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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Gwen is trying to get her work done but the baby is making it hard.

The baby wakes and cries.

Ethan is with Chad downstairs and Gwen has no choice but to tend to the baby herself.

Chad talks to Ethan about Whitney for a short while, but then asks Ethan if he really wants to be with Theresa instead of Gwen.

Theresa has a heart-to-heart with Miguel about what he really needs to be happy now that his search for Charity is over. He admits that he isn't happy about Kay marrying Fox when asked.

Fox returns home and Kay is alone now. When he left, Kay was with Tabitha the kids and Simone. They were having a hen party.

He wants to know what Simone and Kay were talking about when alone.

Simone was asking Kay to wait and see if she should really be marrying Fox and not Miguel.

Kay doesn't answer Fox’s question directly, but only says that she and Simone were talking about the wedding and only that.

Fox is in a strange mood and Kay notices. “Is something wrong?" Kay asks.

He remembers his mother talking about the connection that Kay has to Miguel and what that might mean now that he is in town again.

Chris stands by and sees that Sheridan is really thrilled to have Luis alive.

She sits by his bed now, stroking his hair and smiling at him.

Chris doesn't like this one bit.

“Your daddy will be here very soon and he will hold you for me," Gwen tells the baby.

“Ethan come up here and help me," Gwen says softly to herself.

She decides to go and get Ethan downstairs to help her with the baby.

The baby cries and Gwen rocks her.

“I know… I will give you to Mrs. Henderson as she likes to stay up late and she will hold you for me.”

Ethan is upset that Chad has asked him about Theresa and used his situation with Whitney to bait him.

“I know that you love Theresa, and you know it too Ethan!" Chad points out.

Ethan suddenly figures out that Theresa has sent Chad there to put pressure on him.

Chad admits it.

“I just thought that you wanted to think about being with Theresa and making a life with her.”

Ethan thought that Chad was his friend.

“I am your friend," Chad says. “That is why I know that you should be with the right woman.”

Gwen is making her way down the stairs.

“You want to be with Theresa and not Gwen! You know it and I know it." Chad shouts.

“What did you just say to my husband?" Gwen asks quietly as she makes her way down the stairs…

Ethan and Chad turn to find Gwen walking down the stairs towards them, waiting for an answer to her question.

Miguel explains that Kay wants Fox and that is the way she should have it, although he may not like the idea.

“There wasn’t ever anything on my side for Kay in the past. I was always in love with Charity.”

Theresa knows that things were different for Miguel and Kay in the past but she also knows that things could be better for the two now. Time has changed both their situations.

Kay can’t believe it. “I was a spinster and now I am marrying the most amazing man alive. I am just sorry that Martin and Pilar didn’t have their ceremony as planned. I wonder what happened.”

Fox knows that the same thing could happen to them all of a sudden while they wait to get married.

Kay tells him 'no'.

“I wish that everyone could be as happy as we are," Kay says.

Fox wishes that Miguel and Charity could find their way to each other.

Kay feels sorry for Miguel and his family and all the troubles they have suffered.

Sheridan really thought that she lost Luis and that he died a horrible death.

“Now I have so much joy…”

Luis has his eyes closed but he calls out her name.

Chris suggests they leave Luis to rest.

Sheridan doesn't move.

“Luis do you know where Marty is?"

Luis manages to get the word, ‘house’ out…

“Poor Luis," Sheridan says. “At least he is alive. He will tell us more about Marty if he pulls through. I want you to concentrate on getting better and going back to Harmony with me…”

Miguel doesn't see a chance for he and Kay as they didn’t have the same feelings for each other.

He feels that Theresa is just projecting her feelings for Ethan on him.

“You think that I feel the same about Kay as you do about Ethan. The situations are totally different.”

Gwen asks Chad what he is doing.

“You should have kicked him out on his butt when he started talking about this Ethan.”

Chad says that he is sorry but he only wanted Ethan to have a reality check.

Ethan and Gwen order him out of the house.

Gwen finds it funny that the man who wants to be with his sister is giving advice about love.

“Why don’t you go home to your bastard slash son from incest?" Gwen shoots.

Chad says that they can say what they want, but he knows that their marriage is a sham.

The nurse checks on Luis and then leaves.

Sheridan sits with Luis and smiles into his face. “Once we have Marty back, our lives will be perfect," she promises.

Chris moves away from the bed and gets his cellphone out.

He dials and then waits for someone to answer.

Gwen asks if Theresa is paying Chad to come to their house and say such mean and evil things.

Chad says that he just wanted to help.

“Jane is Ethan’s child with Theresa and deserves to be with her parents," Chad says.

Gwen reminds him why that child is Ethan and Theresa’s. “She stole the embryos!"

Chad says that if Gwen really loved Ethan she wouldn't deny Ethan the chance to be with the woman that he really loves.

Theresa worries about her brother. “Something is bothering you and I think that has to do with Fox and Kay’s engagement.”

Miguel was surprised at the engagement, but Kay is more mature and realistic now so this should be expected.

Theresa senses that Miguel feels more. “I know that you are happy that Kay has Fox, but Kay was always there for you. You would walk to school with her and she would have dinner with us… Maybe you are realizing your true feelings for her. Maybe you suddenly realized that the love of your life isn’t Charity but Kay…”

Fox and Kay sit and hold each other on the couch.

