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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Amanda

Chris and Sheridan return to Luis’s room and they find Otto in the process of trying to kill the strange man.

Chris and Sheridan get into a terrible brawl.

Otto runs off and Chris chases him.

Sheridan worries that the strange man may die and she can’t have that as he is the only one that knows where her son is.

The doctors come into the room and start working on the strange man as his monitor screams for help in saving him.

Tabitha talks to Endora about Kay and what is to come for her. Kay has gone against everything that she was told.

“Kay has angered the boys in the basement. Now she and Fox will never find happiness…”

The boys in the basement growl and blow smoke from the vent in agreement with Tabitha’s statement of how they feel.

Fox agrees with Miguel that Maria is an angel when they talk about her in the nursery.

Fox can’t wonder why Miguel and Charity are not together anymore as they were the couple of the century.

Miguel says that he keeps chasing and chasing Charity and can’t understand why things are not working out for them.

“Maybe I should just take the hint," he says.

Ivy is listening outside the door and agrees that Miguel should stay away from Charity, so that Kay can be his problem instead of her son’s. “It is only a matter of time.

Gwen is home and Ethan is cleaning up.

She is so happy to be there.

He knows that she is exhausted.

She is exhausted from all the work that she has done, but she is exhilarated at the same time.

“Maybe all this work is just a test for the first day. I did get to strut my stuff though. Mr. Collier has me working on this Shanghai project. I might have to go there. You and Jane could come with me. Jane could fly for free and we will be able to afford a ticket for you.”

Ethan thinks that maybe that could work.

Gwen sees this also as a way to get away from Theresa and her influence on her family.

Theresa is trying to help Chad get Whitney back and she pushes him to keep trying to change her mind.

Chad is starting to think that his getting Whitney back has something to do with Theresa getting Ethan back.

She says that she is just trying to help, but that it would be a good omen if he were to get to Whitney.

Chad worries about Whitney. She did look skinny and haggard, and she was acting a little crazy.

“How did this happen?" he wonders.

Whitney is looking at herself in the mirror.

“I look so evil," she sees. “How did I get this way?" She looks at her puffy, unkempt hair.

She remembers the sins that she has committed. They play through her mind scene by scene.

“The real sin though is that I still love Chad and want to be with him…” She can’t stand herself.

She removes her clothes and stands naked.

She reaches for a whip that she has in a drawer…and she slowly takes it out holding it in both hands.

Tabitha knows that Kay will never be happy with Fox now.


Endora breaks some glass in the nursery.

All in the room look over to the broken glass behind them…mystified at how it happened.

“That was just like what happened downstairs with the champagne glasses,” Kay remembers.

Kay goes off to get something to clean up the mess.

Ivy runs down the hall to hide from her.

Fox and Miguel both go to Maria who is in the corner.

Miguel offers to take her.

“Thanks for all that you have done Fox, but I am Maria’s father and I will be the one to take care of this little baby.”

Ivy hears what Miguel has said and she feels sorry for her son and how he must be feeling.

Chris chases Otto to the outside of the hospital, and they keep running. They are in an alley now but Otto keeps going and will not stop.

Sheridan stands over the strange man’s bed as the medics work on him.

“Please don’t let him die! I will not be able to get my son!"

Ethan and Gwen are about to hug but Gwen needs to hang up her jacket before it gets wrinkled first.

She thinks about the jacket and how much she spent on it.

“We could have made the down payment on a house with what I paid for that jacket.

She picks up her jacket and sees that it has been laying in Jane’s diaper.

“I will take it to the cleaners tomorrow.”

Gwen wants to know about the renewal. “Was Theresa her usual annoying self?"

Ethan thinks back to Theresa asking him for help on the project and he turning her down.

Chad thinks that maybe Whitney is right about them staying away from each other.

Theresa says that all they have to do is prove to Whitney that she and Chad can be around each other without sinning.

She will do anything to help him out, if Chad will help her get Ethan.

Chad sees where she is going and reminds her that Gwen is married.

Theresa wants him to do it for her children.

Whitney holds the whip in her hands.

Her back is already raw from the beatings before.

“I need to be punished for my sins against God!"

She holds the whip over her head and snaps it backwards so that it slaps her back hard….SNAP!

She winces, but takes the pain.


She cries quietly…


…on her back where the flesh is already disfigured and scarred, and unhealed.

