Passions Update Wednesday 3/22/06

Passions Update Wednesday 3/22/06--Canada; Thursday 3/23/06--USA


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Natalie

Scene 1

            Miguel is in bed.  He thinks about talking with Kay about Maria and spending time with her that night so that he could tuck her into bed since he has been missing out. Kay felt that he should be with Maria. Kay invited him to stay the night and be there when Maria wakes.  Miguel turns out the light now and tries to go to sleep.  He hears Fox and Kay in the other room frolicking and can’t help but listen as they are so loud. They clearly love each other.

            Gimme some love sugar," Fox demands a little too loudly. Kay tells him to be quiet as Miguel is in the next room and can hear them. Fox wonders how he ended up with such a wonderful girl like Kay. “I am so happy that we have found each other.”

            Miguel sits up now. The talking and laughing is getting to him.

Scene 2

            Gwen is stressed out with all the work that she has been getting from Mr. Collier. Ethan can understand why she is being loaded down this way. Gwen would love her job if it weren’t for Theresa. Ethan can’t believe that she used Chad to come and talk to him about getting back with her. Gwen is losing her mind and needs to get away from Theresa. Ethan is sorry that this is happening to them. Gwen knows that Ethan has been discouraging Theresa, but she still wants him. “I will find a job and take care of the family," Ethan says. Gwen says that he needs to do whatever he can to get them away from Theresa. Ethan has an idea. “It is so late… You know what? There is a big, beautiful bottle of champagne in the fridge and it is calling to us. How about a little romance for a change?" Gwen likes that idea.

            Theresa is watching Ethan and Gwen using a monitor in the study of the Crane mansion. She calls Mr. Collier on the phone. 

            “What is it?" he answers.

            “Get up! You have to make Gwen busy!"

            Mr. Collier was sleeping and doesn’t appreciate that Theresa is trying to kill Gwen with work.

            “You live up to your end of the bargain or watch your company go down the tubes. I don’t care what you have to do…just keep Gwen from Ethan!"

Scene 3

            Eve finds the injuries to Whitney’s back. Chad, Julian, and Eve demand that the Mother Superior tell who did this horrible thing to Whitney. Whitney sleeps as the group talks over her.

Scene 4

            The man with the gun watches and listens to Noah and Fancy as they swim naked in the pool. “You are so beautiful," he tells her. She sees something over his shoulder and points whispering for him to look. Noah turns to look. There is the shadow of someone behind the glass door watching them and they can see the man only as a shadow.

            “Someone is out there," Fancy says. The man continues to watch, and now he has his gun out and ready if necessary.

Scene 5

            Gwen gets the call from Mr. Collier and is told that all the deadlines have been moved up, and she has to get all the work done that he has given her by morning. He speaks with a strong voice over the phone.  Mr. Collier hangs up sorry that he had to do this to Gwen. He hopes that she quits her job after this.

            Ethan returns to the room and learns that Gwen has to work all night. “So much for our romantic evening," she says. He tells her to quit the damn job and he will be responsible for them surviving. She thanks him for wanting to protect her, but she can’t quit this job. “We need the money.” Ethan’s only job offer has been with Theresa, and he will not go back to her and accept her offer. Gwen would rather clean toilets than see Ethan under Theresa’s thumb.

            Theresa watches from the study with a drink in hand. “Too bad… No love for Gwen tonight…”


            Theresa turns to find her mother in the doorway peering in at her. Theresa asks where her father is. “Your father is gone and I don’t know where he is. He is not with Katherine as she is in her room. I do not want to see her in the morning. She is probably very happy that I gave up Martin.”

            Theresa offers to throw the woman out of the house. Pilar would like her out, but where would she go? “She would go straight to Martin if she left. It hurts too much to think about them together," she says. Pilar sees the computer monitor, and she sees that Theresa can see Ethan and Gwen in their bedroom. “What are you doing Theresa?"

