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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Miguel tells Kay that he loves her and she tells him that he is just feeling close to Maria and projecting that on her. She is sure that he doesn't mean this. He can't! "No Kay… I meant what I said! I love you."

Tabitha is thrilled at what she sees. She is watching from the window and she sees that things are going well.

She tells Endora that this is love that has drawn Miguel to Kay and not witchcraft. "It is real! This is good news for us Endora. Charity is far away…God knows where… and Miguel is with Kay."

Fancy is getting ready for her trip to Italy. She only packs a few things as she will be shopping when she gets to Italy. "To hell with Noah and Maya. They can stay in Harmony and rot for all I care."

Fox comes to see Fancy and learns that she will be going to Italy on business for a while. She scurries around the room packing her things..

Noah and Maya are at the house now. They have to pack for their trip to Italy as soon as possible. Maya feels so guilty about dragging Noah into this and turning his life around. Noah isn't mad at her, just disappointed. She knows that he is speaking of losing Fancy when he talks of disappointment.

Luis is angry to learn that Sheridan is married to Chris and not him. He wishes that she had corrected him all the times that he thought they were married. Sheridan couldn't hurt him by telling the truth. "We married the night before we found you Luis." Chris says that he is sorry that this happened. Luis wants to hear nothing from him. "This keeps happening to you Sheridan doesn't it? Remember Antonio? This happened with him too!" Chris warns Luis not to get angry with Sheridan. Luis can't believe that she is considering staying with him. "Are you? Are you?"

Luis's reaction is the reason why Sheridan was afraid to tell Luis the truth. Luis feels that Sheridan only married this man because he wasn't around, but he is here now. Chris tells Luis to calm down. He tries to make Chris see things as they were when he was thought to be dead. "Are you telling me that Sheridan fell for you because of your son and her missing Marty?" Chris said that little boy made Sheridan smile. "Can you blame Sheridan for wanting to live again?" Luis doesn't mind Sheridan getting close to James. It is Chris that he feels used Sheridan in her vulnerable time. He gets so angry that he punches Chris in the jaw and Sheridan screams.

Kay isn't sure what to say to Miguel. "I spent most of my life trying to get you to pay attention to me and now you are doing it." He needed to tell her how he feels now so that they won't lose anymore time. She can't answer him about this now. "After you left me to chase Charity… I felt bad that you were gone. Then I met Fox and I dreamed of you less often. I love him and he loves me." Miguel loves her now as well. "You are the most important woman in my life. I can't stop until I tell you what an idiot I was. Kay can't entertain these ideas. "You have to find someone else and move on." Miguel will not do that. "Start a new life with me. Do it for our daughter. We could be the family you always hoped for. Just say 'yes'…say 'yes', or you will break my heart."

Maya leaves the house quickly to run an errand. She will meet Noah later at the airport.

Noah rushes back up the stairs to get ready for the trip as he has to get moving.

Sam and Ivy come into the living room talking about how Noah was found in bed with Maya and how unlike the boy that was. Ivy is disappointed. Sam wants to talk to Noah about this. Ivy leaves to go to the estate to check on Fancy.

Fox finds Fancy's trip a bit sudden. "Are you running from your problems?" She says she isn't. Fox finds it a shame that Noah couldn’t go with her on the trip as Italy is great at this time of year. She wants him to leave the subject alone. "She saw Noah with her own eyes and someone called her and told her what Noah was all about using a tape recording." Fox wonders what it is with women and their past loves. Fancy smells trouble with Fox and Kay. Fox tells how things are messed up since Miguel has returned to town. Fancy knows that Miguel is only around because of Maria and that Kay will always belong to Fox. Fox just wants the man gone. "He is supposed to be so in love with Charity, and so he should go and find her. Now he is staying in town indefinitely." Fancy knows that this is going to be tough for Fox. "Do you love Kay as much as ever? If you do, tell her that you want to get married right now. Don't just sit there…do it!"

Miguel won't let Kay spend the rest of her life with Fox when he loves her so much. "First loves never go away, especially when there are children…" Kay can't do this. She gets hysterical. "I thought that I was going to die when you turned your back on me. You left me to raise my daughter all by myself." Miguel is sorry. He sent money but she needed more. "I am back now and I have learned my lesson. Give me a chance to make up for my mistakes."

Chris worries that Luis might hurt himself if he doesn't calm down. "Don't pretend to care about me hypocrite…sitting by my bedside as my Best Man?" Chris tells that he only stayed quiet because Sheridan asked him to. "You even married her with my ring," Chris tells. Luis is getting increasingly angry and he moves closer and closer to Chris again in a menacing manner.

