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Written By Glynis

Miguel is home alone with Maria who is running a fever. He has called Kay and she should be there any minute.

Kay arrives home to tend to her daughter's fever as Miguel can't do it. Miguel has been trying to take her temperature but he has been doing it wrong. Kay will teach him as time goes by about how to take care of their daughter.

Kay rushes off and Miguel wonders if he really should make Maria and Kay his family. He asks Maria the question.

Whitney prays to god for him to take Miles out of her heart and Chad as well. "I want to devote my life to you dear lord. Release me from these sick things…"


She turns to find Miles and Chad behind her in the doorway. "How can you say that your love for us is sick?"

Chris and Sheridan are talking in the living room about telling Luis the truth about their marriage. They argue about this.

Luis comes to the doorway of the room and Eve and Sheridan rush to him and help him to the couch. "I miss my wife and I couldn’t stand to be apart from her for one more second so that is why I am out of bed. Are you talking about me? I thought that I heard my name…" Chris calls out, "Sheridan?" … Luis looks at her. "Is there something that you have to tell me?"

Theresa is standing with her coat open before Ethan. "You will not come back to Crane as you know that eventually you will finally give in to temptation and be with me. Give in Ethan… Give in…" Ethan seems drunk with her naked before him this way. He can't stop looking at her with her trench coat open and not a stitch on.

Kay shows Miguel the right way to take Maria's temperature. Once they get the reading, Kay gets up to head back to work. She leaves instructions with Miguel for taking care of Maria while she is gone. He is really green and Kay sees she will have to stay longer.

She heads to the phone to let Fox know that she will be longer, and Miguel is glad that he is a dum-dum and needs her to stay.

Chad has brought Miles to light a candle for his mother. Whitney begs Chad not to do this as it just makes her feel bad. Chad has been even teaching the boy to pray. Whitney finds that sweet. Chad tells her again to come home but she can't. She feels too guilty. Chad finds her selfish thinking only about herself and not he or their son.

Sheridan is saved from having to talk to Luis about the truth when she hears the front door. She rushes from the group to answer the door.

She goes to find Mrs. Henderson there with James from the Bed & Breakfast. Mrs. Henderson apologizes for coming over but James really wanted to see Chris and Sheridan. Luis can tell that the boy is Chris's son. Sheridan talks to James and gives him a big hug.

Eve thinks to herself that Sheridan better tell the truth soon as Luis will figure it out himself. It wouldn't be hard for him to do so.

Ethan rushes to cover Theresa's body with her coat so that no one will see her this way. She isn't worried about anyone seeing her naked, as she paid off Jerry to leave them alone. Ethan didn't think that Jerry would do that, but he did. Theresa knows that every man has his price. Theresa rubs her naked body on Ethan's back and he moves away as he can't stand what she is doing to him. "We have a connection Ethan and it draws us together and it creates passion between us. Can we really go through life denying that?" She has him close now and she kisses him. He tries to fight the feelings but he can't, and soon he is kissing her just are furiously as she is kissing him.

Chad may be cruel but at least he isn't a hypocrite. "You have abandoned your child Whitney. It is all about you. Do you ever pray for God to take away our pain? No…you only pray for Whitney… me, me, me! Do you know what it is like for us? Do you want to know? We are out in the real world, while you are in the dark. I take Miles everywhere I go. They say, 'oh there is the Black Crane and his bastard baby…' I don’t mind so much, but then there are the parents who think that Miles is going to infect their sons and daughters. I smile and tell him how I love him. What is really bad is that you are his mother and you can't stand to be with him. Everyday he has to deal with the truth that his own mother turned her back on him…"

Sheridan tells James that she is sorry that she didn't bring Marty back as James could have someone to play with all the time.

Eve sees that Sheridan might be saying too much and that Luis might pick up on what Sheridan's real relationship is with Chris and James…"Sheridan!" she calls out.

Sheridan turns and realizes she almost made a mistake. Luis says that he has figured it out now… "I know what is going on here…"

Ethan breaks himself away from Theresa's kisses. She begs him to let her show him how good it could be between them. "Ethan! Make love to me…right now!" He seems to be considering it. He seems to lean towards her and their foreheads touch.

"I get it Sheridan…You have grown close to this young man James. He became like a surrogate son to you didn't he?" Sheridan tells how James's mother lost her life in the Tsunami. She was Chris's wife. Luis isn't bothered that Sheridan is so close to Chris. Luis says that maybe James can come and spend the night with he and Sheridan. "Don't worry Sheridan… we will get Marty back and be a real family just like we always dreamed." Eve says that it is time for Luis to get back to bed now. She also asks Mrs. Henderson to make some tea.

Chris tells Sheridan now that this isn't fair to James. "You will be breaking his heart… if you make him think that you are going to be his mother and then go with Luis"

Kay feeds Maria the medicine as Miguel watches fascinated. Kay tells how Fox does magic with Maria too when giving her medicine. Fox and Maria were watching television and they had a great time. "He was the one who figured out that syringes for medicine is the way to go. Maria has mommy and Fox to take care of her and she is so lucky." Kay is ready to go to work now, but Miguel makes her show him how to take Maria's temperature again before she goes. Kay takes the temperature as a demonstration but it turns out that Maria really does have a high fever. Kay is suddenly worried.

