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Written By Glynis

Ethan tells Gwen that he told Theresa that he will not come back to work for her and that she didn’t take it well.

Chris is about to speak to Luis’s family.

Sheridan prays that he will not tell that they are married just yet, although he said that he would do it at this time.

He says only that he is happy that he was able to help save Luis, and get him home again to his family. Pilar suspects that there is more that Chris wants to say but he says that is all.

Fancy has just walked in on Noah and Maya naked in bed as well, and he is as shocked as Fancy is.

Sam comes up behind them shocked at what he is seeing. Fancy starts attacking Noah for his betrayal by pummeling him with her fists.

Noah jumps out of bed. He says that he can explain. Maya orders him to get the skank out. Fancy ends up jumping on her and beating her with her fists.

Pilar asks Sheridan if she is happy to have found Luis again, and she says that she is.

Pilar goes to Theresa who is sad. “What is it?" Theresa finally admits that it is over with she and Ethan. Pilar isn’t sure that t believes this but Theresa assures her that she is done with chasing Ethan.

Luis tells his family that he is so happy to be there and with his new wife. He wants to get out of bed and head out to the living room. Martin helps him up.

Chris and Sheridan go into the living room ahead of everyone. Chris wants to know when Luis will be told that she is already married to him but she can’t talk about this now.

Luis is brought to the couch. Pilar wants to make tea, but Theresa says that champagne is more fitting. Sheridan offers to go and get some but Luis makes her stay with him and he holds her hand, and so Miguel gets the champagne.

Luis wants to toast to the family being reunited. Luis starts telling how he was looking for Beth and Marty. Sheridan is so sorry that she sent him off like that to get Marty. Luis is fine with that. “I would look for my own son anyway. I used every lead and it worked. I went to South America and then Europe. I would get close and then they would vanish.” Theresa knows that was probably Alistair fooling with him. Luis was real close once and someone hit him in the back of the head. “Since then Alistair held me hostage until you and Chris saved me. I made a video journal for you Sheridan. I meant everything that I said. You were the hope that kept me going…”

Miguel returns with champagne.

Chris goes to the window to be alone now.

Sheridan follows him to thank him for keeping the secret a little longer. Chris is insistent that she tell the truth to those people in the living room.

Luis isn’t sure where he was kept all this time. “I had visions of Sheridan and you mama… it was a struggle to hold on to my sanity…” Pilar is sad that her son was hurt. Luis was fine for a long time before getting really ill. Pilar makes a toast to her son. “We all love you so very, very much…” Martin seconds that. Theresa looks at Luis and Sheridan and can’t believe that they have managed to find their way back to each other. Luis says that true love really does conquer all. Theresa has lost her faith in love, but now that she sees Luis and Sheridan, she might just get it back again. Luis loves that his brother has returned to Harmony. They all have news for Luis and he might not like it. Theresa says that before she tells him her news, he has to understand that everything has worked for the best. “I have married Alistair…” Luis is suddenly jarred and uncomfortable. “What?" She tells that it was her choice. “I did it to get Jane and Ethan…” Luis doesn't understand and everyone is worried that he will get too excited and get ill and have a relapse. He orders her to get a divorce. Theresa says that he isn’t a threat anymore. “He is in a coma and he might die.” Luis seems relieved to hear that. Pilar tells about the party and the stroke and how Eve saved him. Theresa hates that she is such a good doctor. Martin tells that Sam is trying to find out who the attempted killer is. Luis never thought that Alistair would ever be out of their lives. “Maybe now, no one will come between us again Sheridan…” Chris peers at Sheridan…

Ethan and Gwen arrive. Sheridan stands back to show them her surprise. “What?" Ethan and Gwen rush over to Luis on the couch to hear his story of survival.

Outside, Katherine and Rachel are watching and see that Luis is alive. Katherine is overjoyed that Sheridan has Luis back again. Rachel worries about Chris. Katherine is sad for him but knows that Katherine wouldn't have gone with Chris had Luis been known to have been alive. Rachel asks about the love in her sister’s life and how things are going in her quest to get him for her own. Katherine feels that she has exhausted all efforts to get Martin back and has stopped trying. Rachel tells her 'no'. “Fight for the man that you love!" Katherine slowly nods.

Noah and Sam pull Fancy off Maya. Fancy accuses Maya of seducing her boyfriend. “It was the other way around," Maya says. “That is right," Noah says. “I seduced Maya!"

Noah rubs Maya’s shoulders as he tells his father and ex-girlfriend that he is interested in Maya and wants her now. “Maya and I go way back. We were only dating Fancy. What is the big deal?” Sam finds his son to be a complete stranger right now. Noah will not explain more than he already has. “You wanted to live with me Noah. You told me that you loved me and wanted to grow old together. Was that all a lie?"

Pilar is crying for the happiness in her heart at being with her son again. “I need a tissue…”

She goes over to Theresa who seems to be crying as well. She tells that she realizes that she has made a mistake giving up on Ethan for even a minute.

Martin answers the door and Rachel and Katherine are there.

Pilar told that woman that she wasn’t to come there and yet here Katherine is.

Katherine wants to see her daughter and insists on coming in although Martin feels that her staying away would be for the best. Martin lets her in and she goes to her daughter and hugs her. Luis is introduced to Rachel who he thought was dead. She promises to explain things to him later.

Martin goes to talk to Pilar and Theresa, but Pilar will not listen to anything that he has to say.

