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Written By Glynis
Proofread by Natalie

Scene 1

            Miguel looks at pictures of his daughter and her life and sees that he has missed a lot in Harmony.

            Tabitha watches him using the big blue pot. “Now you are getting it, Miguel! You see that you want to have a life with your daughter and maybe with the mother of your daughter as well… I wonder if I can get Kay to come downstairs… Oh! Look! I am in luck!"

            Kay comes downstairs in her short nighty and finds Miguel looking at pictures of Maria and her.

Scene 2

            Chris and Sheridan are in the hall of the hospital, and they discuss what they should do now. Luis’s will to live is in the balance… “Hey Sheridan!" Luis calls. “Come over and give me a kiss…” Sheridan goes to Luis and kisses him.  The minister watches the couple and remarks to Chris that he hasn’t seen a happier couple than Luis and Sheridan. Chris can’t stand this and he shouts out that this has to stop!

Scene 3

            Agent Morrison is telling Ethan about the job that he needs him for. Gwen suspects that Theresa has put the agent up to this.

            Theresa watches from the study as the question is being posed.

            Agent Morrison thinks about how Theresa told him not to tell that she was the one who suggested that Ethan be chosen for the job.

            Theresa watches the agent, knowing that he will not tell as he had promised before leaving her mansion.

            “What is going on here?" Fancy asks. Theresa turns to find Fancy standing before her in the doorway.

Scene 4

            The explosion has just taken place. Noah was in the process of entering the Chinese restaurant after Maya. She went in, but when Noah got close to the restaurant a bomb went off. Noah now picks himself off the ground and remembers that Maya might be in trouble. He gets up and calls out for her. “Maya! Maya!" At first, no one answers his call, but soon, someone calls out… It is Maya! “Noah! Noah!"

Scene 5

            Tabitha really needs Miguel and Kay to get together. “If that icky Charity gets together with Miguel, the Dark Side will have been delivered a terrible blow.

            Kay and Miguel talk about how Kay gets along as a single mother. She says that Fox is a big help to her with Maria.

            Tabitha wishes that the kids would just give in to their carnal desires. She will help them along. She grabs a bottle of ‘something’ from the shelf nearby and pours it into the big blue pot. After some chanting…there is a purple haze and the kids freeze just staring at each other.  Soon, Kay and Miguel are in each other’s arms kissing passionately.

Scene 6

            Agent Morrison explains that this isn’t a sham. “I assure you that Mrs. Crane has nothing to do with this.” Even Ethan believes the agent when he says that. Gwen isn’t convinced. The agent says that Ethan will be doing a real service to the bureau if he agrees to help with this.

            Theresa greets Fancy and asks what she wants. Fancy says that she heard Ethan’s voice in the room. “What is going on here?"

            Theresa says that she was just going over a conference that she has taped on the computer. Fancy finds her pathetic, pining over Ethan. Theresa admits that she has to do this as sometimes it is the only way that she can get through her day. Fancy hates to admit it but she knows exactly how Theresa feels.

Scene 7

            Noah finds Maya and takes her out of the burning building. “I thought that you were a goner for sure," he tells her.

            Maya remembers when the explosion happened. The female voice was with her. She warned Maya afterwards that this was a message for her to behave or someone will get hurt. “Maybe your mother will be the one to be hurt next," she says. Maya picked up her things at that moment and ran from the woman.

Scene 8

            Chris has had enough of this charade. “There is something that needs to be said,” he starts. Sheridan looks at him in fear…  Luis waits to hear what it is that Chris has to say. He smiles. “What kind of wedding is this? What about the best man? Don’t I get to kiss the bride?" Luis smiles and Sheridan goes to Chris, and he pecks her on the cheek.  Sheridan quietly thanks Chris for keeping their secret.

            Luis’s nurse comes in and is shocked to hear that Luis and Sheridan are married when she knows that Chris is Sheridan’s wife. Sheridan jumps in, talking quickly, to stop the nurse from delivering the news aloud. The nurse has just come to tell the group that a Crane jet will be picking them up and returning them all to Harmony.

Scene 9

            Noah takes Maya to the waterfront, and they are safe. They can hear sirens in the distance.  The female voice is nearby, and she listens to the couple talk about the fire. She hopes that Maya can see now that no one had better learn the truth about what is going on.

Scene 10

            Fancy confides in Theresa, telling her that she understands her better. “Up at the cabin, Noah said that your obsession with Ethan is magnificent, and now I see it. I have to wonder now if I have a future with Noah though.” Theresa wants to hear more about this. Fancy is surprised at herself for confiding in Theresa. Theresa points out how they are all connected in the family by marriage.

            “If you want to talk then I am here for you Fancy…” Fancy thinks about the marriage that Theresa has with her grandfather and realizes that Theresa is step-grandmother. On that basis they talk. Fancy tells that there is a secret that Noah is keeping and it involves his old girlfriend Maya…

            Theresa counsels her about how to keep a man. “You are not Noah’s past…you are his future. You stay strong and hold on to your love for Noah, just like I do for Ethan…”

Scene 11

            Gwen tells her husband not to take that job as that will bring him too close to Theresa.  The agent has to get going. “There is a case brewing… possible terrorists… Your nation needs you, Ethan… I hope that you do the right thing.” The man leaves.

            Gwen looks at Ethan’s face and can see that trouble is brewing. “Oh please don’t tell me that you are considering working at Crane! Please, Ethan…”

Scene 12

            The purple haze soon fades, and Miguel and Kay get back to their normal selves and stop the passionate behavior.  Kay wonders what got into her just now.

            Tabitha is upset that the kiss didn’t push the kids further.

            Miguel and Kay look at Maria’s clothes and can’t believe how she has grown. “How is her potty training going?" Miguel asks.

