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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Natalie

Noah demands to know what Fancy is doing kissing this guy, Gianni. She tries to ignore Noah, but he will not go away. She doesn't owe him any explanation about any of this. She thinks that he has to be following her in order to show up in Italy at the same hotel as hers. She walks off angry to see him and Maya to boot.  He follows Fancy to talk to her about why she is with this guy Gianni, and he leaves Maya with Gianni. The man introduces himself to Maya as he clearly flirts with her, sizing her up with his eyes.   Maya's thoughts are on Noah and what he is going to tell Fancy.

Endora and Kay discuss the upcoming wedding. Kay is looking through magazines for gowns. Endora loves the fashions. She telepathically thinks the gowns are romantic. "Stop this foolishness. You belong with Miguel. He is the father of your child."

At the waterfront, Miguel is their talking to some of the workers.  Fox is there doing business. He sees Miguel and learns he is working on a boat to make money. Fox finds this funny as he could go work for his sister, but Miguel doesn't want to work for the Cranes.

Luis tells Sheridan to come back to him, but she can't do it. He knows that if she changes her mind, they can be together again. "Say yes, Sheridan… We can get back together --  just say yes…"  He doesn't mean to put her on the spot by pushing her. She thinks about how so much has changed. He remembers the gazebo. "It used to be my favorite place." He remembers proposing to her there. "Your father is in a coma, and the gazebo can be rebuilt better than ever," he says. She wants to go now. He calls to her, stopping her. "Remember the gardening we did here?" ---

They both remember it. They were in jeans and T-shirts working with the soil. They had a wheelbarrow and they made a garden dedicated to the both of them.  Luis remembers they vowed to be together forever.  The worked on the garden together until their backs hurt, causing them to wonder why they had started this in the first place.  Hyacinth was the flower they chose for the garden, and the color of them reminded Luis of Sheridan's eyes. "Every time that I see that color, I will remember you," Luis promised.  That was a day to remember as that was when they claimed the garden as their own. It was official.  Luis and Sheridan forever!

Kay is upset. Tabitha is on her day and night to be with Miguel, and she is getting tired of it. Tabitha says that she doesn't have to lift a finger to get those two together, since it seems to be happening anyway. Kay is getting suspicious of Tabitha's angle in all this. "Why are you so interested in seeing Miguel with me anyway," she asks.

Tabitha says that she cares about Maria and wants to see her raised by her mother and father. Kay feels that if Tabitha really cared about single-parent families being double-parent families, she would go out and seek to be with Endora's father. Tabitha waves her hand away. "I wasn't in love with him," she says dismissing Kay's logic. That was just two adults sharing a mad night of passion and the next morning the whole thing was over, but Kay and Miguel are in love, and Tabitha really wants them to make a life together. Kay can't do that. She isn't in love with Miguel. He left her to follow Charity, and now Kay is in love with someone else. That was the past, and Kay wants that dead and buried so she can move on with Fox. Tabitha warns again that Kay is going to regret this marriage to Fox Crane. Kay smells something bad here. She knows that witches don't care about people and how their lives turn out. Tabitha admits that she does want to see Miguel with Kay as that would ensure her safety and Endora's as far as being a part of the dark side goes. Kay understands now.

Fox is insulted when Miguel says that getting involved with the Cranes is something that he isn't interested in. Miguel says that he wasn't referring to him in particular, just the Cranes in general, due to their history in Harmony. Fox knows that Theresa is in charge now. "She is your sister," Fox is quick to point out. "And there is Sheridan and myself. We are Cranes and not so bad I might add."

Miguel admits that his sister is in charge, but she is acting like a Crane now too and she is very unhappy, although she tries to hide it. Miguel also points out that Sheridan isn't innocent either. "She broke my brother's heart," he says.

Fox promises that will not happen with Kay and him. He knows that their lives are going to be incredible. Miguel is happy for them. He will have a simple life. He won't be working for the Cranes. He will be working on the water for a living and breathing in the open sea. That is what he prefers. Fine then. Fox will stop trying to convince him to go work a nice cushy office job and let him be. "You know, Miguel," Fox starts. "I really should thank you…You left town to follow Charity and that gave Kay the chance to get over you, and now I get to be with the most incredible woman ever.

Noah catches up to Fancy, trying to make her stop to talk to him. He sees that she is crying, and she denies it. "My eyes water ever since the eye incident," she says. Noah can't believe that out of all the hotels in town, this one was selected for him. Fancy takes that to mean that Maya was the one who picked the hotel for them. She is a little surprised at Maya's good taste. Noah can see that he has hurt Fancy. She isn't any more hurt than she was when she walked in on him with Maya in his room. She knows how to fix this though. "I will just change hotels," she says. Fancy considers what he is doing there anyway. She figures that he is running a scam, just like he was when she met him in Vegas. He disgusts her.

Noah needs Fancy to believe that he really did love her and he wasn't scamming her about that. She can't believe that at this time. It suddenly occurs to her that he couldn't ever afford a trip or a hotel like this. She wonders aloud just what he must be up to. He denies that he is causing trouble, but she feels she knows better.

Kay finds Tabitha laughable. "You think that I am going to give up Fox?" Tabitha has to know that at the very least; Kay has to worry about her marriage to Fox being a disaster.

"You remember the dark shadow over your wedding when we saw it in the big blue pot don't you?" Tabitha sees no reason why Kay fights the inevitable anyway. "You and Miguel are doing this all on your own," she points out. I haven't been pushing you together at all. You are dreaming about him all on your own and kissing him in the corner when no one is looking."