Scene 6

            Eve is crying and beside herself. “I thought that Whitney would be safe in a convent.”

            The Mother Superior has no idea what happened to Whitney. “I am as much in the dark as you are. Our doors are locked and the grounds are secure. I will find out who did this and that person will be punished.”

            Eve cries now over her poor baby. “Who could have done this to her?"

            Whitney dreams as all talk over her.  She dreams of making love to Chad… “I am a monster and an abomination," she says in the dream.  There is a quick flash of her beating herself with the whip as she flings it from front to back over her head to punish herself.  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Whitney cries out in her sleep. All around her bed jump in surprise. She is still asleep.

Scene 7

            Noah pretends that he is going to get some champagne for Fancy and him. He manages to get out of sight of the gunman behind the door. Noah gets his robe on and heads to the door. He surprises the gunman and grabs his arm overpowering him and causing him to fall unexpectedly to the floor. “Who are you and who sent you?" Noah demands to know.

Scene 8

            Fox and Kay are in bed kissing and making love. Fox calls out her name in ecstasy. “I love you, Fox…I love you…” Kay replies.

            Miguel hears everything through the thin walls. He turns the light on and gets a magazine to read. “What is the matter with me? Fox and Kay are in love and are going to get married. Why shouldn’t they be together?"   Miguel has a fantasy of he and Kay kissing and making love. They would be on the bed and it would be great…  “What the hell?" Miguel asks himself when he realizes what he is thinking. “I need a cold shower.” He heads into the hall.

Scene 9

            Whitney is crying out in her sleep.  Eve gets her medical bag and gets a syringe ready for Whitney to calm her down. “She must be hallucinating from the pain of the injuries. It is a good thing that we came when we did. These cuts on her back are untreated and could get infected.” Chad wants to know who did this to Whitney so that he can make the person pay.

Scene 10

            Noah orders Fancy to call the cops as he holds the intruder down on the ground. “No! Don’t call the police," the man orders. Fancy is confused and doesn't know what to do.

            “Fancy! Don’t listen to him. Now go and call the police,” Noah orders.

            The man says that if the police is to be called, then they should call Sam. “He will know what to do.”

Scene 11

            Fox and Kay are unbelievable together. They are going to spend their lives together soon. “I never thought that I would be this happy. I lost hope after Miguel left, and then I found you.”

            Miguel is glad they found each other. Kay is glad that Maria has her father as seeing Miguel has only made her think that she is with the right man now.  Miguel has finished his shower and he returns to bed drying off. He flips the pages of a magazine to lull himself back to bed.  Maria cries out. Miguel is sure that it is Maria and not Endora. “I better go and check on her.”

Scene 12

            “You are spying on Ethan and Gwen in their room?"

            Theresa says that she is only making sure that Ethan is okay.

            Pilar knows better. “You are spying. Have you no shame?”

            Theresa says that she is doing what she has to do. On the monitor, Gwen is upset that she has to give up her romantic evening. They have no choice though. Theresa smiles. “That is right. You have no choice.”

            Pilar hates that Theresa has come up with yet another scheme to get Ethan. “I am so ashamed of you right now.” Theresa says that she learned to be a survivor from her mother and that is why she does the things that she does.

            Gwen makes fun of Theresa, saying that they should kill her. Ethan laughs.

            “That is not funny!" Theresa shouts at the monitor.

            Ethan offers to help Gwen with her work. “Then we can get on with other things.” He starts kissing her neck and Gwen loves it.

            Theresa pouts. “That is not the way that it is supposed to be.”

Scene 13

            Noah and Fancy hold the intruder’s gun on him while they wait for Sam.  Sam arrives and immediately recognizes the man they are holding. He is a federal agent. “Why is he spying on us?" Fancy asks.

Scene 14

            Eve decides that she is taking her daughter out of the convent this night. The Mother Superior agrees with that decision. Chad is furious.