            Tabitha finds another jewel on her shelf…Some pink stuff in a bottle that is sure to work the kind of magic that she needs. She pours it into the big blue pot.  ZAP!

            Miguel and Kay turn and find Kay’s MP3 player is on the table now. “Where did that come from?" A scene is playing of Miguel and Kay as kids after a baseball game. They watch. Grace had made a Tomato Soup Cake in the shape of a bat, and Miguel and Kay mill around the Bennett living room as they eat and play.

            Tabitha could never forget that tasty Tomato Soup dish, she says making a face…

Scene 13

            Ethan feels that taking the Crane job will be a good move for him. “Washington is one big network, and I could get some consulting work with the state department. That could get us away from Theresa. I hate not working. I want to support my family.” Gwen knows that Theresa will spend all her time trying to get him back. Ethan reminds her that their marriage is the most important thing to him. She can see that his decision is probably to return to Crane.

Scene 14

            Theresa and Fancy discuss Theresa’s passion and zest for life. “We were brought up tight-lipped and I wish that I could let go like you, Theresa…”

            Theresa feels that this is easy. “You love Noah and you have to hang on to him.”

Scene 15

            Noah is so glad that Maya is safe. She feels that they should run off and get out of town.  The female voice hears them and wonders what the hell Maya thinks that she is doing.  Noah feels that they have to face their fears and tell the truth.  The female voice hears what they are talking about as she hides. They are going to go against her orders. “You are going to have to die…” she says to herself.

Scene 16

            Gwen asks Ethan point blank if he is going back to work for Crane. He is. “I love you very much. I do. We will have a salary and we will have more time for our family and you can quit that job. Maybe the situation isn’t as bad as you think Gwen…”

Scene 17

            Maya says that they have to get out of the area as the police will want to question them. Noah wants to stay and talk to the cops. Maya worries that next time the runaway car will not miss Fancy… Noah will not run. “The time to tell the truth is now, Maya!"  The female voice wonders how she will kill Noah…

Scene 18

            Theresa tells Fancy that she has to make Noah forget about Maya. Fancy can’t do that. He has to forget about her himself. “…and I can’t live with him thinking that Noah has a thing for his ex…”

            The phone rings and it is Noah for Fancy. “I want to tell you everything about the past tonight. I promise. I will be there soon. I love you…”

            Fancy hangs up and Theresa can tell that she had been talking to Noah. “It was him," Fancy confirms. “He wants to tell me all his secrets.”

Scene 19

            Chris and Sheridan have Luis on the Crane jet and it is time to take off.  The pilot goes to Chris and Sheridan saying that he is confused. Sheridan is listed twice as Mrs. Booth and Mrs. Lopez-Fitzgerald… “Which is it?" Sheridan thinks. Chris answers for her. “It’s Mrs. Booth!" Chris says. “No!" she shouts.

Scene 20

            Miguel and Kay continue watching the MP3 player and see footage of them playing Monopoly as kids in Kay’s living room.  Tabitha finds that the kids are reminiscing and that things are going well, just like she planned. She gets some monkey glands and drops it into the pot next to really get things going. “Jezebel’s bells! Oh that stinks!" The pot bubbles over. 

            Miguel and Kay find a nice picture of Maria, Kay, and him. They make a handsome family portrait. Next they look at footage of winning the big game.  Tabitha is getting nauseous watching the kids… “There is nothing more sickening than mortals reminiscing over the good times…”  Miguel watches as pictures go by of their friends and family. There are pictures of Kay and the way that she looked at Miguel in the past when she was in love with him. He feels that she should have said something to him about her feelings. Next are pictures of Maria with her parents in a variety of shots. Fox is in some of the pictures too.

            After the pictures are over, Kay can see that something is bothering Miguel. He is sorry to bring down the mood. “I just can’t believe how much I have missed. When I left Harmony, she was a squirmy little baby and now she is so big…”

            Kay knows that Miguel will be there for her first zit and her first prom… He will walk her down the aisle. “We can help her, Miguel. She will not make the same mistakes that we made.”

            Tabitha loves this. “It is working! It is working! Look at them…” She looks down into the big blue pot smiling.

            Miguel is telling Kay that he was so in love with Charity, and now he looks back on things and can’t understand why he turned his back on his daughter. “It is true that what you really want most is right in your own backyard.”

            Tabitha loves this. Miguel is right up close to Kay and it looks like they might just kiss. “Strike! Strike, Miguel, while the iron is hot!"

Scene 21

            Noah takes control. Maya can’t convince him to run. I have to tell my girlfriend Fancy… They walk off together.  The female voice comes out of hiding angry.

Scene 22

            Fancy and Theresa are talking.  Ethan enters the room where the girls have their heads together chatting. “Fancy…I need to talk to Theresa alone.”   

            Fancy whispers to Theresa smiling. “Looks like you are going to get what you want too," she says before leaving.

Scene 23

            Chris and Sheridan are talking. She doesn't want to talk about their situation. He tells her not to worry as Luis is sleeping and can’t hear them. He wants this situation dealt with. “Luis has to know that you are my wife," he says.

Scene 24

            Maya still thinks that this is wrong to do. Noah will not listen. They are at Fancy’s front door now. “The whole world is going to hear the truth," Noah says.  From the bushes, a gun points at Noah and Maya while they talk.

Scene 25

            Ethan has gone to talk to Theresa about the job.

Scene 26

            Miguel and Kay are standing way too close and the heat between them is super hot!

Scene 27

            Sheridan can’t tell Luis he truth. “It is going to hurt him too much, Chris," she says.

            Chris is hurting too. “Do you expect me to sit back and let this happen? Our marriage is already feeling like it is dying. If you keep up this sham of a marriage, something is going to go wrong with ours…”

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