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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Natalie

Noah and Maya arrive in their hotel in Rome. It is really grand there. "Lena must have dropped a lot of money for this," Noah surmises. Maya wishes that they could enjoy being there, but Noah only wants to hurry through this and get home to Fancy. Noah would die if this ruined Fancy and him forever…  Maya knows that, whatever happens, Fancy can't be told the truth about this or they will all be dead on the spot.

Fancy walks into the hotel.  The bellhop follows her with her suitcases on a rolling trolley. He mutters after her how he hates the gaudy rich, but he is careful not to let her hear him talking about how much he despises people like her.   He asks Fancy about her reason for being there. She says that she is there to work and not have a romantic trip.  She turns and sees someone that she recognizes causing her mouth to drop open. "Oh my god. What are you doing here?"

Pilar and Theresa sit at the table in Pilar's house. Theresa offers Luis some food but he can't concentrate on that after losing the love of his life the way that he did. Theresa understands how her brother feels.

Sheridan thinks that she will soon have a family of four people to love. She looks down at her stomach and rubs it smiling.  Chris asks her if she is okay. She is fine, she says. He knows that she still thinks of Luis. He understands her feelings. Sheridan wanted to keep the truth about her marriage quiet, but she knows that she had to eventually tell. "You are not still thinking of leaving me for Luis are you, Sheridan?" he asks.

Fancy has met Esmé in the foyer of the hotel and she can't believe the coincidence. She is cool to Fancy.  She tried to kill Noah and Fancy when she found them alone together. She tried to shoot them, but kept missing.  "Lucky for me my aim is much better now," she says. THWACK! She slaps Fancy hard in the face. Fancy stares back at her, holding her cheek in pain.

Noah and Maya are in their suite talking about what they have to do. Maya hates that he is involved in this. "Why don't we go for a walk?" she suggests. Noah will not miss Lena's call. The sooner they get working, the sooner they can get home to their lives.

Sheridan hated what she had to do to Luis, but she will not break up her family for him. "He should have taken that leap of faith by saving Marty in the past, but he didn't, and that is the reason that Beth got away, and I cant' forget that… I don't understand Theresa anymore. She can be insensitive to others, but you should just ignore her, Chris…" Chris can't believe they are married. Sheridan still loves Luis, but sometimes love isn't enough. "We have a deeper connection, Chris…" Chris knows what she means. She thinks that it is wonderful.

"Mommy?" James calls. "Will you and daddy come play with me?" Chris and Sheridan walk over to their son to spend some family time with him.

Theresa knows how to make Luis smile again. Pilar tells Theresa to be quiet. She will not. "I can get Sheridan back for you. I will use Alistair's money to tear Chris and Sheridan apart…" Pilar begs her not to do this. Theresa ignores her. "As far as I am concerned, Chris and Sheridan are history…"

Noah has no idea how he ended up in the most romantic city in the world without Fancy. Maya wonders if he remembered how they always said that they were going to move to Rome together. Noah can't think about that. He can only think about Lena and why she hasn't called yet. "The longer that this drags on, the more it could be permanent. I want this to be over." Maya knows that Lena will call them soon. Noah is thankful that Fancy is safe back in Harmony and away from them.

Fancy knows that she should have told Esmé that she was involved with Noah when she had the chance.  The bellhop flirts madly with Esmé, but she ignores him.  She is over Noah now and tells Fancy that she should go ahead and go after him if she wants. Fancy gets sad. "Noah left me," Fancy says.  The bellhop offers to be of service to her if she wants him. The girls ignore him.  Fancy tells how Noah was caught in bed with his ex-girlfriend.

Theresa knows that the reason that Sheridan and Luis are not together is because of Alistair. "I will make things right again for you, Luis…"  Pilar finds that her daughter has no respect for marriage. Theresa disagrees. She feels that God has given her the power to change things and she will do just that.  Pilar says how Theresa has changed and even tried to kill Alistair and almost killed Ethan in the process. Luis can' t help but see that after all that Theresa has done, she still is alone. Theresa says that Gwen has schemed and she is married to Ethan… Theresa reminds them that marriages break up all the time. "Over 50% of them don't work." Luis can tell that Theresa knows nothing of true love. "You have to give up the one you love sometimes if it means making that person happy."

Sheridan watches Chris and James at play in the living room.  She can't help thinking about the quiet moments that she spent with Luis in the past.  Chris comes to her. "What is the matter? You just zoned out for a few minutes. What is the matter?"

