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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Noah is looking all over for Fancy at the dance club in Italy.

Esmé is at the club with some men, but drops them for Noah when she sees him.

"I finally get my second chance with you Jonah!" she shouts running to him. He corrects her about his name. "It's Noah! Have you seen Fancy?" She hasn't and doesn't see why they need her to have a party.

Fancy sits alone while Gianni flirts with the other women in the club.

He goes to Fancy now after ogling the other women on the dance floor. She perks up. "What an idiot I am. I forgot to get cash from the bank." She takes out a wad of bills and pays for their drinks. He grabs her bills when she tries to put them away and says that he should hold them to avoid getting further embarrassed during the night.

Theresa is in the mansion walking. She looks at a picture of lovers on the wall. She has everything in the world but what good is that if she hasn't got the man that she loves?

Gwen comes home from work. Ethan has an idea. "I was thinking about putting out my own shingle and going to work for myself." Things are not good for them and they have Theresa to blame.

Sheridan has confessed her love for Luis. Luis feels that they need to end her marriage to Chris right now. "You have always belonged with me Sheridan…"

Fox wants to come on the search and rescue mission but is warned that it isn't safe for civilians. Fox doesn't care. He has to help. Fox knows Miguel and wants to be there.

Kay calls Fox and learns that there is no word yet.

Maria telepathically thinks that her daddy is in trouble.

Kay is really worried that Miguel is in terrible trouble and could even die. She looks out the window and holds her head in her hands as she paces. "He can't be dead Fox…He can't be…"

Ethan wishes that Gwen wouldn't think about Theresa all the time. She wishes that he would do the same. "How many times do I have to find you in a compromising situation with Theresa? How do you think that makes me feel? She is going to be a part of our lives as long as we are here." He wishes that they could move but they can't. "I have a surprise. I made dinner. It was really easy. I followed the recipe on the soup can," he jokes. "No, actually, I really cooked a special meal and you are going to like it." They start kissing.

Sheridan tears herself from Luis's arms trying to face her reality. "I can't do this Luis. I am married to Chris. We are not a family. We don't even have our son!"

Tabitha returns after having put the girls to bed. Kay is frantic. 'He could die. What if Maria has lost her father?" Tabitha wonders if Kay only cares about Miguel being a loss to Maria. "You are still in love with the lad and never fell out of love with him. Admit it."

Fox is with the Search and Rescue team on a boat looking over the edge, into the fog. Miguel has been gone too long now. The face that he could be alive looks like a dream now.

"Oh my God… How am I going to tell Kay if Miguel is dead?"

Miguel floats on his back while unconscious.

All of a sudden, two arms reach up from under the water and encircle Miguel, pulling him in the water… he slides underneath the surface…

Noah wants to look for Fancy but Esmé isn't worried. "Fancy is a big girl and can take care of herself." Noah worries about the jerk that is with Fancy. Esmé says that Fancy knows the score. "Are you going to help me find Fancy or not?" she will help. She knows the guy. "He has always had the hots for Fancy. He is bore but so adorable…" She tells Noah to follow her into the club.

Inside the club, Fancy looks bored while Gianni talks to friends.

He then comes to her and reminds her that she used to party with a lot more life. He knows that she is sad over the boyfriend. S
She said that she is over that guy now.

Luis is alone and Theresa arrives and learns that Sheridan really does love him after all. Theresa is ready to do something about this but Luis tells her not to do anything. "You are right about Sheridan feeling torn but she will feel guilty about leaving James and Chris. All I have to do is find Marty and I can get Sheridan back."

Kay admits that she has feelings for Miguel but that is all. "He was your first love. I remember my first love," Tabitha thinks. Kay asks Tabitha to do something about saving Miguel. She can't help. "I have been running on empty and don't ask me to wake Endora…She is asleep."

Upstairs, Endora sits up in her crib watching her mother and Kay and listening as they talk. She watches through some magical monitor that she has made from some article that is in her room.

Under the sea, Miguel has been dragged down…down by a feminine being. She looks into Miguel's face and sees that he is still out of it and unaware of what is happening. She holds his face to hers and she kisses him…it is a magical kiss…She makes it last a long, long time.

Luis is ready to go and finds Marty again. He knows now that is the key to getting Sheridan back. "I will be smarter this time and I will do a little research… You can help me Theresa… I need keys….bank accounts and other things that I couldn't get close to before." Theresa doesn't know as much as she wishes that she did. "There is someone that can help us though. He is the perfect person."

Ethan and Gwen sit down to eat. Gwen takes a bite. Her face changes. "It's great." Ethan has a bite and sees that the food is perfectly disgusting. They laugh at it.

