searched the convent from top to bottom. They think that she has to have run off now. Chad will check if she has decided to travel somewhere and left town. He quickly runs off, promising to check in with the girls later.

Paloma and Simone talk about the suspicious disappearance of Whitney and the horseshoe symbol. Paloma wants to go to Italy and start the search for the stolen art. Simone will not leave though without word on her sister's whereabouts. "What does this horseshoe symbol mean? What does it mean to Whitney?"

The 'Figure' looks at Whitney. She stares up at him with those spooky hazel eyes and short red wig. "Your own mother wouldn't know you Whitney. Patience Whitney…all will be revealed in time. Remember the faith of your soul depends on you…"

Miguel dreams again of the mystery girl while he sleeps.

She kisses him…

She swims before him smiling…

"Come to me," she calls… "Come to me…"

Tabitha knows that her daughter has been keeping secrets and she demands to know what they are. Endora will not reveal anything. Tabitha will wait but she knows that there is something to find out. "We have to make sure that Charity never returns so that all the witches will be safe. That is why Kay needs to end up with Miguel." Endora doesn't want to hear this. She wants Kay with Fox. "Their love is doomed Endora. It will never be. Not even you can fight the stars Endora…"

Fox and Kay talk about Miguel and how he was mumbling about the great love of his life while in and out of consciousness. Fox is sure that he was talking about Charity. "Who else could it be?"

Kay thinks back to Miguel telling of his love for her. Miguel said it would be a tragedy for them to miss out on this chance to be together, and raise their daughter.

Fox is really thinking now about what he just said. "Who else could be the love of Miguel's life besides Charity?"

Luis is kissing Sheridan and she pushes him off. She feels so guilty about this. It just isn't right with her married to another man.

Ethan and Theresa return to the room. "Are you leaving Luis to go search for Marty?" Theresa asks. "Yes," he says. "I have some back pay and extra money tucked away in our joint account, and I will use that to finance my trip to find my son." Sheridan's eyes grow large. "No! No! I will not allow you to use that money in our joint account to go off and search for Marty!"

Chad returns telling that his family name didn't get him any news about Whitney just now. "I have the wrong color skin…although I am a Crane…"

Julian and Eve are enjoying their evening. She suddenly gets the feeling that something is going to go wrong with one of her children… "Whitney…"

The 'Figure' is ready to send Whitney off on her adventure. She still has questions but the 'Figure' warns that she has to show faith and do as she is told, without asking him questions.

Fox and Kay talk about their relationship and Kay is tense. She tries to hide her concern about her engagement to Fox.

Tabitha and Endora are watching through the big blue pot as Kay tries to get her mind off Miguel. Tabitha laughs at the girl's discomfort. She can see easily that Kay still has the hots for Miguel...


Endora causes a beam of light to rise and fall into the big blue pot. "Endora…what did you do?"

The beam of light appears in Miguel's room and wakes him by bouncing on his face, ever so lightly.

He looks up and sees the girl, who saved his life standing before him, as god made her…naked. "Where did you come from? You are the girl who saved my life?" She says nothing. She just pulls up the sheets and slips under them with Miguel…sliding into his arms as they kiss."

Sheridan tries to make herself clear. She doesn't want to be with him. She doesn't want him to go looking for Marty as that is clearly dangerous and he almost died once. Luis isn't afraid. "Alistair is in a coma and Otto is dead! I will do this and then we will have the family that we always wanted." She gets angry now. "I have told you Luis. We are not getting back together. I am married to Chris and you have to respect that!" She marches off to exit the room. As she is passing Theresa, she gets a hard, loud SLAP on the face! "Theresa!" Luis calls out. Sheridan holds her cheek in pain, staring at the determined-looking woman before her questioningly. "How dare you give up on the man that you love…"

Miguel and the girl from the sea kiss. He has questions but she never utters a word…

Miguel is dreaming… "Who are you?"

Tabitha demands to know what Endora has done to Miguel with her magic fingers. She will not tell.


Endora lets loose another beam of light. This time it is shocking pink! Tabitha tries to stop it and almost falls over like one of the three stooges She has to stop the beam from doing Endora's bidding.

The pink beam of light ends up in Miguel's room again.

He dreams of her. "Come to me…Come to me…"

Miguel sits up wide-awake now. "I have to get to her…"

Luis is angry about the way that Theresa is treating Sheridan. "She is pregnant. You could have hurt her with that slap." Theresa cares nothing of that. What is important to her is that Sheridan be with Luis. "It is like me and Ethan. He is married but he loves me and not Gwen, and yet he will not come to me… but you Sheridan, you have a chance to set things right but you won't do it. It is like people like me are cursed or something." She cries now. Luis tells his sister that she isn't to cry. "You will see Theresa. When I bring Marty back, she will change her tune." Sheridan says that he isn't to go. "No!" Theresa decides to help. "You can have one of my credit cards and you can use it anywhere in the world…" Sheridan doesn't want this. She won't allow it. "What is wrong with you Sheridan?" Luis asks. "Don't you want Marty back?" She does but she doesn't want him in danger again for trying to find the boy who is so well protected and hidden from them. "You know what Luis? You can't take that money from Theresa. That is Crane money and you swore that you would never touch it!"

