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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Fox and Miguel are working in the yard with their shirts off. They are putting up apparatus for the girls to play on, now that the warm season is here. Fox asks Miguel about Charity and if he will be going off to look for her. Miguel tells that he figures that Charity is a lost cause, as he has tried everything to find her and can't. He has given up on the search for her. Fox feels that if he loves Charity he will keep looking for her and never stop.

Fox wonders to himself if Miguel is now staying around because he wants Kay and not just Maria.

Tabitha sees that the boys are in the yard and she points them out to Kay. She has been hitting the Martinis and Kay accuses her of being a little tipsy because of them. "Ooh…Tabitha says. They have their shirts off too. Tell me Kay…who do you want…Miguel or Fox…"

Noah is pissed that Lena has made an appointment with he and Maya and now she doesn't show up it. They are like puppets for her. They have no idea what she has summoned them for this time but Noah can hardly wait as he wants to get this chapter of his life over so that he can return to Fancy. --- Noah is upset that Fancy was upset the last time that they were together. He wants to know more about that, but Maya reminds him that he can't go anywhere near her if everyone is to believe that he and Fancy have split up.

Theresa arrives at the office looking beaten and still wearing her trench coat, and Fancy can tell that Theresa is naked under her coat. Theresa tells that she went to see Ethan and it didn't turn out well.

Gwen comes to talk to Ethan who acts like everything is just fine with their marriage. Gwen wants an explanation for what he was doing with Theresa. "I couldn't fight her off," he says.

Luis and Sheridan sit and talk about the thing that she has to tell him. She starts gently to broach the subject. "A lot has changed since you have been gone Luis." Chris listens as Luis tells that he knows what she is going to say. "I asked Chris about this woman in his life and he admitted that he fell for this woman after his wife died and then James grew to love the woman…and that is where your big announcement comes in. It threw me off for a minute but now I see from your relationship and how close you are…your announcement is about us being married and about Chris!" Sheridan believes that Luis really has figured this out and she smiles when she sees how well he seems to be dealing with the news.

Sheridan decides to jump in and explain the story to Luis. Luis won't let her talk. He continues by saying that he could tell that something was up between Sheridan and Chris. " I saw the looks and then Mrs. Henderson said that you were close. The truth is that it has to be… Dottie… the woman who ran Marty's Dottie's DNA's test. She probably met Chris and liked him." Chris says that Luis is all wrong but he is sure that he is on the right track. "I know that you want to get married soon Sheridan. I want that too. I have been looking at the calendar and I think that the end of May is the right time…don't you?"

Gwen can see that Ethan's mind is racing to find an excuse as to why he was enjoying ravaging Theresa. "I was pushing her away," Ethan says. "I know that Theresa has the morals of a crack whore…but you? You let her go on with her seduction…" Ethan really thought that he could reason with Theresa, but it didn't work. Gwen feels that he should have escaped the room. "You stayed there with Theresa. How could you?" He says that the seduction didn't work. She only sees that he stayed there with her. "You did everything but have her on the hood of the car…."

Ethan is quiet but remembers making out with Theresa on the hood of a car… Gwen knows nothing of that.

"Do you still love her Ethan? Is that what that was all about? Do you still love Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald?"

Theresa tells how she tried to seduce Ethan, but he proclaimed his love for Gwen. "I almost had him in my hands but then she came busting in there and ruined everything." Fancy still likes Gwen and she is after all Ethan's wife. "Ethan loves Gwen and he takes his marriage vows seriously… " Fancy knows that is something that Theresa really likes about the man. The point is that Ethan has stayed with Gwen and Fancy really thinks that nothing will change that. Theresa knows that she is first in Ethan's heart. Theresa likes that Ethan is honorable, but she believes that if you belong to someone you shouldn't let anyone keep you apart. "It is like you and Noah," Theresa says. Fancy tells her that she is wrong about Noah being right for her.

Noah figures that he has to find a way to get Fancy to see that he has no choice in this matter with Fancy.

Lena arrives. "Go home and make sure that your passports are in order. You are going to go on a long trip. Be ready to go at a moment's notice." She turns to leave, but Noah grabs for her arm. Lena turns on him, and in a fanciful move, she quickly has Noah at with his arm twisted behind his back and aching in pain…immobilized. "Don’t let me warn you again… You don't know who you are dealing with…" She then lets Noah go and walks off quickly.

Noah rushes over to Maya and they stand together, not sure what is going on, or what is going to happen next.

