Passions Update Friday 3/24/06

Passions Update Friday 3/24/06--Canada; Monday 3/27/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Proofread by Natalie

Scene 1

            Sam is chief again and he tells his son that he will be investigating what went on with Maya and him as well as Alistair’s dealings. “You can tell me now what the secret is, or I will find out myself. What is the secret that you are not telling me, Noah?"

            Fancy walks up. “I need to know too, Noah. There are too many secrets and that hurts people.”

Scene 2

            Maya packs her suitcase. “I have put Noah and Fancy in danger. Maybe if I leave, they will be fine.”

            The female voice comes to the door. “Going somewhere? You have a job to do, Maya, and you are screwing it up! Do your job or there will be trouble.”

Scene 3

            Ethan massages Gwen’s back as they talk about how to deal with Theresa and Ethan getting a job. “It would really hurt me to see you working with Theresa," Gwen says. Ethan tells her to forget about that. “I will never work with Theresa again.”

Scene 4

            Agent Morrison thanks Theresa for helping him to save lives by divulging Alistair’s secrets. Theresa says that she is only doing what any law-abiding citizen should do and his thanks is not necessary in that regard. “Ethan will be a tremendous help to you in your investigation," she says. Agent Morrison hopes that Ethan will agree to help. Theresa knows that he will do just that. Agent Morrison will go and see Ethan now. Theresa reminds the man not to mention her name if he really wants Ethan’s help.

Scene 5

            Luis has gotten the Justice of the Peace to come to his hospital room so that he can marry Sheridan there and now. “Mrs. Luis Lopez-Fitzgerald…” Luis says aloud. Sheridan makes a quick glance over to Chris, who stays quiet. Luis wishes that he could get on one knee and propose, but he can’t because he is still injured. “We have been waiting for years. Come on, Sheridan… Marry me…” Sheridan looks back and forth from Chris to Luis and then back again. Suddenly she blurts out, “I am sorry! I can’t do this!"

Scene 6

            The female voice tells Maya that she owes and she has to pay. “I have tried to get Noah to help me with this but he won’t," Maya explains. Doesn’t matter. These people need Noah involved and Maya is the one they want to snag him. Maya knows that Noah doesn't deserve this. She begs that Noah be left alone. The female voice finds her noble but it will not work. “I don’t care what you have to do to get him. Use his love for the Crane girl…his old love for you…your body…I don’t care…just get him.”

Scene 7

            Fancy pushes Noah to tell the truth about his secret. She didn’t care before, but now she is getting worried, and Sam is clearly worried too. Noah speaks. “It is about Maya…Dad… this is really hard for me to talk about. It is personal…” Fancy wants to know how personal. “Are you still in love with her?" Noah rushes to Fancy and says that she is the only woman he loves. If he loved Maya, that would kill Fancy… Sam is waiting but getting impatient. “What is the secret?"

Scene 8

            Theresa is at her desk in the study. She can’t wait to see Ethan back at Crane Industries…  She turns on her computer and sees Ethan and Gwen making mad passionate love under the sheets. “I can’t watch this," Theresa says. “I should be in your arms Ethan…”  She dreams of what it would be like to be with Ethan and the only woman in his life. He would gently kiss her and stare into her eyes. “This is the way that it is going to stay," she would tell him. He would tell her that she was the only woman that he would ever truly love.  Theresa comes back to reality and looks at the monitor again. Ethan and Gwen are still at it. “You will be making love to me, Ethan…soon…”

Scene 9

            Sheridan can’t do this, but she doesn't say why. “I understand," Luis says. “I know… You haven’t had time to plan. You have always wanted to have a fairytale wedding. I promise you that as soon as we return to Harmony, we will have the biggest, most incredible wedding ever… When I left town, I wasn’t on good terms with you, but I just want you to know that the whole time that I was looking for Marty, I just wanted him to make you happy. Then I got captured and I spent time alone in the dark and the only thing that kept me going was the idea that you and I were going to be together as husband and wife!" He falls back on the bed, out of breath. “I am fine," he says when she rushes to him. “Sheridan, in my mind, we were always husband and wife. I don’t want to wait another minute. I want to marry you right now. Sheridan, please…marry me…”

Scene 10

            Theresa gets angry when Ethan and Gwen tell each other that they love each other. “That’s not true!" she shouts. She has to remind herself that knowledge is power when she looks away from the monitor from disgust. She forces herself to look back again to see what else will happen, although she hates what she is seeing.

Scene 11

            Gwen tells Ethan that Mr. Collier is really cracking the whip at work and that makes things so difficult when there is Theresa to deal with. Ethan promises that he will have control of the situation soon when he gets a job.

            Theresa hears Gwen talking about how Theresa is going to use the Crane power to make them do what she wants. She is positively fearful.

            Someone knocks at the door. Ethan gets angry. “Who could that be at this hour?"   They find Agent Morrison from the FBI at the door. “We need to talk…”

            Theresa is listening to every word. “Let’s see how you take it when you realize, Gwen, that your husband is coming to work with me…”

Scene 12

            Luis offers to get Sheridan whatever she wants for the wedding to happen now. “Chris, what do you think?" Chris is at a loss for words.  The doctor comes in and asks what is going on. Luis says that he is getting married. The doctor finds that interesting. “You know, I know that you want to get on a plane to Harmony, and I really need to see to your injuries before I go home, but if you want to have the ceremony first…” “No!" Sheridan shouts. The doctor ends up doing the examination first.

