Passions Update Monday 3/20/06

Passions Update Monday 3/20/06--Canada; Tuesday 3/21/06--USA


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Juanita

Proofread by Natalie

Scene 1

            Tabitha comes home and finds Fox and Kay kissing on the couch. Miguel stands watching them.  “Oh Endora…this doesn't look good for our side …Fox and Kay together…Not at all," Tabby says.

Scene 2

            Whitney wakes and finds Chad standing over her undressed. She rises to a sitting position on her bed.  “I want you Chad…God I want you," she tells him.

            “That is why I am here," he answers.  He climbs into bed with her and they start making love like they used to. They want each other.

            Whitney wakes realizing that she has had another dirty dream. “Oh my God! What have I done?"

Scene 3

            Chad and Ethan start fighting when Chad defends his love for his sister, and tells Ethan that he doesn't have the guts to go after the woman whom he really loves.  They toss each other around the room throwing punches and crashing into things.

Scene 4

            Theresa comes into the Bed & Breakfast.  Gwen turns on her. “This is your fault! This is all your fault! Is this what you wanted Theresa?"

Scene 5

            Luis and Sheridan are reuniting.  Chris watches them knowing that Sheridan hasn’t told Luis yet that she has married another man.  Luis looks into Sheridan’s eyes. “Having you be here for me… You are my one true love.”

            “I am glad to be here with you," she tells him. They have been smiling and staring in each other’s eyes.  Chris looks on sadly.

Scene 6

            Tabitha calls out, and Fox and Kay stop kissing and turn around. They had no idea that there were others there.  Miguel says that he saw the door open and just came in without knocking on the door.  “I wanted to see Maria before bedtime if that is alright. I have a present for her.”  He shows the bracelet that he bought.  Tabitha tells Miguel that he can come over to see Maria whenever he wants, and Fox agrees with that idea.  Miguel then presents some earrings.

            “It is going to be a long time before Maria can wear these earrings," Kay says.

            “They aren’t for Maria to wear," Miguel says. “Kay, they are for you! I bought them while traveling."

            “Chalk one up for the dark side," Tabby whispers to Endora.

Scene 7

            Whitney has a talk with the Virgin Mary hanging on the wall. “Please tell me what to do about these dreams…”  She decides to leave the room to go to confession for her sins right away. “Maybe when I get back, I will be able to get some sleep and I can stop thinking of Chad.”

Scene 8

            Ethan and Chad keep fighting.  Chad says again that Ethan loves Theresa more than Gwen, and Ethan pummels him.  Gwen and Theresa argue now.  Gwen gets so angry when Theresa tells the men to stop fighting as Gwen is not worth it that she pulls back and… THWACK!  Gwen backhands Theresa hard in the face.  Chad makes an extra push and Ethan goes flying into a wall across the room.  He is unconscious.  “Ethan! Ethan!" Gwen calls, but she gets no answer. Ethan lies limp and tired on the floor.

Scene 9

            Luis gets the bad news about the house exploding, and that there is no word about Marty.  “I am so sorry that I didn’t bring Marty home like you asked me to, Sheridan.”  Chris is listening from outside the room.  He knows that Luis may still love Sheridan, but the fact is that she is Chris’s wife now and Chris holds on to that.

Scene 10

            Miguel got Kay the earrings for raising Maria herself all this time. It was the least that he could do.  Miguel asks to go and see Maria in her room, and Kay goes off with him to show him where Maria’s room is.

            Tabitha has to get to work now.  She gets Fox to go with her to the kitchen for some tea while Kay is showing Miguel where Maria’s room is.  Tabitha knows that this will be the real test.

Scene 11

            Whitney arrives for confession, but no one is there to hear it. The room is dark and quiet with candles.  “Damn!" she says. “I can’t confess alone.” She wonders what she should do then.  She decides to pray instead.  “How can I become a nun when all I want to do is make love to Chad? I want to share a life with Chad and raise our son together. Please help me with this and work a miracle…”  A bright light shines behind her.  She turns to the light.  “God! Is that you?"  

Scene 12

            Ethan is slowly coming to.  Ethan looks at Chad and then jumps to his feet to start fighting again when he remembers what was going on.  Theresa jumps in between the men.  “No! No more fighting, Ethan! I never meant to hurt you, Ethan! I never meant for this to happen!" Theresa says.

            “You are a psycho!" Gwen shouts. “When are you going to realize that you only hurt him when you play your tricks!"

Scene 13

            Chris keeps listening, disturbed that he might lose Sheridan.  Sheridan is asking about Marty now.  Luis tells how he was in the same room with Marty.  “I even had him in my arms…Something hit me from behind and …sorry…I’m so sorry, Sheridan.”

            She knows that he did the best that he could. “We will find our son.”

            Luis knows that together they can do anything.  He reaches for her hand and she gives it to him.  Chris watches everything.

Scene 14

            The Mother Superior finds Whitney in the confession room.  Whitney confesses that she can’t stop thinking about her brother.  The Mother Superior tells her to have faith that the good father will cast out those bad feelings.  Whitney will try that.  “Goodnight," the Mother Superior says.

            Whitney kneels again and prays. “…Please help me to be strong…”  Behind her she feels a presence.  She thinks that it is the Mother Superior, but when she turns she is alone.  The cross on the wall lights up.  “Oh my God! This can’t be happening," Whitney says. “Oh my God!"  She falls to her knees and smiles, making the cross on her chest and head.  “This can’t be happening.”

