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Written By Glynis
Proofread by Natalie

Scene 1

            Gwen worries that Theresa is going to be up to her tricks again.  The phone rings. Ethan answers to Little Ethan… Gwen rolls her eyes.

Scene 2

            Noah sits alone.  He thinks about what he did to Fancy to make her leave him for good.

Scene 3

            Fancy is having her eye appointment with Eve. Eve turns down the light to take of the patch. The patch is removed and Fancy is awfully quiet. “Can you not see out of your right eye?" Eve asks.

Scene 4

            Chris is sleeping.  He wakes on the couch and finds that he is alone. Sheridan promised that she would go to him in the night and she didn’t.  Chris has serious doubts as to whether or not Sheridan can refuse Luis.

Scene 5

            In the bedroom, Luis and Sheridan wake in each other’s arms. She stayed as she was so comfortable with him in the bed the night before. He feels like a new man this morning and he reaches for her. She tries to calm him but he wants her. “Forever and always…” She tells him that she wants him too. “Forever and always," she tells him. They passionately kiss.

Scene 6

            Little Ethan asks if Ethan will coach him for his game. Ethan will do that.  Little Ethan hangs up and tells his mother, who is sitting by and listening, that Ethan is going to play with him real soon.

            Gwen knew it. Theresa is using her son to get to Ethan now.

            “What is this about Theresa?" Rebecca chimes in as she enters. Gwen says that Theresa is now using her son to do her dirty work.

            Ethan doubts that is true. “She wouldn’t use her children that way," Ethan says. Gwen reminds him that Little Ethan is her child, but Jane is Theresa’s.

Scene 7

            Chris gets dressed and goes into the bedroom to see what is going on with the happy couple. He pauses as he takes note of the sight inside.  Fancy can see, and she can see just fine. “That is great!" she says.

            Eve turns up the light. “You have to wear sunglasses for a while. Is Noah picking you up?" Fancy says 'no'. Eve remembers him by Fancy’s bedside. “Talk about a man in love.” Fancy is crying now. “What is it?"

Scene 8

            Noah goes to see Maya in the room. He slept on the floor while Maya had the bed. Maya says that she is sorry that Fancy was hurt, but Noah really can’t be sure if she really is sorry.

Scene 9

            Ethan assures Gwen that he thinks of Jane as their child, but the truth is that Theresa is the biological mother whether they like that idea or not. Rebecca tries to interject, but Ethan sends her off for vodka across the room. “I really don’t think that Theresa is using Little Ethan to get to me, Gwen. Now I have to go and do my interview.” He leaves.

            Gwen feels guilty about the tabloid issue. Rebecca knows that Ethan could leave her for that. Gwen says that Alistair still has proof in the mansion that would destroy her and her marriage and that Theresa is looking everywhere for it.

Scene 10

            Theresa arrives at work and asks Valerie if she has found anything to do with the tabloid yet. Valerie has found nothing. Theresa is short with her. “Why not?" Valerie hasn’t got an answer. “Have you tried buying someone to get it?" Valerie never thought of that. “I need that information that tells of how the tabloid found out about Ethan… My whole life depends on it! I will get you whatever you need if you can do this for me, Valerie…promotion…money…position…”

Scene 11

            Ethan is dressed and ready to look for work. Rebecca says that Ethan can come work for her as her masseur… Ethan and Gwen both say 'no' in unison. Ethan can do other things as long as he doesn't work as a lawyer, since he is still under contract. He knows that he will be fine once he is working again. He kisses Gwen’s head and leaves.

            Gwen has to get ready for work as well. Rebecca tells her to forget that. “If you don’t quit this job, you will lose your husband…”

Scene 12

            Valerie goes to see Theresa and to tell her that things are moving along as she wants it.  Theresa is happy as that means that soon she will have Ethan to herself.

Scene 13

            Noah questions Maya’s intentions. “What else have you lied to me about? I am so far past angry… You have brought me into a horrible situation. Fancy thinks that I have been lying to her and leading her on to be with you again. It kills me to think that I did this to her. I can’t do this anymore. I protect Fancy by breaking her heart. There has to be another way. I am going to find Fancy and tell her that you and I are not together…”

Scene 14

            Fancy says that she is fine now, but she is crying. Eve wants to know why. Fancy says that she is just overwhelmed at being able to see again. “Thank you for making my father happy. True love is a rare and beautiful thing…”

            Eve knows that Fancy has found true love with Noah as well… Eve offers to be there for Fancy if she ever needs that. “I am here for you," she says. Fancy thanks her for that but there are things that she has to get over on her own.  Once outside, she vows to get over Noah.

Scene 15

            Chris should have known. He sees Sheridan asleep and no other activity going on in the bedroom. “That is why she didn’t come back to me the night before. She fell asleep. I will let her sleep.” He leaves.

