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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Fox wants to plan the wedding in two weeks. Kay says that is too soon. Fox says that his mother will help them. "It is so sudden," she says. "I love you and you love me so?" Fox asks.

She thinks about Miguel's declaration of his feelings for her earlier and how sincere he seemed.

"Come on Kay. Let's get married."

Tabitha is trying to eavesdrop but she can't hear anything from her window to the house.

Miguel enters the room talking about Maria but sees that Tabitha is preoccupied with something. Tabitha says that Fox and Kay are talking but she doesn't know what about. He tries to hear as well but can't. He smiles though…

Miguel wonders if Kay is telling Fox about his feelings for her at this moment.

Tabitha gets an idea of how to find out what is going on with the happy couple. She grabs some cookies nearby and drops them on a plate before rushing out to the yard to be nosy.

Chad is working on a plan to save Whitney. Paloma and Simone are with him and they all agree that Whitney needs help desperately.

The 'Figure' tells Whitney that it is time now for her to go to Europe and do as she has promised for the church. They walk into the light together.

Pilar arrives at the cottage with Theresa due to Sheridan calling the over there. They are told that Sheridan is pregnant and that Luis knows the truth about Sheridan's marriage to Chris. "She is staying with me," Chris says. Theresa gets upset. "No! Luis and Sheridan belong together!"

Luis is upset that Sheridan didn't leave him to die in Hawaii where she found him. "My life is nothing without you. I always thought that some day we would be free to be together. This is the worst thing that I have ever had to endure. I don't want to live Sheridan, knowing that you are with someone else. It is true." Sheridan does love him…he is the love of her life and she loves him. "You do?" Luis asks stunned.

Simone hopes that Whitney will go with Chad as he wants so that she will be safe from this very strange convent. He learns that Simone and Paloma are going to Europe for a while and wants to know why. They lie saying that they are going for a study trip. Chad is going to find Whitney in the chapel. He enters the room with the two girls and Whitney isn't there.

The 'Figure' is about to prepare Whitney for her trip to Rome. She has no idea what that means. "There are things that you have to do before the trip Whitney. Don't worry…Don't worry. You do have faith in me, don't you Whitney? Just do as I ask and you to, and you will be fine," the 'Figure' instructs.

Sheridan isn't returning to Luis she is just telling him that she will always love him as a friend and not as a husband as they had planned before. "Don't say that you are sorry unless you mean it. If you meant that you love me, you would leave Chris. I guess that you and I have different ideas about commitment."

Pilar enters the room and Sheridan leaves. "Mama! How could Sheridan do this to me? I can't understand how she isn't coming back to me now that she knows that I am alive?"

Theresa tells Chris that she is sorry for her reaction to learning that he and Sheridan are going to stay together but she did that as she knows that marriage is a mistake. "Sheridan and Luis belong together…"

Sheridan tells Theresa that things have changed and she will be staying with Chris now. Theresa says that this is just like she and Ethan and his refusal to be with her… the woman he loves as opposed to Gwen.

"You are really something else…"

All turn to the door. It is Ethan and Gwen and they have just entered the cottage. Gwen shouldn't be surprised but she is. "Theresa! You just never stop!"

Sam and Ivy discuss Miguel and Kay and why he is still in town. Sam is sure that Kay is over Miguel and in love with Fox. He gets up to get them drinks.

Ivy hopes that Kay isn't over Miguel.

Tabitha and Miguel show up with cookies for the happy couple in the yard. Fox is glad that they are there. "We have important news," Fox says. "I want the world to know the news. We have se the date for the wedding. It will be in a couple of weeks, in May…" Tabitha almost falls over. "I am very happy for you," Miguel says. Fox notices that Tabitha is speechless. She says that this is too soon. Fox assures that his mother will help with the details. "Come one Kay… Let's go see our parents." Kay feels this is too soon but says little.

Miguel feels that he is too late to win her over now.

Chad, Paloma and Simone tell the Mother Superior that they lost Whitney in the chapel again. The Mother Superior says that there has to be some misunderstanding. There is no other way out of the chapel. The woman goes into the room and checks herself. Whitney is gone. Chad and the girls are going to search every inch of the place until they find Whitney.

The 'Figure' tells Whitney that she has to remove her veil as from now on no one can know that she is a nun. "You must have faith…trust me… turn around…I am going to blindfold you for your own protection. You need certain preparation before you leave for Europe. You are embarking on a journey…one that will change your life forever…"

Fox and Kay tell their parents they will be married in two to three weeks. Ivy worries. "This is a wedding and not a costume ball. Sam couldn’t be happier for the kids. Ivy takes a heavy swig of her drink. She suggests the kids wait. Fox sees no point. Kay feels overwhelmed about this. "Have you changed your mind?" Fox asks. Kay says nothing. Ivy smiles triumphantly.

