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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Fancy has champagne while talking to the flight attendant about Italy. They talk about the handsome men that she is going to meet when she gets there. Fancy is only happy that she is ridding herself of Noah Bennett. She sits in first class and a curtain separates her from the others in the lower class seats. A baby cries in the back of the plane.

Noah and Maya are in the section where the baby is crying, in the lower class seats, behind the curtain on the plane. Noah can't stop talking about Fancy. Maya tells him to focus and stop thinking about her. "We can get killed if we screw up! I couldn't forgive myself if anything happened to you Noah…." She takes Noah's arm and clutches it to her, pulling him close. He looks down at her strangely.

Paloma and Simone are trying to figure out how Whitney could be there one moment and not there the next. The convent is a very strange place. "Something strange is going on with that convent and Whitney and we are going to find out what it is!"

Whitney is praying. A hand rubs her shoulder. She opens her eyes and finds her best friend there. "I heard that you were beating yourself! I am taking you home right now." Behind the women, a big dark shadow looms on the wall, and stays close as the ladies talk. Neither Theresa nor Whitney have any idea that they are being watched.

Chad goes to see Ethan and Ethan gets his back up. Chad says that he is there because Whitney has been whipping herself, and not to cause trouble in Ethan's marriage like he did the last time. "She isn't thinking straight! If we leave Whitney in there, she will die!"

Luis is just getting a grasp of how things have changed. He wants to be told that he is sleeping and having a nightmare. "I go away to look for our son and you are married to a guy and having his child? I was supposed to be the one for you…" He rushes to Sheridan now to plead with her about ending this, but Chris is quick to get between them and put a hand on Luis's chest, gently pushing him back. "Take your hand off my wife!" Those words sting Luis as well as stop him in his tracks.

Sheridan begs Chris to go and let her talk to Luis alone. "I know that this is hard for you but this is a shock to him." Chris goes outside.

"Thanks for getting rid of him. I knew that you would," Luis says. "we love each other…." she wants to speak. "I know that this is hard for you. When they opened that coffin, I recognized you and the DNA test said that it was you. When I thought that you were dead, I wanted to die too. If James hadn't come into my life when he did, I would have died. He needed me. he lost his mother and didn't know his father and then Chris came and he grew to be important to me. I fought those feelings as you were the only man for me. One night on the beach, you came to me in a vision and you told me that you would wait for me in the next life, but that in this life, I was to move on. I felt guilty for the feelings that I had for Chris." Luis isn't ready to give her up and says that he will no let this happen.

Chad tells that Whitney got a fever and when they went to see her, they learned how she was hurting herself. Self-flagellation has been outlawed for centuries, but Whitney insists that she needed to do it. "I took Miles over there and she didn't even want to see her own son. She is like someone in a cult. She sounds brainwashed. The nuns didn't know about this and they were really shocked too. Whitney says that she talks to God. She says that God told her to whip herself. I have to get her out of there…"

Theresa can't get Whitney to leave the convent. "I can see that my friend is falling to pieces. You are exhausted and you have lost weight…now you are hitting yourself? That isn't normal. that is some kind of psychological condition. everyone that loves you is worried about you, so your perception of yourself is not right." Whitney says that she is fine and that she is doing God's work. Theresa knows that it is usually she who is the one who had crazy ideas, but never like this. "It has to stop now!" Whitney ignores her and tries to walk off. Theresa will not let her. She grabs a hold of Whitney's arm and starts dragging her to the door of the chapel to get her out of that hellhole. Whitney fights.

Behind a dark corner in the room… an arm in a monk's garment slowly rises overhead. The hand holds a long and pointed dagger.

The staff dote on Fancy. She can't help thinking back to seeing Noah with Maya, making love in his bed. It still bothers her, even now that time has passed. The attendant sees that something is wrong but Fancy shrugs her off.

Noah seriously has Fancy on the brain and can't wait to get home to her and have this all behind him. The faster that he can get Lena to the FBI, the sooner he can win Fancy back. Maya thinks to herself that he needs to get over Fancy. Noah sleeps.

He dreams of going to Fancy as a princess and kissing her awake as she sleeps on the royal bed. She is happy to see him at first, but then she is angry and brings up how he slept with Maya. "My princess…I love thee…my Lady…your life and my life, and Maya's life were all in danger and I had to convince them that I didn't love you. I had to help capture these scoundrels and I did turn them into the Fairytale FBI and now all is safe… All I care about is keeping you happy." She would accept his apology and they would live happily ever after.

Maya listens to Noah mumble as he sleeps. "My princess…princess…" he keeps saying. Maya shakes her head. "Noah just keep you head on the trip…" she says quietly.

Simone can't believe that the convent isn't a safe place for Whitney. "It used to be a peaceful, spiritual place. Now it gives me the creeps," Simone says. Paloma says that they need to turn their attention now to finding the stolen art.

Chad feels that they might have to kidnap Whitney from that convent. "She might end up dead," Chad says. Ethan knows that it seems to be Whitney's choice to be at the convent and that they should leave her alone. "You are a lawyer," Chad says. "You must know of a way to get Whitney out of there."

Theresa fights Whitney but she will not leave. the person with the dagger waits to see what will happen and holds the dagger high in the air…ready to strike. Whitney suddenly gets weak and can barely stand up. She almost falls over and Theresa catches her, making her sit.