            Luis and Sheridan are sleeping in the bed. They snuggle closer in their sleep and kiss without waking… Sheridan wakes and finds that she has been getting up close and personal with Luis. She moves away. “Oh my god!" she says.

            Luis wakes now too. “I was having this dream and we were making love as husband and wife…” Sheridan reminds him that he is still too sick for that. “Don’t deny me what I have been dreaming about.” She wants him to focus on getting better now. “We have been married one day and you are already giving me orders? I love it! I am the luckiest man in the world!"

            Sheridan finds Chris pouring coffee. She apologizes to him for falling asleep. He says that he checked on her and saw that she was only sleeping. She knows that this whole situation is hard on him. She has been asking him for the impossible, and he has been doing it. He has to remind her though that he is way past his limit with this. “I am not going to sit by and watch you pretend to be his wife. Luis is to sleep alone tonight.”

            Sheridan promises to tell Luis the truth. Chris asks again if she has changed her mind about being with him. She hasn’t. “I am committed to you, Chris.”

            He has to ask. “After spending the night with Luis though… do you still want me?"

            She thinks about the kisses with Luis the night before.  The doorbell rings.  Sheridan says that is Eve who wanted to see Luis that morning…

Scene 16

            Fancy is at work and she looks at the flowers that Noah sent her. “Damn you…” 

            Theresa comes to see Fancy and loves that she has no eye patch anymore. “Why don’t you go and celebrate with Noah?"

            Fancy says that she wants to be at work. Fancy fingers the flowers, arranging them and moving them around. Theresa tells her that it isn’t her job to do the housekeeping. Fancy was actually contemplating throwing the flowers. Fancy tells Theresa that she was right about men. Theresa says that she was wrong about men. “You can’t give up on love Fancy…” Fancy tells how she found Noah in bed making love to Maya!

Scene 17

            Noah plans to tell Fancy the truth about why he pretended to be making love to Maya. Maya tells him that he will be endangering their lives. “The FBI wants us to pretend to be lovers so that Lena will believe that we are on their side…” Noah can’t lose all that time with Fancy.  The phone rings. Noah hopes that is Lena… 

            It is her. “I heard that you had quite an eventful evening last night. I know who you were with, Maya. Now tell me the rest!"

Scene 18

            Rebecca is serious. Ethan is getting depressed because of his situation, and she finds that her daughter working isn’t helping. Gwen finds that silly and leaves to get dressed.  Rebecca feels her daughter is taking too much for granted.  Rebecca thinks of how it will be. Ethan will be on the sidelines watching as Gwen gets awards.  The other men who Gwen works with would taunt him about having a successful wife and not having a job.  Theresa would run up to him asking for advice on a deal that she is working on, and she would beg for him to give her a hand. Ethan would look to the stage and see his wife with the men she works with, and then Ethan would just walk off with Theresa.  Rebecca wonders -- “How do I solve a problem like Theresa?"

Scene 19

            Theresa is sure that there is an explanation for what she saw in Noah’s room. Fancy says that Noah played her for a fool. Theresa is sorry to hear that and offers to help if she can. Fancy asks her to give her some work and keep her busy. Theresa can do that. “Work has piled on lately… Don’t you have some ideas that you were going to show me about your designs?" Fancy does. She says that Alistair has been moved to a long-term center. Theresa knew about that and she is sorry that she didn’t tell Fancy. It will be hard for her to see Alistair as the staff discourages visitors…  Suddenly, the ladies hear a loud screeching noise…

Scene 20

            Luis bellows for Sheridan! She has to bring him his breakfast. Sheridan enters with a tray.

            Chris turns to Eve offering her coffee. She doesn't want that. “This must be difficult for you, Chris.” He admits that it is. Chris says that he is just waiting for Sheridan to tell Luis that they are really not married. Chris admits that he isn't sure that Luis and Sheridan can be with anyone else. Eve gets uncomfortable, especially when Eve describes the love that Luis and Sheridan had. Still, she knows that a lot has happened since then.

            Luis tells Sheridan that he has been thinking of the memories he has of her. “We are soul mates. We always have been and always will be…always…always…” Sheridan is touched by his words. “Oh Luis…” She kisses him tenderly now.

Scene 21

            Ethan is out looking at all the reject emails he has gotten. “Right now, I am willing to do whatever is necessary…”

            Theresa finds a man taking Ethan’s name off the door of the office that Theresa wanted for him.  Fancy wonders if Ethan really will return. Theresa is sure of it.

Scene 22

            Noah and Maya listen to the phone, as Lena tells them that she has plans for them. “Big plans…” She looks at her gun.

Scene 23

            Eve assures Chris that Sheridan really does love him, but Chris can feel her being drawn back to Luis. Eve finds Sheridan’s reaction to Luis to be natural. “She wouldn't ever betray you with Luis…

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