Chad and Whitney that this isn't about just her. "It isn't Miles's fault that he is the way that he is. What did Miles do to you? He didn't deserve this. I know this. We live with the stigma all the time. Miles could be scarred because you ran off to this convent. Wake up! People will talk about you whether you stay her or not! Don't hurt him anymore than you have already." Whitney is touched. She cries and takes her baby in her arms, telling him that she is sorry.

Ethan almost succumbs to Theresa's charms but then he turns away from her and back to his cars. Theresa asks him how many men he knows who have mistresses. "We could spend everyday with me. Look at me. I am standing her naked before you." He wants her to realize that she can have any man that she wants. "I promise not to tell Gwen. I just want to be with you…I want to make love. If you say 'yes'…you can make me your mistress…right here…"

Whitney holds her child now, truly sorry that she hasn't been seeing things right all along. Of course she loves him… Chad tells her that she can come to the apartment and be with Miles everyday… "Please come home with us."

Ethan finds this silly. "I am not going to keep you as my mistress. I love Gwen…" Theresa knows that love isn't the same as the love he has for her. "What we have is special. True love is a gift. It is a precious gift. Think of all those famous couples in history and fiction." Ethan only knows that all those famous couples had relationships that ended badly. "Please go home…" She reaches over Ethan and holds him obscenely from behind. Ethan's eyebrows shoot up from her touch. "Take a break," she orders.

Chris asks Eve if Sheridan has made a decision yet. Eve knows that this is really difficult for him. Chris finds this bizarre. "I was the happiest man in the world. I knew that we would be happy and now I have brought Luis back from the dead. I helped my wife have a phony wedding with him… She even used my ring to marry him... Sheridan is my wife and I want to keep it that way…"

Luis and Sheridan are back in the bedroom. He knows that she is thinking about Marty. "I was so close to getting him," Luis says. "I will find him…" Sheridan knows that he will. Luis will never be 100% until he finds Marty and brings him home. "I like seeing you with James…it made me smile and it also broke my heart. I know how much it means for you to have a child of your own Sheridan. I will get Marty back and you will have the family that you always wanted. It will be a real family. I love you…."

Chris enters the room and finds Luis and Sheridan kissing passionately. He is quiet and just watches them.

Chris clears his throat.

Luis and Sheridan turn to find him staring at them. "This is turning into a habit," Luis notices. Sheridan tells Luis that he needs to rest now. Luis agrees this time and lies back on the bed.

Chris whispers that he hates seeing his wife kissing another man. James is gone with Mrs. Henderson and so Chris and Sheridan return to the living room.

Kay is really concerned about Maria's fever.

She calls Eve. "It's Kay. I am here at Tabitha's and Maria has a high fever. We gave her medicine but she isn't better…" Eve will be there soon. "Don't worry…little kids can run high fevers sometimes."

Kay and Miguel have to rub Maria down with water now. Miguel runs to get a washcloth.

Kay assures her baby that her mommy and daddy will take care of her.

Chad tells Whitney that they can be a family now and live in the same house. "Go back to a life of sin?" Chad says they don't have to sin again. She doesn't think that they can live together and not touch each other. "If I leave people are going to say that the nun left the nunnery to go back to that life. It isn't going to work. No matter how hard we try; we are going to give in to temptation. What if I get pregnant again? Take him and leave…." She hands the baby over.

"You know you want to Ethan…" He sees that she isn't leaving so he decides that he will be the one to leave. He heads to the door. It is locked. "Where are the keys Theresa?" She opens her coat. "You want to search me?" Ethan returns to where she is standing, holding her coat open and he just stares at her in all her glory…

Kay holds Maria as Miguel touches cool water to Maria for her fever. "I think that she likes it," Miguel says. Kay hates when Maria is sick. "She only knows that she doesn't feel good.

Whitney will not come back to live with Chad and Miles.

The Mother Superior arrives asking what is going on. She hears their raised voices and warns that this is a place of worship. "Please leave," Whitney says. Chad will leave but wants her to call him if she changes her mind.

The Mother Superior tells Whitney that this can't go on. Whitney begs her forgiveness. The Mother Superior says that they need to calm down. "Spending time alone can make you think you believe in things that are not there. Let's go help with lunch in the kitchen. Whitney walks off smiling.

After they have left the room, the horseshoe symbol appears on the floor…

Luis is alone in the room. He looks at the pictures of Sheridan and Marty around the room. He knows that she has a hole in her heart and he would like to fill it.

Chris has had enough of this. "Tell me Sheridan who is it going to be? Luis or me?"

Theresa's has taken her best shot at getting Ethan to take her. He can't resist anymore. He kisses her hungrily now. She has her coat open and they sizzle together in their heat. She wraps her legs around his waist while he picks her up and gently places her on the hood of a nearby car. They stop moving for a moment to look into each other's eyes, then he has her by the hair, pulling her to him, while she positions herself to lie on top of him…

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