Sheridan tries to make Luis see what it is that she really wants. He will not listen and insists that she get back together with him. She won't. She got really close to James and she is committed to him now.

Chris is watching as the two talk. He peers at them through a window to the room.

Luis walks to Sheridan and takes her hand to persuade her to think about them and their lives in the past. She can't avoid it, he tells her. They will be together.

Chris sees that Luis has advanced on Sheridan and he rushes into the room getting between Luis and Sheridan and holding Luis back from her. "I was just reminding her about our past lives," Luis explains. Chris feels that she doesn't need to remember that. "She remembers them just fine." Luis feels that Chris should just do the right thing and give this marriage up. Chris will not do that.

Chris turns to Sheridan asking her what she wants to do about this situation. Luis says that he can see the love that she has for him in her eyes. "Come back to me Sheridan…" Chris tells Sheridan to do what she wants to do, and he turns to the door to leave. Sheridan calls him to stop. "Luis…we speak of God and destiny. In this life and every other time we hurt each other and then break apart, and then get back together. One of us has to be strong enough to stop this. I am sorry but I have moved on. I love this man and I am going to have this baby. I know what I am saying. I loved you Luis and when you died, my heart was broken. Chris helped me to heal…move on and you need to accept that. I am having his baby and staying married to him…"

Fancy sleeps. "Noah…Noah," she calls out.

Noah continues to sleep and moan Fancy's name, as Maya listens to him.

Noah dreams that Fancy and he make up. "Will thee makest love to me?" she asks him on the royal bed. "You got it baby!" he would tell her. Fairytale music would be playing in the background.

Noah wakes and Maya tells him that he was talking in her sleep but she doesn't tells what he was saying. he gets up now and walks the aisle to the bathroom.

He returns to Maya saying that there are twenty people in line to use the bathroom. "I am going to sneak up to first class," he says. He starts walking away.

In the first class section, Fancy is sleeping in the seat nearest the curtain that separates the classes…

"You don't know what you are saying," Luis says. Chris orders him to stop badgering her as she is pregnant and can't take the stress. Luis really doesn't want to hurt her this way. "I can't do this anymore." Luis walks to the bedroom.

Sheridan is crying now. "I just broke his heart." Chris knew that someone would be hurt. "Thank you for staying with me and the baby." Sheridan knows that Luis shouldn't be alone. She will call his mother and get her to come to her son.

Simone feels that if the paintings could have been found, they would have been found. Paloma knows that they could fail but feels that they should still try. "We should start our trip in Italy," Paloma says. Simone reminds her that they have no money. Paloma knows that God will provide. That is what her mother always says. Paloma digs in a new box that she hasn't been in before and she finds a metal box. "Look! More of Alistair's treasure!" Paloma says.

Ethan knows that they might be able to get the courts to make Whitney leave. Ethan says that they need to try asking Whitney to leave the convent repeatedly again. "She is going to be furious if you force her to leave the convent Chad." Ethan will start on the papers but wants Chad to head out and talk to Whitney in the meantime. Chad tells Ethan that he appreciates the help in spite of what he did the last time that he was there. Ethan isn't about to lose a friend that easily.

Ethan wonders if he is just stirring up a hornets nest by getting involved in this.

Theresa demands to know why Whitney is acting this way. "I am a sinner," she says. "Just like you running after a married man. You are an adulterer…a temptress. If you don’t repent, you will pay in hell. You are wicked and we are both sinners in the eyes of God." Theresa's eyes grow big as saucers. she can't believe the things that her best friend is saying to her. "Loving someone isn't evil Whitney!" In Whitney's eyes, Theresa's kind of love is wicked and evil!"

In the dark corner, the person in the monk's garment, seems to have relaxed, and is just holding the dagger comfortably as Whitney preaches to Theresa.

The flight attendant announces that they will be making their descent soon.

The announcement wakes Fancy. she can hardly wait to meet a nice Italian man in Italy and forget about that nasty Noah.

Noah is almost at the curtain to use the first class washroom.

the flight attendant tells him that he can't use the first class washroom and she makes him return to his seat.

the pilot announces that have to get their seatbelts on. Noah and Maya get ready to land. "I have to get back to Fancy!" Maya rolls her eyes.

Quietly, she thinks that he had better keep his head straight or they will be in big trouble.

Theresa tries to make Whitney see sense but she won't. She gets angry when Theresa uses the Lord's name in vain. Theresa has no choice now but to leave.

In the hallway, she meets Chad who is on his way in. Theresa tells that Whitney has gone off the deep end.

In the chapel, Whitney is praying again.

The 'Figure' comes to her, telling that he has heard everything. "Come my child…" He takes her hand and the wall opens up. They walk into the bright light slowly.

Sheridan is really concerned about Luis's state of mind. He has gone into the bedroom and he hasn't returned. Chris tells her to stay away from him. "You are the last person that he needs to see right now," he says. Sheridan is crying and she is afraid of what Luis might do now that he feels that he has nothing. Sheridan walks from Chris to the room.

In the bedroom, Luis is staring into a mirror at his image.

Luis doesn't move when the door opens and Sheridan enters. He shakes his head. "I wish that I really had died," he says.

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