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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Ethan wants to get back to his wife but Chad insists on talking with him immediately about some emergency that he has.

Gwen tells him to go ahead.

They head out together.

Gwen hopes that nothing is wrong with Miles or Whitney.

Whitney is in bed at the convent trying to get to sleep.

She dreams of making love to Chad.

She sits upright instantly when she realizes what is in her head and what she has been dreaming about. “Oh my God! I am damned.”

Theresa feels that she is getting pretty good at wheeling and dealing.

“I get Ethan from Gwen and then I help Chad and Whitney. Soon I will have Ethan and I will be his wife.”

“Talking to yourself?"

Theresa turns to find her brother Miguel behind her.

She runs to him.

He wasn’t going to come but the Crane jet arrived to pick him up in Mexico.

“Who sent it?" Theresa asks.

He thought that she did but she says that she didn’t.

Ivy is thrilled to death at the way that the night has been going.

“I know that Kay leaving you will break your heart but it is worth it.”

Kay and Fox arrive home with Maria.

There was no ceremony and no one knows what happened.

It was also strange to see Miguel there as well.

Kay had no idea that Miguel was going to be returning.

Fox has to wonder if Miguel really means to forget about Charity and just be a good father to Maria.

“I think that is a good thing," Fox says. “Maria needs her father at least till we are married.”

Tabitha and Endora enter the room and find Fox and Kay kissing.

The boys in the basement blow fire out of the vent, angry due to Fox and Kay’s happiness.

Simone is having a coffee at the waterfront.

She sees a couple planning a romantic evening together.

She knows that she will never have that in her life.

Her affection for another woman will never be accepted.

Sheridan has taken off the bandages and she finds the strange man is really Luis.

“No! It can’t be. Luis? Is my mind playing tricks on me?"

Luis lays unconscious on the bed, unaware of what is going on.

Sheridan wonders if this is one of her father’s sick jokes.

Luis starts opening his eyes and sees a blurry Sheridan before him.

She starts backing away from the bed.

“You are dead! You are dead!"

Chris comes in and sees that she is panic-stricken….”Sheridan!" he calls out to her.

She almost faints but he is there to catch her.

Theresa swears that she wasn’t the one that sent the jet.

“Your secretary called and convinced me to come home," Miguel tells. “Her name was Valerie.”

Theresa finds that strange as Valerie isn’t really her secretary.

“She is really Fox and Chad’s secretary… Anyway, let me tell you how great it is to be in charge. You can get whatever you want when things are like this Miguel…”

Ivy goes home and tells Sam that the ceremony never happened.

“Pilar left and so we all left… If anyone other than Theresa were in charge of this, I would think that this were strange but I don’t because it’s her in charge.”

Sam hugs and kisses his fiancée now to give her a proper welcome home.

Fox and Kay are kissing and they hear growling.

Fox asks what that is.

Tabitha says that her pipes are groaning again.

Fox will not believe that.

The boys in the basement growl again.

“That sounds like a pack of wolves," Fox says.

He peeks in the basement vent thinking that he should go down there and check things out.

Kay pulls him away.

When his head is turned, the boys in the basement blow fire at his back through the vent.

Fox says that he thinks that his mother is planning a surprise for the engagement.

He walks out of the room.

Tabitha and Kay talk about Miguel being home and how that affects her life.

Kay isn't fearful. “Miguel coming home is good news in spite of what you and the boys in the basement think”

“Growl," the boys snarl in response.

Sheridan sets about telling Chris about the man in the bed.

“He should be dead. The man in the bed is Luis. He is alive!"

Chris turns to stare at the man in the bed behind him who continues to sleep.

Rebecca comes to see her daughter and gets upset when she sees that her daughter is wearing flannel for bed and not something sexy.

“If you had listened to me about keeping Ethan happy in the sack he would be here and not out somewhere else. Where is he? We know that he isn’t working a job! I never thought that I would see the day when my daughter would be the breadwinner. Anyway… How was work?"

Rebecca says that she would have been by earlier, but she has a lover nearby and after her sexcapade, she then ran to see her daughter to find out how things went.

Gwen tells that Ethan and Chad are downstairs talking. Rebecca hates that Gwen lets him out of her sight, as Theresa is always nearby and ready to strike.

“I saw Chad myself and even if Ethan isn’t there anymore, so what? I trust Ethan.”

Rebecca has told her daughter repeatedly that she isn’t to trust anyone, especially her husband.

Chad tells Ethan that Whitney is in bad shape. “She can’t sleep and she blew her top. She was out of control…like she was crazy. I don’t know what to do and I really need your help!"

Whitney tries to sleep but the incest continues in her mind.

She is making love to Chad and begging him for more.

The cross on the wall above them turns a fiery red and drops from the wall on Whitney, burning into her flesh.

She screams out, both in the dream and in reality.

She wakes, looking up at the cross that hangs above her bed.

It still hangs on the wall where it should be.

Whitney kneels in her bed and prays for forgiveness for her sins.

Miguel feels that Valerie bringing him to Harmony was a trick to get in Theresa’s good graces at work.

Theresa isn’t upset about it though.

Miguel wants to know why Theresa married that criminal.

“Well," she starts. “I was desperate. The only way that I could save myself and the children was to marry Alistair…but he tricked me. Now he is in a coma and he willed everything to Little Ethan and so that gives me control for now.”

Miguel doesn't see this as a good thing.

Theresa does.