"Miguel where are you?" a female voice calls. No one is there but Miguel moves with purpose. "I will find her…she needs me…". He gets dressed and leaves the house.

Kay peeks into the hall in time to see Miguel rushing out of the house. "Where is he going? No sense in telling Fox about this," she says getting dressed to leave.

Tabitha and Endora watch using the big blue pot. " Where is Kay going?" Tabitha wonders. Endora isn't happy to hear that Kay is going with Miguel. That wasn't part of the plan. "She is going somewhere?" Endora telepathically asks.

Julian dismisses the band now. He wants to be alone with his love.

He has a present for her. She opens the black velvet box. An exquisite diamond necklace is inside. Julian places the necklace around Eve's neck and fastens it. She is trying to have a good night but can't help think about Whitney. "These premonitions that one might get are disturbing…"

Chad arrives with Paloma and Simone in tow. "Mom," Chad says. "Whitney has disappeared from the convent. Eve can see now that she was right all along about her premonitions…

The 'Figure' has Whitney in another tunnel now. "Where are we going?" she asks. The 'Figure' is behind her and he takes out his dagger. She turns and sees him ready to strike. "What are you doing," she asks him with fear in her eyes. "I told you," the 'Figure' reminds. "Sacrifices have to be made…" The 'Figure' raises his arm and plunges the knife, in a downward motion. Whitney lets out a bloodcurdling scream, as her eyes bulge out of their sockets.

Chad tells how Whitney could be halfway across the world by now. Eve knows that this is her fault and that she should have gotten her daughter help.

Julian gets on the phone. "Eve's daughter is msising, so get every man and woman to go out and find her. You have worldwide contacts, so use them to find them. Who refused to cooperate with Chad when he went to Crane to ask about Whitney and getting help? That person is to be fired and off the premises…"

Paloma and Simone talk quietly and Simone feels that they should come clean about what they were doing. Paloma knows that Alistair has friends out there who could turn on them.

Whitney stops screaming. The 'Figure' has only used his dagger to insert it into a lock in the wall; much like you would a key into a lock. He turns the handle of the dagger and a secret door in the stone wall behind them opens up. Whitney thought that she was in dingier when she heard the 'Figure' talking of sacrifice. The 'Figure' was referring to his dagger which now lies broken on the ground. "Come Whitney… We have much work to do…"

Luis will not be stopped. Theresa will support her brother. She can't be with the love of his life but she will support Luis in his plight to get the love of his life. "I am terrified just like you but I would be more terrified if there were no hope of him getting you back," Theresa says. Sheridan knows that this will be a death sentence for Luis. He has to try, as without her, he is already dead.

"Come to me Miguel…I need to see you…" the voice beckons. Miguel jumps in a rowboat at the wharf, ready to go off to find his savior.

"Miguel!" Kay calls. She sees him about to ride off in the boat and she shouts for him.

Julian and the others wait for word on where Whitney is.

Julian gets a call that Whitney may have been sighted.

The group is getting impatient waiting.

"How could she possible have been seen in that location?" Julian thinks quietly to himself. That is impossible…"

The 'Figure' has Whitney in the tunnels still walking…walking… She isn't sure what they are looking for. "Wait!" she calls out. "I see something. Over there. There is a light!"

Paloma tells Simone that they should go to Italy as it is clear they are going to find Whitney. Simone will not leave. Paloma says they will wait then.

The phone rings and Julian gets word. "Yes I see…"

Eve panics. "What has happened to my baby?"

"Who is it?" the 'Figure' calls. "Who is down here?" They see only a lantern. "Come," the 'Figure' calls to Whitney. He touches a metal door before them. Whitney enters the room and it is filled with candles. "I want you to stay here…for now…" the 'Figure' tells. "Pray…pray for your soul. Stay until I return. Pray for guidance…fortitude…salvation. Pray to guard the secrets of my holy church. When you have finished praying it will begin…" Whitney asks what. The 'Figure' pushes her to her knees by pushing on her shoulders… Whitney gets on her knees and starts praying aloud.

The 'Figure' walks behind her and turns to quietly laugh at her…

Tabitha looks into the pot and sees that Kay has reached Miguel at the wharf.

Kay shouts and shouts for Miguel but he can't hear her. Kay runs and runs and ends up falling off the pier and into the boat where Miguel sits.

"Kay?" Miguel asks. "What are you doing here?"

Tabitha is confused. "You didn't do this Endora… who did this? I fear that Miguel and Kay are on a magical journey and it has nothing to do with us."

Luis says goodbye to Ethan and Theresa. He turns to Sheridan. "You have the keys to my heart Sheridan. Just keep them safe until I return." He walks off.

Sheridan calls out to Luis, but he is gone. "Come back Luis! Luis! Stop!" Ethan and Theresa go to Sheridan and pull her back into the room. She crops to the floor now unconscious. Ethan and Theresa go to her quickly…

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