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Written By Glynis
Proofread by Natalie
Pictures by Juanita

Scene 1

            Spike and Jessica, happy as clams, walk the streets. Jessica has just gotten a tattoo as a gift from Spike. He wanted to get her something special…something just for her. . . beautiful just like her. He turns her around and looks at the horseshoe-shaped pattern in the small of her back.

Scene 2

            Paloma is looking at the exact same symbol that has been tattooed on Jessica’s back. It is on a sheet of paper from the Book Café’s basement. Simone panics when she sees that Paloma is openly looking at Alistair’s private papers. Paloma is sure that the symbol is something that will give her and Simone a huge clue as to where to find evidence to nab Alistair for art theft in Europe.

Scene 3

            Whitney is praying.  She remembers the "Figure" asking for her help to stop the people from exposing the secrets of the church. “There is danger involved. Have you fear of what is to come?”

            Whitney will not have fear if she is doing the Lord’s work. “I will do what you ask. I know that I am weak and I need your forgiveness…”

Scene 4

            Tabitha is alone with the big blue pot. “I see that Kay is having a hard time sleeping tonight. She can’t get Miguel out of her mind… That is a good thing for us on the dark side. We would all suffer if Miguel and Charity got back together… It is time for Mr. Fox to wake up so that he can enjoy the fun too…”

 ZAP!  A tiny bell appears above Fox’s ear while he sleeps and it rings. He doesn't get up at first, and the bell has to ring a few more times before the sound gets through.  Fox wakes and the bells disappears. “Kay? Kay?" She isn’t in the bed with him. He gets up.  Kay is downstairs alone on the couch.

            Miguel arrives and says that his brother is alive and well. “It is incredible isn't it?" Kay is stunned by this incredible news. Miguel tells how Luis was found in Hawaii and just brought home. She jumps into his arms hugging him.

            Fox appears in the doorway. “What the hell is going on?"

            Tabitha chuckles. “What indeed?" she says, smiling.

Scene 5

            Luis and Sheridan are in the bedroom where he holds her. She tells him that she will return in a moment.  She leaves the room and goes to Chris in the main room. Chris says that he has been patient but he will not sit around and watch her making love to another man.

Scene 6

            Miguel explains that he was just telling Kay the good news about Luis being alive. Fox can’t understand this. “The other body was just a trick.” Kay was so excited and that was when she jumped into Miguel’s arms. Fox apologizes for over-reacting when he saw Kay in Miguel’s arms. Miguel understands.

            Tabitha knows that Miguel is as hot for a loved one as Luis is, so of course he understands Fox getting angry. He is the exact same way. “All I have to do is feed your jealousies to get what I want.”

            Miguel says that Chris and Sheridan are married now. “Luis doesn't know the truth yet though.” Kay finds that sad.

            Tabitha knows that things are going to get much worse for Chris and Sheridan as time goes on…

Scene 7

            Sheridan reminds Chris that they can’t tell Luis the truth about their marriage. “I will lie down with him until he goes to sleep, and then I will go to you. I have no choice. I can’t tell him the truth. We will tell him the truth eventually. I am responsible for him being this way. I feel guilty. Look…I know that you are upset, but think about how you would feel if something happened to Luis…” Chris calms down, but wants her to come out as soon as possible from the bedroom after Luis goes to sleep. They kiss and she leaves him to return to Luis.

            She sits by the bed with Luis. “I missed you so much," he says. “When I was being held prisoner, I promised myself that one day I would escape and come back to you. I vowed that if I returned, I wouldn’t spend another night without you.” They kiss.

            Chris peeks in the room at the pair. Sheridan hugs Luis and looks worriedly over Luis’s shoulder to her husband at the door.

Scene 8

            Jessica is glad to have the tattoo, but doesn't even know what it looks like. “Tell me about it… I want to see it…”

            Spike tells her that it is a symbol of his love for her…that’s all. He wants her to turn a couple of tricks for them now. “I have to turn some tricks to pay for that tattoo.”

            Jessica remembers that Spike promised her that she wouldn't have to turn tricks anymore. Spike says that he would have money, but Alistair is in a coma and can’t give him any. Jessica doesn't want to turn tricks. “I don’t remember killing those men, and I am afraid that it will happen again.

            Spike assures her that she will not kill anyone this time. “Just take a pill and then things will be fine.” He has to go to get her a john. She pulls on his arm and begs him not to leave her. “Everything will be fine," he promises. He gives her some pills and then walks off.

Scene 9

            Paloma tells Simone that the horseshoe symbol is on all the paintings that are of interest to their cause. “It has to mean something.”

Scene 10

            “Hail Mary full of grace," Whitney prays. 

            Chad comes to the confessional room. “What are you doing here? You are supposed to be in bed.” Whitney will not leave as God is supposed to meet her there. “No one is there Whitney. You are sick and need to go to bed.” She is a little tired. He picks her up and carries her from the room.

            After she is gone, the cross on the wall lights up brightly and then the wall opens. The 'Figure' walks down into the room and puts his hand over the horseshoe symbol that figures prominently in white on the floor. The 'Figure' puts his hand over the symbol and wipes the symbol from the ground until it isn’t visible anymore.

Scene 11

            Tabitha meets with the kids in the living room and learns that Luis is alive. She also learns that Sheridan has married Chris. Miguel says that Luis can’t even be told about the marriage as that would make him ill. “Luis was so glad to see Sheridan again that he married Sheridan in Hawaii. She is married to both of them.”

            Fox and Kay feel really bad about this. Tabitha sees that Sheridan has moved on with the new man in her life, but has she really? ‘The new man in her life can’t possibly have the same bond with the old man, especially when the old man has a child with the woman…” Fox and Miguel mull over what Tabitha is saying and stay silent.