Tabitha will not let Miguel give up on Kay as he will just go looking for Charity again and that will destroy the dark side forever because of her purity and goodness.

"You have been quiet," Tabitha says. Miguel says that he has been a fool chasing Charity when the love of his life is Kay. "Being back in Harmony and seeing her with Maria, makes me think of what it could be like if we were like a family…" Tabitha says that she knows that if he really loves Kay, then he will have his chance. "It is never too late."

Paloma and Simone search Whitney's room and find a picture of the symbol under Whitney's mattress. "What is this doing here?" they wonder. --

Whitney is tied to a chair and blindfolded. The 'Figure' whispers to a woman and then slowly goes to Whitney.

He removes her blindfold. "This is the fist step of the journey…" The woman in the room walks to Whitney. "She is going to help you with your transformation. You will be changed Whitney, so that no one will recognize you." The woman advances. "Just relax and you will be just fine." She holds a pair of scissors in front of Whitney's face.

Theresa defends her stance. She wants Sheridan to go back to Luis where she belongs, as Ethan should return to her. Gwen and Theresa get close to an argument and so Ethan ends it. Sheridan loves Chris and she s married to him now. "I love Luis as well…" That is enough for Theresa. "Go to Luis and tell him that then." Gwen is shocked to learn that Sheridan is pregnant for Chris. Theresa finds that none of that matters. "You should just go to Luis…Go now!"

Pilar tells that Sheridan was devastated and found a way to live again. "She thought that she wasn't going to be with you again." Luis understands that but points out that he is back now. She shouldn't stay with Chris in his eyes. "What about the commitment that Sheridan made to me? I just don't understand it!"

Fox presses Kay for answer to his question. "Of course I want to marry you Fox…I just feel that this is happening too fast." Ivy backs Kay up on that. "If Kay makes the wrong choices for her wedding, she might regret it. Fox promises Kay that the wedding will be perfect.

Miguel comes clean to Tabitha about his feelings. "You can have what you want Miguel but you have to get cracking," Tabitha tells. Miguel starts to believe her.

Gwen asks Theresa why she is being so cruel to Chris and Sheridan. Theresa says that people will be hurt the longer Luis and Sheridan are kept apart. Chris orders Theresa to stay out of his business. Ethan and Gwen agree.

Luis and his mother come out of the bedroom ready to go. He will find somewhere else to live now. He leaves.

Sheridan hates that she has caused so much pain. Both she and Chris are sorry for the hurt that Luis has suffered.

Outside, Luis tells Ethan that he has just lost the love of his life, and it is for that reason that he knows that he will never be okay again.

Simone goes running to find Chad and tell him about the horseshoe symbol, but Paloma stops her.

Chad comes running in but the girls tell him to check the garden outside the convent for Whitney. He goes running off.

Paloma explains that she didn't want to tell Chad about what they have found as they don't even know what they are dealing with. Simone. Will not go to Europe now. "My sister is missing and I have to find her…"

The jib is complete. "Whitney… would you like to see the new you?" The 'Figure' unveils a mirror and a stranger appears. Whitney is stunned at her image. She has short reddish-blondish curly hair, and her eyes are almost a hazel color. "I can't believe it. No one will know that this is me…"

On the way back to the house, Fox tells Kay to be excited about their big day. She is trying to be excited for them. He tells her that in a few weeks they will be husband and wife and together for the rest of their lives.

Miguel watches them from the window.

Paloma says that no matter what, they have to go and find out about the horseshoe symbol and Whitney's connection to it.

Whitney wonders what will happen if someone recognizes her. The 'Figure' tells her that they can test the disguise now.

The 'Figure' points. "Go to that man and see if he recognizes you."

Whitney turns. "It is Chad. He will recognize me." The 'Figure' assures her that she will not be recognized. You will go to Rome and by doing so, you will be paying for your sins and his sins as well. Now go…see if he recognizes you…"

Whitney nonchalantly walks by Chad and he doesn't give her a second look.

She tells the 'Figure' afterwards that she wasn't recognized.

Ethan tells Luis that he knows what the man is going through loving someone and not being able to be with that person.

Gwen comes out now and says goodnight to Luis. She and Ethan walk off.

Theresa and Pilar leave the cottage now and they try to be upbeat.

"Let's go home mio…"Pilar says. They watch Chris and Sheridan through the window.

Theresa thinks to herself. "I don't care what it takes. I will get Luis and Sheridan back together. I don't care what it takes. I will see it happen."

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