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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Maya comes home to her suite alone, upset that she has no idea where Noah is right now. He ran off after Fancy and that was the last she saw of him.

She finds Lena in her suite sitting in the dark. She isn't happy at all. "Where the hell is Noah and why the hell aren't you keeping him away from Fancy?"

Noah and Fancy are kissing and making up on the dance floor of the club. She wants this to stop but he won't stop, as kissing doesn't change anything. "I love you Fancy…"

At the house, Miguel talks in his sleep mumbling. "Blonde…Blonde hair." Kay wonders if he is talking about Charity.

Fox says that no woman was there.

Kay goes to Miguel asking if he is talking about Charity as the one who saved him.

Ethan, Theresa and Luis have figured some things out that Alistair wanted hidden and now Luis has new hope for getting Sheridan and Marty back. He is ready to head out to find his son again. This time he is sure that he will be successful.

Sheridan walks in the room where the three have made their discoveries. Luis goes to her. "You are not going to believe this Sheridan… I found Marty. I am going to get him and bring him home." Sheridan can't believe her ears. "You found him? I can't believe it!" She rushes into his arms and kisses him full on the lips.

Lena feels that Maya might have wanted Noah to go off and be alone with Fancy for some alone time and she warns that better not be the case. "This is a life or death matter and I don't think that you know that. If Noah finds Fancy and gets her back, everything that we have worked for will go up in smoke and you all will be dead…"

Noah and Fancy are together again in each other's arms. Esmé and Gianni seem to be gone now. They probably figured out that they were mismatched with Fancy and Noah. Fancy missed him but that doesn't change anything for her and their future. "You are with Maya…" Noah tells her that Maya means nothing to him. "I love you Fancy. Can't we just forget about all the trouble for tonight?" She smiles. She hopes that he has some more as Gianni has all her money but she doesn't care about that. "I only care about you Noah…only you…" They head to the dance floor and slow dance.

Tabitha and Kay are unsure of whether Miguel did meet up with Charity or not. Tabitha says that Kay looks like she has been punched in the gut. She wants Kay to be honest about how she feels. She says that she wants Fox. Tabitha can see that Kay's eyes give her away. "If Charity comes back, you will never have a future with Miguel…

Fox asks if Charity could really be in town after all. "That would be something for Miguel wouldn't it? He could end up with the woman that he truly loves after all…" Fox seems happy about this but Kay and Tabitha just roll their eyes.

Sheridan wants more details about how Marty was found. Luis tells that he and the others were hacking into the files and they found a hidden account that Alistair had. "That was how Alistair was supporting Beth. This is what we were hoping for Sheridan. We can be a family now." Sheridan tells Luis that she is sorry as she is married to Chris and can't be with him ever again.

Fox can't understand why the woman didn't stay. "Maybe she went for help," Kay thinks. Fox says that there was nothing out there but beach and water.

Endora has come down from her room. Tabitha picks her up and whispers to her.

"That Charity has come back to town." Endora smiles. "What are you smiling at?" Tabitha asks.

Miguel wakes and Kay sits with him on the couch. She thinks that they should call Dr. Russell just to have him checked out. Fox can see that Miguel is just fine. Kay warns him to take it easy and relax. Miguel asks about Charity. He thought that he heard her name. Kay tells that he was talking about a woman who saved him. Michael says that wasn't Charity… "It was someone else."

The woman had long blonde hair and kissed him underwater. Fox smiles like all men do when they hear a story like this. Miguel smiles at the memory of her and his interaction with her. "She was beautiful…long blonde hair…"

Tabitha sits in the living room while holding Endora and she listens intently to the story. "What did you do?" Tabitha asks Endora quietly. "I'll never tell," she says telepathically…

Nothing has changed for Sheridan. She can never be with Luis. Theresa and Ethan leave the room.

"How can you do this Sheridan? What you and I have is a lot stronger than what you have with Chris and you know it. I will go and get Marty and when I do, can you turn your back on us?" She will not turn her back on Marty but she can't just go back to Luis because he is here. "I am married to someone else now. This baby deserves every chance in the world. Luis knows that she will see how things will be different when he returns with Marty. "I am married to another man and I will remain married to another man. Luis goes to the computer to get the bank address to go to Rome. "Don't go after Marty," Sheridan says. "My father has people all over the world who will be ready to kill you if you go over there…" Luis isn't afraid of Alistair or his people. "I will not let people stand in the way of my getting my son back, or getting you back."

Lena guarantees that Noah and Fancy will be dead if they are not separated. "Find Noah before he finds Fancy and don't let them get together…"

Noah and Fancy are lost in each other on the dance floor. No one else matters. They stare into each other's eyes.

Later they are kissing at their table.

Miguel tells that he has no idea who the woman was who saved him that night. "I spoke to her, but she never spoke…I remember going down under the water. My head hurt and I was drowning for sure. The lips…they were on my lips… It was her lips. I thought that she was kissing me but she was berating into my lungs, but it was like she was breathing into my very being…into my soul. Then out of nowhere a miracle happened."

Luis will not be turned from his mission. Sheridan is afraid for him. "I knew that I had lost you before and I can't let you put you put yourself in danger. I just got you back. At least here I know that you are alive and safe and sound." Luis feels that not being with Sheridan is no better than being dead anyway.