            The minister leaves to call his wife to tell her that he will be late.  Chris turns to Sheridan now. “What are we going to do? You can’t marry him.” Sheridan feels that when she tells Luis that she can’t marry him, he will have nothing left to hold on to, and it will crush him.

Scene 13

            Sam pushes Noah some more. “Talk to me…I am your father. I will not let it go on anymore.” Noah wants Maya there when this is revealed. “I will call her and get this over once and for all.”

Scene 14

            The female voice tells Maya to do whatever it is that she has to in order to get Noah involved in the scheme. The female voice says that Noah isn't as innocent as Maya thinks. “He was there and he saw my partner getting killed. You will find a way to get him involved or suffer the consequences. Such a pretty face. It would be a shame if anything happened to it. You don’t want anything to happen to it, or anyone close to you, do you?"

Scene 15

            Theresa listens as Agent Morrison makes his pitch to Ethan and Gwen.

            Ethan and Gwen listen as they learn that Alistair has been making an empire of evil. Ethan has known this for a long time, but no one ever could find the truth. Gwen says that Ethan was raised as a Crane but he isn’t like them. Agent Morrison knows that. Ethan wonders why he is being contacted. Agent Morrison says that his help is needed to bring down Alistair Crane.

            Theresa jumps for joy. “He is hooked. It is only a matter of time before he is working side by side with me.”

Scene 16

            Chris and Sheridan discuss the situation. Sheridan can’t hurt Luis after what he has been through. Chris tells Sheridan that she will be committing a crime if she marries Luis.  The doctor goes to Chris and Sheridan and says that he was concerned that Luis would be making this trip to Harmony, but he is so happy that the doctor will allow the trip to Harmony sooner than expected. “I don’t know what is going on with you three, but it is critical that Luis be kept happy. I have seen patients die from being suddenly saddened…” He walks off.

            Sheridan turns to Chris now. “What can I do?" Chris only knows that marriage to Luis is out of the question.

            “Sheridan!" Luis calls from his room… “Can you come in here a minute?"

Scene 17

            Sam tells Noah to bring Maya to him so they can all talk about this. Noah will get her but he wants to talk to her first. She is really adamant that this be kept a secret. Sam will bring his son and Maya in for questioning if they don’t voluntarily tell him what he needs to know.

Scene 18

            Maya can see that she has no choice in this matter. She is to get Noah involved as quickly as possible. “If you don’t do as I say," the female voice says…”You have friends and family. I know that your mother is in town. Don’t test me.”

            Maya’s phone rings. It is Noah. “We have to talk.” She agrees. He offers to come to her hotel, but she would rather meet him at her mother’s Chinese restaurant. She hangs up.

            The female voice is glad to see that Maya is doing as she is told. She knows that she has no choice.

Scene 19

            Luis still thinks that he is going to marry Sheridan. “When we get home, I will give you the wedding of your dreams but for today, I want to just marry you. Oh damn! I haven’t got a ring. Maybe they have something down in the gift shop. Can you go, Sheridan? I would go…but…” Sheridan rushes out.  Luis and Chris talk. Luis has a question for the man. “This is very important Chris…”

Scene 20

            Theresa listens and hears Ethan agreeing to cooperate with the FBI. “I have no loyalty to the Cranes…”  “How can I help?" Ethan asks. The FBI only has one request to make of Ethan. He will do anything.

            “This is it!" Theresa says. “You help the FBI and the FBI helps me get you!"

Scene 21

            Luis makes Chris come closer to him. “Your taking care of Sheridan means a lot to me. It is like they say in soap operas…We are soul mates. I used to laugh at that until I realized what it meant. We are back together and that is all possible because of you, Chris. Chris…I owe you my life…my life with Sheridan… Because of you…I am going to marry the woman whom I love. I have one last favor…Would you take part in this wedding? Would you be my best man? That would mean a lot to me and Sheridan…”

            The JP finds Sheridan in the hall. He has collected a couple of leis for the wedding. He asks if anything is wrong, as she looks positively miserable. Sheridan breathes a heavy sigh. “I will be along in a little while.” The Justice of the Peace walks off.  Sheridan realizes that she has no choice…

            All are in the room for the wedding now. Sheridan says that she has the ring. Luis tells her to give the ring to Chris as he is his best man… Sheridan hands a ring to Chris from her pocket.  Chris looks at it and recognizes it as the ring that he put on Sheridan’s finger when he married her.  She shrugs her shoulders at Chris. “That is all that they had…”

Scene 22

            Agent Morrison knows that Ethan has the knowledge of the Crane company and that will help him immensely. “We want you to go back to work for Crane Industries.”

            Theresa jumps out of her chair! “Bingo!"

Scene 23

            Chris plays the best man, although it is killing him. Sheridan marries Luis. “You may kiss the bride," the JP says. “Kiss me, Sheridan," Luis orders. “Make me the happiest man in the world.” She pecks him quickly. “Not like that, Sheridan…” She kisses him again, and this time she tries to put more passion into it. “Shake my hand, Chris. I want to thank you for being my best man. Sheridan thanks you too. Come here, Sheridan. Give me a kiss!" She leans forward and kisses him again.

Scene 24

            Sam goes to Fancy and assures her that when Noah returns with Maya, they will get the truth. Fancy has a funny feeling that whatever the secret is, it will ruin her relationship with Noah.

Scene 25

            Maya goes into her mother’s Chinese restaurant.  Noah sees her entering. “We have to tell the truth now. The time for secrets is over…” Noah starts making his way to the restaurant. As he gets closer, a bomb goes off and the restaurant is immediately in flames. Noah is knocked to the ground and lucky to be alive. He gets to his feet and starts calling for Maya. No one answers.

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