Fox apologizes for having possibly said something out of place just now about being with Kay, while Miguel missed out on the experience of her. Miguel is fine with that. He has to get ready to go night-fishing with the others. Fox will let him go.

Luis and Sheridan are together going over old times. They smell their flower and it reminds them of the past and what they had together. Sheridan knows that time is gone from their lives forever and that they can't recapture the past. Luis wants her to stop and remember how it was for them. She will not do that. "I am another man's wife, Luis, and I can't dwell on these things anymore with you. It is just too much for me. It is just too stressful." Luis will stop. He doesn't want to hurt her. "I just have one more question before I go," he says. "Who do you love more, Sheridan? Me or Chris?" Sheridan says, 'Chris'.

Luis has his answer and realizes where he stands now with Sheridan. He will not bother her anymore, and so he starts to walk off. She calls to him, stopping him. All he wants for her is her happiness, whatever that means.

Fancy feels that Noah has reverted back into the terrible person that he used to be. She finds that she really doesn't care what he is doing in Italy. She just wants to get away from him. Noah says that he is in Italy for a very special reason. Fancy feels that he could have just taken Maya to a motel for that… "Fancy," Noah starts. "I am here with Maya for a particular reason, and I hope that one day I will be able to tell you what that reason is." She cares nothing about that and wants to know nothing more about his reasons for doing anything. She orders him to get away from her and declares that he means nothing to her.

Fox arrives at home to tell that he bumped into Miguel at the waterfront. "He is going to be working there, and he prefers that to working for the Cranes. He said that anyone who gets involved with them have a lifetime of pain." Kay says that hasn't happened to her. Fox says that he thanked Miguel for running after Charity as that gave him a chance to get together with Kay. Kay is upset that he said that and knows that Miguel has to be upset now.

Miguel is getting to know the boys on the boat as he starts work.  He thinks about how he will get to be with Maria and possibly Kay as well in the future.  As he works part of the boat swings towards him and knocks him overboard.  The men return to where Miguel was, but he isn't around. The men start looking for him.

Fox isn't sorry for what he said. "Miguel's loss is my gain," he says. "Have you made any decisions about the wedding?"

She will not tell him any of that because it is a secret.

Tabitha is reading to the girls, but Endora will not behave. Tabitha was trying to read THE LITTLE MERMAID, but… ZAP! Endora decides that she needs a little stuffed mermaid to play with and she conjures one up.

Maya watches and listens as Gianni talks on the phone. He says that he has gotten himself a Crane, and he plans on squeezing her for a few millions.

Noah tries to talk sense to Fancy, but she will not listen, and she gets hysterical.  Noah suddenly hears Maya's voice in his mind telling him that he needs to hurt Fancy in order to get her to go away from him and be safe.  When she leaves again, he lets her go.

Sheridan tells Luis that she only told him that she loved Chris more as she felt that she had to push him away. "You lied to me, Sheridan? Who do you love, Sheridan? Me? Or Chris?" She is quiet for a moment. "You." She rushes into his arms and they hold each other.

Luis knew that Sheridan still wanted him more than anyone else. Sheridan still can't be with Luis as she can't hurt James and leave him. Luis will let James come around. "We will find Marty and have kids of our own. Let's do this. Let's build the life that we have always dreamed of."

Noah returns to Maya and she is furious as he could have been watched. "I came close to telling Fancy the truth, but I didn't. Let's just get this over with so that I can go home. I hope that Fancy can forgive me.

Gianni comes over to say goodnight to Noah and Maya. He kisses Maya's hand and leaves.  Maya hates that guy. "He really likes Fancy. He is after her bank account…"

Tabitha reads the story to the girls. "…So the young prince would fall in love with her…"

Fox and Kay looks at wedding dresses at the table nearby.  Fox gets a call from Andy down at the wharf. "I saw you talking to Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald and I thought that you ought to know. There has been an accident at sea, and Miguel has fallen overboard, and there is no sign of him…"

"Oh God," Fox says. Kay turns her head to him and waits.  Fox says that Miguel has been hurt and might be overboard. Kay wants to go with him to the wharf, but he makes her stay home. Fox runs off.

"Oh my god," Kay says. "What if Miguel is dead?"

Tabitha certainly hopes not!  The sailors even jump overboard to find the new kid, but they have found nothing. All of them call out:  "Miguel! Miguel!"

Luis says that Sheridan can divorce Chris. She can't do that as she is having a baby for Chris and she can't do that to him. Luis has plans for Sheridan and him already, but it is too much for Sheridan. "Please stop!" He won't.

"We can't be together.”

“I swear we will."

Gianni puts his coat on Fancy's shoulders, and they head out to go to the club.

Noah gets the information from Maya about Gianni. Noah could see the man was a sleaze ball. Noah will not let anyone hurt Fancy. He gets up and walks off.

Kay holds Maria as she worries about Miguel.

Endora and Tabitha talk about Miguel and how she never wanted him to die. "Actually it is a win-win situation. If Miguel is dead then he can't get together with Charity, and if he lives, he will have a shot at Kay and that is what they want."

Andy tells Fox that in a situation like this…minutes count. "If they can't find the right place where he fell into the water, it won't be good." Fox knows that Kay will be devastated if Miguel is dead."

Miguel is in the water unconscious and floating on his back. No one has found him yet.

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