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Written By Glynis

Miguel is dreaming of he and Kay kissing…

He calls out her name in his sleep…

Fox and Kay are in bed with backs together.

Kay wonders why she was thinking of Miguel when she has Fox. She has no idea that Fox is awake behind her as she thinks to herself about how she has been feeling.

Fox is disturbed about seeing Kay with Miguel while he was alone sleeping in their bed.

He remembers how she blew off being with Miguel on the swing and lied to him.

She lied, he thinks to himself.

Theresa tells her mother that they have to meet with Sheridan in an hour for some important news. Theresa doesn’t know why. Pilar wonders if this has to do with Marty…

Luis and Sheridan enter the cottage. He is so glad to be home again. She tells how she has been running the Bed & Breakfast to fill up her time since he has been gone. Luis is sorry that he lost time with her. They could be raising their second child by now, if it weren’t for all that happened. He wished that he could carry her over the threshold but he is still injured. He kisses her passionately.

Chris enters from behind and sees them.

He drops their bags heavily on the floor to show his disapproval of what he is witnessing. Luis and Sheridan turn to see him glaring at them from the doorway.

Fancy has a bad feeling that Noah is in big trouble.

Maya and Noah talk about their plight and how they can get out of there. Noah wants to protect Fancy and has to get out of there immediately. If the thugs see that he and Maya are with the FBI, they could take it out on Fancy. Maya tells him to try to phone his father and not try to escape. Noah has to try to get out of there, as he believes that he is the only one that can keep Fancy safe.

Noah tries again to get the agent to listen to him about being involved in the terrorist ring. Maya begs for Noah’s freedom. She will stay in his place. Noah knows that this idea of hers will not work.

Noah thinks fast. “How can I get out of here to save Fancy?"

Sam decides that he will have to have Noah and Maya picked up for their own good wherever they are. Fancy watches as Sam makes the call to put out an APB on Noah and Maya.

When he is done with the call she hugs him for doing all that he can to find Noah. “Thank you Sam! Thank you very much for all your help with finding Noah…”

Miguel dreams. He is alone with the baby…

Kay comes to him and they play with their child. He asks if she has forgiven him for leaving her for Charity. “I wonder now why I ever left…” They would kiss then.

Miguel suddenly jumps out of his dream… “Kay!"

Fox gets out of bed and looks to the window where the swing moves slowly in the breeze.

He remembers seeing Miguel and Kay there and Kay was laughing and having fun…

Kay gets up and asks him if he can’t sleep. He admits that he can’t. she offers to put him to bed in a special way but he doesn't feel like that right now and he shrugs her off.

Pilar can’t help but think that Sheridan’s news is about Marty. “If only Luis were here to share in the joy of Sheridan’s news…” Theresa isn’t sure that this is about Marty though. “Maybe Chris asked Sheridan to marry her," Theresa suggests. Pilar doesn't feel that Sheridan would get the whole family out to tell them that. “This has to be about something else," Pilar decides.

Chris calms himself quickly and brings the bags in the house. Luis asks Chris to put his luggage in the bedroom along with Sheridan’s. Chris draws the line there. “No," Chris says. “That is completely out of the question Luis! You can’t stay there." Luis turns to look at the man strangely when he hears the tone of his voice.

Luis asks Chris why he can’t sleep with his own wife. Sheridan says that Chris is just suggesting that idea, as Luis is still injured and should be sleeping alone. Chris suggests staying in the hospital for a few days. Luis will see Eve but he will not go back into a hospital. Luis asks Sheridan to help him undress now, and they both head to the bedroom.

Pilar thinks that Sheridan might marry Chris at some point, now that Luis is dead and they will all have to get used to that idea of seeing her with Chris. Theresa finds it hard to see Sheridan with anyone but Luis. The cottage was their special place. Theresa still has to call Miguel and Paloma and tell them to get over to the house for Sheridan’s news. Pilar offers to get Martin too, but Theresa tells her 'no'. Pilar doesn't mind telling him to come and meet with Sheridan. “I have to face him some time. I will change and then go and find your father to tell him the news.” Theresa has a suggestion. “I want to take care of you and the family. Why don’t you all move into the mansion and we can rent out the house…” Pilar loves her house and will not give it up, even for a mansion .

Martin is alone and he thinks of how things ended with Pilar.

She was in her wedding gown and was heartbroken.

“If only I could have one more chance with Pilar.”

Martin hears a noise. “Pilar! Is that you?"

Katherine enters with two plates of food. “Just in time! We are going to have some food Martin!" Martin starts shaking his head, 'no', but stops after a while.

Miguel holds his daughter as he thinks about how Kay is going to be married to Fox and how he has to deal with it. His daughter will grow up with Fox as her father.

Kay pushes Fox to tell him about being with Miguel on the swing. He makes her stand by the window and look out before she understands what it is that he wants from her. She understands why he is acting funny now and offers to explain everything. He would like to hear her explanation. He would like to know why Kay lied to him about being with Miguel

Martin tells Katherine that she shouldn't be there. Katherine knows that Pilar has no idea that they are together. She has made corned beef and cabbage for him. He tells Katherine that he really wants Pilar to come back to him. Katherine tells him that he really doesn't want that. He still wants his family and he still feels that he can make up for the hurt that he caused. Pilar did tell him that she didn’t want him anymore but he knows that she was upset when she said that and it probably wasn’t true.