Luis tells Ethan and Gwen that he finally married Sheridan. He shows off her ring. “Aren’t you going to congratulate us?" Ethan and Gwen do just that. Sheridan tells that they were married by the Justice of the Peace in Hawaii. Luis is going to marry Sheridan again as soon as he can. Pilar tells that Father Lonnigan was attacked and was placed in the hospital so the wedding will have to wait. “Harmony seems to be getting increasingly violent," she says. Luis sees that he will have to find a way to get this ceremony done some other way. Rachel retorts a tad rudely, that there is going to be yet another renewal ceremony.

Katherine can’t believe how rude her sister just was. Rachel whispers that she has to stick up for her side of the family in all this.

Theresa and Pilar look at each other thinking the worst of Katherine and her sister.

Sheridan tells her mother and aunt that she isn’t really married to Luis.

Gwen comes over and hears what is going on. “If you didn’t marry Luis then why the ring?"

Chris comes over to explain. “I was the one that married her," he says quietly.

Katherine and the others are confused. Sheridan explains that she can’t have Luis finding out the truth.

Theresa comes over and learns the secret as well. Sheridan tells that Luis was almost dead and the doctor has cautioned her not to get Luis upset. “I kept quiet for Luis’s sake, and then he surprised me by wanting to get married on the spot.” Chris wants this all to end, but it is too complicated to deal with now. Rachel wonders what she is going to do. Sheridan says that she will be staying married to Chris. “We are legally married and we have a sacred bond. I will obey my vows…I love Chris…”

Fancy feels like such a fool. “Why did you lead me on Noah?" He has no idea why he did the things that he did. “I thought of this as a big game and I am sorry. You are Fancy Crane…you are beautiful and rich and your face is on all the magazines. What guy wouldn’t want to get with that?" Sam is very disappointed in Noah right now. “And you dad, you are one to talk. You are with the rich woman who used to live on the hill. Fancy you were my Mount Everest and I had to conquer you…I have done it. Now I am moving on…”

“Believe what I have told you Fancy if you know what is good for you," Noah warns. Fancy has known lots of guys who were bad for her and she thought that he was different. “This is all wrong. I remember you from Vegas. You were good and kind, and noble.” She cries. “Who taught you to be this way?" Sam asks. “You did dad! You had a son out of wedlock and then you meet him when he is an adult… Then mom leaves and you shack up with Ivy Crane…”

Theresa tells Chris that she is sorry for what has happened. “I have to tell you something. Your marriage to Sheridan isn't going to last. She belongs with my brother. Don’t get me wrong. I can see that you love her but the love that she has for my brother is very deep and strong.” Chris believes that Sheridan is over Luis. Theresa sees Luis and Sheridan as being together. “Fate will crush anyone that gets in their way.”

Katherine tries to talk to Martin but he will not talk to her and wants her to get away from him.

Martin goes to Miguel asking him to come out and talk with him for a while. They leave the house.

Sheridan goes to her mother. “Why is Martin so cold to you?" Katherine tells that she and Martin aren’t getting along. She believes that she belongs with Martin but he isn’t sure anymore. Sheridan tells her mother that she is kidding herself by thinking that she can get Martin. Katherine says that her love for Martin is like Sheridan’s for Luis. Sheridan insists that she has moved on from Luis. Katherine knows that Sheridan is telling herself these things but she really believes that they are not true.

Miguel talks with his father about Charity. Miguel is bitter to his father. Martin explains again why he couldn’t be there for his children. “I was at the mansion tonight," Miguel tells. “I was the big surprise for the renewal ceremony… what a joke! You broke mama’s heart years ago, and you did it again the night before the renewal. You didn’t know what it was like for her. She had no money to raise her kids. How could you leave your family like that? How could you do that you bastard? You left your wife and kids to run after some whore? No man who abandons his children deserves forgiveness.” Martin finds that is exactly what Miguel did to Kay. Miguel defends what he did. At least he sent money and tried to be in contact. “I plan on being here now to help to raise my daughter.” Martin is glad to hear that and knows that Miguel will make a great father. Miguel loves his daughter and wants to make her happy. Martin wants that for Miguel, and at the same time make up for the time that they lost. Martin made a lot of mistakes but wants the chance to make up for what he has done. Miguel wonders what is wrong with their family… Martin has no idea but knows that the both of them have a lot to answer for.

Theresa goes over to Ethan telling that it is really amazing what happened to Luis. Ethan says that he heard that Luis and Sheridan are not really married. Theresa admits that is true. She isn’t worried though as she knows that Sheridan and Luis will eventually end up together. Ethan sees things differently. Sheridan is married and says that she wants to stay that way. “No Ethan," Theresa says. “Sheridan and Luis will be together… Just like when you see things straight, you and I will be together…”

Fancy has to get away from Noah and his little slut! She can’t stand it. Sam offers to take her home. Sam gives his son a disappointed look on the way to the door. “Are you happy?" Fancy asks. “You have broken my heart!" She walks out.

Noah calls to Fancy but Maya stops him from calling her back. “You made a deal with the FBI and you have to keep it.” Noah knows that she is right.

Ethan tells Theresa that she is wrong about them and that he will never be with her.

Ethan and Gwen leave the party now.

Pilar hugs her son and Sheridan, and Theresa says goodbye as well to the couple.

Pilar tells Theresa that she saw her with Ethan and she knows that she will never have that man. Theresa can’t do it. “I can’t ever give up on Ethan!"

Sheridan gets Luis into bed. He pulls her to him when she starts walking out. “It is our honeymoon night. I want to hold you and make love to you…” She leans in and they passionately kiss. Chris has come to the doorway and he sees Luis kissing his wife with all the passion that he can muster.

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