Passions Update Tuesday 3/21/06

Passions Update Tuesday 3/21/06--Canada; Wednesday 3/22/06--USA


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Natalie

Scene 1

            Noah is with the woman who is threatening him, Maya and Fancy. She has a gun on him and threatens to use it.  Noah jumps out of bed thinking that he is going to be killed. He has been having a dream. Fancy comes into the room with breakfast for them. She sees that he is frantic. He doesn't tell her why. He admits to being hungry but not for anything on the menu. They fall on the bed kissing.

Scene 2

            Julian comes into the room and finds Eve making a nice romantic evening for them. She would like today to be a new beginning. They raise their glasses for peace and serenity. Eve is suddenly upset about toasting. “Every time that I think that everything is going well, it all goes straight to hell.

Scene 3

            Chad is dreaming.  He dreams of Whitney, and something going wrong with her. Before his eyes, she shrinks. She gets smaller and smaller. He shouts to her but he can’t stop her disappearing into the floor.  Chad wakes in a panicky state. “Whitney is in trouble! I just know it," he shouts running to the door.

Scene 4

            Whitney is with the figure that has suddenly appeared from inside the wall. “I know why you came to the chapel tonight. You came for absolution for your sins. You are seeking forgiveness. I know everything about you, Whitney! Everything!"

Scene 5

            Chris thinks that Luis needs to know that Sheridan’s future is with him, and he will be told that now. He enters the room. “Who are you?" Luis asks him.

            “Why don’t you tell Luis who I am, Sheridan?" Chris asks Sheridan.

            Sheridan looks from man to man not sure what to say next. “Why he is…He is Chris," she says. Chris turns the wedding ring on his finger while smiling at her.

Scene 6

            Julian is upset that Eve is upset. She just knows that when things seem like they are okay, they turn out not to be. Julian knows that most of the time it was Alistair who caused the problems in town. He outed Simone and caused TC a little distress. “Whitney is in the convent, but at least we know that she is safe," Julian points out.

            Eve’s spirits are lifted. They have their toast now. “To our lives staying the way that they are just this minute," Eve says. Clink!

Scene 7

            Whitney doesn't understand what is happening with this figure and how it knows all about her the way that it does. “I know that you say that you know me, but you couldn't possibly. I committed the worst possible sin and there is no forgiving that," Whitney says.

            The figure tells her that there is no sin that can’t be forgiven. “In what way are you weak Whitney? I need to hear you say it. In what way are you weak?”

            Whitney tells how she can’t stop her feelings. “My mind won’t let me! I had sex with my half-brother and I have this beautiful baby boy and he will be marked by this for the rest of his life. I am an abomination and I know that I don’t deserve to live!"

Scene 8

            Luis still is confused about Chris. “Sheridan, tell me about your friend.”

            Sheridan says that she has known Chris for a while and that he is her ….”friend”. Sheridan can’t even look at Chris after downplaying what he meant to her just a short while ago.

Scene 9

            Eve can’t wait for Julian’s divorce so she can marry him. Someone knocks on their door. It is Chad. “I need to talk to you about Whitney. Theresa and I went to the convent and we both felt that she was in bad shape. She was too skinny and she has these dark circles under her eyes. She looks sad and scared. I have a bad feeling about this convent.”

            Julian and Eve feel that Chad is just hoping that Whitney will leave the convent and they want him to accept what Whitney has decided. “You can never be with her, whether she leaves the convent or not. That is just out of the question!"

Scene 10

            Whitney sinned and she still does. “That is the worst kind of sin but I just can’t stop thinking about him. No matter how much I pray, I always come back to loving Chad and wanting him. I don’t deserve forgiveness.”

            The 'Figure' offers to wash away her sins and give her absolution. “You have to be worthy though. Only I can do this for you, and I will, but it won’t be easy…”

Scene 11

            Noah and Fancy are in bed talking. He hears talking, but over that he hears loud ticking. “We have to get out of here right now.”

            She tells him that is her clock. “It gets louder when it gets to the top of the hour.”

            Noah relaxes. “Sorry. I just don’t want anything bad happening to you," he says.

            She isn't afraid. She is with him.  Noah and Fancy laying together is just bliss for them. He wishes that they didn’t have to fight and break up to be happy. “I hate fighting with you Fancy.”

            She gets an idea. “Let’s go for a midnight swim. We have a heated indoor pool that we could use.” He has no suit. She says that he doesn't need one.

            “What if Rebecca comes down for a midnight swim?" She doesn't care who sees them. They race to the pool.

Scene 12

            Luis thought that he knew all Sheridan’s friends, but he doesn't know Chris. Sheridan tells that she met Chris a couple of months ago. “We heard that someone was being held captive here and we thought that it was Marty, and that is why we are here. We thought that you were dead and so we tried to track down Beth and Marty.”

            Luis thanks Chris for saving his life and taking care of Sheridan while he wasn’t there. “Don’t thank me," Chris says. “I would have died if you hadn’t helped me… I have no idea what they were keeping me around for anyway. ”

            The nurse comes in ready to take the patient’s bandages off. “What are you two doing here?" she asks. “And why are his bandages off? You need to leave the room now.”