Fox is confused as Miguel seems to be over Charity. Miguel tells how he almost found Charity many times but she always got away as if almost by magic. "I have found another beautiful babe now… Maria…"

Tabitha has been eavesdropping from inside the house and she tells Kay about what she has heard. Tabitha sees that there is a real shot for Kay to get with Miguel. Kay feels that Miguel still loves Charity but that isn't what Tabitha heard just now. Kay remembers that Miguel did tell her once that she and he would be together had it not been for Charity.

Noah and Maya arrive at the FBI and explain the developments and how they have to be out of town at a moment's notice. Noah's passport as expired but the FBI will have one issued immediately.

Noah asks for a pen and paper… and the agent gives Noah some stationary. He wants to know what Noah is doing. "I am going to write Fancy a letter so that she knows what happened in case I die…"

Theresa still can't believe that Noah doesn't love Fancy anymore. "When he was growing up, he would worship Luis and he wouldn't ever disrespect women. He wanted to be just like Luis." Fancy says that has all changed now. Theresa finds Noah an idiot for not seeing what a great girl Fancy is. She has dated idiots before she hasn't been dumped before for another woman. Theresa asks Fancy if she ever wished that she were a witch, who could make the man that you love, love you back? Fancy finds that horrible. "Why would you want a thing like that?" Theresa says she wouldn't but that they should pose the same question to Gwen.

Gwen will not believe that the incident with Theresa was one-sided. "Do you still love her?" Ethan admits that he still has feelings for Theresa. "Are you sorry that you married me and now she?" Gwen asks.

Luis keeps talking. Chris and Sheridan try to break in and explain things but Luis really feels that this is about his wedding. "We can have your family and mine…" Sheridan tries to calm Luis of the excitement of the upcoming wedding. Luis keeps talking. "Dammit Sheridan! Just tell him!" Chris shouts. "Don't you talk to my wife like that!" Luis snarls at Chris. "Luis…" Sheridan starts again. "I am not your wife…we are not married…It was all an act…"

Kay is really thinking if she has a choice with Miguel or not. Tabitha can see it now. Miguel is even living in the house with them now. Kay knows that Miguel really wants to be with Maria and that is the real reason why he is living there. Kay decides to make snacks for Miguel and Fox. She walks off.

Tabitha knows that Miguel and Fox are hungry all right…hungry for Kay's love and nothing else.

Fox asks if Miguel misses Charity's touch. He can't understand how the man can just give up on Charity. He does. Fox knows that if Charity were Kay, Fox would follow her anywhere. "I guess that is the difference between us Miguel. Nothing could ever make me stop loving Kay…Nothing…"

Gwen is having a real hard time believing anything that Ethan tells her about Theresa. Doesn’t matter whether she believes him or not, she knows that Theresa will get in the way of their marriage again.

Theresa has changed and is now in a business suit. Theresa still discusses her getting Ethan. "One of these days, Ethan is going to dump Gwen for the toxic waste that she is. Love finds a way Fancy…it always does. All the money and power here doesn't mean a thing if I can get Ethan and Little Ethan and Jane…" Fancy can't even think ahead to having a family yet. "I thought that I had Noah but I was wrong. I may still want him but he doesn't want me…"

Noah is angry. Lena has called he and Maya again to meet her. "I just want to get on with my life. I can't lose Fancy over this." Maya warns him to keep his voice down as someone might be listening… "I hate this!" Noah says.

"Hate what Noah?"

Noah and Maya turn to find Lena behind them. "I was eavesdropping…"

Sheridan says that she was worried about Luis's condition and that was why she couldn't tell him the truth. "Why isn't our marriage legal?" Luis asks. "…Because I am already married to someone else," Sheridan says quietly.

Miguel and Fox talk and one says he has finished his end of the apparatus, while the other says that taking time is better. Fox feels that they are playing some kind of game and he just walks off.

Kay arrives with refreshments and sees that Fox is not there. Miguel takes Kay's hand and he tells her that he is in love with her.

In the background, Tabitha is watching out the window and she sees things are going well.

"Good news Endora… Maria's mother and father are getting back together…"

Ethan promises Gwen that he will not leave her for Theresa.

In her mind, Gwen knows that if Ethan finds out the truth about the tabloid, he will leave her.

Theresa feels that Fancy needs a break from her worries. "Go to Italy. Take your sketchpad."

"Where are you sending us?" Noah asks. "Italy!" Lena says.

Luis is absorbing the truth. "Who is it Sheridan? Who are you married to?" Sheridan quietly answers. "I am married to Chris…"

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