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Written By Glynis

Simone finds Paloma looking through the secret files under the Book Café in the basement. They have been searching the crates for information on Alistair that can hurt him but haven’t found anything. Paloma says that everything in the boxes has something to do with stolen art from years ago. Simone will buy that, knowing that Alistair owns the place. Alistair is capable of anything.

A nun asks the Mother Superior if it could be possible that Whitney was telling the truth about God visiting her. The Mother Superior feels that Whitney was only hallucinating.

Now, alone in her room, the 'Figure' calls to Whitney. “Wake up! Wake up!" She rises. “You can’t see me Whitney, but I am here.” She tells that no one believes that she has spoken to God. “Come," the voice instructs. “Meet me in the chapel and I will explain…”

Fancy hates that Theresa is telling her to finish up with Noah just because she is unable to get Ethan for herself. Theresa wants Fancy to see that Noah is still involved with this other woman as he said that he was coming to the mansion and he didn’t. “The point is that he didn’t show up, so what does that say? Are you the most important woman to him, or is has Maya got that position filled?"

Noah is angry that Maya has gotten him involved in this terrorist crap and he didn’t even know about it. The agents tell that Noah and Maya are going to be taken to lockup now.

Chris watches Sheridan as she tends to Luis. He can see that she acts like Luis is the man that she is married to and not him.

Paloma has found documents from 1902 in the crates under the café. Simone finds that all well and good but none of it is incriminating to Alistair. There are articles that talk about the stolen art in the crates as well. The girls have art books to understand what was stolen. The art is gone and no one knows where it is now. Paloma would love to find the art. “This would be the proof to send Alistair to jail for years. Simone finds her naïve. “No one has been able to get anything on Alistair for years.” Paloma wants to do this before Alistair wakes up and gets evil again. Simone tells Paloma to forget this plan and put these things back where she found them. Paloma says that she and Simone should really try to solve this mystery. Simone would agree to hand the information over to the police, but Paloma doesn't want to do that. “I want you and me to find this stolen art…all by ourselves.”

Whitney tells herself that she has been hallucinating and that is why she heard the voice. She starts going back to bed but the voice calls to her. “Whitney! I am real. Trust your own instincts…” She has no idea what to do. “No one need know about me but you. You wanted to do penance for your sins, therefore I have a task… Something to ask of you… I will be in the chapel…” Whitney wants to talk more about this before going to the chapel, but the presence leaves the room and she is alone. She then rises and leaves the room…

Fancy says that she is worried as there was a fire at the Chinese restaurant. “Sam says that no one was in the building, so at least I know that Noah is safe…”

Sam arrives. He says that Noah was with Maya. “I have the proof right here.”

Noah still fights for his freedom. “I only met the dragon lady once and she didn’t mention a terrorist plot and there is no proof to tie me to that woman.” The agents tell that Noah can fight his case but it could take years to get before a judge. Chances are that Noah and Maya are going to prison for years. Noah only worries about Fancy, but is told that he should have thought of that before now.

Chris watches as Sheridan dotes over Luis.

Luis dreams what it would be like for them. He can see it now. He and Sheridan would come home to the cottage like a married couple and they would talk about the here and now, and their future. They would profess their love for one another…

“I love you," Luis says in his sleep. “I love you…” Sheridan knows that he is dreaming about her. She says his name softly. “Oh Luis…” Chris comes over to Sheridan now as Luis sleeps. “My wife is in love with another man," he says.

Paloma challenges Simone. “We both have time off from school and we are both bored. We should do this.” Simone has all the excuses in the world but Paloma sees things differently. They would be international crime solvers overnight! “We could educate ourselves to do this. We could go to Europe and do this.” Simone can see that she is losing this argument. “We could be heroes," Paloma says. “I never thought that you would be afraid of adventure!" Simone reminds her friend that she was the one that came out to Harmony as a lesbian. No matter… Paloma will do this with, or without Simone.

Whitney is in the chapel and the same miraculous thing happens to the wall. It opens up revealing a bright white lights. She panics. “I can’t see anything and I am getting scared," she says. She is at the bottom of the 'Figure's throne now. “It really is you," she says. “Why me? Why can’t everyone else see or hear you? All the sins that I have committed don’t make me worthy…” The 'Figure' feels that she has been suffering for her sins and is worthy of his presence. She knows that she is still evil and needs to beat the evil out of herself until it is gone. The 'Figure' warns that their meetings have to remain secret. “I need to talk to you about other secrets which are soon to be exposed… My enemies here on earth are going to renounce and destroy me if they can. There are secrets of the church that can never be revealed. If the secrets are revealed then all will pay the price…”

Chris tells that he hurts watching Sheridan with Luis. “First it was that wedding, then you gave Luis my ring… What do you think is going to happen when Luis finds out that you are really my wife? You are not going to tell Luis the truth are you? You are not even sure that you wish to remain my wife….”

The agents are not surprised that Noah is saying that he knows nothing about the terrorist plans. Noah doesn't care about that. He is worried about Fancy. “You can’t lock me up. What about Fancy? What about my family?" The agents know that Noah’s father is a police chief and they are sure that he knows how to protect his family if that is necessary. Noah agrees, but what about Fancy?