Fox never thought that he could be in love again after Whitney.

“I get why she did what she did but it still really cut deep, but that is all behind me now. You and Maria are my future now. What about Miguel? Didn’t it kill you when he left to go and find Charity? How did you get over it?"

Kay says that she isn’t sure that she is over it.

“What does that mean Kay? Are you still feeling something for Miguel?"

The nurses are happy for Luis and Sheridan finding each other again.

The nurses talk about Luis and Sheridan in the hall. “What a love story…”

Chris is in the hall and hears the nurses talking.

“If only my marriage had as much love as those two obviously do have for each other…”

The nurses look into the room where Sheridan just stares smiling that Luis’s face while he sleeps.

Chris stays in the hall looking grim.

Kay didn’t mean to upset Fox when she said that she didn’t get over Miguel.

“I was crazy for Miguel but he never cared for me. I tried everything to win Miguel but nothing worked. When he left town it really hurt me, but being a mother made me see the light and I could see that he couldn’t ever love me the same.”

Fox tells her that she is his woman now.

“Seriously though," Fox starts. “You must have had great times with Miguel.”

She did have great times.

“I remember playing with him in the snow so that he could practice for baseball later that Spring, and it worked. He played his best season that year. He even gave me credit when he won an award one time…then he hugged me and it was great!"

Fox rolls his eyes.

Miguel can feel that Theresa is pushing him to Kay.

Theresa only wants him to have what he wants.

Miguel wonders what Fox would do if Kay were to suddenly decide to be with him.

Theresa says that Fox is nice but if Miguel really wants Kay, it can probably happen.

“What if Fox isn't really the one in Kay’s heart? What if she still has those feelings for you?"

Miguel hates that he has spent all this time looking for Charity and it seems that she doesn't want to be found and now here he is.

Theresa wonders if now that Miguel is back and sees Fox and Kay with Maria, maybe that is what he wants now too, maybe even with Kay and not with Charity.

Miguel highly doubts this.

Gwen says that she has offered Ethan a divorce many times but he stays married to her anyway.

“Why would Ethan want to marry Theresa anyway? Look at all the crazy things that she has done!"

Chad says that is exactly his point. No matter what Theresa does, Ethan loves her anyway.

“Do you really think that you can compete with that Gwen?"

Luis feels that she has experienced a miracle.

She remembers finding him another time before. Their love is so strong and they are so connected that they can’t be separated.

Chris listens as the nurses talk about the magical love of Luis and Sheridan.

“They are soul mates alright…meant to be together.”

The nurses walk off.

Chris comes out from hiding and looks in the doorway to Luis’s room.

He sees the woman that he loves doting over her husband who was thought to be dead.

Kay remembers how Miguel used to make her feel warm and safe…

She suddenly sees that she is making Fox uncomfortable and apologizes.

“I loved being in Miguel’s arms in the past but it doesn't come close to the way that I feel about you. I was a kid back then but now because of you, I know what true love really is. I thought that I loved Miguel but it was a schoolgirl crush. I love you and only you.”

They kiss.

Kay tells herself in her mind that Fox really is the one for her.

Miguel finds it funny that Theresa and he are both in love with people that they can’t have.

Theresa knows that she can have Ethan.

She tells about the disk and how it will expose Gwen. “It is only a matter of time.”

“It is in this mansion somewhere and I will find it. I will never give up and you shouldn't either…”

Miguel decides to see Maria before she goes to bed.

Theresa will go out with him as she has someplace that she needs to be.

“I am really glad that you are home…I missed you and if you need anything at all, you let me know…”

Ethan and Gwen find Chad to be really mean.

Ethan finds him out of line.

“Why don’t you shut the hell up! Gwen is my wife and I love her.”

Chad asks Ethan to answer his question. “Is Gwen your soul mate, or is it Theresa?"

Chris is torn. He is upset over possibly losing her, but knows that Sheridan deserves to be happy.

His phone rings.

“It is Crane travel. They must be calling to transport Luis back to Harmony.”

He answers the phone.

Sheridan promises to keep Luis safe and get him back to Harmony where his friends and family will be waiting…

Luis opens his eyes.

“Sheridan… am I dreaming?"

She assures him that he isn’t.

“I promised that I’d be back.”

She knew that he would be too.

Chris returns to the doorway and sees the couple reuniting.

Miguel is on his way to Tabby’s house.

He remembers what Theresa said.

He still thinks that Theresa is wrong. “Kay is a nice person but it is okay that she is with Fox.”

Miguel arrives at the door and finds the door open.

“Tabitha! Hello!"

He walks in and finds Fox and Kay kissing on the couch.

Chad isn’t scared to tell the truth. “I want to be with Whitney no matter what anyone says. It is just too bad that you can’t do the same.”

“I warned you," Ethan says.

He punches Chad and they start fighting, rolling around the Bed & Breakfast.

The door opens and Theresa walks in.

“This is your fault," Gwen shouts. “this is all your fault!"

Luis asks Sheridan if it is really her that he is looking at.

“Yes Luis. It is me…it is really me.”

Chris watches and listens.

“Sheridan…I love you…More than anyone, or anything. You are my one true love…”

Sheridan answers him. “And you are my love. You are my love…”

Chris stays quiet in the doorway.

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