Martin and Katherine turn to find Pilar in the doorway behind them. “I should have known… My… To find you shacked up with your whore in my house? And what is this? You cooked for her in my kitchen? You used my dishes? Damn you all straight to hell!" She pushes the dishes off the table and breaks them.

Fancy worries about Noah and still tries to hold on to the idea that Noah loves her still and would be with her if he could. He has to be in danger… She just knows it.

Sam gets a call from someone.

Fancy asks him who that was, and if it was about Noah.

The FBI want Noah and Maya to help them get to Nina. Maya has no idea how to do this as she is never the one to make contact. Noah feels that Nina will try to contact them and then they will help to hand her over to the cops. Agent Morrison tells that agents will be following the kids when they leave to make sure that they are keeping their promise to help.

Noah thinks to himself that he isn't going to let that happen.

Suddenly, he grabs Agent Morrison’s gun and holds it on him in a threatening manner. “You get me out of here now!" The agent just holds his hands up the air.

Noah actually threatens to kill the agent if he doesn't get what he wants. Morrison tells that even if Noah gets out of this room, he will never get out of the building. It is owned and operated by the FBI! “Every agent will be after Noah. If you run with Fancy, you will both probably be killed.” Noah doesn't care. “You are taking us out of here and you will lead me to Fancy or I will kill you.” Maya begs Noah not to do this. Agent Morrison finds her very wise.

The woman agent enters the office and points a gun at Noah. Noah will not let up and still holds the gun on Morrison. In that case, the woman grabs Maya and holds her gun on her.

Sam and Fancy leave the house determined to do more to find Noah and Maya.

Kay tells that she was taking clothes out of the dryer and Miguel was there. “We were talking about old times and then went outside to sit on the swing.” Fox believes that there wasn’t anything sinister going on. “I got upset that you lied to me. You lied about something that was trivial, and it makes me think that you are hiding bigger things."” She denies that. “I love you.” She promises not to lie to him anymore. They kiss, but he wants more… She keeps kissing him until they grow passionate.

Martin tries to explain how Katherine came into the house and he just found her there. He tells the truth but Pilar doesn't believe him. “I don’t care about you and her but the fact that you used our home to court her makes me sick.” Martin asks her what she wanted to see him about. Pilar says that Sheridan is returning to town and she wants everyone around to hear what she has to say. Katherine wonders if Marty has been found. Martin thanks Pilar for coming to tell him the news. “I still want to be a part of the family.” Katherine plans on going to meet Sheridan but Pilar orders her to stay away. “Clean up that mess, or I will wipe the floor with you," she says.

Luis is in bed alone now. Sheridan stands over him. He wants her to get in bed with him. “It is our honeymoon and I want to make love to you.” Sheridan tells him that he has to go to sleep or she will get Eve to give him a sedative. He finally agrees to go to bed. She turns off the light and leaves the room.

“I t is about damn time," Chris says. “:Did he try to make love to you? I will not allow him to make love to you to keep the ruse up. I have had enough. When everyone comes tonight, I am going to tell them that we are married and that will be that!" Sheridan begs that he not do that but he will not listen to her.

Sheridan begs Chris to keep the secret a little while longer…

Theresa and her parents arrive. Sheridan is shocked when she sees Miguel coming in the cottage. She introduces him to Chris. Theresa couldn't get a hold of Paloma, but wants the news anyway. Sheridan tells that she almost had Marty but then lost him. “We found that my father was hiding more than Beth and Marty under his roof. Follow me…”

Sheridan walks ahead of the group to the bedroom. The lights are off and she points them to the bed. They all stand around it to see what Sheridan’s surprise for them is.

Sheridan turns the lights on. “Oh my God!" Pilar says. “It’s Luis!"

He wakes smiling at his family.

Fox and Kay make love…She kisses every inch of his body…They stare into each other’s eyes.

As Kay looks up at him, his face turns into Miguel’s. She wonders why she is thinking of Miguel when making love to Fox.

The agents manage to talk Noah out of putting his plan into action and he gives up the gun. The agents tell that he is to go now directly to a federal detention centre. Noah tries to explain why he did what he did. He just loves Fancy so much. The agents have an idea on how Noah can help if he really wants to work things out and help them. “Anything," he says. “I will do anything…”

Fox found Kay to be really something else at the end of their lovemaking. She says that she was inspired.

Maria cries and Fox offers to go and get her.

After he leaves, Kay asks herself what is wrong with her. “Get over it. You have to stop fantasizing about Miguel..”

Luis has a family reunion. Miguel tells how he is back and hasn’t found Charity. Paloma isn’t there as they couldn’t find her, they tell. Luis gives his thanks to Chris and Sheridan for saving him. “Alistair was using me as their human punching bag.” Sheridan will tell the family the rest of the story later but wants Luis to rest now. “Did Sheridan tell you? After everything that Sheridan and I have been through, we didn’t take any chances this time and we got married in Hawaii…” The family is so happy to hear that. Chris pipes in now. “Well, Luis isn’t the only one with an announcement to make.”

Fancy and Sam are in the Bennett house and they wonder if Noah is there. They call out but no one answers them. They check upstairs to see if he is there…”Noah!" Fancy enters Noah’s bedroom and finds Noah and Maya naked in bed kissing and apparently in the throes of passion. She is speechless.

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