While Esmé and Fancy are hugging, the horny bellman lusts after them. Esmé sends him off to put Fancy's luggage in her room.  Esmé tells Fancy that she really deserves what is happening to her after the way that she treated her in Harmony with Noah. The girls decide to go and get a drink.  They see Gianni and Fancy tries to hide. The man is the best lover in all Italy, and Esmé can't understand why she would avoid a man like that. Fancy dated the man and he was all over her the first night they met. Fancy wishes that she could forget about Noah… Esmé says they should have dinner and then go clubbing. Fancy goes off to change, and Esmé offers to meet her downstairs. Fancy leaves.

Esmé walks over to Gianni and pretends to have just bumped into him. "Fancy is here and she is very unhappy with the way that your last date ended… she is coming down to eat, so why don't you surprise her?" He will. He sits to wait.  Esmé knows that pushing Gianni on Fancy will even the score after what Fancy did to her with Noah.

Noah stares at the phone. Maya tells him that he can't will the phone to ring. "Let's go eat in the restaurant and the hotel can call us if we get a call…"

Chris will try to help Sheridan get through this time of feeling blue over Luis. Chris and James decide to go over to the Bed & Breakfast to get the rest of their things and bring them to the cottage. Sheridan reminds him to grab her green bag while over there. He will do that.  When alone, Sheridan thinks… She remembers Luis making love to her…laying by the fire… She closes her eyes. "I need to get out of here for a little while.

Theresa is surprised that her brother will not fight for love. "I want Luis to be happy, mama… You have to do something, Luis, or you will be alone…" Luis understands Sheridan now and accepts that she is gone. "I want her to be happy." Theresa feels that Sheridan can't be happy. "She is being intimate with Chris… You can't be okay with that, Luis. What about Sheridan? What do we know about this Chris guy anyway? We don't know where he is from… we should investigate this Christopher Boothe guy. He could be like a gigolo. Alistair could have paid him to woo Sheridan and marry in case you were ever found. Should you squander this chance?" Luis suddenly gives in. "You win, Theresa…okay?" Pilar shakes her head. "Don't tell me that you and Theresa are going to work at keeping Sheridan and Chris apart!"

Fancy comes downstairs dressed to kill. She hopes Gianni has left.  She enters the dining room and sees that Gianni is there. Esmé has left and Gianni says that it will only be the two of them. "Let's skip dinner and go to my villa. Esmé said that you missed me…."  A waiter comes up. "From the lady in the lobby," he says.

She reads the note. 'Now we are even…Esmé…"  Fancy looks at the doorway and see Esmé at the doorway with a man. She waves and then she is gone.

Noah and Maya enter the dining room and Noah freezes. "Fancy is here…"  Soon Fancy notices that Noah is there too. They stare at each other.

Chris and James are at the Bed & Breakfast, and they pack the things that they will need for their new home. Chris reaches for Sheridan's green bag and sees that there is a picture of Sheridan and Luis in the bag.

Luis knows that he has to respect Sheridan's new relationship, and he will. "The way that you see things, Theresa, isn't the best." Theresa says that doing right isn't going to cut it anymore. "You have to trust me on this as I am already there with Ethan and there is no going back." Luis wants Sheridan but will not do anything to ruin her relationship. "In this lifetime…we are going to be together. Something is going to happen and Sheridan will realize that she can't live without me and when that day comes, she will come to me."

Sheridan is trying hard to focus on her new family and her new life. She is in the park now. She decides that there should be a playground for the kids. She and Julian used to share a playground until Alistair tore it down. "I will never treat my children the way that Alistair treated me. If Marty were here, he could play with his family, but Luis couldn't believe me…"  She remembers how he tried to explain things away. He should have believed her, and now she has lost Marty. That was when she decided that he had lost her.  Sheridan walks in the yard. "The gazebo always held a special place in my heart. Nothing is the same…Nothing will ever be the same…"

Theresa and Luis argue about their love lives and how they should be conducted. Theresa feels that love isn't easy but is always worth it. Luis will be there for Sheridan if she wants him. If not, then that will be that. He walks out of the room. Theresa calls to him, but he ignores her.  Pilar asks Theresa to let Luis handle this in his own way.

Sheridan walks through the yard… "Your proposal was so perfect, Luis…"  She remembers how he knelt before her and asked her to be his wife. "Yes, Luis," was what she said…right in that very spot where she stands now.  "I thought that we would be together forever…I really did," she says.

Fancy sees that Noah is watching her and she orders Gianni to kiss her. They kiss.

Maya tells Noah that things are over for Fancy and him because Fancy is really into the other guy.

Pilar really thought that Luis and Sheridan would have ended up together, but they didn't. Theresa knows that they still could. Pilar knows that Luis will not do anything to undermine Sheridan's marriage.

Sheridan knows that she and Luis love each other, but because he couldn't believe her about Marty, they can't be together. "What a shame! What a waste!

Luis hears her. "We can still be together Sheridan. We can have the life that we always dreamed of…."

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