Passions Update Thursday 3/23/06

Passions Update Thursday 3/23/06--Canada; Friday 3/24/06--USA


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Natalie

Scene 1

            Noah and Fancy hear from Sam and the agent that there is a disaster in the works and Alistair is responsible. Alistair is in a coma, but they still have to check and make sure that this disaster can’t be activated some other way. The agent will talk to Theresa.

Scene 2

            Theresa watches Ethan and Gwen kissing on the monitor in the study. “You would think that Gwen would learn how to kiss properly, but look at her. She is with the sexiest man in the world and look at her! I need to talk to Mr. Collier and get Gwen sent off somewhere…. Anywhere….”

            Ethan and Gwen spend some time kissing. She thanks him for helping her with her work. He tells her to go and light candles and he will get the champagne. “You are the one who I love, Gwen," Ethan says.

            Theresa gets mad when she hears Ethan saying he loves Gwen. “No! I am the one who you love!"

Scene 3         

            Chris thinks about Luis talking about him and his connection to Sheridan. Sheridan referred to Chris as her ‘friend’ when Luis asked who Chris was. Chris watches Sheridan now. He sees what she is doing as she stands thinking that she is alone.  He remembers Sheridan’s excitement for Luis and disinterest in him when she realized who he really was.  In his mind, Chris knows that he will remain as Sheridan’s husband and not just a friend to her.

Scene 4

            Whitney says that whipping herself is her penance for sleeping with Chad and she understands it.   Julian feels that she is hallucinating.  Mother Superior tries to make Whitney see sense. “Whipping yourself is not the way to the right path!"

            Chad knows that God wouldn’t tell her to beat herself. “It must have been someone else playing a trick on you, Whitney!"

            She tells him 'no'. “God was here and He told me what to do.”

Scene 5

            Mr. Morrison talks to Theresa with the others standing by, and she tries to understand what this is all about. The agent tells that he will need Theresa to give him access to all of Alistair’s files and information in order to stop the disaster that could befall thousands. She worries about the company. This could end the empire. Fancy worries about that. Fancy doesn't want to see this happen. Alistair’s empire wouldn’t ever be accessible if Alistair were up and walking around, but since Alistair is incapacitated, the law wants to look into this now.  Theresa wonders what Ethan would do.  She decides to go ahead and stop this tragedy -- whatever it is. She feels that it is her duty.

Scene 6

            Eve tells Whitney that her wounds are infected, and God wouldn’t ask her to hurt herself so that would happen. Chad knows that wasn’t God that she saw. Whitney is sure of it. “Where is God now then?" Chad asks.

            She assumes that He is back in heaven now. “I saw Him…I saw God. It was in the chapel. After the Mother Superior left, He appeared to me. God’s light was bright and it shone all around Him.” Chad feels that someone put a spotlight on Whitney and fooled her. Whitney said that it was God. “He knew me and He knew my name and my sins.” Eve wants to see this location. Whitney climbs out of bed to take them to the chapel.

Scene 7

            Chris was watching Sheridan and he saw her take off her wedding ring and put it in her pocket before. She apologizes for that, but she has a good reason for doing that. She suddenly realizes what she has to do. Chris panics. “Are you going to leave me and go back to Luis?"

Scene 8

            Ethan and Gwen drink to their marriage and being together always. Ethan can’t believe the first day that Gwen has had. He plans to find a job outside of Harmony and make Gwen quit her job, and then they will move. Ethan can work; he just can’t work as a lawyer until his contract ends. Gwen can’t believe that Theresa got Chad to go against them the way that he did. Ethan has had enough of talking about Theresa. He puts down his champagne and reaches for his wife now.

Scene 9

            Fancy tells Theresa that she can’t let the law poke into Alistair’s business. Theresa feels that she has to do this. “If the company is ruined, then we will rebuild it. The Crane empire will then be a force for good instead of evil. All I ask is that you have Chief Bennett assist in this investigation.” Sam knows that the FBI can handle this and that they don’t need him. Theresa knows that but she wants to reinstate him as she knows that he can be trusted to find out the truth about the death of both her brothers if he can get close to Alistair’s private information.

Scene 10

            Luis is starting to look back to normal now and doesn't need the hospital equipment anymore. He has shaved and looks comfortable now as he lies in his bed. The nurse is happy to see how he is recovering.

Scene 11

            Sheridan promises Chris that she will stay with him and stay committed to him. She took her ring off to make things easier for Luis. “He is bound to notice that I am wearing a wedding ring and that will upset him. You know, Chris… wearing a ring isn’t the only way to show that you are married to someone, so don’t look so sad. You will not lose me.”

            Chris looks down. “I have been watching you with Luis and I can see the bond. It is a little overwhelming.” She is sorry that he is hurt. He wants to know if she can live her life without Luis.

Scene 12

            Theresa decides that this is the time to finish what her brother started. “Everyone under Alistair’s thumb deserves to be free.”

            Fancy doesn't want her grandfather to get away with hurting people, but he is still her grandfather. Noah understands her feelings, but to everyone else, Alistair is a tyrant. Noah promises to be there for her as the investigation goes on.

            Theresa worries about how the investigation will be conducted. She wants someone trustworthy to head up the investigation. “Someone experienced in business, someone who can do the job and knows Crane inside out. I know the perfect person.”