            Whitney wakes when she hears Chad’s voice. “What are you doing here?" She tries to move but she has pain. Eve gets a pillow for Whitney’s back.

            “Who did this to you Whitney?" Chad asks. Her mother tells that they have seen her back. “Tell us who did this?"

            Whitney says that no one did it.

            “We saw it Whitney," Julian says.

            “Who did this Whitney?" Chad asks again.

            “I told you that no one did this. I did it to myself," she says.

Scene 15

            The agent says that he has been keeping tabs on the Crane family to make sure that they aren’t being followed. “The bureau has been watching the Cranes for a long time. We know that Alistair is involved in a lot of dangerous activity. Now that he is in a coma, this is the time for us to take a shot at finding evidence. We are doing our best to stop a potential disaster…your grandfather.”

            Fancy says that when people have money and power people naturally hate them and that her grandfather isn’t as ominous as everyone seems to think. Sam finds her naïve. The agent tells that Alistair was involved in a plot to kill thousands before falling ill. Thousands could be hurt. “People in Harmony are in danger too. The people that you know and love…”

Scene 16

            Eve tells her daughter that they are going to take her home and protect her.

            “You don’t have to, Mom," Whitney said. “I did it. I am a sinner. It was the only way.” She admits to flogging herself. “It is my penance.” The Mother Superior tells that self-flagellation hasn’t been in practice for years. Whitney says that ‘he’ believes in this and feels that it is alright to do.

            “Who?" her mother asks.

            Whitney thinks back to talking with the 'Figure'. He was telling her that he could help her as no one is beyond forgiveness. “I can help you again feel worthy, Whitney…” She so desperately wants that. “Only I can do this for you," the 'Figure' promised… “And I will… But it won’t be easy….”  Whitney stops thinking about the 'Figure' now and turns her attention back to the group around her bed.

Scene 17

            Kay is sleeping and Fox stands by the bed watching her.  Maria cries out. Fox leaves to go and tend to her.  Kay is dreaming. She is making love to a man in her dream.  “I love you," she says aloud, through her sleep.

            Miguel is with Maria and he holds her in her room.  Fox arrives and hears Miguel in the room with Maria.

Scene 18

            Theresa watches Ethan and Gwen through the monitor. Pilar finds this ridiculous. “Do you know what you have become? Who you have become? You are the very husband that you hate and despise. Is that what you want, Theresa? Do you want to be Alistair Crane?"

Scene 19

            In Kay’s dream she is making love to Miguel. When she opens her eyes in the dream she is horrified.  The dream wakes her and she sits up wondering why she was dreaming about Miguel.

            Fox decides to enter the room.  Miguel says that she must have had a bad dream, and he tries to quiet Maria but he can’t. Fox takes her and Maria immediately calms down. “That is amazing," Miguel says.

Scene 20

            Fancy wants more information on the possible disaster, but the agent will not say more. “This only has to do with Alistair right?" Noah asks.

            The agent is curious about that question but lets it slide. The agent has been revealed now and so he will move more vigorously to do his investigation. “I need to speak to Alistair’s wife…. Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald-Crane…”

Scene 21

            Pilar points out all the similarities between Theresa and Alistair. She has to get what she wants, and she will do whatever it takes to get what she wants.

            “I intend to get Ethan.”

            Pilar sees that Theresa hasn’t learned. “Everything that Alistair gets…he destroys. You will destroy Ethan in the end, just like Alistair has destroyed you. You are breaking my heart because I realize right now that I have lost you and I can’t…” She goes running from the room.

            “You’ll see, Mama… I am going to get Ethan, and we will be happy…you will see.” She sits at the computer again and watches as Ethan and Gwen kiss.

Scene 22

            Whitney tells the group that ‘he’ told her that she was doing the right thing, and that makes it okay. “God was here and I talked to him. I talked to God…”

            Everyone in the room is quiet as they listen incredulously.

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