"Mommy! Mommy!" All turn to see James entering the room with Mrs. Henderson. James runs to Sheridan throwing his arms around her neck in a big hug.

Noah hates this. "Going to Italy and it isn't with the woman of my dreams."

Sam arrives and asks Noah what he was doing in bed with Maya. he sees the suitcases. "What the hell is this?" Noah says that he is going to Rome on business. "Business? I didn't know that you even had a steady job. Are you in trouble? Is Italy something to do with you and Maya?"

Fancy says goodbye to Fox and gets back to packing.

She looks at a picture of she and Noah and then she puts it face down.

Ivy comes to see her daughter. "Don't you think that staying around is a better idea for fixing things with Noah?" She doesn't care about that. "Noah was incapable of being faithful with Maya around. Better I found out now instead of later."

Kay is being torn apart. She begs Miguel to stop badgering her about being with him. "I can't take it. I can't."

Luis accuses Sheridan of being vulnerable and replacing him with Chris. "He is brainwashing you." Sheridan says that Chris has been nothing but good to her. "Doesn't matter… I am back and so this is over. End your marriage to Chris and we can start fresh. I'll call an attorney and we can start the divorce today."

Sheridan can't divorce Chris. Luis doesn't understand why. Sheridan wants Luis to understand. Luis has been waiting years for this chance to be with her. She can't be with him. "I love him… I love him Luis.."

Noah says that what happened with he and Fancy is their business. "Maybe I just find Maya attractive. The truth is that I realize that Fancy isn't for me and Maya is. I am telling you that I love Maya and I am going to Italy with her. Just like that! That is the way the cookie crumbles sometimes." Sam tells that he has been investigating the fire at the Chinese restaurant. "Don't con me. If you are in trouble, I can help you." Noah says he needs a ride to the airport.

Ivy wants to know how this all came to be. "I saw Noah making love to another woman," Fancy says. "that is all that I had to know." Ivy knows that Noah is like his father. Fancy wishes. "You know mother, you are not the greatest judge when it comes to men." Ivy wishes that there were something that she could do about this.

Kay tries to leave the yard, but Miguel stops her by holding her arm. "I don’t know what to think right now. Have you been drinking?" Miguel says he hasn't. "I want to marry you. I want what you wanted years ago. I am sorry if I hurt you but I knew that it would be a real tragedy if I blew this chance again. Don't throw this away. I will work hard."

He kisses her lips. "Please Kay… We could be so happy." They kiss now and she kisses him back, putting her hands on his face to hold him closer to her.

Kay jumps from Miguel suddenly. "Just think about what I said," Miguel says. He walks off.

Maya arrives to meet with Lena. "You are handling your duties admirably. You had the hots for Noah for years. you should be thanking me. Do what you are supposed to do in Italy and things will be fine." She walks off.

Noah walks up greeting Maya with a hug, as his father is with him. "Thanks for the ride dad…" he and Maya walk off.

Ivy gets to the airport with Fancy. "Don't tell Noah where I am," Fancy says to her mother before walking off.

Sam sees Ivy and he tells that he just dropped Noah off. "He is going to Rome. Ivy smiles. "That is where Noah is going.

Sheridan is so sorry about this but Luis had to be told. "This can't be happening. After everything that we have been through?" Luis is furious and trying to hold it in. He picks up a picture of he and Sheridan from the nearby table and he flings it heavily into the wall. Sheridan cries out. "No!" She goes to the broken pieces to get them but falls on the way. Both Chris and Luis rush to help her. Chris gets to her first. Luis tries to help but Chris orders him away. "Get your hands off my wife!" he demands. Luis timidly moves away from them.

Sam and Ivy can't understand how Noah and Fancy could be going to the same place. "They are bound to run into each other on that plane…"

The stewardess welcomes Fancy to the plane.

Fancy thinks how she is saying goodbye to Noah by flying off like this.

Maya is alone and she talks to Lena once more about the trip and getting the job down.

Maya gets off the phone just in time. Noah returns to his seat with Maya.

He thinks about Fancy and how he has to leave her this way.

Tabitha sees Miguel all smiles with Maria and asks about that. He can't tell her what he is so happy about right now anyway…

Kay is in the yard alone wondering what she is going to do now that Miguel loves her too.

Fox comes to Kay to talk about the wedding. "I don't want to wait anymore. I want to get married as soon as possible."

Chris puts Sheridan on the couch and turns on Luis. "How could you? You could have hurt Sheridan in her condition throwing that at the wall the way that you did." Luis looks up strangely. "What condition?" Sheridan turns her face up to Chris. "No Chris please." Chris ignores her. "My wife… Sheridan is pregnant with our child."

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