Scene 12

            While Luis is sleeping, Sheridan asks herself why this is happening to her.

Scene 13

            Chad gets Whitney into bed and offers to get her something to drink, but she wants nothing. She is still in pain but feels that is her penance for her sins. Chad is really worried about her and wants her to be okay. “You are a good man… You are loving and you are caring. I wish that things could be different.” He assures her that things can be different and they don’t have to be apart.

Scene 14

            Paloma leafs through the papers from the basement and finds the horseshoe symbol on all the paintings. Paloma hasn’t been able to get information on the symbol, but she has scanned it and put it on the internet. Now she just has to wait.

Scene 15

            Jessica is in a bed fully dressed and sleeping…  She was brought to the room, or maybe she is dreaming. The john was rough with her, tearing off her jacket and then raping her. She looked up at him but her vision was blurry…  Jessica wakes now in the man’s bed. “It was just a dream…it was just a dream…”  She looks over to the man beside her in the bed. “Hey! Your time is up…” The man doesn't move. She pulls on the blankets and sees that it is covered with blood. “No!"  She grabs her cell phone. “You have to help me…I did it again…I did it again…. I killed him…just like the others.

Scene 16

            Chad begs Whitney to go home with him. She will not go. “You are my half-brother and we sinned. I have to stay here, and I can’t trust myself to be with you. This is my world now. Accept it.” He wonders why she cries if this is what she wants. She cries because it hurts and it is hard.

Scene 17

            Spike arrives and Jessica rushes to his arms. “I don’t know what happened, and I don’t remember doing it. I woke up and there was blood all over. I have to go to the police.” Spike tells her that is crazy. She is scared and she has no idea how this happened.

            Spike tells her to calm down. “Go back to our place and calm down.” She doesn't want to go by herself, but he forces her to.

            She hugs him one last time. “Thank you Spike…Thank you… I don’t know what I would do without you…”

Scene 18

            Luis sleeps, and he dreams. He and Sheridan are in a candlelit room kissing. “This is beautiful," she would say.

            “You know that I want to give you the honeymoon that you deserve, Sheridan… I want to pretend that tonight is the first night of our marriage. I am not sick anymore. We are finally together and finally married.” She would tell him that he is the only man for her.”

            In the living room of the cottage, Chris and Sheridan talk. He is trying to be understanding, but this has gone too far. “I can’t let you go to bed with a man who wants to make love with you.” Sheridan says that nothing happened, but he saw her. He saw Luis holding her and kissing her, and he could feel the closeness between them. All that she can say is ‘sorry’. He has to wonder what she is sorry about. “Do you want to be with me Sheridan or Luis?"

Scene 19

            Tabitha says that Sheridan is in a tragic situation knowing that it is killing the kids, as they can relate to the situation as well. “This can bring up all sorts of mixed emotions…”

            Kay knows what Tabitha is up to, and she pinches her. “Come with me into the kitchen… I put on a pot of tea.” they leave the room.

            Maria cries upstairs. Both Fox and Miguel rise to take care of her, but Miguel insists and heads for the stairs.

            Kay tells Tabitha that she can tell that Tabitha is making trouble. “What are you trying to do?" Tabitha says that she WASN'T being a troublemaker. “I was talking about Sheridan, Chris and Luis…”

            Kay knows better. “Have you been making me get close with Miguel? Are you using your magic on us?"

Scene 20

            Jessica is making her way home. She sees her friends through the window of the Book Café.  She enters and sits with them. Paloma and Simone can see that Jessica is upset. “Is this about Spike?" Jessica doesn't want to talk about that. Simone is about to tell Jessica about what they are doing about the art thefts, but Paloma clears her throat and indicates to Simone to follow her.

            “What is the matter?" Simone asks. Paloma says that they don’t need extra trouble, and Jessica is very friendly with Spike and may tell what they are doing. Simone understands what Paloma is thinking, and she agrees with it.

Scene 21

            Out on the waterfront, Spike works furiously to cover up Jessica’s tracks.  He is being watched. A man in a brown hooded cloak, and a belt with a symbol on it approaches him quietly.  Spike doesn't notice that someone is behind him until the 'Figure' is actually upon him. Spike turns while on his knees and looks up. His level of sight brings him right in line with the 'Figure’s’ belt. He sees the horseshoe symbol. “Oh my God," he utters staring up where the face should be showing.

Scene 22

            Chris asks Sheridan again what she wants. “Me or Luis?" 

            “Sheridan! Are you out there?" Luis calls from the room.

            Sheridan asks Chris to trust her. “I will tell Luis the truth as soon as I can. I have to go.”

            “Sheridan!" Luis calls. She leaves.

Scene 23

            Tabitha doesn't see what the big deal is. “You used to do everything and anything to get with Miguel.”  Kay says that her feelings are not the same anymore. Tabitha wants her to think deep within herself. “Who would you pick? Fox or Miguel?"

            Fox enters the kitchen. “How is the tea coming ladies?" He decides to make it himself.  Miguel enters the kitchen as well.  Tabitha whispers to Kay. “Well who would it be? Fox or Miguel?"

Scene 24

            Chad begs and begs, but Whitney won’t leave. “I wish that you would change your mind," he says. He kisses her forehead and promises to check in on her again. “You know that I will be here for you…” he leaves.

            Whitney knows Chad is there for her but God is there for her too. “I know that God is going to take care of me…”

Scene 25

            Paloma and Simone return to the table and try to get Jessica to talk to them about what is upsetting her. They have beverages now but no sugar. Jessica turns to get some from the next table and that is when her top rides up at the back and her friends see the horseshoe symbol tattooed on her back. “What is that, Jessica?"

            Jessica has no idea. “Spike got it for me," she says. “I have no idea what it means.”

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