Maya says that Noah doesn't listen when it comes to Fancy. Lena says that Noah will be dead if he doesn't listen. "There are forces in Europe that if they are let go, no one will be left standing. We are all in danger…grave danger…"

Fancy tells Noah not to talk. "I want to enjoy the moment and not talk about anything else." Noah wishes that things could be just like this. They kiss.

Miguel figures the girl pulled him out of the water as she was there on the beach with him when he finally came to. Fox tells that he looked around and he couldn't find the girl anywhere. "She was there!" Miguel says. Kay feels he might have imagined the girl. Miguel says the girl was real. Kay says that Miguel needs to go upstairs and rest. Fox brings him up.

Kay goes to Tabitha and says that it seems that Charity wasn't around after all. "The girl that he saw probably wasn't real." Tabitha sees the jealously on Kay's face. "I can see the green aura around you." Kay walks off.

Endora is asleep now in her mummy's arms while they sit on the couch. "I wonder who this blonde-haired woman is in Miguel's life," Tabitha wonders.

Theresa tells Ethan that it is breaking her heart to see her big strong brother being beaten down and she not able to help. "All that he cares about is Sheridan and he can't be with her. She just pushes him away…She is married but only in name only…" Ethan doesn't want to talk about this. "Maybe once Luis finds Marty…"Theresa knows that Sheridan has her heart set on staying with Chris. "I don't know why people get together and build a life and live happily ever after, while her family gets tortured. Miguel travels all over the world for Charity, and now he has feelings for Kay but she is engaged to someone else…then there is me. I am no closer to being with you that I was before you even knew that I existed. Then there is Paloma and things are good for her but things will change. I think that it would be okay for things to be wrong, if there weren't any children… Look at Jane… she is with Gwen and not me. I want what Luis wants. He wants a real family. Do you think that any of us are ever going to be happy?"

Sheridan begs Luis not to go to Europe on this trip. "I don't want to see you hurt or dead," she says. "I love you more than I love Chris. I can't turn my back on my child. They are my family but I couldn't ever turn my back on Chris. That is the way that it is and that is the way that it will always be!"

Tabitha has Endora awake no on her lap. "What we should do is try to find the blonde that Miguel said rescued him from the sea. Let's look in our magic bowl…" They take a peek…

They see Kay upstairs in the bedroom.

Tabitha knows that the truth about this mysterious woman will bring a splash for sure.

Kay thanks Fox for saving Miguel's life. "I thought that Maria was going to grow up without her father…a mean her real father." They watch as Miguel sleeps. Fox feels that the woman that Miguel thought he saw was just his mind thinking about Charity. "Are you ready for be?" he asks. She is. They head out of the room.

Miguel rolls over as he sleeps.

He dreams of the blonde woman and her kisses on his lips… while un-da-da sea…

Fox and Kay go to their room. Fox thought that he was in love with Kay but the way that Miguel is ranting about the blonde girl makes him wonder. "When we found Miguel on the beach, he was mumbling about losing the love of his life. If that wasn't about Charity, then who else could it be?"

Ethan is ready to go now. Ethan doesn't like leaving Theresa this way but she knows that he will get used to it. She is in a bad mood again. "Luis and Sheridan should be together…we should be together. How can Sheridan walk away?" Ethan says that Sheridan can make her own decisions. "You seem to believe in Luis and Sheridan and their love, so why don't you believe in ours… We have a daughter that is learning to call Gwen 'mommy'. Come back to me. Stop torturing us. Why do you spend your life without me?" He tells he that his situation with Gwen is different from Luis and Sheridan. "I knew Gwen and fell in love with Gwen long before I met you." Theresa met him later and he fell for hr but she feels that should prove something. "You marriage is nothing like the way that it is between you and me. Our love is like a flower and it needs water or it will shrivel up and die. That is what is happening to us. Don't let that happen to us. Don't spend another day without me. You have the power to make us both happy."

Luis and Sheridan will not accept that he can't have Sheridan. "That is all that I had to hold on to. I was locked away in the dark and I had this dream that some day I would get out of there and be with you. I saw the three of us…you, me and Marty… I had this dream that we would marry and get a house…our own place…it would be big and we would have a backyard for Marty… I would see you in the kitchen window and I would say, "Hey! We'll be in for dinner!" We would sit by the fire and have no TV, no computer…" She has to admit that it all sounds so perfect. That was the same dream that kept Luis alive all this time and that dream will keep him strong as he goes to find Marty. "I just hope that you have the same dream too.'

Lena orders Maya to keep Noah and Fancy apart. "We will all die if you can't do that. We will all die in Rome."

"I love you," Noah says. Fancy says the same as they kiss.

Kay hugs Fox and asks him if Miguel ever said Charity's name during the rescue. "No he didn't," Fox say. "But who else could he have meant?"

Miguel sleeps peacefully.

He dreams of the beautiful oceanic beauty…

Tabitha and Endora are watching Miguel through the big blue pot…

Tabitha wants to know more about this girl. They walk off from the big blue pot.

SPLASH! SPlisH! The blonde woman swims by the big blue pot's monitor. She has a tail…She IS A MERMAID!

Tabitha comes running back to the big blue pot and looks in but she sees nothing now. "What have you done?" she asks Endora.

Theresa tells Ethan that she knows that one-day, in spite of what he says, they are going to be together. She pulls him to her and kisses her.

Luis is going to leave to get his son. It is settled. "I would do anything Sheridan…go anywhere to get you back to me…" He holds Sheridan's face and kisses her passionately.

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