            Sheridan and Chris leave the room. “Your friend?" Chris asks her. “Since when did I only become your friend?"

Scene 13

            Julian tells Chad that he has to give up on Whitney and his mad fixation. Eve knows that Julian is right about this. “If Whitney has chosen to deal with her feelings this way, we have to respect that.”

            Chad tells his parents to shut up and listen. “Whitney is in trouble. I had a bad feeling and then I had a nightmare. You have to help me, help her.”

Scene 14

            The 'Figure' promises to wash away Whitney’s sins and give her forgiveness. However, it will not be easy. You must do penance for your sins Whitney!"

            Whitney isn’t afraid of that. “I have already been punishing myself.”

            The 'Figure' knows that already. “I know everything about you, Whitney.”

            That makes no sense to Whitney as the only being that could know everything is… “…are you telling me that you are God? Are you God? Are you God?"

            The 'Figure' only answers by asking her, “What does your heart tell you Whitney?"

            Whitney falls unconscious before the being.  Two nuns are heading to the confessional room when they see Whitney laying unconscious. “It is Sister Whitney! I will get the Mother Superior…” One nun runs off and the other stays to try to revive Whitney.

Scene 15

            Chad wants to help Whitney now and not the next day. He finds his parents to be too flippant about Whitney’s situation. Eve is worried about her daughter, but she has the right to deal with her life the way that she sees fit. “No one can judge what she does. Even if we don’t agree with her decision, we have to be happy that she turned to the church instead of what I turned to. At least she is around good, decent people who care about her. She couldn’t have put herself in a safer environment.” Chad knows that if Eve had seen Whitney, she would feel differently. The phone rings and Eve answers to the Mother Superior. She gets off the phone and tells that Whitney has collapsed on the floor of the convent. ‘I have to get dressed and go to her," Eve says.

Scene 16

            Chris asks Sheridan why she referred to him as her ‘friend’. “I am your husband. We have only been married a couple of days, but you still should have told him the truth.”

            Sheridan knows that Luis needs to be told but not yet. She knows that she is asking a lot of Chris, but she needs him to put his feelings aside for a minute. “The reason that I couldn’t tell Luis that we are married is because Luis needs to think that we are still together. That is what he used to keep himself going…to keep himself alive. Please don’t be angry. I am afraid of him having a relapse.” Sheridan has no idea when she will be telling Luis the truth but she can’t do it now. Chris is really hurt. Sheridan can’t stand that either. “If you really want me to, then I will go in the room and tell Luis the truth.”

            Chris stops her. “I saw you with Luis before and you still love him.”

            Sheridan never lied about her feelings for Luis. “I thought that he was dead and I married you because I love you. I can’t explain myself. I just found out that Luis is alive and that Marty is alive. It is like the last year didn’t happen”.

            Chris can see that she has been propelled back into another time in her life -- the time before she met him.

Scene 17

            Noah gets in the pool first. When he looks around for Fancy, he can’t see her anywhere.  He remembers the woman at the waterfront threatening to hurt Fancy if he didn’t do what she told him.  He jumps out of the pool frightened for her safety, but Fancy comes running in with champagne and glasses. He breathes a sigh of relief. “I didn’t know where you were just now," he says.  She questions his concern for her. “No, Fancy…Everything is just fine and will be better when I get you out of this robe. You are the best looking woman that I have ever seen.” They are naked and they then get into the pool.  As they play and frolic, someone comes into their area through a doorway. The person is dressed in black. He watches the couple.

Scene 18

            Luis rests now.  He dreams of soft music and dancing with Sheridan…  A smile comes to his lips.

            Sheridan tries to explain her position to Chris in the hall. “Seeing Luis alive and knowing that my son is alive brings me back to a time before.”

            Chris understands. She can’t believe that he is alive. Chris is quite stunned too. “I am not angry at you, Sheridan, but where does that leave me? us?"

            She still loves him and her feelings for him and her commitment to him hasn’t changed. She kisses him dearly.

            “Sheridan! Sheridan! Are you out there?" It is Luis calling for Sheridan.

            She turns to Chris. “I will be right back," she says to Chris before running off.

Scene 19

            Noah remembers when they were in a pool one time before. It was in Las Vegas.  They fought like cats and dogs.  He was trying to get her attention by being mean to her.  She laughs at that. He now thinks of her as the love of his life. She can’t stop thinking about him. Noah sees a ball nearby. “Is that what I think it is?" It is for water ball games. They start talking sports. He is partial to one sport in particular. “How about I show you what it is?"

            The man watching nearby faces the couple who are kissing in the pool now. He slowly removes a gun from his jacket…

Scene 20

            Eve, Chad and Julian arrive at the convent and are taken to see Whitney.  She is sleeping on the bed in her room. She has a very high fever. Eve tries to get a pulse, but they can’t get a good read. They turn Whitney over on her side and they see blood. Eve removes Whitney’s opens Whitney’s buttons to her nightdress and they see the condition of the skin on her back. Her mother jumps back in horror.

Scene 21

            Luis and Sheridan are together. The thoughts of the past are what kept Luis going. He remembers the times when he danced with Sheridan and held her in his arms. “That is what kept me alive," Luis says.

            Chris watches the two as they reminisce.

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