“You are here aren’t you? That happened effortlessly because of my situation and power. It is good to have Crane money and power. I can take care of everyone in our family. You can help me enjoy this life now…right? It is really nice to have you back Miguel…So have you seen Maria?"

“Yes," he says. “She is the most beautiful girl that I have ever seen.”

Tabitha lets Simone in the house.

She was called over by Kay who said that she had great news.

Fox and Kay come down and Kay shows the big rock.

The girls hug.

Tabitha shakes her head, knowing that ’congratulations’ are wasted on people who are not going to be happy!

Chris says that this can’t be Luis.

“The DNA was tested on the man that they buried as Luis, and the tests were run twice.”

Sheridan knows Luis and she swears that she is staring at him right now.

Chris tells her that this has to be an imposter or look-alike.

“Maybe Alistair hired this man to confuse you and tear your marriage apart. We know what your father is capable of. He kidnapped your baby and he will do anything to keep you miserable.”

Sheridan has to agree with Chris’s line of thinking.

There was another imposter once who looked like Luis. “Now my father is at it again. It can’t be Luis… It just can’t be!"

Sheridan knows that Chris has to be right but still…the man looks just like Luis.

“Damn my father. He will do anything to keep me from being happy.”

Chris promises to protect her and not let Alistair hurt her ever again.

Ethan says that he will do anything that he can to help Chad with Whitney.

“What can I do? She was very serious about becoming a nun and staying that way, so what can we do to change her mind?"

Chad hasn’t got an idea, but they have to do something.

Whitney gets dressed.

“I can’t sleep. My dreams keep taking me to the same place. I know that the devil is forcing me to keep thinking about Chad. I have to get some air.”

She grabs her coat and rushes out of the room.

After she closes the door behind her, the cross that hangs over her bed drops heavily to the bed…THUMP!

Theresa and Miguel are having a toast, but he wonders why they are not toasting their parents’ union.

Theresa tells that their parents are not getting along and that the ceremony has been canceled..

“Papa is still in love with that woman that he ran off with. He was kissing Katherine and so mama called the wedding off.”

Miguel can't believe it. “So I came all this way for nothing?"

Theresa says that he actually came for mama, and the family.

Miguel has to admit that holding Maria in his arms was worth the trip.

He tells how he hasn’t found Charity. “Every time that I got close, she would vanish. I don’t know if she was running from me but I can’t help but feel like there is something or someone that is keeping us apart. Maybe if I stay in one place, she will end up here again. So I have decided to give up my search.”

Simone tells stories of Kay and how she has so many dreams of how her wedding will be.

Simone will have the bridal shower for her friend. Kay loves that.

She watches as Fox and Kay become affectionate.

She gets uncomfortable and Kay notices. “Simone what’s wrong?"

Ivy and Sam decide to have a glass of Brandy.

He rushes off to get it.

Ivy loves how the only bride in the family is going to be she.

Sam returns guessing that Ivy is thinking about the engagement.

“Why do you think that Sam?"

Chris tells that he wasn’t able to catch Otto. “He went over a cliff and I think that we lost him. We won’t stop trying to find Marty though. ***Are you alright?"

Sheridan will be fine soon.

“This trip started out with so much promise and now it is full of disappointments.”

Chris tells that Otto said that he would soon wish that he had killed this man in the hospital bed.

Sheridan wonders why Otto would say a thing like that…unless the man really was Luis.

Luis looks through the slits that his eyes make… He sees Sheridan before him but can’t speak.

He remembers the past and the history that they shared.

Sam saw Ivy looking at her engagement ring and assumed that she was thinking about their wedding.

She admits it. “I can’t wait to be your bride!"

Simone says that she was thinking about how she will never have what her friend and Fox have.

Fox knows that there is a woman out there for Simone.

“Al that matters is that you love someone," Kay says.

Simone knows that they are right and they all hug.

Endora warns her mother telepathically that she had better not ruin Fox and Kay’s big day.

Rebecca tries to warn her daughter about letting Ethan out and about.

Gwen trusts her husband.

“Okay!" Rebecca says. “But do me one favor… Don’t trust Theresa!"

Theresa is trying to understand Miguel but is confused about how he is able to give up the love of his life?

Ethan and Chad brainstorm about how they can help Whitney.

Chad thinks about how Theresa is scheming at the bottom of it all to get Ethan for herself.


Chad comes out of his thoughts.

“Chad! What can we do to help Whitney?"

Whitney is at the building where Chad lives with Miles.

She sees a baby being wheeled away.

“Who is that?" she wonders. “Maybe it is the babysitter… where are they going?"

She follows them at a distance.

Chris and Sheridan are with Luis wondering what the truth really is.

Sheridan goes over to the man. “He has to know something about Marty.”

Luis’s eyes suddenly open and he stares straight up at Sheridan.

The eyes close just as quickly. He is in and out of consciousness.

She is smiling at him.

Chris gets angry. “Let me just string him up and make him tell us what we need to know.”

Sheridan tells him 'no'.

“There will be no more violence!"

Chris sees that they have had a long day. “Why don’t you go and rest and I will sit with this man until he wakes?"

Sheridan agrees to leave for a while, but when she starts walking from the bed, the strange man grabs her wrist and will not let her go.

“Stop! You are hurting me!" she shouts.

“Sheridan!" Luis calls out to her opening his eyes.

“Oh my God," Sheridan says. “It is him! It is really him! It is Luis!"

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