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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Natalie

Whitney and the 'Figure' talk again in the confession room about her task for penance. -- Whitney has agreed to follow his instructions. She is asked to go after and stop those who would let the important secrets of the church get out.  She wonders who they are and why they are going to try to ruin the church. "Can you hear them coming?"

Paloma and Simone are trying to figure out which path they should take. They are in the convent looking for Whitney. They are really mystified as Jessica has a tattoo of the horseshoe symbol on her back, and it is the same symbol that is stamped on all the art. Jessica is a connection and she doesn't even know it.

The 'Figure' tells Whitney that she has to be very careful and that she is desperately needed. "Will you help, Whitney? Can you hear them coming?"

Whitney turns to look at the door. "Who is coming?" she asks.

"Can you hear them?" The 'Figure' moves closer to her now. His hood covers his face as he talks with her.

Luis is alone in his room feeling lonely. He wonders where Sheridan could be. He is feeling a little strange. He wants to be with her. He gets up to look for her.

At that moment, Mrs. Henderson comes in through the back door with James. She says that Chris and his girlfriend wanted to spend some time alone. Luis had no idea that Chris had a girlfriend. She tells how both people have suffered tragedy and now are happy to have found each other. Luis really likes Chris and is glad to hear that he is happy.  Mrs. Henderson goes to see what James is up to over at the table in the room, and Luis takes that moment to think privately about all that he has learned from Mrs. Henderson.  Luis has a thought. He pauses as he stares at the floor now. "No, it can't be true! Sheridan is married to me now. What am I thinking coming up with this idea?"

Sheridan gives Chris the news that he needs to hear. "We are having a baby!" she exclaims.  They hug.  Chris tells Sheridan that she has made him the happiest man in the world and that he loves her.

Gwen sees Ethan and Theresa kissing in the mechanic shop as she watches through the window. She is furious. She rushes to the door banging and shouting for someone to open the door. 

Ethan, thinking that he hears something, stops kissing Theresa. He wrinkles his brow wondering what the sound is. Theresa tells him to ignore it, and they continue kissing.

Gwen can't get in. She rushes back to the window and sees that Ethan and Theresa haven't heard her at all. "I am going to kill that bitch!" she spits. She gets a heavy metal garbage can and tosses it with all her might at the window.

It crashes open. Ethan and Theresa separate and turn to the window. "I am going to kill you!" Gwen shouts at Theresa. Gwen reaches for Theresa and pushes her hard. Theresa falls to the ground, while Ethan holds Gwen back from killing Theresa.

Chris and Sheridan are deliriously happy. "Everything has changed now that you have come into my life," Sheridan says. James will be thrilled.

"What a great way to start our marriage," Chris says. He has a thought. "We still have to deal with Luis and tell him the truth. You haven't told me about your decision yet. What are you going to do, Sheridan?"

Luis tells Mrs. Henderson that Chris never mentioned that he had someone in his life. "I am sure that the woman in his life is wonderful." Mrs. Henderson feels that Luis should know that the woman is wonderful.

Theresa pulls her trench coat around her as she gets up off the ground and gets her coat on to hide her nakedness. Gwen is mad that Theresa has put her skinny, naked ass up against her husband. "What a pathetic way to trap a man. You should really find another way to shock a man into submission. You are pathetic locking the door and probably hiding the key on yourself. He has told you again and again that he doesn't want to be with you…"

Theresa feels that Gwen has to be blind. "You are clinging to a man who is in love with another woman… you are lying to yourself. Can you not open your eyes and see? He is in love with me!"

Gwen will not be spoken to that way. "Maybe Ethan is too much of a gentleman to slug you, but I have no problem doing it." Gwen pulls her hand back to swing at Theresa.  Ethan stops Gwen from slugging Theresa and says they should go home. Gwen will not go yet. "I want this dealt with right now. You go ahead, Ethan. I will meet you outside." Ethan doesn't think this is a good decision, but he leaves anyway.

Gwen says that she is tired of the attempts to steal her husband. Theresa will not listen. "I am sick and tired of you. This time, you are going to hear what I have to say," Theresa says.

Paloma and Simone are in the convent and they see a light under the door where Whitney is. Paloma is scared but Simone wants to get in there.

"The people who are causing trouble have to be stopped no matter what. May I count on you for your help, Whitney?" She will do anything that the Figure asks.

Paloma and Simone enter the room where the bright white light is seen under the door. "Oh my God!" "Oh mio!"  There is nothing in the room. No Whitney and no bright light. Paloma doesn't have a good feeling about this. Simone wonders now where her sister is and what has happened to her.

