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Written By Glynis
Proofread by Natalie

Scene 1

            Tabitha goes on about how the passion that exists between Miguel and Kay is sure to bring unhappiness to someone else in time. She adds an ingredient to the big blue pot, but it is the wrong one. “No trouble. They don’t seem to need my help anyway," she sees. She watches as Miguel and Kay kiss in her living room.

Scene 2

            Theresa talks to Ethan in her study. He says that he was offered the job with the FBI that would require him working at Crane. Theresa pretends to know nothing about this. He says that he was asked to help check on Alistair’s misdealing. “You didn’t send the man to me, Theresa, did you?"

            Theresa thinks back to the coaching that she did with Agent Morrison.  She can’t let Ethan know what she said to the man and only admits to cooperating with him by giving him information about Alistair. “He came to you on his own," she says.

Scene 3

            Fancy is waiting for Noah to return. She tries to call him, but his phone is off.  Sam comes into the house and Fancy asks him if he has seen Noah. Sam hasn’t seen him. Fancy is getting nervous. “I only get his voicemail when I call.”

Scene 4

            Noah and Maya are making their way to the mansion. Maya stops periodically to try to convince Noah to forget about telling Fancy about the trouble they are in. Noah will not do it.  As they approach the house, a woman jumps before them with a gun drawn. “Hands in the air! You are under arrest!"

            The woman is a stranger. Noah and Maya are relieved actually. The woman is an FBI agent. Noah says that he and Maya haven’t done anything. The woman has warrants for the kids’ arrest, and she will be taking them in. “We believe that you two are involved in terrorist activity.”

            Noah laughs. “My dad is in the house, and we can go in and talk to him.” The woman will not listen to him.

            “Hands behind your head. We are going downtown.”

            Noah finds Maya very quiet. “Do you know anything about this?"

            Maya is sorry that this is happening, but she has no time to explain.

Scene 5

            Fancy and Sam talk inside the house. Sam tells her that the Chinese restaurant has burned down, and there were no signs of anyone in there. They decide to head to Sam’s house to see if Noah and Maya are there.

Scene 6

            Tabitha can’t get over how easy it was to make Kay forget about Fox.

            Miguel and Kay are still kissing when Kay pulls herself away. She can’t do this to Fox. Miguel never looked at her this way before. “You are very beautiful.” She is flattered.

Scene 7

            Theresa wonders what it is that the FBI has on Alistair. Ethan feels that Alistair might be a threat to national security. Theresa always knew that Alistair was a mean bastard, but she had no idea how evil. She is glad that Ethan is going to help though. Ethan says that he has decided to turn the job offer down. “I will not be coming to work for you…”

Scene 8

            Tabitha is upset that Kay is having a moment of guilt over kissing Miguel. She stares into the big blue pot. “Roll back the tape! Resume liplock position!"

            Kay and Miguel regret what they have been doing. She can’t believe that this is happening after all these years.  She thinks back to playing baseball and cheering with Simone while Miguel ran the bases.  His teammates carried him in on their shoulders to the dugout. She was there to greet him. He gave her the baseball from the game after hugging her tightly. He then left to celebrate with the guys.  Simone didn’t think that Miguel was being romantic when he hugged her after the game. “He is Batman and you are Robin. Miguel’s being nice to you isn’t more than that," Simone said. Kay vowed that some day Miguel would look at her differently, and now he does.

            Kay now takes Miguel’s hand and leads him through the house. “I want to show you something," she says.

Scene 9

            Noah and Maya are brought into the station. Agent Morrison is there and the woman who brings them in explains that Noah and Maya may have dealings with terrorists. Agent Morrison feels that he knows Noah from somewhere. Noah turns to Maya asking her to tell the agents that this is all a big misunderstanding and that they are not involved in any criminal activity. She can’t do that. “It is all true, but I meant what I said, Noah, I didn’t want to get you involved," she says.

Scene 10

            Theresa tells Ethan that he has to agree to help the FBI. Ethan is flattered to be asked to do this, but he isn’t buying that he is so necessary to crack the case. Theresa knows that Ethan was on the inside at Crane. “You can help the FBI find what they are looking for…”

            Ethan wonders what Theresa’s interests are in this. She says that he has to help with this as a concerned citizen and he might get in trouble for not helping. He knows that he can do what he wants and doesn't fear retribution by the FBI. “I will cooperate with the FBI, but I will not work for Crane.” Theresa feels that he could look bad if he will not fully cooperate. He will risk that. “I know you and even if you didn’t have anything to do with this job offer, I know that you would use it to get to me. I know what I know based on past experience. I love my wife and I will not put that at risk. No one will make me waver on that. Do you understand me?" She says that she does.

Scene 11

            Out in the yard, Miguel and Kay are standing on the grass. He watches as she digs. She pulls out an old baseball. “Remember this?"

            Ivy goes to the kitchen window and looks out. “I wish that Fox could see this!"

            Miguel and Kay talk about the ball. Kay kept it in her room for years, but after her parents split up she remembered that someone told her that if you buried a gift, you will hear from that person again.” Miguel sees that he has really hurt Kay in the past. She is fine with all that has happened. “We were kids and now we have matured…” He rocks her on the porch swing now. She smiles at him.

            Ivy watches. “The power of first love has a way of staying alive no matter what!"