“Gurgling Gargoyles Endora… I know that you are part Crane, but that doesn't give you the right to abuse your gifts like you just did. The boys in the basement will be angry with you and me as well. I can’t tell you what might come of you if you keep tampering in Fox and Kay’s relationship. I might have been soft with you and Kay at times, but in the old days, they didn’t bother to properly distinguish who was really a witch and who wasn’t. Anyone could be tied and burned at the stake. Are you listening Endora?"

Endora looks a little scared, but Tabitha tells her not to be.

“I will never let anyone get to you, not even the boys in the basement…”she whispers.

The boys in the basement growl and shake the house.

Tabitha gets her back up. “You heard me!" she shouts. “You hurt Endora, and you will have hell to pay!"

The boys in the basement suddenly calm down and become quiet.

The glass has been cleaned up.

Ivy comes into the room.

“Have you heard about the engagement?" she asks.

He has.

“You are a special man Miguel. Not every man would be fine with his ex-girlfriend marrying someone else, and letting another man raise his daughter…”

Miguel insists that he will be helping to raise his daughter. “I changed my mind and will be staying in Harmony.”

Ivy says that there will be no awkwardness as both Fox and Miguel are very mature.

“What about Charity though?" Ivy asks.

Miguel says that he can tell now that Charity doesn't want him to find her apparently.

“I am going to stop chasing a woman who doesn’t love me, and settle down to raise my little girl…”

Ivy whispers to her son that she is so sorry for this all happening.

The doctors have the strange man stabilized.

Sheridan says that the man that was in the room was Otto Krause.

The doctor needs Sheridan to stay for a while.

Sheridan wants to talk to the strange man, but the doctor tells that she can’t for now.

Chris continues chasing Otto until he has nowhere else to run.

Otto is at the edge of cliff.

“I have no idea where Marty is. Why would I tell you after all the effort that I put in hiding him?"

Chris calls the man a liar.

“If I were you Chris… I would be much more concerned about what my wife is doing right now in that hospital room. You should have killed that man when you found him. Go to the hospital…See for yourself!"

“You are such a liar," Chris says.

Otto looks to the edge of the cliff. Then pitches himself over the edge shouting as if thrilled to be doing it.

Chris tries to grab him but he is gone and over the edge…

Jane is asleep.

Ethan and Gwen feels lucky to have Gwen. “You are something else and I have no idea what I did to deserve you.”

He has made her the happiest woman in the world.

“I want you Ethan to make love to me.”


He falls on top of her.

Someone knocks.

“Ethan! You in there?"

It sounds like Chad.

Ethan goes to see him.

“Ethan! I need your help. It is urgent!"

Theresa arrives home.

“Things are looking up for me now that I have Chad on my side.”

Whitney has beaten her back raw.

She stops now.

She reaches into the drawer to take out a new nightgown and she puts it on.

She gets on her knees and makes the sign of the cross.

“Oh my God. I am sorry for offending thee. I will become a better servant worthy of your blessings…”

She hangs her head now and cries.

The new gown is clean but has bloodstains from beatings past.

Tabitha tries to make Endora understand that she can’t always get her way.

Endora sulks.

“Don’t do that Endora. Your face might freeze. I understand that you love Fox and I have nothing personal against him but he isn’t one of us. Unfortunately, he has fallen for Kay… so the point is that if Fox and Kay continue their relationship, it will free Miguel and he will resume his search for Charity. You know what that means. That means trouble for us. Good and Evil will end up destroying us all. Therefore, if Miguel wants to stay with Kay and not Charity…don’t get in his way as that will be the best for us!"

Miguel tells Kay that the hasn’t been around but he will be there for her now.

Kay and Ivy hear him talk to her.

Kay thinks about her dirty dream starring she and Miguel the other night.

She couldn’t get enough of him and she begged him not to stop kissing her.

“Stop!" she shouted but he wouldn't…

Kay tells herself now that it was only a dream that meant nothing.

Sheridan waits.

The medical staff works on the strange man behind closed doors.

She knows that Chris has to return with Otto so that she can find out where her son is.

She goes into the strange man’s room and looks down at him.

“You are a total stranger but I feel a connection. You must feel something too. I am sorry. I know that you have been to hell and back but this is important. It is about my son Marty.”

The man doesn’t move.

“Can you even hear me through those bandages?"

Chris is in the hall.

“How can I tell Sheridan that Otto has killed himself?"

He walks to the strange man’s room.

Sheridan says that she will take off the bandages to talk to the man and then she will put them back on when she is finished.

She starts unrolling the bandages and soon she has the man’s face exposed.

“No…” she says. “It can’t be…”

She removes the oxygen mask. “Luis!"

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