Sam tells that he has a recording and it has Noah and Maya on it. Theresa feels that she was right about Noah and that Fancy never had a chance with him because of Maya. Fancy tells her to shut up. Theresa walks from the room.

Fancy demands to see the tape. It shows Noah saving Maya from the fire and holding her in his arms.

Sheridan understands Chris’s questions about how she is feeling about him.

Luis dreams while Chris and Sheridan talk. In Luis’s dream, he is holding Sheridan naked beneath the sheets. They talk about their son and how Luis feels responsible for the boy missing. Sheridan would tell him that the did his best to get the boy. Sheridan would tell him to not give up on their son, as they will bring him home…

Luis calls out Marty’s name. Sheridan knows now that Luis is dreaming about Marty. “This is all my fault. I sent Luis out to find Marty. I am so sorry now. So sorry…”

Chris calls the pilot and asks for him to call the Bed & Breakfast in Harmony.

He tells Sheridan that he can see who it is that she really wants to be with. “When we get home, I will get James and be out of your life forever… You won’t have to be married to me anymore.”

Simone tells Paloma that she is loca. Paloma finds what she is doing to be what adventure is made of. Simone finds it dangerous. Paloma can see that slowly Simone is getting reeled in. Simone entertains her friend’s idea, but knows nothing about this kind of stuff and that is what concerns her. Right now, Simone finds that Paloma looks just like Kay used to look when she got a crazy idea. “Things were crazy in Passions during that time when Kay was always conniving. One time the walls bled real blood…” Paloma feels that if Simone survived bleeding walls, she can do this investigation with her.

Whitney has no understanding of what is being asked of her. “What are the secrets that are going to be revealed. The 'Figure' will not tell her what the secrets are, only that they have to stay hidden. “You can help Whitney. You can prevent the secrets from being revealed…”

Sheridan asks Chris not to leave her. Chris sees no reason to stay in town. “James will be crushed to learn that I married you and now he will lose you like his lost his mother. I had hopes for us…” She wants to talk more but not here in front of Luis who sleeps. Chris wants to talk now. “Things are different for you now, isn’t it?"

Luis dreams…

He sees he and Sheridan home with only one thing missing…

Theresa would come to the cottage and greet her brother. “I never thought that I would see you again," she would say.

Then she would run to the door and open it. Sam would come in with Marty… Luis and Sheridan would run to the door and get their son.

“Thank you Theresa..” Luis says while sleeping. Sheridan can tell now that Luis is dreaming about his sister. Chris hates that Sheridan lies to him about her feelings, and even now while they are having this important conversation, she still Is concerned about Luis. “I still love you and want to spend my life with you …for better, for worse…in sickness and in poorness… What do you think about that Sheridan?"

“You are special Whitney and that is why I chose you. You do trust me…don’t you?" She does trust the 'Figure'. “You said that you wanted to atone for your sins… She does and she hates the way that she went against God. “That is why you have been chosen to make up for your sins… You will help me? You will do what I ask?"

Paloma yanks out another crate to start searching through that one for more information on Alistair’s crimes. “I want to live on the edge," Paloma says. Simone doesn't know where to start with this idea. Paloma says that they will feel it out and let the investigation lead them. Simone really fears Alistair even in a coma… “Yea," Paloma says. “Alistair is evil but still just a man.”

Chris tells Sheridan to end their marriage now if she is going to do it.

The pilot calls out that he has Theresa on the line for Sheridan.

Sheridan gets on the phone. “I have something to tell you and it is very important.

Fancy is heartbroken… She sees Noah with Maya and has to wonder if he ever loved her at all.

Noah wants the agents to give their word that they will get guards on Fancy around the clock. They refuse to give him their word on anything. “We can’t protect her anyway. She is a celebrity and everyone knows her.” Noah will have to accept that but warns that if anything happens to Fancy it will be on their heads.

Paloma has decided and she will do this with or without Simone. Simone decides that she is in. Paloma decides that they will go to France or Italy first to check things out.

The 'Figure' tells that there are people heading to Europe and they have to be stopped from exposing the secrets. “There is danger involved.” Whitney will do whatever the 'Figure' asks her to.

Fancy orders the tape be turned off. Sam is sure that Noah was only being noble. Fancy wonders if the explosion was connected to what Noah was about to tell her.

Agent Morrison warns Noah to think long and hard about cooperating with them. He can’t. He knows nothing. The agents leave the room.

Maya has no idea what to say. Noah doesn't want to talk to her right now. He has to think. “I need to protect Fancy and I will not be stuck behind bars and away from her.” Maya knows that he will never get out of the building. “Watch me," he says.

Sheridan tells Theresa to get everyone in her family at the cottage and she will meet them there in an hour. Theresa begs for a clue as to what this is about but Sheridan says nothing more.

She turns to Chris now. He demands an answer to his question. She starts to answer him but he tells her 'no'. “This is too important and I want you to think carefully before answering me. This will affect the rest of your life…”

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