            Fancy and Sam enter the house. When asked, Ivy says that she hasn’t heard from Noah. Fancy knows that something bad has happened to Noah.

Scene 12

            Noah lunges for Maya when she admits that she has gotten him involved in terrorist activity. The officers make him sit again. They are shown a picture. It is the female voice. Noah says that he knows who she is. “I met her once and she had a secret way about her. I called her the dragon lady…” Noah suddenly turns to Maya. “You knew all along, didn’t you? Tell me, Maya!"

            Maya says that she met the woman in college and she did odd jobs for the woman, but Maya wasn’t told anything. “Soon I was being used by Nina a lot, but over time her friends were pushing me to do things too.”

            The agents feel that Noah isn’t out of the woods either on this. although he professes to be innocent. Maya continues saying that the group doesn't care who dies, as long as they can carry out their dastardly deeds. “, Fancy, and I are at the top of their hit list right now!"

            Noah can't believe his ears. “You knew that Fancy’s life was in trouble all along?" The agent tells Noah that he is still in this mess up to his neck. “Remember the night when you and your accomplice were in an attic?"

            Noah thinks back to that night. “I wanted to call the police but Maya begged me not to.” Turns out the man was a terrorist.

            Maya wasn’t sure who the dead man was at the time, but she knew that he wasn’t any good. “Don’t be angry with me Noah…”

Scene 13

            Fancy tries Noah again but he doesn't answer. She leaves.  Sam promises to check on him. “What is this curse that hangs over my family? When things fall into place, something happens. Noah finds a nice girl and now this. I told Noah that he has to be honest with Fancy and now…”

            Sam and Ivy hear laughter. Sam goes to the window and sees Kay with Miguel on the porch swing. Sam is surprised to see the kids together. Kay is engaged to Fox and shouldn’t be out there. He moves to go talk to Kay, but Ivy stops him. She pretends to be cold, so Sam rushes off to get her something for her shoulders.  While he is gone, Ivy dials. “Come on, Fox… It is time to wake up and smell the coffee…”

            Over at Tabitha’s…Fox reaches for the phone. “Hello…”

            Ivy hangs up. “Now he gets up and sees that Kay is gone…”

            Fox gets up and turns on the light.  He hears laughter and goes to the window to look out.  He sees Miguel and Kay on the swing.

            Ivy sees that Kay has been busted. “Mission accomplished…”

Scene 14

            Theresa is upset. “How can you do this, Ethan? Why do you stay with that conniving bitch?"

            Fancy comes running in asking for Noah. Theresa hasn’t seen him. Theresa is sad. Fancy can see that. Theresa says that whatever Fancy does, she isn't to let a man let her down. Fancy wonders where this is coming from. Theresa says that if Fancy loves Noah as much as she says she does, she should get out of the relationship. “I was wrong. It is the exes that do you in. I always misunderstand what Ethan’s feelings for Gwen have been. Don’t be like me by sticking your head in the sand as I do.”

Scene 15

            The agents want Noah and Maya’s help in catching Nina. Noah hasn’t any idea what he can do to help. He doesn't have a number for her and neither does Maya. The agents tell the kids that they have to come up with a way to lure Nina out of hiding. “If you two don’t help us, then you will spend the rest of your lives in jail.”

Scene 16

            Miguel and Kay continue to swing in the snow.  Sam returns to the window and really feels that Kay shouldn't be out there with another man. Ivy, saying that Kay will resent his interference, stops him from interrupting the kids. Ivy is sure that Miguel is just a friend. “They do have a child together, so it isn't a surprise that they are so close…” Sam heads to the living room now.  Ivy exits through the back door.  She finds Miguel alone. Kay went in, and Miguel is alone now.

            Tabitha sees all. “You better get busy, Miss Ivy…”

            Kay returns to the room. Fox is putting on his pants. “Oh you are up!" Kay says. “Ya got me there," Fox says. “So where have you been?"

            Ivy sits on the porch and talks with Miguel. He can’t sleep. She feels that it may be due to the newness of being back home. He loves being back home. He admits to enjoying seeing Kay again. “Fox is really good for her.” She likes how he isn’t competitive over Kay and Maria. Miguel sees that Ivy is doing well for herself as well.

            Ivy admits it. “He was my first love. A bond was born and it was meant to be. I can’t speak for anyone else.”

            Kay enters the room, and Fox waits for answers as to where she has been.

            Tabitha smiles. “I didn’t think that things were going to end for Fox and Kay this soon!"

Scene 17

            Theresa tells Fancy how Ethan says that he will not ever work for Crane Industries… Fancy finds it funny that Ethan came over to say that. “Were you tricking him into something again?"

            Theresa cries. “He is like an addiction to me, so take my advice and don’t let any man break your heart like Ethan has broken mine…”

            Ethan is in the hall of the Crane mansion. “I hate hurting Theresa but I have no idea how to get through to her…”  He goes home.

Scene 18

            Noah tells the agents that Nina told Maya and him that they have to find who killed her partner in the attic. “That is all that I know. You are the FBI, and you will have to find them.” The agents don’t believe that Noah knows nothing more. Noah wishes that Maya had told him the truth before so that he could have steered clear of this. The agent can see that Maya hasn’t done Noah any favors, and now everyone is in danger. Noah demands to be let out of there, as Fancy might not be safe. The agents will not let him out.

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