Scene 13

            Ethan and Gwen have made love and now he smothers her with kisses. Gwen feels like her life is almost perfect. “I almost forget about Theresa during times like these. There is a lot that she can do to hurt us. She will try to stop us from moving.” Ethan guarantees that Theresa is not going to win.

Scene 14

            Whitney and the others enter the chapel. Chad promises to show Whitney that she was being fooled. Whitney points: “I was right there, and then there was a light… It was so bright. It completely blinded me and the wall opened up. I knew that it was Him. He knew how I felt about Chad.” Julian checks the wall where Whitney indicates. The Mother Superior knows that wall doesn't open up. Whitney can’t help it. “I saw Him…” Julian and Chad find no cracks or gaps in the wall. Whitney knows that God doesn't need gaps; there being none means nothing to her.

Scene 15

            In Hawaii…  Luis dreams… He revisits the past lives that he has lived with Sheridan…  He wakes suddenly. “Sheridan…we are going to be together no matter what…”

Scene 16

            Sheridan tells Chris how Luis is her soul mate and they always find their way back to each other. Usually one of them dies… Chris finds this time to be different. “He didn’t die.” She feels that maybe they are being given a second chance to make things right. Chris wonders what he would do if Maureen were still alive. “I know that I would choose you, Sheridan… The question is…would you choose me?"

Scene 17

            Whitney still believes. Julian reminds Whitney that the Mother Superior knows that place and that there isn’t anything behind that wall. She doesn't care. She was talking to God, she says. Eve suggests that Whitney was hallucinating. She feels that everyone thinks that she is crazy. Julian suggests that she go and rest in her room. “Why won’t you believe me? Mother Superior… tell them that I really saw God…” The Mother Superior can’t do that. Whitney gets disturbed and starts ranting about the 'Figure'. They lead her back to her room.

Scene 18

            Sheridan remembers being told that Luis had died. “ I would have shut down if it weren’t for you and James. I found new purpose, new joy, and new love. It is meaningful. I love you and am committed to you. Luis will always be a part of my heart but I am married to you. Leaving you for Luis now is out of the question. Luis and I got to the point where our love wasn’t enough. It cost us our son and, yes, I feel bad that I sent him away. I acted out of hurt and anger, but I don’t want to fool myself. There is no going back. Even if Marty is found. You are my future…not Luis…” Chris believes her. She wants to tell Luis that she and Chris are married as soon as he can handle it.

Scene 19

            Luis is alone in the bedroom. He is on the phone. “Can you get here as soon as possible?" He hangs up.  “I can’t wait," he says to himself. “Sheridan is going to get the surprise of her life…”

Scene 20

            Gwen is worried that Theresa will try to come after her husband again. Ethan knows that Theresa will try again, but he will not take her back. Ethan wants Gwen to stop worrying about Theresa. “Honey, I love you too much for that.”

Scene 21

            Theresa tells Agent Morrison that Ethan Winthrope is the perfect person to head this investigation. “No one is more trustworthy than Ethan. He doesn't work for Crane right now but he may be available for a job. When you meet with Ethan, don’t mention that I was the one who suggested that he take this job. Things were difficult for Ethan at the end of his tenure, so bringing up my name as the one bringing him in to work for this cause will only bring you tension.” The agent understands. “Perfect," Theresa says.

Scene 22

            Ethan and Gwen are kissing when Gwen suddenly sits up. “What if Theresa forces Mr. Collier to fire me?" She worries too much, but she has good reason she feels. Ethan tells her that no matter what happens, he will not work for Crane. “No matter what Theresa does, says, or tries, I will not go back to the company. It doesn't matter. You have my word.” They kiss again.

Scene 23

            Agent Morrison finds that after all that Theresa has said, Ethan sounds like the best man for the job.  Theresa thinks to herself that she will take Ethan any way that she can get him.

            Fancy wants to go to her room now. Noah will join her later. Fancy leaves.

            Sam wants to talk to Noah. Now that I am Chief Bennett again, I will be investigating more than Alistair. I will be looking at the car crashing in the diner and Maya’s attack. Noah, when will you see that you really need to tell me what was going on…”

Scene 24

            Eve puts her daughter to bed. The Mother Superior wonders if suffering was what God really meant for Whitney. Eve is sure that this is about Whitney hallucinating. “Whitney feels that God wants her to do penance for loving her brother.

            The Mother Superior is shocked that Whitney would go to this extent to hurt herself. “She kept it well-hidden. Poor thing…and to be so adamant that God appeared to her.” Whitney sleeps now. 

            In the chapel, no one is there… a hazy blue fog creeps through a crack in the wall where Whitney saw ‘God’.

Scene 25

            Chris and Sheridan return to Luis and see that he is looking much better. “What is the occasion?"   Luis tells that Chris has saved his life and he wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for Chris. “Chris, I want you to be a part of this surprise too.”

            “Mr. Lopez-Fitzgerald?" A man has entered the room. “Who are you?" Sheridan asks.

            The man knows already that this has to be Sheridan. “He described you to a tee," the man says.

            Luis tells how he almost lost Sheridan in an explosion, then the thing with Beth happened. “I wanted to make things official. We are to be married tonight…”

            Chris can't believe his ears.

            “What, Sheridan?" Luis asks, “Can you give me one good reason why we can’t be married tonight?"

            Sheridan peeks over at Chris. He is already staring at her waiting to see what she will say next.

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