The phone rings and Gwen begs him not to answer but it is only Luis.

"Does it have to be tonight?" Ethan asks. "Okay…"

Ethan tells Gwen that he has to go help Luis with something of an urgent matter, but that he will be right back as soon as he is finished.

Sheridan is at the door as Ethan is leaving. He finds this perfect timing as Sheridan can stay with Gwen while he is gone. He hugs his aunt and then leaves.

Sheridan tells that she told Luis that she really loved him but she can't leave Chris as she is having that man's child and James loves her. "What am I going to do?"

Noah and Esmé enter the club where Fancy is supposed to be. Noah starts looking around immediately..."Let's dance," Esmé says. Noah isn't there for that.

She grabs a drink from the waitress and drags Noah to the dance floor. Noah stands watching Esmé dance only caring to find Fancy.

Esmé suddenly sees her 'friend' sitting at a table behind Noah. She decides that they should get a table and she drags him off in another direction, away from Fancy.

Tabitha think that Kay is fighting her feelings because of Charity. "She has everything to do with it. You are afraid that he would run off with Charity again if given the chance…"

Fox and the team find nothing. The current is particularly strong this night. Fox will not give up looking for the man…dead or alive…

On a beach somewhere, Miguel is unconscious on his back.

He starts to cough… he wakes and the most beautiful creature ever is over him, looking down into his face. "Who are you he says, trying to sit up. She is a beautiful dirty blonde… She doesn't answer his question.

Miguel has a memory of her with him underwater. "You were with me," he remembers.

He is suddenly overwhelmed by his ordeal and he lies back down on the sand, face up.

"I love Luis with all my heart and soul," Sheridan tells Gwen. "Chris and I are a family and the baby that I am carrying deserves its parents. I don’t have Marty…I may never have Marty." Gwen isn't sure what to tell her friend. "I do know though that you should honor the commitment that you made to Chris."

Luis explains all to Ethan. "I have to find Marty and that will get Sheridan back to me," he tells. Luis tells that Theresa will be helping him. Luis says that Theresa doesn't even know the depths of what Alistair is capable of.

Theresa comes into the room. She knows that he is perfect to help. "You were groomed to run the company and so you know the ins and outs of what Alistair is capable of. Ethan understands now. Theresa has set this up to get him over there. Luis begs the man to help. Sheridan has had a lot of bad breaks and she deserves some happiness. Ethan finally decides to help then.

Tabitha can see that Kay is scared that Miguel will drop her and go off again to be with Charity. Kay admits this could be the case.

Miguel falls unconscious again. The creature is over him.

She hears people coming and she runs off. Fox comes to Miguel with the rescue member. He sees that Miguel might have a concussion. Miguel is lifted and carried out of there.

The girl who rescued Miguel watches from the water as the man that she saved is taken away. Her face is sad.

Noah is about to find Fancy in spite of Esmé's attempts to stop him from finding her.

Gianni sweet talks Fancy and gets her to agree to dance.

As they walk to the floor, they see Noah with Esmé. The men get their backs up and want to fight right away. "This is going to be fun!" Esmé says.

Theresa and Luis watch as Ethan goes into Alistair's laptop. "All I get are numbers… Theresa write this down… 436…116…5,402…" Ethan then starts writing. "Alistair remembers that Alistair likes number sequences to use as passwords. A few calculations and they are in the bowel of the computer. "Let's see what Alistair has been hiding," Luis says as they all focus on the monitor.

Fox brings Miguel into the house. Fox tells how Miguel swam to the shore.

"Where is she? My angel…she saved my life…" Fox tells that Miguel said that a blonde brought him out of the water and saved him. "He was by himself and there wasn't anyone anywhere."

Tabitha knows that things are definitely looking up now.

Esmé loves that the men are going to fight but Fancy finds it all very juvenile. She walks off.

The men are about to fight and so she returns to them, standing between them to stop any fighting.

Noah tells Fancy that he really does love her. They start kissing as Esmé and Gianni watch.

Sheridan wonders if Gwen can actually give an unbiased answer about her life as she has Theresa to deal with everyday and would probably agree with the wife's point of view. Gwen is sorry but she can't agree with Sheridan about this. "There is a chance that you could get Marty back Sheridan… What would you do about your marriage then?"

Ethan finds more strange numbers. Ethan suspects that they are numbers that are used to hide a bank account. "Maybe it is used for someone like Beth to use without being detected." Tappity-tap tap tap! Ethan's fingers dance on the keyboard. "What is that list?" Luis asks. "Maybe it is a bank account. That list looks like expenses…" Ethan does more work and discovers that the bank account belongs to a bank in …Rome!

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