Whitney and the 'Figure' are in the bowel of the convent, climbing down some stairs. "We are deep in the bowels of the convent and you mustn't tell anyone about this. There is something that you need to see… It is hidden in here…" The Figure takes Whitney to a book. "These are photographs of paintings. Very old…very rare paintings that were stolen years ago…" Whitney looks at the pictures. "The church has been looking for these paintings for years and it is time they be found. I am showing these to you as this is your penance. You said that you would help keep the secrets of the church… you must find these paintings. Others are looking, and so you must be the one to find the paintings. You, Whitney… You!"

Theresa is tired of Gwen's crap. "You are a whore, Gwen. You go to bed with a man who doesn't love you. You keep Ethan in your bed and you pretend that he loves you. How pathetic is that?"

Gwen sees that Theresa really doesn't know the difference between love and lust.

"We are soul mates, Gwen," Theresa spits. "He dreams of me when he is making love to you." Theresa demands that Gwen say that she will give Ethan up. Gwen laughs at her. Theresa reminds her that Ethan only married her because she was pregnant. Gwen says that she didn't plan the pregnancy to trap the man. Theresa knows that she would have Ethan if Gwen hadn't framed her. "He is going to hate you for lying to him and trapping him in a marriage that he shouldn't have been in. You only cared about you, and what felt good to Gwen… you did what you did out of selfishness. "You are pathetic! You are the whore!"

Chris needs an answer from Sheridan about this issue they have. Sheridan can't tell Luis now what he needs to know.

The bedroom door opens. Chris and Sheridan turn to see Luis and Mrs. Henderson entering from the bedroom. "Luis," Sheridan says, "what are you doing up?"

Luis says that he was talking to Mrs. Henderson. "When were you going to tell me, Sheridan? When was I to know?"

"I was going to tell you, Luis, but …I was waiting until you were stronger…"

Luis says that he should have been told that Chris had a lady friend. "You should have told me, Chris." Chris says that his girlfriend is the perfect one.

Theresa calls Gwen a whore and Gwen finds that funny as Theresa is the one standing there half-naked. Theresa just wants Ethan and Jane. "Jane is mine!" Gwen screams.

"You would rather go to work than stay at home with your children…" Theresa says that she loves her children., and she will never give up on Ethan until she gets him. Gwen turns to walk off, but ends up slipping on some oil left on the floor of the shop.

Ethan walks in and helps Gwen up. "Did you do this?"

Theresa denies that. "She did this herself," Theresa says.

"Come on honey," Ethan says. "Let's get you home…"

Gwen still isn't ready to go. "Is she right? I need to know from you right now. Is she the one whom you really love?"

Theresa smiles in his direction…

A nun tells Paloma and Simone that Whitney is in the chapel. "She couldn't have left without me seeing her." Paloma and Simone tell how they heard organ music, and when they went in there was nothing. The nun knows that there was no music scheduled for this time. The nun is confused by the girls’ report. Paloma and Simone say that they are looking for Whitney and going to use the library for some research. Paloma and Simone show their pictures. "Do you know anything about these pictures?"

The nun knows the pictures. "They are important to the church. There are those who think that the paintings will never be discovered…"

Whitney finds the paintings to be very beautiful. The 'Figure' says that each picture has a message and will give off a meaning that will be dangerous if it lands in the wrong hands. Whitney still doesn't think that she can solve this mystery. "I wouldn't know where to start…"

The 'Figure' promises to help her and guide her…telling her what she needs to do every step of the way. You must do it. It is your penance. You are here to serve me!" Whitney decides that she will be the one to recover the paintings.

Luis and Chris talk about the love in Chris's life. "James must like her," Luis says. "He calls her mommy. "Luis wishes Chris and his loved one a lifetime of happiness like he and Sheridan.

Mrs. Henderson is impressed with the way that Sheridan cooks. Mrs. Henderson says that she told Luis that Chris had a love in his life and that James calls her mommy. Sheridan drops the plates on the floor. Mrs. Henderson says that she didn't say Sheridan's name. Sheridan can see that Luis will soon put this together if she doesn't tell him.

Gwen insists on having an answer. Theresa too wants Ethan to finally tell what is in his heart. "Please tell her…"

The nun is sure that Whitney is in the chapel. Simone and Paloma are firm that Whitney wasn't in there. Paloma and Simone decide to return to the room, and when they do they see Whitney on her knees praying.

Theresa and Gwen push Ethan for the truth. Gwen offers to let Ethan go and not try to get him back. Ethan tells Gwen that he doesn't want to leave her. "This is your chance," Theresa shouts. Makes no difference…

Theresa is alone now. "I know that you love me and I will never give up on you, Ethan.."

Luis tells Chris that it sure is nice when you get that special someone. Chris says that he heard about Luis and Sheridan's past lives. They lost each other in those lives. Luis knows that this time things are going to be different, and nothing will separate them again.

Sheridan returns to the room. Chris offers to check on James. Sheridan stops him "I need to talk to both of you. It is something that affects all of us. I need to tell you the truth. A lot has changed, since you have been gone, and I have to tell you the truth…"

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