Scene 15

            Theresa and Gwen argue over who is better for Ethan.  Theresa says that she is closer to Ethan than Gwen could ever be. “We have a child together.”  Gwen say that Theresa only got close to Ethan because she fixed a situation to have a baby with him.  Gwen orders Theresa out.  “You leave my husband and my daughter alone!" Gwen says. 

            “I am not going anywhere," Theresa says.

Scene 16

            Sheridan is happy to hear that Luis had Marty in his arms at one time during his travels.  “I remember being kept in the dark," Luis says. “They beat me and then they left me alone until the explosion. I remember you and then there were others who said that I wasn’t going to make it. I had to hold on so that I could come back to you. You and only you Sheridan…”  Sheridan gets out of her seat now and leans over Luis kissing him full on the lips while Chris watches from the doorway.

Scene 17

            Miguel holds Maria not believing how big she is. “You are so beautiful…just like your mommy," he says.  They talk about the old days and all the fun they used to have.  Kay loved those days, although she had done some questionable things.  Miguel doesn't care now how Maria was conceived. That is all in the past.  “Tell me Kay…Is Fox really the love of your life?"

Scene 18

            Tabitha is with Fox who holds Endora.  “You are very secure, Fox. That is impressive. Some men would be really disturbed watching the girl whom they love with the father of her child.”  Endora telepathically tells her mother to stop interfering.  Tabitha will not. “I remember when Miguel and Kay would play as children. They would use all the neighborhood cats and dogs as their children.”

            Fluffy growls.  “Uh oh!" Tabitha says. “Fluffy is hungry.”  Tabitha goes into the kitchen and gets a giant drumstick that she feeds to Fluffy in the hall.  She then returns to Fox and continues trying to get Fox riled up.  Fox only says that he is glad that Kay had a good friend to grow up with.  Endora is thrilled that Fox doesn't care.  Tabby thinks back to Endora that she has to get Kay with Miguel or the forces of darkness will be on them for sure.  Endora simply replies telepathically, “Blah! Blah! Blah!"

Scene 19

            Luis asks Sheridan what she is doing there.  She tells that she was looking for Marty. “I thought that you were dead. We checked the records of a body and it seemed to be you.”  Luis tries to rise from the bed when he realizes that his mother must be upset and that Sheridan’s father was behind all this hurt.  Sheridan pushes him back down.

            “I am sorry, Sheridan. I was so close to having Marty back. Then we would have had everything that we ever dreamed of.”  Sheridan is sure that they can in fact get Marty back and then they will have everything that they have wanted.  Chris continues to listen.

Scene 20

            Gwen orders Theresa out of the house.  Theresa turns to Ethan. “Please, Ethan. Leave with me.”

            “You heard her, Theresa," Ethan says. “Take Chad with you and get out!"  Theresa and Chad leave.

            Gwen thinks that they should get Jane and get out of town. “I will find another job somewhere else.”  Ethan hates that she has to work that job and wants to support the family instead.  Gwen says that they can work this out if they just get a job for Ethan out of town.  “Then we are going to pack up and get out of here.”

            Theresa thanks Chad for helping her out.  Chad feels that if Theresa can still feel hope after what he just witnessed, then he can get Whitney back too. 

Scene 21

            The wall opens and a figure in a hood is sitting in the wall. Whitney watches.  “I have to tell the Mother Superior about this.”  Whitney turns to leave the room when the figure stops her.

            “Whitney! I have come to see you!"

Scene 22

            Tabitha says that Miguel and Kay once starred in the play Romeo and Juliet.  “The audience was mesmerized. Pilar was so distraught, she pulled her hair out! I am not kidding. Brought football players to tears. Miguel’s performance was profound and moving. I think that it is because the kids have such deep feelings for each other. I have a photograph. Would you like to see?"

            “Oh no you don’t," Endora telepathically thinks.  Tabitha turns her back and …  ZAP!  She makes an album appear.  She presents it to Fox who looks on appreciatively.

            “I think that I will go and see what Kay and Miguel are up to now.” Fox walks off.

            “Every cloud has a silver lining. What I mean is that I should have been here it seems.”

Scene 23

            Miguel holds Maria, while Kay lays her head on Miguel’s shoulder.  Fox arrives at the doorway and sees his fiancée with her head on Miguel’s shoulders.

Scene 24

            Luis can’t believe that Alistair put Sheridan and his family through the pain of thinking that he was dead.  Sheridan tells how Luis was always alive in her heart. “I never forgot you…not even for a single moment.”  Chris continues to listen.

Scene 25

            Tabitha tells Endora that things have to change now. “We have to get Miguel to couple with Kay, and that will be good for us. If I have to break Fox’s heart to keep us safe, then I will do it.”

            Miguel thanks Kay for being a good mother.  Kay is only glad that Maria will have both of her parents raising her.

            Fox can't believe his ears.

Scene 26

            Ethan can’t see how he and Gwen can fix their problems with him not working.  Gwen doesn't care what he does, how he does it. “Just get a plan together to get us the hell out of here!"

Scene 27

            Theresa and Chad work on Chad’s dream now. They have to change Whitney’s mind. But how?

Scene 28

            “Dear Whitney," the booming voice from the figure says. “I know both you and your heart!"   Whitney’s eyes grow large and a smile comes to her face.

Scene 29

            Luis sees Chris in the room now.  “Who are you?" Luis asks.

            “Sheridan! Why don’t you tell him who I am…” Chris says.  Sheridan looks from one man’s face to the other, as if watching a slow tennis match…

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